My Return From Hiatus

Well, I have been away on a long over due hiatus.  And I didn’t even give anyone a heads up that I was taking this little hiatus and I am sorry about that.  Hey, I needed a little me time.  And trust me I have been using my time wisely.

For one, I had been thinking a lot about the ridiculous comments that I get on this blog.  And just grew tired of the same mindless drivel flowing so freely from the minds of the zombie like idiots that come my way.  It just boggles the mind that these people are actually voting and working amongst us.  Scary!

Next, I decided to do a tune up on the two kid mommy body.  I X’d it out with some P90X and I am ecstatically happy about the results I am getting.  I can’t wait to do this again.  Sounds like torture but you know what, once you start seeing the results you don’t want to stop.

We have had this system for a good 3 years, since my significant other, the fit and fabulous guy he is, did the p90X right after I had our little bundle of joy.   And I wish I had engaged in it sooner.  I did do the diet portion since I needed to cook for him while he X’d it out.  But, I wasn’t ready for the exercise regimen and probably wouldn’t have finished.  Actually I KNOW I wouldn’t have finished.  I am glad I waited because now was the perfect time.

And last but certainly not least, I have been giving my kids way more time for going to the park and fun things like that.  My youngest son needs different therapies and I wanted to take this time to make totally certain that he is getting and will get the best care that he deserves.  Being an advocate for your child, and probably anyone, is very time consuming.

I am sure this becomes painfully more time consuming when you have to fight with insurance companies who wish to stiff your child and deny them the critical services that they need to be healthy.  It is ridiculous.  And for people to sit around and complain about the health care bill being too much and how it is terrible need to suddenly find themselves with a disorder or a child with a disorder, syndrome or some other illness that requires intensive treatment.  Then their little tune will change immediately.  I have problems with the bill as well.  Not because it does too much, but because it doesn’t do enough!  They needed to go miles further.

There is nothing worse than a bunch of ignorant people who never have to use their health care to sit around and tell others that they don’t deserve to be protected from greedy overzealous money driven insurance companies who work day in and day out trying to figure out ways in order to deny coverage for necessary treatments in order to maximize profits.  But, who cares as long as it isn’t you or your kid or family in general.

As long as it happens to people you never have to see, that is fine and dandy.  But, some of us are willing to pay our fair share in order to ensure that the least of us have the same access to the best health care.  Thank god that we have a seriously good health care plan or who knows what types of fights I would be having.

I probably wouldn’t have one minute to spare.  Actually, I probably would have plenty of time as my child would just be one more of those who are suffering with no care because too many selfish jackasses can only think of themselves and how they need to be ensured they don’t and won’t ever have to help anyone.  Yet, expect to be helped when they need it.

We saw a lot of this when so many people from the auto unions were complaining about being over taxed and those taxes going to give handouts.  But then the minute the auto makers decided to close plants here, the union workers were picketing and crying into the news cameras about how they needed help or they would be losing their homes and medical etc.  REALLY?  I wish someone would have taken them a tape of the town hall meetings they were screaming at and ask them why their views suddenly changed about help.  Who wants a handout now?

When are we going to understand that taxes aren’t a bad thing?  We have tea party fools yelling they don’t want to pay any taxes.  They don’t want to pay taxes yet expect the fire man to miraculously show up to their burning house.  Have the police run in to protect them when something goes wrong.  Have a nicely paved road to drive their fancy new car on.  Or better yet, help bail their company out so they don’t lose their jobs.  And have all of this without shelling out one red cent.

How ignorant have we really become?  No one is saying that taxes are the bomb and we should love it.  But, I am saying that we should be willing to pay our fair share to ensure the betterment of our community.  And by community I mean entire country of fellow citizens.  Not the sheltered little bubble some of you live in, where you don’t ever have to mingle with the insurance deprived.  Well that is until they serve you your Big Mac.

We can all take a page from Zig Ziglar that you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.  And thus if we want to be healthy happy people, we need to ensure that we are helping others to be healthy and happy as well.



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15 responses to “My Return From Hiatus

  1. Welcome back to one of my favorite bloggers! Seeing a comment from you on an old post last night actually prompted me to check my RSS feeds, to make sure I still had a valid feed for your new posts. I hope this means we’ll be hearing from you more often now!

  2. This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I want to say welcome back. You always speak the truth no matter how much it hurts.

    I too am amazed at the level of stupidity that comes to your blog and others. It’s becoming predictable now. What’s more scary, and kinda funny, is that they continue to prove you right about them everytime.

    Well, I just want to welcome you back, and hope everything’s well.

  3. James,

    Thanks a bunch! Yep, I should be up to my old M.O. You would think that not being active on my blog for so long I would have a bunch of posts stored up. But, nope, I got nothin’. So, I will have to get myself back into the groove.

    Great to be back.

  4. Will,

    Thanks, and welcome. I hope that you comment again. It helps to see nice comments once in a while.

    Again, thank you.

  5. Well look who the cat dragged back in! I thought you may have went the way of so many other bloggers who end up disappearing. One day comes when their blog suddenly grinds to a halt. I hope the hiatus was good. I hope you’re rested. And I hope to see more from you.

    As far as the inability of people to think about and see things from a more socially responsible perspective, I could not agree more. Some people only understand the concept of help when they are the ones in need. When they are the ones being asked for help, they become indignant and insist that people should stop asking for a handout.


  6. BrotherP,

    Thanks for stopping by to welcome me back. You know I couldn’t just throw in the towel. That would give too many racist a reason to celebrate. I just needed some time to clear my head as I was getting so confrontational and preoccupied by all the madness.

    And yes, I am well rested, somewhat. I have been working my butt off. LITERALLY. Anyhow, it is good to be back and good to be missed. I hope that my hiatus has allowed me to think differently and keep a cooler head. We’ll see about that last one.

    Thanks and peace.

  7. Sentinel,

    Glad to have you back. Hope you are enjoying the fruits of your P90X workouts. I’ve heard alot of people say that if you do it right it is one of the most grueling things you’ll ever do. Congrats.

    As for your post. I don’t care for the plan. My wife and I fall into the group that would be “helped”. She had an MRI that now precludes her from getting any coverage what so ever. Yet we would never ask that anyone be forced to pay her bills. Of which there are many. We will do that ourselves.

    Perhaps that means we are “selfish jackasses” or “living in a bubble”. My mother also suffers from MS. She doesn’t want anyones help either, unless they offer it willingly.

    Welcome back.

  8. Jay,

    First, thanks for the welcome back. And yes, I totally agree that if you work it right you will be extremely happy. I am ecstatic and don’t have any plans to quit the program. It is hard as HELL. But it is sooooooo worth it in the end. I am going to repeat it again to master the program then move on to another one like Insanity or Ripped 1000 (which I just got). I have always loved working out, after discovering it in high school.

    I don’t care for the plan as well. But for different reasons than your own. I don’t know what makes you think that someone is being forced to pay your wife’s bills. You are paying premiums into a pot to offset the high costs of health care. That is how insurance works. And there is nothing wrong with your wife being able to buy into an insurance plan. There is a problem that the insurance companies are wanting exclude those who MIGHT have issues that will make them spend a bit of money.

    These insurance companies have no problems taking people’s money, but don’t want to pay anything out when the person needs help. Why don’t we take profit out of health care as it doesn’t belong there. ALL health care should be non profit. The reason I say this is that it then becomes profitable to deny people the medically necessary health care that they need to survive. That to me is a death panel. Someone sitting on a board somewhere who says we have to deny any and all liver transplants as they cost too much and would drop the bottom line. We can’t do that to our investors. Now, the poor person who doesn’t get a liver has been designated to die due to the investors bottom line. And please don’t tell me that doesn’t happen. I have seen it too many times before.

    Not to mention, you claim that you will pay your wife’s bills yourselves. What happens when the person can’t afford to pay all those medical bills? Should they be determined unworthy to live? So now who is going to help them? I never said that anyone was selfish for wanting to pay their own bills. I said people were selfish by saying that others don’t deserve health care if the insurance company doesn’t want to provide them insurance. Or that we shouldn’t be going out of our way to ensure that people like your wife are covered with health care. I guess I still don’t understand what you are talking about when you say people being forced to pay your wife’s bills. Who are these people who are being forced to pay her bills? And what plan was that under?

    So what you are saying is that you don’t want health insurance for her, because you can pay your own health bills? And do you also pay all of your own home costs or car costs for damages that fall within either of those insurance plans? And if not, wouldn’t that be the same as “people being forced to pay your bills”? And since you CAN pay all of your wife’s medical bills that now means everyone can as well? And your mom wants people to help if they are willing. That is what I am talking about. We should ALL be willing to help others. Why is it that we feel that it is OK for your wife or your mother to suffer without medical coverage? Why should they NOT be able to buy insurance just like everyone else?

    We should be able to FORCE if necessary the insurance companies to do the job that they are tasked with. No one would have a problem with anyone forcing grocery stores to sell food to those people who don’t have homeowners insurance. Or allow doctor’s to say they won’t treat you if you didn’t vote the way they see fit. As a nurse, do I get to say that I won’t treat someone because they are a selfish jackass? That is the only thing that we are talking about. Insurance companies do not have the right to deny coverage to people based on the fact that they may or may not be sick. That is the whole purpose of having insurance, because one day sooner or later you will be sick. And need care. What about that do people not understand.

    Thanks for the welcome back Jay, and I hope that the health care bill actually does help your wife and mother. They deserve care. We are all human and connected. No one deserves to be forced to pay hefty health care costs when we can all share the cost. Just like those who were lucky enough to afford insurance BEFORE their existing condition was found. Because we ALL have pre existing conditions of some sort. We just don’t know it.

  9. nupealot

    Very glad to have you back. I hope your hiatus recharged your batteries. I found myself checking your blog daily, for the last few months, and was giddy to see a new post.

  10. This is a complicated issue. I’d love to have this conversation face to face. But blogs being what they are I’ll try to just address a few of your points.

    No. No one would be forced to pay my wifes bills. They would however be forced to pay her insurance premiums as I understand we would likely fall into the subsidized category.

    I too would like to see insurance companies better regulated to not drop customers when they get ill or simply not cover those who have a higher risk. I would like to see a mandate that all insurance companies carry a small percentage of high risk clients. Much like car insurance companies all share the burden of sr-22 coverage.

    Many doctors attend college on government subsidized loans and programs. Perhaps they should spend a few years giving back at free clinics and hospitals.

    What I don’t want is every little thing to be covered. Every doctors visit should not be covered. However, some sort of major medical for those who need it may be in line. Minor bills need to be paid by those requesting the service, but you shouldn’t get cancer and bankrupted over it. Just my $0.02

  11. Jay Burns,

    I understand what you mean now. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with subsidizing someone’s premiums. If you can’t pay your full premium then exactly how are you going to afford to pay an entire hospital bill? So, to me, I think that it would be fine to help people to pay their premiums. It is cheaper than your wife going to the hospital and getting whatever expensive treatment then stiffing the hospital on the bill. Because WE the people end up paying that anyway. So it is just cheaper to help her pay her premiums so that we have a healthy productive citizen, and lower cost overall.

    I totally agree with the doctors giving back. I think we should ALL give back in one way or another. If everyone is healthy we will pay less in the long run. I think that people spend too much time thinking about the short term goals instead of the long term ones. If we force fast food and sugary snack companies to kick in for health care as they are helping to feed the obesity problem which in turns fuels the health decline of our country, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to put their deadly chemical laden faux food products on the market. And yes, I know that the people consuming the garbage should be just as liable as the producers.

    But, people are being bankrupted every day in this country for health reasons. You don’t see that in other first world nations. That is a shame. We are supposedly the best nation in the world yet we don’t care that our fellow man is being sent to the poor house just to heal his sick wife, child or self. We need to do better. We may be a prosperous nation, but we are also a greedy selfish nation as well. Consume at the expense of every one else. What ever happen to it’s better to receive than give? That saying went the way of the dodo bird.

    thanks for the reply.

  12. I was reading the exchange between Jay Burns and theblacksentinel. One point that really struck home with me is that not only do doctors deserve to give back, we all do. Whether we realize it or not, we all are subsidized by our government in one way or another. Our security gets subsidized. Our fire and police services are subsidized. Our roads are subsidized. We each take from the system and so we each should be willing to do our fair share to give back to the system.

    If any of us have the ability to pay own way then that’s fine. But it becomes rather ridiculous for some people to say that because I can afford my health insurance premiums and have been lucky enough not to have a preexisting condition, everyone should be held to the same standard. There are people who don’t even need health insurance because if anything that happens to them they can write a check for health services. Does that mean we all should be writing our own checks for health services? I certainly hope not.

    My point is that all of us who can give back should give back. Giving back is not something just for doctors. The way we do the giving back might vary. But we all will benefit when we realize that we are all in this together. No one is able to provide all of the services they need alone. A community of people is a social network of people coming to each other’s aid. Despite what some people think there is absolutely nothing wrong with a government environment built on a foundation of socialism.


  13. Welcome Back Darling!

    I too was beginning to wonder if you became so frustrated by idiots that you just gave up in order to not give yourself a stroke!

    Glad to hear you were motivated enough to run the P90X program. I myself enjoy working out, but if I don’t have a partner, I just plain lack the motivation. So congrats to you on that.

    As for the health bill, my biggest problem on there is the personal mandate section. My wife and kids are covered, I am not, and this is by design. I have no health issues to contend with, so I’d rather spend the additional $100-200 every two weeks, whatever it is costing to add myself to the plan which I have no use for, onto existing bills that need paid. And the way they sold the whole idea about introducing competition to the insurance idustry, but then having to rely on coerced coverage in order to pull it off rubbed me the wrong way. Automatic consumer capture isnt competition to me, and more or less is just throwing money into the pockets of the select members within the insurance industry.

    I totally agree we need health reform, and need to figure out how to cover the uncovered and “uncoverable”. Pretty complicated stuff. And to those who have decided we need to give our extra to those without, I agree that we ought to be giving, of our own free will. And of those who have made these decision for us, who say we should pay extra taxes, and that they are perfectly willing to pay more on their huge incomes, I might remind them that they have a legal option to pay more in taxes, or to give of their money freely of their own will. the fact that they often find ways to mandate the taxation while maintaining loopholes to lower their own burden, and thusly not actually give more that they are “supposed” to be doing (by their own words, and wholly shown by their tax records showing a huge lack of charitable giving they expect to put on others) are merely hypocrites trying to have their cake and eat it too, without regard to the rest of us.

    I’m not saying I dont have responsibilities or shirk from them. With a low middle/high lower bracket of income and a debt load on top of day to day bills that leave nothing to little left over, we always find something to give either directly or thru an organization to help others out. And not for tax purposes either, as we claim no deductions in that department. Always seemed to me to be a lot less charitable when one could claim it against their taxes.

    anyways, enough of my rant…..Welcome back!

  14. Jääallas

    Damn, you’re a one furious lady :] The hostile tone you always use in your writing is almost mesmerizing.

    I hardly never care what your articles are about, these topics rarely touch me, since I live in a different country and even if the subject has something to do with my country or the problems you are adressing can be mirrored into my society, I’m usually part of the group you’re fighting against and thus so far away from the ones who are affected/suffering that I don’t really give a damn.

    …But the way you sort of – BITE, into the issue at hand, makes you blog one of my favourites to read. Many of topics you’re adressing I see as fights that have been already lost (not complaining of course! If it keeps the butter on MY bread, rather than on the Somali’s one across the town, then…), but it is really refreshing to see someone care with such passion.

    I thank you for these many fine articles you have written. I hope that you keep writing – even if it means that you see more injustice done against your kind :]

    Be well.

  15. Mike,

    Thanks for the welcome back. You might want to try the P90X. Tony Horton (the trainer guy) is kind of funny. He keeps me going not to mention looking at some of the folks who completed it. I am not going to call anyone out, but if they can finish, damn, I know I can. Also, I agree with your dislike of the mandate. I find it ridiculous. If a person CHOOSES to not have health care that should be their right. I can’t get with that one as it doesn’t make much sense to force folks except for to help line the pockets of the insurance industry.


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