The Black Reality Principle

The Reality Principle is basically that one begins to learn the need sometimes to endure pain and to defer gratification because of the exigencies and obstacles of reality.  We hear it all the time from blacks, that this is just how things are, we don’t deserve any help and somehow if you endure this broken life, you will be rewarded in heaven.  Even though your tormentors are receiving their rewards NOW!

This post is based on a comment to my post about black people displaying the Stockholm syndrome.

A refresher of the syndrome.  Stockholm syndrome describes a situation in which a hostage begins to grow sympathetic towards their captor and they even loyal to their abductor. Occurring under physical duress, tremendous emotional behavior or other traumatic situations (such as kidnapping, hostage situations), the effects of Stockholm syndrome never goes away even when the crisis ends. The syndrome is particularly obvious in battered-spouse cases, slave and master relationship, cult victims, prisoners of war, abused children, hostage victims; and individuals who are experiencing a severe emotional, isolation and physical abuse.

So isn’t it futile to argue with one who has been raised by generations of people with Stockholm syndrome?  Wouldn’t the person you are arguing with just continue to fight to prove that the victim IS the problem?

The Black Sentinel

It’s tough to get a grip on the “reality” you present. As you admit, you have no central thesis. You’re merely espousing a sentiment which the reader is tasked with applying to life.

I am adequately familiar with Stockholm syndrome to discuss it intelligently. I can infer no purpose in your claim other than an excuse for behavior. I am more than willing to entertain another purpose, if you provide one. But my inference seems justified by your assertion black people need “help” to get over the generational trauma of being black. What form is this help to take? Who is to provide it? What is its lack preventing black people from doing?

Walter Scott Hudson


So when a person comes back from the war and says that they have PTSD, is that an excuse of behavior?  When a person has a traumatic brain injury and they have a change in personality or anger management and the doctors say it is because of the brain injury, is that an excuse for behavior?  When you have children being abused and they do some sort of crime, everyone can see that they have issues due to abuse are those issues an excuse for behavior?

See my problem with what you are saying is that ONLY when we want to look at the root cause of the problems in the black community it is an excuse of behavior.  No one claims that a woman who shoots her abusive husband is using said abuse as an excuse of behavior.  At least no one who has a brain is going to say that the abuse had no part in her behavior.  It is not an excuse, it is an explanation.  Is it so bad to admit that black people have never had our abused psyches healed?

Not one person has so far said that poor Jaycee Dugard and her children who were held captive in Phillip Garrido’s, a sick torturous pedophile, backyard, “hey, you aren’t being held captive, get on with your life, get a job and raise those kids, and you better do it right even though you were in a situation of torture, torment and lack education.”  Nope, we have all agreed that this girl AND her children are in need of special mental help.  We as a society agreed with this so much so that she has not been expected to “just move on” with her life.  She is receiving the help she needs to move on with her life in a productive manner.

But somehow, it is OK for a whole population of people to be held in the backyard of a sick torturous population of people and be told, “Hey, you aren’t being held anymore, get on with you lives.”  Not only that, we were then held back by lack of education, lack of jobs, lack of self worth, but none of that matters.  This is our collective inheritance.  And so if you feel that it is an excuse for behavior, why don’t you explain to me and all who read this exactly what has occurred that somehow healed the minds, bodies and souls of the people who were charged with teaching us life skills?

And you are asking me to provide you with a purpose, really?  And somehow you THINK I am saying that the generational trauma is from being black, really?  You may see being black as the problem or trauma, I see the TREATMENT that blacks have and do suffer in this country as the problem.  I see that the TREATMENT that blacks have suffered in this country was never countered by anything.  And if there was some sort of collective mental healing, when and where did that take place?  Or are you saying that when a person or people suffer a great trauma such as the one placed upon the black community in America, they need NO help?  That once the main form of abuse has stopped, they have no lingering affects, no residual problems that are related to such treatment?

And you want me to tell YOU what type of help this is to take and who is going to provide it.  Why don’t YOU tell ME and better yet why don’t you tell yourself?  Does it really even matter who does it, what type and how?  Why do you think that just because I feel that help was needed and IS needed that now I am the one that is charged with explaining the fix for all the problems or coming up with all the necessary steps to put a plan in place?

Are you one of those people who look at the person telling you that a building is on fire, and asks them to explain to you all the necessary steps to putting the fire out and to explain what exactly is it that the lack of fixing the burning building is or will be preventing the inhabitants from doing?  When it all seems so obvious at least to some of us, it does.

And if you can’t see what the lack of mental health prevents people from doing, there is a problem.  I shouldn’t have to write my thoughts and then fill in every detail for the detail challenged.   Because to me if a person can not see what a lack of mental health help to people who have suffered not only mental but physical abuse shows me that you either have no imagination or no compassion or possibly both.  I am not trying to offend; this is just what I see.  I can’t stand by and see people who have been handing down an abused persons system of survival and nothing much more than that and not see a people who need help.

In fact a people who actually needed help when the slavery abuse first stopped.  Shouldn’t those freed slaves have been given the mental health support and other support they needed to be able to begin living a life they know nothing about?  Instead of being given more fear, more systems of abuse, other systems of exclusion and denial?  It would seem to me that those freed slaves were in a worse position than Jaycee Dugard, yet I don’t see anyone asking why she or her children need support.

And so, if you feel that my “reality” of blacks as a group of abuse survivors’ descendants is so profoundly different, then where is your central thesis to the contrary?  Where is your comparison and contrast?  You haven’t shown anyone here anything to counter one point made, yet continue this snide commentary that seems to say nothing more than your wrong so prove to me your right.  I don’t need to prove anything to you.  And in fact if you believe I am wrong then I guess you should be proving that, right?

Either you take the route that blacks were abused and received no assistance to counter that and thus handed down this abused mentality generation after generation or you take the route that they were healed at some point in time which you can name and therefore handed down a sound system of parental and personal management and somehow generation after generation just continues to fail for no reason other than . . . you fill in the blank.



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7 responses to “The Black Reality Principle

  1. Walter Scott Hudson


    First of all, let’s try to set an amicable stage upon which to have a meaningful discussion. You are obviously very passionate about… whatever it is we’re talking about (I’m still not sure). Despite the snideness you perceive in my commentary, I am genuinely interested in understanding your point of view. There is clearly a disconnect in perception here, which may be indicative of a greater schism among blacks. I think it worthwhile to pursue reconcilation of these disparate perspectives, if possible. If it is not possible, it is still worth pursing a clear understanding of each other’s positions.

    If you can forgive me for saying so, I feel as though your response to my comments has drifted far beyond the original subject. That’s fine. I do not mind a more comprehensive discussion. But let’s try to take one thing at a time, shall we?

    The claim of yours which originated this back-and-forth was: blacks like Bill Cosby (a category you have since lumped me into) suffer from a form of Stockholm syndrome. You said this explains their taking “the negative view of some in the white race.” You never bothered to define specifically what that negative view is. So I worked with what I had, my knowledge of Cosby’s viewpoints, and assumed you meant the expectation that blacks take greater responsibility for their own lives. Now, if I am misunderstanding you, if there is some other way I and the rest of your audience was supposed to take that original post, by all means, clarify.

    Assuming I understood correctly, I find your diagnosis offensive. Your argument depends on the acceptance of a disputed premise. In your worldview, the black race is currently being oppressed on a scale analogous to pedophilia, as evidenced by your above post. I’m sorry, but I can’t go with you on that ride. It’s a little ridiculous from where I’m standing, as a black man getting along just fine, and as an observer of many other blacks who seem to be doing just fine, even thriving.

    However, even if we accept your premise for the sake of argument, I take further issue with your model of generational trauma. It is antithetical to both my personal experience and the plain outcome of history. I know people who have been genuinely abused in very personal ways. They are not dysfunctional, and require no help above and beyond the same basic psychological needs we all share. In the world you present, where victims of trauma not only can’t function themselves, but pass their dysfunction on to their children, the entire race of man would descent into atrophy within a few generations. Everyone goes through some kind of trauma at one time or another. Most get through it. Human beings are resilient.

    But again, let’s accept that position too, for the sake of argument. If you are going to say black people need “help” in order to “heal” from their trauma. It is incumbent upon you to define what form that help should take, who should provide it (for it must come from somewhere), and how it will heal. It is not as self evident as calling for a fire to be put out. There is an established and generally accepted methodology for dealing with fires, which is why that solution is self-evident. There is no such standard for the problem you articulate, which we don’t even agree exists.

  2. Walter Scott Hudson

    I also take issue with this “black reality principle” you’ve articulated. My position is not “somehow, if you endure this broken life, you will be rewarded in heaven.” Although that sentiment does reflect an essential truth, my position is that blacks can and are finding reward in the here and now.

    Did Rev. King talk about how blacks need to be helped? Or did he talk about equal treatment under the law? Is there no difference?

  3. Walter,

    See this is where you have a problem. It isn’t about YOU! I didn’t write that to mean that is what you “think” or ONLY Bill Cosby and blacks who think like him have Stockholm syndrome. This is what tells me that you didn’t pay very close attention to what I was saying at all. What I was saying is that ALL blacks have been handed down generations of survival techniques from broken individuals who I am sure had the Stockholm syndrome. So by default we in this generation have no choice but to be indoctrinated with the Stockholm syndrome.

    You still haven’t answered the question I posed to you. Do you believe that blacks were damaged due to slavery/Jim Crow/continued systemic racism? And if NOT then when did they/us heal from this? Also, if all of us can just miraculously heal from this sort of torture, why do we know that it isn’t possible for people to just miraculously heal from the tortures of war, or kidnappings, spousal or familial abuse? What did the black community know that Doctors, people,this black community today doesn’t know? Hello! Please respond to this. There is NO place in either of my posts where I say that blacks don’t or can’t find rewards in the here in now. And what makes you think that I’M not finding rewards? Stop thinking there are some lines to read between. Ask if you don’t understand, don’t assume.

    I don’t care what Dr. King was talking about. He isn’t or wasn’t the only black person in this world who had ALL the answers. And didn’t Dr. King start coming to his senses right before his death when he said, I fear that we are trying to integrate into a burning house. Doesn’t that sound like a person who is realizing that maybe what he is trying to bring about isn’t all that it might crack up to be? And if he wasn’t asking for some kind of HELP wasn’t he the one giving interviews where he said that only giving black folks equality would not realistically close the economic gap between them and whites. He wasn’t necessarily into slave reparations but thought that the United States should make a program giving $50 billion over 10 years.

    Not to mention, if you knew all that you say you do about Stockholm syndrome, then you would understand that if Dr. King was like the rest of us having been handed down a system of Stockholm syndrome teaching and survival, then he probably wouldn’t think that blacks have any expectations of being helped. Why do you think it is a syndrome? People begin to identify with their captors/tormentors and believe that they themselves are a large part of the problem. Nothing much has changed in how our community is operating. King talked about crappy education, unwed pregnancies, crime rates for blacks and broken family units just like we are today.

    So, please do tell where it is that King said we don’t need help? Please, give your answer to the questions I posted above as well. I don’t expect more banter, I expect dialogue on those points. You will learn quite quickly that if you decide to ignore my second attempt at continuing the conversation based on what I am perceiving your criteria to be of showing how blacks have Stockholm syndrome, I will cut you off like a sore thumb. I don’t have very much patience anymore to continue fruitless conversations where a visitor continues to rattle on about nothing. Let’s either keep it moving or move on. Unfortunately for you, I have had my fill of conversations to nowhere.


  4. Walter,

    This is tiring to say the least. You claim NOT to know what I am talking about. I am talking about black people having Stockholm syndrome, not Bill Cosby, not you, but black people. I was showcasing Cosby as an example. And the reason why YOU might not see that I have ALREADY showcased the things he (Cosby) has said, is because I do a lot of posts where I have talked about him. I don’t need to mention each and every word each and every time I write. As I am NOT writing this for those who think this is some sort of PhD dissertation where I am compelled to have a thesis and all that. This is just me typing out my thoughts for others who might or might not wish to know them.

    Regular readers know exactly what I am speaking about with Bill and if you aren’t a regular, then I suggest you read previous posts and then maybe you will be up to speed. I don’t know where it is that you have read that a blog is or has to be written in some specific form. I will write the way I please. So enough said on that, if you don’t like what I say, write or think, you know the way out. Thanks.

    Now, back to the conversation at hand. You, as far as I can see, don’t quite understand how this conversation is going to go. You see, you aren’t going to come here and demand that I explain myself to YOU. If you take issue with what I am saying then you WILL give information to the contrary and you will qualify it. And I am sorry, knowing abused people who are not dysfunctional doesn’t count as a qualifier. Wow, I know women who were abused by their husbands who don’t hate men! And the point is what? That because you can find a person who doesn’t need help, or at least so you think, that means that ALL people who have been abused don’t need help?

    Not to mention, what type of abuse? Were they subjected to racial abuse akin to slavery? Was it generational, where the whole community was abused? Or was it worse than that? Did someone just steal their lunch money? See, your buddy that was abused and didn’t need help doesn’t quite cut it. Not to mention, how do YOU know that they aren’t dysfunctional? I lived 20 years with an adopted sister who we ALL thought was just fine and didn’t need help for the abuses she suffered while in foster care. Well guess what, we were wrong. She needed all sorts of help and seemed like she was functional and fine. But underneath she was dysfunctional and doing things that none of us were aware of. So, just because you THINK a person is fine doesn’t make it so.

    You know there are a lot of white and black people who find what I say offensive, AND? Your point is? I could care less! Who the hell are you, that you feel I write to please you? If you take issue with what I say, then show where it’s not true? Show where blacks have healed themselves? Show SOMETHING? Just don’t keep saying how you don’t agree. That is fine, don’t agree, but show why you have knowledge to the contrary. I am not saying that every BLACK person in the country is in need of help. If your family for generations back didn’t and don’t need any help, that is fine, that is on all of you. But there are those out there whose families needed healing and help to be able to productively move on into the future and give their children a better way of surviving.

    You claim that humans are so resilient. Yet, we don’t have any problem helping them when they need help. Or do you mean that those blacks just don’t need help? Because the last time I checked, blacks may be resilient but they aren’t super human. This type of a trauma isn’t something that you just walk away from and boom we are ALL HEALED!

    It is NOT incumbent upon ME to define what form that help should take! It isn’t my job to define anything above and beyond what I feel like defining. I feel that blacks have suffered Stockholm syndrome, that is as far as “I” feel I need to go with that. If you are concerned with how and who of treatment, then I suggest you get on top of that.

    There is also a generally accepted methodology for dealing with kidnap/abuse/torture/or other people as well. So I guess the solution to that is also self evident? You really need to take a step back and think about what you are saying. Just because it is a large group or a community you think they don’t know how to do this? Well let’s take a little look at how the descendants of the holocaust are fairing, shall we? Here are some advertisements for those generations later who might need help dealing with a holocaust they weren’t a part of.

    Clinical consultant and Jewish Family Service Coordinator of Holocaust Services at the Jewish Family Service of Metro West, and an expert on the impact of the Holocaust on children of survivors, published in the International Handbook of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma and the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry on transgenerational transmission of the effects of the Holocaust. Multigenerational legacies of Trauma associated with the effects of the Holocaust? Don’t black people deserve the same thing?

    Clinical social work psychotherapist and psychoanalyst with a deep understanding of the effect of the Holocaust on Survivors, Adult Children of Survivors and the third generation. Offering individual therapy to all three generations and group therapy for 2nd and 3rd generation.
    Really, for 2nd and 3rd generations as well? Shouldn’t they have been more resilient and just gotten over it?

    It is interesting that so many in this country understand that the treatment that the Jews suffered has lingering affects for them and their descendants. Yet, you let me know that we can’t even agree that our lingering affects even exist. You can just do a search for help dealing with the holocaust and find tons of these programs for the multi-generations of Jewish people dealing with lingering effects. How can only holocaust descendants have lingering affects of their ancestors trauma but blacks somehow are capable of self healing? Are you concerned about those Jews who can’t seem to help themselves? What makes them and the black community so different? What makes the black community unworthy of any care in your eyes? Maybe your ancestors were suffering from Stockholm syndrome and you are an unwitting victim like the rest of us.

  5. Phill

    “Religion is the opium of the masses” – Karl Marx

  6. Dessalines

    I have a sinking feeling you won’t be hearing from Walter Scott Hudson ever again. At least not on this subject.

  7. amber

    Portrait Of The 1985 Handsworth Riots – Pogus Caesar – BBC1 TV . Inside Out.

    Broadcast 25 Oct 2010.

    Birmingham film maker and photographer Pogus Caesar knows Handsworth well. He found himself in the centre of the 1985 riots and spent two days capturing a series of startling images. Caesar kept them hidden for 20 years. Why? And how does he see Handsworth now?.

    The stark black and white photographs featured in the film provide a rare, valuable and historical record of the raw emotion, heartbreak and violence that unfolded during those dark and fateful days in September 1985.

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