Who Cares About Hunger When You Have A Meat Suit

The sheer audacity of some people is a line that I seem to be repeating consistently these days.  I know that I haven’t written an article in quite some time as I have some family affairs to deal with at this time which to me were and are more pressing.  Anyhow, this is about the MTV music awards.  Now mind you I don’t watch any music awards as they are all about stupidity and music that I could care less to listen to.  Not to mention about supposed stars that I could care less to neither see nor listen too.

But, in watching the news, which I DO like to partake in, I saw that Lady Gaga wore a meat suit to these stupid awards.  Now most of the time I could care less like I was saying, but for some reason this got on my nerves like nothing else, well maybe unlike watching bits and pieces of some stupid Rock Hudson film this weekend.  And I just had, and I mean HAD to spew my disgust and issues regarding this fool.  I know that people will tell me that she is just pushing the envelope sort of like Madonna did in her time.  Even though one can or could argue that at least Madonna had some talent to go along with her nutty trend setting.

But for me this fool has neither talent nor taste.  And that is a bad combination to say the least.  Now let’s get a move on to what pisses me off about this so called fashion statement.  We are in a recession and people are finding it hard enough to put food on the table and this idiot wears around food like a dress.  I am not a PETA fan nor am I a big fan of meat, especially red meat.  But, my problem with this chick is that there are so many starving and hungry people and she busts out with an outfit saying who cares that you’re hungry, I have so much money I can wear food until it rots off of me.

I find it insensitive and incredibly tasteless.  I understand that people will cry about the fact that she isn’t saying anything with her dress of meat.  That she is just trying to be outrageous and push the envelope as far as it will go until it literally disintegrates.  I feel that people should be able to do what they want UNLESS it is totally distasteful, insensitive or just plain stupid.  And her antics cover all three.  She should think of those listeners who might be struggling with what the Bush administration referred to as having food insecurity.

But unfortunately to me the only thing that she did was give a middle finger to all the starving or should I say food insecure people all over the world.  Actually I could not care less if this chick had more talent than all the supposed celebrities in the world.  It would not in my humble opinion make her any less ridiculous for her tasteless meaty antics.  Just my two cents and that is all that matters to me.


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4 responses to “Who Cares About Hunger When You Have A Meat Suit

  1. Hey theblacksentinel!

    It’s good to see you writing again!

    My mom was watching the awards when she saw this latest begging for attention from Lady Gaga. My mom was yammering about a meat suit and I thought she was off her rocker. My first thought was that it was time to call the old folks home. Or at least set them up on the speed dial. But when I went to her room and saw this woman strutting across the stage in an honest to goodness meat suit, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I was appalled. That’s some animal’s flesh being paraded across that stage. And as a member of the supposed stewards of this planet, I must say that we really do a despicable job of treating the lower life forms with the respect that they deserve. If anybody saw a bear wearing a human meat suit people would go ape shit. But when we see this kind of disregard for animals, especially for something as useless as an outfit to wear to a music awards show, then we really have gone off the deep end and somebody needs to point this shit out. I’m so glad it is you. And next week, somebody will come along and try to emulate this tastelessness or even try to out do it. Who knows? Willow Smith might be donning her own version of the meat suit as you read this. People better watch out for their ferrets and gerbils.


  2. Finally! Someone spoke out about this horrid example of “talent” and the audacity of Lady Gaga to thumb her nose at those who suffer from food insecurity.

  3. I think it’s safe to say that the music industry doesn’t go for substance, at least not most of the time. I think it’s also safe to say that that’s part of the agenda.

    I’ve never listened to Lady Gaga music, nor do I plan on starting now. After seeing the photos, it helps to confirm my assumptions on mainstream music and the network with the given name but is more concerned with fake-ality TV.

    While they’re at it, why don’t the next time she appears on an awards show she wears vegetables, and I know where she can stick a carrot.

    Just sayin.

  4. Come back! Please don’t end this blog with a meat suit photo! lol.
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