How’s That Drill Baby Drill Workin’ Out For Ya’?

Hey, Sarah Palin, how’s that drillin’ workin’ out for ya’?   Is this the drillin’ you wanted?  A bunch of dead oil rig workers and a big ass oil slick flowing into the gulf?  A bunch of new dead animals, pollution on the beach and toxic chemicals that will last for years.  Oh, that’s right, she is from Alaska, she knows all about oil spills and dead animals.  Obviously it doesn’t matter since she likes yelling drill baby drill.

She had a great time on all the news channels asking everyone how that change was workin’ out for us all.  Why isn’t she on there now asking the republicans how they like that drilling.   I guess she feels that we should drill until the entire ocean is filled with the toxic sludge that is oil; which will ensure that, all the wild life that live around or in the ocean are extinct and everyone looks as if they could be the star in that movie the Hills Have Eye’s.

How about the new mantra of the republican party can now be, Oil slick baby, oil slick!



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6 responses to “How’s That Drill Baby Drill Workin’ Out For Ya’?

  1. Sundjata

    Um, exactly!

  2. While I have no comment in respect to your opinion of Palin, as I’m not really a fan of her either, that while tragic in its nature to both people who lost their lives and the environment which will suffer as a result, this accident has been blown out of proportion in the bigger scheme of the industry.

    This is a VERY rare incident. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes of any investigation (if they even bother, or just sweep it under the rug) as to what the causes exactly were in this case. afterall, multiple oil platforms have survived natural disasters without leaks or explosions on multiple occasions. In fact high amounts of oil found in the ocean occur from natural seepage unrelated and far away from any drilling sites.

    Granted because it is bad news, and certainly within the realm of serious interest to a lot of high profile environmental and energy groups as well as politicians, it is going to create bigger waves in mediums of all forms (paper, tv, radio, internet/blogs). But I don’t think that this accident is argument enough on its own to condemn the entire industry or methods of extraction. Just like I dont see how its a viable excuse of one rig going down to jack the price of a gallon of gas up by 13 cents overnight, especially considering that oi wasnt even guaranteed to make it to US pumps anyways.

  3. did you run off and leave us without saying goodbye again?

  4. abyssofintention

    Good post! Agreed, where is she now? I guess her supporters don’t care about the oil spill either? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mike,

    Nah, just lazy. LOL! Really, I have been so busy. I just haven’t found the time. I try though.

  6. The Tradgedy that has unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico is truly one of unparalleled greed.

    Truth is the government (previous) wanted the rigs in place because of need for resource and the revenue to be made.

    We are all SLAVES to oil. Even Obamas administration is reluctant to break ties with the influential money magnates in the oil business.

    Whilst ever the world remains in the grip of Oil Fever…We haven’t seen the last oil spill or major environmental catastrophe.

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