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Larry Craig Lynched Twice Ben Stein Says



Ben Stein is in the news today making comments in support for Senator Craig. He states “Senator Craig has been the victim of a police lynching. A party that believes in individual rights should be rallying to his defense, not making him walk the plank.” Now I am a fully on board when someone is “really” being abused by the police, but come on, Lynching! That is so condescending to the thousands of Black men who were lynched in the name of racial hatred. I am appalled that Mr. Stein feels it is appropriate to use a term that was born out of horrible circumstances to describe something so freaking trivial. Next Ben will swear that the poor Senators who he feels are being unfairly judged by their obvious unsuitable behavior are now victims of some undercover gay senator holocaust or maybe genocide. Please Ben your killing me.

Then to say “a party that believes in individual rights… What fantasy land are Ben and Senator Craig living in that he was a victim of anything other than his closeted man lust. The Republican Party doesn’t care for anyone’s individual rights; well maybe that of big business, but if they did why then, do we have so many Black men such as Sean Bell being gun down by the police in a hail of fifty bullets. Now that is what I call a police lynching and where was the Republican Party to protect these victims who are the constituents under their supposed protection. What reason does the Republican Party as well as the Democrats get behind for these blatant cases of “real” lynching, well it was due to “contagious shooting,” yep that crap actually flies with them. Maybe this is why the government took so long to get around to doing something about the people who were suffering after hurricane Katrina. They were too busy trolling around in men’s restrooms and parks or underage chat rooms.

I don’t understand Ben Stein’s grievance he says “Here’s the deal: Senator Craig went into a men’s room at the Twin Cities airport. He entered a lavatory stall. He tapped his foot. He may or may not have reached his hand down under the lavatory partition to pick up a piece of paper or to make a signal. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. There was no sex act of any kind.” Well I don’t think that cops are supposed to engage in a sex act with the perpetrator in order to ascertain that he should be arrested for “soliciting” sex from the officer. I think it is the soliciting part that gives that fact away; which from what “my” dictionary says is to ask somebody for something or to offer sex for money. Now he did a combination of the two.

Ben also states that “If a police officer can wreck a man’s career over this trifle, then we might as well not have a Constitution or a Bill of Rights.” Uh, what? For one thing this statement would assume that the police officer knew that the man in the other stall was Senator Craig and he then put his Machiavellian plan into the works grabbing the Senator and so began to put the screws in. Then you also have to wonder if this cop was so gung ho on screwing up the man’s career why then didn’t he run this information right to the press after the arrest? Wouldn’t that do more to ruin his career than to sit back in the shadows doing his job (and I am no fan of cops) and let the newspaper come upon the information two months later.

Wow, that cop was really hell bent on getting Craig alright. Come on Ben, I mean when Sean Bell was killed the cop claims they made eye contact and that was enough for him to know that Sean knew that he was a cop. Now if that was this officers story that he looked at him and somehow knew that the Senator wanted sex, I would be right there with you guys, but he went through a whole ritual of how you approach someone for a gay tryst. I mean would you come to a guy’s rescue that saw a lady on the street, walks up to her and says hey pssst, then pulls out a twenty dollar bill and waives it at her. She pulls out a badge and waives it at him. Would Mr. Stein claim that this man should be left alone since there wasn’t any sexual contact? Now Ben is this a modern day lynching of that poor man who is probably going to lose his wife, family, job, a gob of money and maybe his freedom? I think not, she didn’t force him to solicit, so I guess he, you and definitely Senator Craig should do what you always want everyone else to do and take responsibility for your own actions.



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The Stupidest Guy I Ever Worked With


Once I worked in a hospital in a pretty much all white city in the northwest. One night we were sitting at the nurse’s station and one of the male nurses turned to me and asked me why blacks get so excited at church and funerals etc. He went on and on about blacks and kept insisting on asking me for explanations. Unfortunately I don’t feel that I am the voice of every black in the nation and told him this. But, then his real agenda showed and he asked the question I’m sure was on his mind from the get go. “Why are blacks so angry about slavery, I don’t understand, I mean the slave owner probably treated them good, just like he would a tractor if he had one. I mean nobody wants to have any of their property get ruined or broken, so you know that he would try and take care of them.” I must have been looking at him like his head had just popped off and confetti was shooting from his open neck. This was to be a long night.

Well I don’t know if that is a question that a lot of whites have but, I thought it was THE dumbest thing I had ever heard. I first had to ask him if he really wanted to equate my ancestors with farm equipment. He again explained his theory on farm equipment and slavery being pretty much the same thing. Well, I just shot him that you’re a dumb bastard look and started in on him. I immediately asked him if he would feel alright with me coming over to his family’s house and rounding up some of them to work on my new farm. He said he didn’t feel comfortable with that question. Why? You just said it wasn’t so bad, so why not let me have your grandma, I’m pretty sure she knows how to cook, clean, sew and whatever else I need, she can do it. Don’t forget your kids, I’ll take them too. He was flabbergasted to say the least, and said that this was unfair because the questions were loaded. But why not I continued, I wanted him to explain the shock he felt.

He said that he didn’t feel that it would be right in this day and age. I asked him if it were 400 years in the past, would he be OK with it then. He was a little perturbed. I found this funny, so now I was free to go on. So basically it was OK for his ancestors to put my ancestors in bondage just not the other way around. He would be fine taking my family apart but not fine with his being torn asunder. I started in on his obvious hypocrisy and how he obviously viewed blacks as being worth less than that of his white family members. Well he still thought he had a case and said that we all know that it is wrong now, that is why he just didn’t think we should get off the subject with talk of his family. I had to point out that with his original statement he made it quite clear that slavery wasn’t so bad etc. He explained that what he felt really was that slavery was over dramatized and that it wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it seem. I think my head was popping off and the confetti about to come from my neck.


NOT so bad, I could barely contain myself at this point. I had to shake my head to make sure it really was still attached. He was obviously an idiotic fool. There were beatings, rapes, families being torn apart, kids sold here and parents taken there. How would he feel to be a child ripped from his family and comfort to go live with some crazed man with a whip and lust for your black female relatives? Not allowed to speak your language, kept from your religion, customs and any semblance of your way of life. I just couldn’t believe that he would sit there and try and defend one of, no THE most horrendous crime to take place in the entire world. Nothing not even the holocaust lasted for 400 years. I mean this was ridiculous.


Well, we started going back and forth with our arguments and the House nurse walked in and broke it up. He had been listening for a while and was very embarrassed. He asked if I was OK, which I was, just a bit angry. Well at the end of the shift, which was 7 a.m. I was called into the Supervisors office where they apologized and the whole jazz. When I left I saw the guy going to his car, he was angry and said he had been fired and to him that was discrimination against him because he didn’t feel he did anything wrong. The interesting thing about it was that I could care less that the guy was fired or that he felt angry or whatever. I started to wonder if that is how whites feel about blacks when they get canned etc. Well if it is I didn’t care about that either. I worked the remainder of the summer with his girlfriend who told me they were moving out to Boise Idaho, and I thought that was a fitting place for the guy. There is nothing else, no moral or twist, this was just my I worked with a stupid guy story.


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Idaho Isn’t Racist Enough


I was reading the news for Boise Idaho, since an interracial couple there are receiving death threats and a bunch of hate mail because of the fact that the couple became engaged for the world to see at the fiesta bowl where the young man was a player. I don’t have a comment on the actual story but, the Boise newspaper was doing a story around this namedReaders share their opinions: Is Idaho being unfairly characterized as racist?” The posts that people sent in, now that is what caught my attention, one in particular. A lady named Melinda Evans which is the eighth post down, wrote in that she didn’t think that Idaho was racist enough. She claims that if you look at some cities where “Africans” and “Mexicans” were populating it just so happens that they were bringing with them murder, rape and all sorts of crime. She says just look at Africa and Mexico, the crime they have, is that what you want those people to bring to Idaho.

I happen to know a bit about Idaho having had lived there for a while. So if I were to go by her assumptions that only minorities are doing and importing crime, all white towns in places like Idaho should have zero crime. Boy is that not the case, Idaho is crime ridden and some of the towns where I saw the most crime had NO minorities. Surprise right? This is just another case of a racist individual who would like to push all the problems of society on a select few. One black person does a crime and we’re all criminals. But, yet whites commit all sorts of crimes and you never hear the same about them. This is just another one of my pet peeves, that whites constantly equate black with crime. I understand that black crime is ALWAYS in the news, and yet whites who commit the majority of crime are under-reported.

A lot of the people wrote in that it is extremely racist, but came up with every reason in the book as to why. Such as, it is so conservative, this is all about propaganda and the white mindset as Brotherpeacemaker wrote about. Or they were just raised that way, which feeds more problems because these are some of the people that we have to deal with daily, applying for jobs, getting our healthcare, the cops “supposedly” to protect us and dealing with for all other aspects of life. Also, the people there don’t have much contact with minorities, which is such a crock of crap and is just a cop out. I don’t have to have daily contact with Inuit people, whom I have never met, to understand that they are humans even if different than myself and worthy of respect.

Unfortunately these people are propagating the white mindset which they will continue to pass from generation to generation. A lot of the kids there in Idaho listen to a lot of loud rap music and dress like they just fell out of a 50 cent video, but don’t get them wrong they are just as racist as their parents. The dark prophet wrote about an Idaho school he attended in his article “The forbidden month,” which shows that they have no problem discriminating on all levels. But, so many folks out there would like for us to believe that racism is just about dead and gone. Sure, when you have a whole state of racists, semi racists and racist sympathizers raising more of the same. I don’t see any end in sight for this type of terrorism.


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