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Biological Mom Jailed


A biological mother with a severe case of “givers remorse” and two others staged a home invasion on the family who adopted the child she gave up. The mother and adoptive family are currently going through a messy custody battle. The biological mother named Jamie Kiefer along with an unidentified man and woman drove from Alabama to Itawamba County, near the Tennessee and Alabama lines. They broke into the home of Matt, and Jennifer Erickson which they share with their two children one of which is 5 month old baby girl Madison the object of the custody battle. The parents were tied up and the baby taken back across state lines to Fort Bragg where they hid out with a friend named Amanda Bell. When they raided Ms. Bells home they found baby Madison, Kiefer and her 5 year old son, her sister Rikki Swan with her 6 and 11 year old children. Both Jamie Kiefer and her sister Rikki Swan were arrested, but Ms. Bell was not thought to be a part of the crimes.

I do believe that once you have given your child up for adoption, you are pretty much through. You should have no rights to sue for custody or for visitation period. If the new family wishes to extend visitation to you that is up to them. Jamie Kiefer for whatever reason, other than duress, gave up her daughter, she made her decision, and she should have lived with it. What gives Jamie Kiefer the right to have her cake and eat it too? She could not take care of the child for whatever reason and gave her up, the Erickson’s took care of the child for the last 5 months and now that she feels able, she wants to reclaim her.

This type of case is so irritating, just the stupidity of the biological mother to do something like this. I feel for her I really do, I have two kids of my own and couldn’t possibly imagine not having either of them in my life. But, does she really think that by kidnapping the baby, she would be able to keep her and would never be found out. All she has done is ensured herself the fact that she will never have her baby and probably not her freedom for a long, long time. This tells me that maybe she doesn’t need kids at all since she is so irresponsible. Also, the sister who is being charged as an accomplice is just as irresponsible and she has just condemned her two children as well. Her husband is currently serving in Afghanistan along with Ms. Bell who said that is how she met Rikki Swan. Ms. Swan’s oldest child has been handed over to Child Services and her youngest is with family. Now she is in the same shape as her sister losing her own kids to help in a crime that was ridiculous from the word go.

People need to start thinking of all the consequences of actions they plan to take, before they actually take them. These to foolish buffoons probably didn’t think at all. They just did whatever they felt was going to work at this time. This seems to be the era we live in right now, people don’t have to show any responsibility when there are too many other things or people too blame.



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A Little Personal Responsibility Please


When did the concept of personal responsibility get kicked to the curb by all the addiction and other excuses? A new trend seems to be in the works, that when someone does something terrible, just blame it on an addiction or the people or persons they have wronged.

The latest example in the news is two parents Michael and Iana Straw who are being prosecuted for child abuse and neglect of their 11 and 22 month old babies. The court said the parents allowed both babies to starve and contract serious mouth and genital infections. The only excuse that they have was being so addicted to the computer and online role playing video games that they couldn’t help it. Supposedly they had food in the home they just failed to give it to the babies. Luckily both babies are doing better in foster care.

We have heard this time and time again by some rogue preacher or politician who gets busted having gay sex or sex with a minor then “BAM!” next thing you know it was my addiction to some drug or the kid seduced me or maybe the gay act itself is addictive and off they go to rehab. A couple of months later, “I’m all better, no more drugs, no more kids, no more gay sex etc”. Try blaming the people like Michael Richards and Don Imus who both blame black people for their racist comments.

At a time when blacks are being talked to constantly about personal responsibility so many Americans are coming up with excuse after excuse for their abhorrent behavior. The point is none of these people are taking any responsibility at all while a whole race is having fingers pointed at them. The double standards are blatant and utterly ridiculous. Bill Cosby is constantly touring around to chastise blacks about their personal responsibility yet this is a man who had been paying child support to some white lady he had an affair with even though he wasn’t sure the child was his. I’m pretty sure it was just a little hush money, anyway WOW! Now that’s some double standards on personal responsibility for you.

They say that personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. I guess the United States is being overpopulated by large children. So the next time anything bad happens to you, I’m pretty sure you can just get rehab for it. Where does it end?


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