Trickle Down Knowledge

I just have to speak up on this atrocity that is being thrust upon me by these people who are running for the top slot on the Republican ticket.  Can anyone anywhere tell me why I or any other minority would vote for any of these, these “people”?  And I use the term people very lightly, as the old black sentinel would just call them idiots and be done with it.  But, I want to save that for later.  Not just pointing out that they are all raging mouth foaming idiots right away.  I also really want to try and understand what they have to offer.

I watched the debate like any open minded voter who wishes to ensure that there isn’t something better than the current Loser in chief.  I am interested in alternatives, but damn.  These people don’t give you anything to work with.  I wanted to pull my hair out as it felt like my ears were bleeding listening to this nonsensical drivel that seems to spurt from their mouths like the fountain out in front of the Bellagio in Vegas, but, not at all as pleasing and definitely nowhere near as entertaining.

It’s as if these people fell out of Palin’s ass or something.  She is stupid and they are flaming stupid.  So, now that you know how I feel about the candidates, let’s begin to break down the talking points for you and how these are why I can’t vote for any of them, thus FORCING me to say Obama will more than likely get my vote.  No matter how much that last statement gets my goat it just has to be that way.

From Ponzi schemes, two dollar gasoline, no mandates and everything in between is what was discussed in this debate.  Where do these people come from, is what I want to know.  And not in the literal sense as I know they hail from different states but, where do they come up with these ideas and do they honestly believe them.  I just can’t fathom that Michelle Bachmann believes she can somehow without government “mandated” pricing bring gas down under two dollars a gallon.  Give me a break already.  Is this a chicken in every pot statement or what?

Anyhow, Michelle Bachmann says she can get gas prices down below two dollars a gallon.  Ok, I’ll bite.  Anyone with simple knowledge of this so called free market understands that is a joke.  She thinks that drilling here at home will somehow reduce the gas prices here at home.  Oooookaaaay, right.  I guess she doesn’t understand that the open markets dictate the price.  Or maybe she is saying she is going to mandate or dictate prices for gas at home.  Wait everyone on the stage was against mandates.

Ok, so we should all understand by now that you can’t as president just say gas should be… and it magically happens.  This isn’t a Lucky Charms commercial here.  Gas prices are dictated by the open market like corn, wheat and everything else.  Even if you found oil in your backyard, it goes on the open market and as consumption rises so do prices.  India and China are coming on strong for that oil.  So, thus prices rise.  And even if we somehow flood the market as Canada plans to do with our new pumped oil, OPEC still has a hand in setting the price.  And unless Bachmann plans to overtake OPEC, she aint’ dictating any prices to them.  And any oil she drills out of the Everglades ain’t going straight to any gas pumps in the U.S.  So, let’s call that one bullshit and move along.

Everyone hates a mandate and plans to throw out Obamacare asap.  For Romney this is just trash talk.  He is basically saying, it’s good for my people in Massachusetts but not for others.  He even said that Obamacare was trying to cover 100% of the people where he only covered 80%.  So, some people have to fall through the cracks to make it Ok?  Anyhow, Obamacare didn’t go far enough; let’s just throw that out there.  So, we have all these people saying that the government shouldn’t force people to buy insurance.  Yet, it was OK, for the government to tell us we HAD to buy car insurance and homeowners insurance.  Give me a break.

Why is any of that OK, just not health insurance?  And don’t tell me it is state instead of Federal, as being forced to do something, doesn’t make one iota of difference how you are forced or by whom.  It is making me spend money anyway and probably a good thing as well.  As if I hit someone’s car, I am sure glad I have insurance.  Just the way I would be glad to have insurance if I have a broken leg.  But, these idiots won’t or can’t see any of this or maybe they just pretend not to.

Everyone on the stage is hell bent on trickle-down economics.  We see that crap never worked.  It didn’t work under Reagan; it didn’t work under George Sr. and sure as hell didn’t work under G.W.  So, exactly why is it that these fools are advocating doing exactly what we did to get where we are now?  Can anyone say insanity?  Just like Einstein said, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  But isn’t that what conservatism is?  Conservatism is the preservation of traditions.  Progressive is change.

Change doesn’t happen all at once nor does it happen without any problems.  I am not saying that Obama brought about the changes we need nor did he do it without problems.  He is inept to me but that is another story.  We don’t need to go back to the traditions of the conservative party.  They have nothing new to show us.  It’s the same old, I tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas, again.  This is a shame.  The more I watch these people the more I understand that some people don’t want anything to ever change.  Let’s stagnate like standing water in a bucket.  Get all full of muck, stink and filth.

Let’s flow or go with the flow and change.  Just because we have an idiot in office doesn’t mean we can’t help him to fix what is broken, not go back to the old broken because the new item isn’t quite working right.  That doesn’t make sense.  My new car has a funny smell, so let’s get into the old car with the busted engine.  Not smart.  The conservatives/tea party whoever these people fancy themselves are obstructionists sitting around saying let’s ensure no one can do anything different, and then point out how nothing is working.  Really smart strategy, NOT.  So again, why would I vote for any of these people?



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8 responses to “Trickle Down Knowledge

  1. Welcome back, Sentinel. We missed you here.

    Anyway, you are on point. Conservatives don’t want anything to change even when change is inevitable.

  2. It is very good to see you writing again! When I saw that you wrote an article I made a bee line to your site. But when I saw the title and the picture of the Republican presidential debate, it inspired me to go back and write my own article, and then I came back to your blog to finish reading what you wrote.

    I can’t help but agree with the vast majority of what you say. Like you, I believe that there should be an alternative to Mr. Obama and his inability to actually fight for the changes he promised he would fight for. Through his inability to fight he appears inept and toothless. But the solution isn’t to go back and double down on policies that obviously don’t work. Telling people that we don’t have to work together as a national collective to handle our national problems isn’t the solution and these people know it. When Texas needs help to handle the problems that are bigger than what they can handle, Governor Rick Perry didn’t hesitate to go back to the government to ask for help. And then the next day he goes back to talking about how Texas needs to break away from the union.

    Governor Mitt Romney decides healthcare for his state is a good thing to mandate. But as President he would dismantle nationally mandated healthcare. It’s good enough for Massachusetts but its wrong for the rest of us. It destroys jobs when it comes from the federal government but is neutral when it comes from the state government. It’s bullshit to think that the federal government is the problem and that everything it does is socialism or communism or evil.

    But you are wrong when you say that these conservatives want us to stagnate. If anything, these people want to reverse course and go back to the days where corporations didn’t have to worry about regulations and laws and courts. These people want to go back to the days when civil rights took a back seat to personal rights and the federal government sat idly by while states ran amok. These people want to go back to a day when the confederacy was a way of life and people were helpless to do anything about it.

    When you here a conservative say something like they want to make government inconsequential and make it small enough where it can be drowned in the bathtub and people clap and cheer and applaud that rhetoric, you know they are hell bent on going backwards. It’s not trickle down economics nor trickle down knowledge. It’s trickle up ignorance.


  3. Thanks, it is good to be back. I think.

  4. Glad to have you back Black Sentinel!

  5. SO Glad to to come back checking on your page and not have the first image hit my eyes being a meat suit covered lady gaga! Missed your writing on here, although I know you have a lot more important things to do than keep me entertained and educated while drinking my morning coffee!

    I’d say we’ve lost any sense of balance politically in this country. WE have a group of people wanting everything to be all one way, and another group wanting it all to be another way. And those are the choices dictated to the rest of us who’d like to find something somewhere in the middle. I think when I’m electable in 2016 I’m going to executive order my new title of POTUS to Dictator for 4 years, and institute the death penatly for close-minded assholes serving in public office. For the record, when the sentence is carried out on me for closing my mind off from the extreme viewpoints of either side, I’d like to be cremated, but not the expensive way…just have a bonfire and toss me in….wouldnt want the taxpayers to pay too much to dispose of me.
    Again, great to see you writing again!

  6. Thanks and sorry about that meat suit freak. I am hoping to have a lot more quality posts and pics for you all to see.

    I so agree with you. There is no middle ground in our politics anymore. We are stuck here in the middle praying for anyone on either side to make some sense and stop catering to the fringes. It is beyond disgusting. It takes this kind of vitriol to get me out of my self imposed retirement. And no, I did not take any social security or medicare.

    Thanks again.

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