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I’m Too Sexy For The Plane


Southwest Airlines lectured 23 yr old Kyla Ebbert on dressing appropriately to fly their friendly skies. She was wearing an ultra mini jean skirt, a tank top with a small shrug sweater which accentuated the bust. Now a lot of the people on the plane with families apparently started complaining to the flight attendants who then asked her to pull her skirt up and tank top down was given a blanket and allowed to fly on to her destination. Now on CNN a lot of people wrote in to say that it was ok for her to dress in this manner and that the airlines should be ashamed of themselves. I am the last person to agree that people shouldn’t be able to dress like they want. Yet, the same people who are so enamored with this ladies dress are gung ho to have the young baggy pants wearing fellows be fined for their style choice.

Now I think that after seeing the young lady wearing this outfit during her morning news interview it was quite obvious why she was being talked to about her clothes. After she sat down on the set, in the same manner she said she sat on the plane, they actually had to have her crotch area pixilated because the skirt covered nothing. Now she had an aisle seat and I think the folks on the plane didn’t want their children nor themselves (maybe some men did) staring at her crotch as they walk back from the bathroom etc. I think this whole thing is a stupid joke. She says that she held herself together while on the flight but the minute she was off the plane she supposedly lost it calling her mother. She sent her mother pictures of her outfit that she had taken with her camera phone. She wanted to make sure she was dressed appropriately. Michelle Ebbert, her mother was appalled by the actions of the airlines stating that “My daughter is young, tall, blond and beautiful and she is both envied and complimented on her appearance. She dresses provocatively, as do 99 percent of 23-year-old girls who can. But they were out of line.”

Southwest said in a letter sent to the mother Michelle Ebbert that “it was within its rights to remove a passenger “whose clothing is lewd, obscene or patently offensive” to ensure the comfort of children and “adults with heightened sensitivities.” I don’t know what I find more ridiculous the fact that the airline felt compelled to act on her clothes or the young lady getting ready to sue the airline or that she didn’t see a problem with her crotch showing on an airline flight. Yes she is planning to sue the airline due to making her feel bad when they chastised her about her choice of dress. That’s right kaching; kaching let the cash register ring anytime someone makes you feel bad. Well this stupid girl, the airline and CNN is making ME feel bad, so should I go and start my plans to sue them all. I am sorry this is such a stupid story, which is probably why we are seeing it everywhere. I know if it is so stupid why are you writing about it Black Sentinel? Well because when they started touting that they were going to pass a law so they could fine people for wearing saggy pants, it was being hailed as something that would help those young kids in the ghetto. Yet let some blonde dingbat wear crotch flashing skirts and what’s the big deal, she’s young and beautiful, this is what beautiful people do, show off their bodies. Well maybe those kids in the ghetto think they and their boxer shorts are beautiful and so shouldn’t we cut them some slack as well?

What is the difference, I see baggy pants sporting boxer short covered asses or I see skimpy mini skirts sporting panty covered crotches. I don’t see any difference they are both showing way more than I want to see. So I guess Southwest was only helping the public like our local governments are trying to do with the saggy pants bills that are popping up everywhere. But the question is do you have the right to wear what you want whether it offends people or not? And does the establishment have the right to stop you if too many patrons complain? Well isn’t it the same thing as being asked to leave Applebee’s restaurant for breastfeeding even though she did it while under a blanket so no one “actually” saw anything but they just “knew” what she was doing? Hey it’s an eatery and the baby was eating, so what’s the problem. It just seems to me that we are taking this “I want control over my neighbor” crap a little too far. I feel that she should have been left alone with her crotchety skirt, the baggy pants boxer showing wearers should be left alone and the breastfeeding lady should be left alone and whoever doing whatever that is not illegal, hey leave them alone. Why is it that everyone feels entitled to push their morals, values, likes, dislikes on others? Yes I know that it goes both ways and that those with the pants, skirts and breasts are also pushing as well. So what can we do? How about we just mind our own businesses and if we don’t like it don’t look at it. I am pretty sure this will come back to bite me in the ass later when I see something that just bugs the hell out of me. Well I will just have to cross Hypocrite Bridge when I come to it. So in the meantime have fun showing whatever you feel comfortable showing.



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Mother Beats Kids On Flight


What is the deal with planes, flight attendants, moms and children? Another airline fiasco involving a mom and a flight attendant, except this time it was too much babbling from the mother instead of the babies. Tamera Freeman, 38 flying from San Francisco to Denver was arrested on touch down after beating and yelling at her two little ones ages 2 and 4. She also threw a drink at the flight attendants feet, chasing her into the aisle while pointing her finger yelling obscenities. Apparently this mother was drunk as a skunk.

Getting drunk when you are traveling is pretty bad but drinking around your children while traveling is just down right ignorant. Maybe she should think about letting another family member care for them while she figures out what’s important in life. This lady is facing 20 years on a felony if she is convicted of abuse. One thing that I can applaud is that the flight staff in this case showed good judgment by intervening in the situation and not forcing everyone on the plane to return to San Francisco because a flight attendant felt threatened by a mother and kids. The Continental flight attendant from my post “Mother and Baby Get the Boot” should take a lesson from this lady, she obviously had better training.

The way we live right now, you don’t know your neighbor and probably don’t want to know them. But, we as a society need to find a way to make sure that we start acting as a community and help each other with the child rearing. Remember “it takes a village to raise a child”. That is absolutely true; I am from the old school where we as children were watched by everyone on the block. If you did something wrong you were reprimanded by whoever saw you doing it and your parents were told about it and they got you too. I understand that we live in a lawsuit happy environment and to do the community child rearing would inevitably end with courts, lawyers and big money. So we are stuck with parents who can’t handle the responsibilities of parenting and there is no doubt we will see more abuse in the news.

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Mother & Baby Get The Boot


A mother and toddler were kicked off a Continental flight this week because of the babies excessive babbling. The flight attendant told the mother that her child’s talking was no longer cute and she should handle it by giving him some Benadryl. When the mother said no, the attendant went to the pilot and had him turn the plane around on the complaint that the Mother had threatened her.

Is this all we learned from 9/11 you piss off a flight attendant and she gets to tell the pilot you threatened her so you get yanked off the flight. A stupid lie told because the baby babbled too much. Well that is what babies that age do, I have two kids and one is sixteen and he babbles too. Ok, maybe not babble but come on what is the world coming to. Don’t we have more pressing issues to deal with on planes such as over booking, long wait times, sitting on the runway for six or seven hours at a time and excessive prices? I guess this flight attendant has no children, and if she does they should check them for chronic Benadryl abuse.

The flight attendant needs to be reprimanded and the airline should be paying for the mother and her child’s tickets due to the inconvenience. What next, are they going to start putting people off the plane because they cough too much, talk amongst each other too much, how about the loud breather; I sat next to a guy who’s breathing sounded like a dragon with emphysema. This is what it’s all about infinite diversity. You can’t take the quirks out of everyone to have a completely silent happy little flight. There will always be someone or something that gets on someone’s nerves, get over it.

I guess I find this so ridiculous because I have traveled on planes where they had children who I wished were only babbling. Soon I am going to be traveling with a little baby about four months old, I just know they will be kicking me off the plane as well, because when he gets grumpy, look out.

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