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Will Casey Aldridge Do Time For Jamie Lynn?



Jamie Lynn Spears who is sixteen is pregnant what a surprise; OK it isn’t really much of a surprise since look at her family which seems to be a train wreck in progress. Any how I am not writing because I could care less that this dumb little girl is pregnant or not. What I care about is the fact that she is pregnant by her boyfriend of two years Casey Aldridge who is nineteen is the father. Now if I am not mistaken in California where her show is being taped and probably the place where the little tart probably did the deed the age of consent is eighteen.

I am wondering if this fellow will be charged with misdemeanor sex with a minor which is punishable by one year in jail. And if it turns out that he is older than her by more than actual three years he can be charged with a felony and punished to an undefined prison term. Now I only ask this since Genarlow Wilson was jailed for two years and would have been longer if people hadn’t gotten out and protested it. Yet he was seventeen and the girl was fifteen. So it seems to me that this guy needs to get the same treatment since it doesn’t matter if he is a celebrity of not. The law states clearly that if the man is over eighteen and the girl under eighteen that a misdemeanor has been committed and someone has to pay.

And exactly what kind of message is this sending to her young fans who are watching her show on Nickelodeon called Zoey 101. What kind of mother helps her daughter sell the story of her pregnancy to a magazine for one million dollars? The magazine OK will pay Jamie Lynn the million dollars when the baby is born. It seems that the Spears mother was not above helping this daughter to capitalize off of this sad news. Yet look at the mess that older daughter Brittney has made of her life and that of her children and you can pretty much see what kind of parent we are dealing with.

This is just a seriously stupid situation to me since Jamie Lynn is now telling other teen girls that having sex at a young age is wrong and to wait, blah, blah, blah. Yet actions speak louder than words. I would think that she and her family had enough money to get her in to see a doctor and plan for some sort of birth control. The family knew that she was in this “serious” relationship, and I use that term lightly, when the girl started dating this boy when she was thirteen. Why hadn’t they had “the talk” so that this type of thing could be avoided?

Unfortunately I don’t hold much hope for her fan base that will undoubtedly find whatever she has done now cool and want to emulate her or at least be under the impression that having sex now is not as bad an idea as they might have thought. I sure hope that the parents of these girls do some serious damage control and talk with them and give them the information showing why having children in your teens is a BAD idea. All I can do is wish this lost girl good luck since if she is anything like her older sister she is bound to need it.



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But, I Apologized Isn’t That Enough?


I started this post thinking of talking about the stupid former American Idol star Jessica Sierra who was arrested “again” for drunken debauchery but it is just a little too salacious and I am totally uninterested in anything connected to American Idol. I did on the other hand find that this belongs to the long string of celebrities who are letting go of this supposed pc or politically correct speech and throwing the nasty N word out for the world to see.

Now my post isn’t about the fact that these closet racists are being exposed, my post is the fact that all it takes is an insincere apology and somehow all is forgotten. Folks in the media are constantly saying that since the person apologized they should be forgiven and then they should be able to move on with their career or that they shouldn’t lose everything over a stupid mistake. Well you know people lose everything over stupid mistakes all the time, why should these so called celebrities be any different?

I feel that because the maligning that is going on is against blacks it isn’t as important to people since what you always here is that blacks just whine way too much etc. Yet where are the black celebrities out there who are saying stupid things against whites. I would love to see the reaction people have to let’s say Denzel Washington or Will Smith if they were to just bust out and start yelling at some white person for whatever reason, calling them stupid crackers, dumb inbred cavemen and fish belly honkies. Now would they be able to just apologize and move on with their career? Or would they end up like Isaiah Washington booted off their television show and have their apology guffawed away like a bad joke.

I personally believe that the reason most people want to forgive and forget when the perpetrator is white probably stems from the fact that they are secretly amused, amazed or admiring of the fact that this person actually went there. They said the things that a lot of whites wish they could say. Why I think this is because I am constantly reading Blogs of white people complaining that blacks can call each other that name so why can’t they? Or that blacks are just too sensitive and the word has no meaning anymore since it is in so many rap songs. Not to mention the amount of whites who confess to hearing jokes or just talk from their white friends or colleagues who use racial slurs when talking about blacks.

The fact that even after a slur is used by a white person everyone starts looking for an excuse or at what blacks have done that might make what was said understandable. Hey Michael Richards used the N word because those blacks were heckling him and practically drove him crazy. Don Imus used his slur because hey isn’t it the way we describe ourselves in rap songs. Duane the Dog Chapman called his sons girlfriend the N word but hey he had a shoddy education, been in prison, he also loves and respects blacks. Bill O’Reilly says that blacks weren’t screaming M-fer at a black restaurant which was OK because he was just pointing out the obvious, not to mention paying blacks a compliment. Now, Jessica Sierra called a cop the N word, and my favorite excuse is she did it because of substance abuse; she doesn’t even have these types of racial feelings with out the drugs.

But of course all that will happen is she will apologize and be right on her way to fame and fortune. Since we know that blacks are just overly sensitive to anything they “perceive” as racially motivated even when the origins are benign just like the examples I’ve just given. I am sure that when blacks start burning some equivalent of a cross on whites’ lawns, hanging whatever white version of a noose would be and hauling off and spewing a bunch of white racial epithets we will “really” see exactly how benign these incidents are.



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Stanley Crouch’s Latest Rant On The Black Community


I was looking at Booker Rising a Blog for our right of center African American friends as it gives me such fodder for my own posts. Stanley Crouch has a story titled “What a Crime: Denzel and friends pretty up a Drug Thug.” Stanley feels that this real life gangster Frank Lucas was given qualities that he just didn’t have and thus making him more seductive to the black youth who will undoubtedly rush right out and watch this black American Gangster. He feels that Denzel’s portrayal of Frank Lucas shows him as a “soft-spoken and sophisticated man who closely studies the written word and only explodes into violence every now and then.” Yet he was in actuality an illiterate thug who was super violent even putting a hit out on his own brother only to squash it since his mother was already grieving the death of another son.

Movies such as Casino, The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas, Once Upon A Time In America, Traffic, Prizi’s Honor, The Transporter, Pulp Fiction, Scarface, Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Carlito’s Way and for television the Soprano’s are all a bunch of extremely violent films that glorified drug use, drug sales, prison life and of course murder on an astronomical scale. I don’t think that this one will be any different. There have been super violent black gangster movies as well such as Sugar Hill, Menace 2 Society, Colors, Boyz In The Hood, Juice, New Jack City and Super fly. Yet they did not spark a real increase in the inner city violence which has been going strong for a while.

According to Stanley, “That such icy qualities are not in the movie makes it a highly crafted piece of poisonous eye candy.” He obviously feels that our black youth are so vulnerable and so pathetic that they lack the sophistication of white kids to see a movie and not run home to the “ghetto” and start shooting it out gangster style. White kids as well as black watch these movies to almost excess and yet no one attributes any abhorrent behaviors white kids do to this. What is the reason for this; black kids are unable to distinguish reality from fiction or are they just more prone to mimicking gangster type violence.

Stanley also comments that Washington should be more responsible in the roles he chooses due to the influence on our youth. The movie the Basketball Diaries was a dead ringer for the Columbine school shootings yet where was Mr. Crouch, to point out that Leonardo DiCaprio should have been more responsible in the movie roles he decides to play since he is very influential in the lives of a lot of young teens. Doing a little research for this film I looked up whether or not inner city violence go up after any of these films and the answer was a resounding NO. Not any instances of any increase or decrease in any violence after super violent films were released. That should put Stanley’s mind at ease to find out that our kids really aren’t that stupid after all and no that reality and fantasy are separate.

With his conservative views he should understand that the movie isn’t a direct correlation of the real life events because that isn’t what makes money. This is all about the bottom line with movies. These people that are funding these films are out to make money not tell the real story of some supposed illiterate black gangster. This is capitalism at its best and since most conservatives have a firm base in money he shouldn’t be asking such idiotic questions as to why they didn’t portray him straight from history. Hell even our presidents are given larger than life stories to make them historically greater than they were. Did Washington admit to cutting down the cherry tree because he couldn’t tell a lie? Or would it be better to portray him as the hateful slave owner who subjugated untold amounts of blacks? No, money talks and that is the bottom line on this movie, making more money and that is inherently American. Maybe Stanley should stick to critiquing jazz instead of movies.


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Let me be the judge



I’m sure by now you’ve all seen or heard of one of daytime televisions staple the court room show. You name them, Texas Justice, The People’s Court, Judges Christina, Alex, Mathis or Joe Brown, and one of my most hated Judge Judy. These shows usually pit two idiots in a court room being presided over by an ex-judge who has whatever extra spark that makes them perfectly suitable for daytime drama. The one thing that all of these judges have in common is their undoubtedly uncanny ability to yell, insult and belittle their perspective idiot claimants or defendants unmercifully. At times you can be sure that the justice both idiots are searching for will not be found in any of these courtrooms.


Forgive me if you think that I hate courtroom television shows, I don’t. I had (noticed the past tense) come to love the People’s Court. I couldn’t get enough of it, setting my DVR to record it daily so I wouldn’t miss a thing. My boyfriend mind you can’t even stand one minute of hearing Judge Milians’ voice and runs from the room the minute he sees me gearing up to watch the show. I even have an autographed picture from the judge. But, as of late I have been having a serious problem getting through a show without being disgusted and fast forwarding through certain rants the judge has been making. Some of the things have been said in a way that feels really racial and caused me extreme anger.


I don’t say this lightly, as I was a huge fan but, as I take a step back it’s as if no matter what evidence a person of color produces it’s almost irrelevant…you lose! I once saw Judge Judy in which a black man had accused a white man of stealing his money; but before the presentation of any evidence she called the guy an out and out liar amongst other things, yelling it with such venom. The white man denied it all, in which she said that the black man was so ridiculous. Needless to say the black guy produced a video tape showing the white guy in full view stealing the money. She did not offer an apology nor did she take back any of the bad things she said. She just commented on how he should have produced the tape sooner. I feel a Geico moment here: “I’m sorry, if I had known you were there, I wouldn’t have said that.” But hey, he was no caveman just a black one so he didn’t even deserve that.

These shows are fodder for the masses of mindless drones just wanting to see the next verbal beat down in a Jerry Springer meets Court TV fashion. But, anything that makes the mind go blank in an attempt to block out the real issues of the day, this is a double bonus if you include a bit of minority bashing as well. Maybe I should not be so concerned with the treatment of minorities on these shows about truth and justice seeing as there is no truth and certainly no justice for most minorities in our legal system and these shows just want to reflect the position of America.


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The Modern Day Black Buffoons


Black actors and actresses such as Steppin Fetchit, Rochester and Hattie McDowell all playing buffoons or mammies in the movies of yesteryear was being discussed after Morgan Freeman who stars in the movie “Evan Almighty” was stated to be in “Full-on Magic Negro Mode” by Slate magazine. Prince Joe Henry who wrote an article called “Evan Help Us” where he states “However, those aforementioned blacks were heroes to the black masses. Their gifted antics relieved stress in time of need. They taught blacks how to laugh at themselves while under duress, as well as joke about how they were treated. At times laughable quips served better than medicine.”

Now I have to admit that blacks were under a tremendous amount of stress as we are at this time. So to have a way to blow off steam was and is a great idea, but I am wondering at which point did playing the buffoon turn into a repetitive ongoing role. It seems that we have just as many or maybe even more buffoons today than in the past. We have our Michael Epps, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Tyler James Williams, Anthony Anderson and oh so many more who no doubt are totally accustomed to playing our modern day buffoons. Unfortunately the females are in the running as well becoming so adept at playing the Hattie McDowell mammy character like Queen Latifah, Oprah, Whoopie Goldberg, Nell Carter, Rah Digga just to name a few.

We just don’t seem to get it; we are either playing the role of savior to whites, their worst fear or comic relief. What is wrong with that, it seems that we are getting a variety of roles within these parameters so again what’s the problem? The problem is that we don’t have many if any roles that portray a black person who is in touch with their roots. Yes we have our Will Smiths’, Denzel Washington’s Don Cheadle’s and Morgan Freeman types playing the leading black male etc. The problem with the roles these black males are playing is that they are racially ambiguous. It would be so easy to slip in a Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck into the role and the character wouldn’t change just the way the acting comes across.

Whenever you hear about blacks playing the buffoon or whatever black stereotype you can name, someone says that they had no choice if they wanted to make it in films or that if they didn’t do it someone else would. Why, is all I can think of, why is it that they had no choice you always have a choice? No one forced them into these stupid roles. If they and or any other black being offered these roles had some integrity then NO one would have played or will ever play these idiotic roles that always seems to be affixed to black people. Being that it’s all about me with most people, if one of those aforementioned actors didn’t do it, then you are damn sure someone else would have.

If an actual film or television show like the one portrayed in Bamboozled, you probably could get some “all about me” blacks to dress up in black face and put on that minstrel. Then sure enough you would have a gaggle of blacks watching and see nothing wrong with the show and in fact right now a bunch of people reading this see no problem with the roles these blacks are pushing on our community. What I think is that as a community we should own our persona and take steps to protect it. This will ensure that the black people especially children will have some positive role models.


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