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Mom Loses Kid for Obesity

I have to argue a point with what I am sure is a well-meaning columnist who believes in the sanctity of family and thinks that more often than not children should be with their parents.  I do as well…up to a point.  What is this all about you wonder?  Well, an article I read on CNN by Ruben Navarrette Jr. called “Taking Obese Child from Mom is Wrong.”

Is it really?  Is it really wrong to say that to a mother whose child is morbidly obese, weighing more than 200 pounds at 8 years old?  Well, according to Ruben it is, because he feels that the child protective agency (CPS) overstepped their bounds.  They should have done some other form of intervention besides placing the kid in foster care.

But, Ruben and all who may be reading, there is a problem with what that line of thought.  He admitted in his article that the state gave this “mom” a full year to get her ass in gear to start feeding her kid with some sense.  They gave her the tools such as pediatric input on what and how to feed her child appropriately and instead of following the guidelines SHE MADE THE CHOICE to continue his 4,000 calorie a day junky, eat what you damn well please, garbage can lifestyle.

How the hell is this not abuse?  It tells me that she didn’t care enough for the life of her child when the doctors and everyone else informed her of the life threatening issues that were imminent if she failed to help him.  And she did just that, FAILED to help him by choosing to continue allowing him this garbage in system she created.

No one would have a problem if this mom were consistently feeding her kid a meager sustenance of 400 calories a day and doctors called CPS and alerted them that a kid was being starved and that health concerns were imminent.  But CPS was called when in this case when the “mom” took her son to the emergency room with trouble breathing.  That should have told the dingbat that he had some serious issues coming down the road.  Wouldn’t Ruben and everyone else say that the mom was neglectful for not allowing her child to eat healthy?

So, why is it okay for this fool to abuse food just as the starvation mom abuses food, to harm her child?  Whether you starve them or stuff them, you are doing something with food that has dire medical consequences for the child, all of which are bad with some being particularly life threatening.  We are not talking about a case of a couple snack cakes here and there or a cookie before dinner.  We are all guilty of that or something similar.  Hell, we are talking about a lady who allowed her kid to eat 4,000 calories of food in a day.

Does anyone know what it takes to eat 4,000 calories a day?  Most athletes don’t eat that much, save for the swimmer Michael Phelps.  And look how he exercises.  She was negligent just as much as the starvation mom.  She needed her kid taken so that he may have a chance at health.  And she still has a chance to get herself together enough to learn the proper way to feed children, herself and her family.

Let’s stop looking the other way on things like this.  He would be up in arms if the story wasn’t about the boy being taken for obesity, but being the youngest kid to die of a heart attack due to obesity.  No one would say, it was no one’s fault that an 8 year old died due to his cholesterol filled arteries.  We all would be beside ourselves with disgust as we all should be now.  And allowing anyone to blame it on ignorance is just plain ignorant.  There comes a point in time when all of us know that eating ten big macs a week just isn’t a good thing.  Consuming two boxes of cereal every morning is ridiculous.

So Ruben’s attempt at sympathy for a stupid mother isn’t going to fly in my book.  Just as sympathy for a stupid mother who didn’t realize that reusing dirty diapers was a bio-hazard that would cause flaming diaper rash, or the stupid mother who didn’t think that playing video games instead of feeding her kids was a big problem, would be unthinkable.  So should sympathy for this unfit, unhealthy, unthinkably dumb mother.


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Toys To Die For


Well I guess the importing; outsourcing pain has come home to roost so to speak. Recalls of our children’s toys are on the rise. It seems that toys coming in from China are tainted to say the least. Lead had been the big worry but now your kids might be ingesting the date rape drug GHB. What’s next we will have an influx of wonder woman dolls that are the heroin instead of heroine. The only people we have to blame are ourselves for allowing our lawmakers to sanction exporting all of our manufacturing to China and elsewhere.

Yet this is not a phenomenon that will happen over and over since we are in such a consumer driven society. We are out buying our children every little bobble that catches their eye. Never has society as a whole been so seduced by materialism. And it is this materialism that is making our kids sick, brain damaged and dead. The amount of name brand garbage that is pushed on kids from the moment they are old enough to set eyes on the television numbers in the millions. From Dora the Explorer to Elmo, our kids are bombarded like being in a game of dodge ball.

All I see and hear from magazines and mothering shows is everything that you need to buy for your baby, child, pre-teen, teen and young adult. I receive a popular baby magazine and one of the feature stories is baby must haves. It is just a large advertisement for all the unnecessary items that all the different companies are pushing. Yet the one thing that you don’t see is stories that feature items made in the US because that would be few.

The latest toy recall is the Aqua Dots which allows kids to stick dots together using water making fun shapes and pictures. Well it seems that if the kid ingests the Aqua Dots they will turn into GHB through a weird chemical reaction in the body. The children that have ingested these have either gone into a coma or died. The list for these recalled toys is probably longer than Santa Claus’s list. There are all manners of toys on the list from baby beds due to lead to older kids building sets.

Is our relationship with the Chinese toy manufacturers more important than our children that our own government won’t shut this obvious hazardous situation down? Because it seems to me that these companies who have their manufacturing going on over seas should be getting fined. But, I have always felt that if a company wants to bypass American workers so they can go cheap and dangerous they should be fined to bring that crap back into the country. I understand that this is extremely controversial but we are effectively un-employing American’s in order to maximize profits.

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Tragedy Stems From Stupidity


As I was surfing the web last night I came across an article about a one year old baby girl who fell out of a window on the second story home of relatives. Teaira Steed’s one-year-old girl, Telea landed head first on the concrete 15 feet below cracking her head and fracturing her face. She was in a coma and took two weeks to come out of it. This is a parent’s worst nightmare, that your child is injured so badly you don’t even know if they will survive. Now I thought this is just horribly tragic, but as I read on I found out that the mother is now suing the person who owned the house as she was staying with relatives who rent. I then became disgusted as I read on.

The mother’s attorney claims that it is the property owner’s fault that the little girl fell from the window because the window had no bars or screens on it. Luckily the baby “seems” fine but who can tell until she is a bit older. Now I am not against suing if you are maligned, wronged, or injured by someone who was being in any way negligent. Because why should you be made to pay for someone else stupidity. But, that said, doesn’t it go both ways why is the property owner responsible for this tragic incident?

Wasn’t it the mothers own ignorance that this situation occurred? So why should the property owner pay for her ignorance of caring for a toddler? Now ordinarily I would be right there with the mother if the child had been left in the care of the property owner and this is what happened. But the child was in the care of her mother when it happened. My question is where in the hell was the mother that a one year old has the opportunity to fall out of a second story window?  I don’t care that the mother says she was in the room with other kids at the time, which does not excuse an adult’s supervision; in fact it increases the need for supervision. Not to mention, how the hell, did that baby reach the window, did the mother or other adults realize there were no bars or screens on the window.

Those are all just a few questions that need to be answered before I would bother to give this woman one dime of lawsuit booty. Because it sure sounds to me like the mother was extremely negligent. Why would you allow a one year old to be unsupervised by an adult or much older teen in a room with an open window that has no screen or bars. Also, how many times had she complained her family members who then complained to the property owner about getting these bars and screens?

Now I don’t even know this alderman who owns the property and surely can’t defend him nor convict his character. But, the mother is the one that should be paying the price for what has happened here. She knew that there was no protection on the window and still allowed for conditions to be in place which put a baby in a position to fall from that window. When are people going to start taking responsibility for their irresponsible actions?

Should we all get to sue for being stupid? Gee your honor I sure did know that there was no screens or bars on the window before letting my one year old play in that room before she fell. But you see, she has played in there before and not fallen out the window, so I thought it was safe. But, it’s not my fault I shouldn’t be compelled to actually have to supervise my children, the property owner should have done something so my baby wouldn’t have gotten hurt. I want to sue, can’t I just add my role in this up to ignorance. When did we become such an ignorant bunch of sue happy fiends? No matter what happens it is never my fault always someone else’s and so I have to be paid.

Maybe it’s just me and I am being way too hard on this lady. But, stupidity just rubs me the wrong way. I can not stand to see people use their stupidity for gain and every time I think of this it makes me think back to the McDonalds lawsuit with the coffee. I am too stupid to realize that coffee is hot so I am going to put it between my legs, squeeze it, then get burned and sue about it. Maybe they forced her to put the coffee between her legs the same as the property owner Charles Quincy Troupe, a St. Louis alderman forced this lady to be inattentive to her toddler playing near an unscreened, unbarred open window unsupervised. She is just lucky I am not on the jury, but like I said already, maybe I am just being too hard on her. Maybe I need to be less responsible for my children so that I can sue people too.


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Blacks Fall Through The Foster Care Cracks More Often


Even though children suffer from abuse and neglect equally regardless of race the amount of black children who enter foster care never to be reunited with family nor find permanent homes is much higher than that of white families. Should anyone be surprised by this, of course not, it is the same phenomenon that puts ten times more black men and women in prisons than their white counterparts; which is to break up the black family unit. But I guess we can’t complain too much since not enough of us are standing by to help these families regroup, nor are we becoming the foster parents that we should.

According to the Washington Times, in its report on “African American Children in Foster Care,” the GAO said that in 2004, black children accounted for 162,911, or 34 percent, of the 482,541 children in state care. This is double the proportion of black children in the general child population, the GAO said.

To explain this “racial disproportionality,” the GAO checked to see whether there was more abuse and neglect in black families, but the federal National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect showed that children of all races and ethnicities are equally likely to be abused or neglected. So unfortunately there is no excuse.

The GAO has admitted that there “may” be some bias in due to poverty and race. The question the GAO needs to answer is not why so many black children enter the system; it should be why they aren’t working as hard to get the black families back together like they obviously do for the white families. They are also claiming that the children were placed with relatives of the child’s for foster care. That these families were refusing to adopt the kids or become permanent guardians because, “these people didn’t want to give up the kinship care subsidy. So basically they are saying that they couldn’t help these children and families because of money hungry relatives. So they are now saying that this subsidized guardianship will help them “move” black kids from foster care, because these black families won’t have to forfeit any of the stipend money.

So instead of focusing on the problem that gets black children into the system to system in the first place, lets focus on some negative aspect of the foster “families” and run with that to solve things. Let’s focus on fixing the problems in the black community such as lack of employment, low income, inadequate education, housing and crime which is generally the root of these very same problems. If we were to expend this wasted energy being put into trying to find ways to keep black kids IN foster care, and use it on the things listed above, very small amounts of black children would be in need of foster care. Why not discontinue placing band-aids over deep gashes and actually repair them like we would if those gashes were slashed into the body of a white child.



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Do Not Leave Kids In Cars, Duh!


Kevin Kelly a Virginia father is spared a lengthy prison sentence after he leaves his daughter in a sweltering hot car for seven hours; the poor 21 month old baby girl had been dead for at least four hours before she was discovered in the backseat by a neighbor. He claims it was unintentional, that he had just forgotten her. Yet in 2004, Tara Maynor was sentenced to 12 1/2 to 60 years in prison on two counts of second degree murder after leaving her two children in a car for four hours outside a suburban Detroit hair salon while she got a massage and new hairdo. She told police she was “too stupid to know they would die.” Just last month, Karla Edwards pleaded guilty in South Carolina, to homicide by child abuse for leaving her 15-month-old son, Zachary, in a car for nine hours in April 2006 while she worked at a home improvement store. When Edwards couldn’t or wouldn’t explain her actions, she was sentenced to 20 years.

I understand that these two ladies actually left their children on purpose and that is the reason for their long sentences, yet I just refuse to believe that you can leave a baby for seven whole hours and claim you forgot. This wasn’t a child that was of an age that she could have been playing alone for hours, this was a toddler who like all toddlers wants to hang out with mom or dad for hours at a time. I don’t know if he left her on purpose because he needed a break or if he left her to get something done THEN forgot about her. Either way I feel he should pay the same price as these other two idiots. I don’t believe that judges should be lenient one day and tough another, because there are still other cases of kids being left by accident and the parents or caregiver had the book thrown at them, so why this man is getting off light, I will never understand.

Apparently the court feels that mothers should be held to a higher standard as men, which is totally bogus. Why do dads get to be forgetful while the mothers are neglectful? This type of thing is common sense for everyone not just mothers. It seems to me that Ms. Edwards who left her child in the car to work might have had daycare problems, I have heard many cases like this one but still not an excuse, but Ms. Maynor what can you say to her except agree with her own assessment that she is extremely stupid and also not an excuse, and sorry no excuse for Mr. Kelly as well. These people treated their poor children as if they were as disposable as the diapers that were on their tiny butts. Anyone who is dumb enough to leave their child (who is too young to care for themselves) unattended especially in a smoldering hot car, should pay the maximum price for their crime. A crime that is exactly what it is, not an accident, not forgetfulness and it’s damn sure not excusable.


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The High Cost Of Free Drugs


As Pfizer’s profits grow, this giant drug pusher, sorry, company is being sued by the Nigerian government for fraud related to the testing of a new drug on innocent children without parental consent. After a 1996 meningitis outbreak, Pfizer treated one hundred meningitis children with an experimental antibiotic called Trovan. Then another one hundred children, who were “control patients” in the study, did received the approved antibiotic called ceftriaxone, but the problem was that the dose was far lower than recommended. As a result eleven children died which included five who were on Trovan and six from the control group, plus many others endured physical disabilities and brain damage. Pfizer claims that its records show that not one of the deaths was actually linked to the Trovan or shoddy treatment, pointing out that the study actually showed improved survival for the children getting Trovan as opposed to the customary drug; noting that meningitis survivors can sometimes sustain brain damage and or other types of complications from the disease.

If this were to happen here in America we would be outraged literally fuming while storming the company gates with torches and pitchforks. But, we aren’t because the tragedy occurred in Nigeria, that’s Africa right? Well then, who cares, they are just lucky enough to get a dose of whatever drug Pfizer wants to push at them. America shows such a lack of care when it comes to American companies doing deviously Machiavellian deeds as long as they do them in a country where the inhabitants are generally minorities (according to the white populace here). Then when a group of angry individuals decides to exact a little payback, we are incensed and start with the whys and what for’s; it must be our freedom, you’ll here all over the news. When maybe we should start looking at our foreign policy and what our companies are doing in foreign lands.

Actually it has happened here on American soil, between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service carried out an experiment on 399 black men in the late stages of syphilis. All these men were told was that they had “bad blood,” when their doctors had no intentions of curing or letting them know what they really had. I’ve always wondered if they were infected intentionally, hey, if they would submit them to these experiments then who knows what they were capable of. Obviously no one has learned any lessons from this case at all. It seems that Blacks be they African or American makes great human lab rats. This conspiracy went right to the top, one of the doctors from the experiment said that, “If the colored population becomes aware that accepting free hospital care means a post-mortem, every darky will leave Macon County…” I can just here some of the big wigs at Pfizer smiling with the same line just enter in Nigeria. The United States Surgeon General at the time named LeRoy Edgar Burney contributed in luring the men to continue in the experiment even sending them certificates of appreciation after a painful 25 years in the study.

This makes me wonder why Blacks trust the medical field, government and any large corporation. It is completely obvious that these people don’t have our best interest in mind and can go so far as to be said they might harbor actual ill will towards our communities, whether they be in Africa or here at home.

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Sex Ed For Kindergarten?

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Mitt Romney just like all the other candidates running for the presidency couldn’t wait to hear something that he thought would outrage America if he repeated it with a phony outraged voice. Mitt has been raging on about Obama stating that if elected he would go with the Planned Parenthood’s sex education which starts on a Kindergarten level. So with apparent indignation Mitt claims “I was governor four years,’ said Romney and “I never had one person coming to me and say, ‘You know what, governor, I’m concerned about something.’ What’s that? ‘I’m concerned about sex education. I’m concerned my kids aren’t learning enough about sex.’ I never heard that.” I don’t know what is so outrageous about this since Mitt’s state starts teaching sex education as early as pre-kindergarten. I guess what he should be outraged about is that he as Governor doesn’t really know what is going on in his OWN state.

I am by no means an Obama fan and certainly not a Romney one either but this issue is something that angers me whenever people talk about it. Mitt would have you believe that when Obama says that going with the Planned Parenthood option would mean teaching the Kindergartener’s the whole shebang. Well I am pretty sure that what is meant is that we start with the basics of teaching a child the correct names for body parts and what makes a man or woman etc. This is not too much for a child that age to handle, they will ask those questions anyway, I should know I have two kids. All I keep seeing is the fact that we need to protect our kids’ innocence and such, well I don’t think that anywhere in the Planned Parenthood or Obama’s minds we are going to be teaching kindergarteners HOW to have sex in the perverted sense. So how does knowing ones body parts etc. taking a child’s innocence.

I think this is just simpler mind redirection techniques on Romney’s part. These presidential candidates are so lacking in anything to offer the American public that they are just playing a game of “I don’t have to show you that I have something to offer, I just have to show you that my OPPONENT doesn’t have anything to offer.” This way if they point the finger away from themselves enough people will be forced to look at them and say “well that guy seems to have the better policies”, even though all he did was point out the flaws in every other candidates policies. I for one do not see anything positive about any of these politicians. We have a serious dilemma which is just witling down which one of them will be the lesser evil and I am even having a hard time just doing that.

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