Isn’t That The Magic Negro Calling The Negro Dialect Offensive

This is just a little ditty to all of the so called right wing bloggers and pundits who are crying about the Harry Reid debacle.  I am disgusted that any of you have a nerve to sit and act all high and mighty calling for this man to step down all the while chastising the black community for not joining your cries.  It bothers me to no end how the same idiotic people who are calling Harry Reid a racist, are the same folks who just the day before were probably talking about how over sensitive blacks are and how they continuously play the race card.

So it is completely obvious that this is just a silly game to you.  I have a question for you.  When did you start caring one iota for the black community or what bothers us?  Where in the hell were you when Rush Limbaugh was playing that Barack the magic Negro song?  Oh, that’s right you were defending him and telling people to lighten up.  But now you feel that we need to get all up in arms.  When in the hell have any of you ever called for the stepping down of one of your own?  Or better yet, when was the last time any of you took one of those racist right wing pundits you seem to love, to task when they continuously spew racist drivel?  That would be never.

Tell me exactly what it is you find offensive about what Harry Reid said, it can’t be the word Negro.  Wasn’t it the right wing numb nuts who were just yelling a day or so ago that no one should care that the US census added the word Negro back on the list?  Didn’t Glen Beck go so far as to say that African American was a bogus term and Negro more fitting?  And now it is offensive to the Republicans?  What is this, the Twilight Zone?  It is almost as if you all have developed a serious case of multiple personalities.

Were any of you fighting for black people’s right not to be offended by the word Macacca?  In fact, the Confederate flag has been offending blacks for years.  We have been asking for it to be removed from States forever.  I still haven’t seen any Republicans going out of their way to cry on black people’s behalf and help to get that flag thrown out.  Doesn’t this make you even more of the hypocrites that you’re crying that the Democrats or the black community are?  Well if Republican’s have a need to help blacks all of a sudden, can you take a look at the unemployment numbers?

And since when did any of you who are NOT black, have any right to tell any of us who ARE black people, what we should or shouldn’t be offended by.  Haven’t we gone through this before, when you all claimed that we shouldn’t be offended by Barack the magic Negro?  Isn’t the fact that you somehow think that you have the right to chastise the black community for not feeling MORE offended and then running to herald your cause just as racist, if not more?

Whether it was Harry Reid, Sarah Palin or whatever person any of you wish to replace these names with, the outcome would be the same.  They would be chastised and they would apologize and they would move on.  The last time I checked, Joe Wilson with his blatant disrespect is still a sitting Senator.  And of course the Democrats would be calling for their heads, it doesn’t come to anything.  Isn’t this what both of these stupid parties do?  Isn’t this the normal mode of operation, that we have to play this stupid back and forth game.

So what this boils down to is a bunch of people who could care less how the black community feels about anything, are using this feigned, so called degradation of black people as a rally cry to further their own means.  A game which is to help oust the man who has a pivotal role in helping to pass this health care bill which they deathly oppose.  And they wish to use the black community like so many pawns on a chess table to do it.  And the Democrats have no intention of ousting Reid when he is so pivotal right now.

It is too bad that you don’t understand black people or know how pretty much any of us feel, think or see life.  This is because you have no desire to know black people beyond your rightwing shills.  You see, we are not stupid.  We know full well that BOTH parties are full of racists.  They are chock full of racists with their own agendas.  But you see we do know one thing.

And that is that out of both of these racist filled parties; the Republicans have made a blatant decision that they were going to be the party of the angry racist southern white person.  And they continue to make it perfectly clear that they have no desire to encompass the black race within any of their agendas.  As they continue to show nothing but total disdain and disrespect for blacks on a constant basis.

And as far as I am concerned neither of your idiotic parties deserve to have the black community voting for you.  We are out in the cold no matter which party gets into office.  They don’t represent us.  We are continuously told that we need to help ourselves, even if pledges are being made to help every community in this country and even those that aren’t.  So the fact is, if you need a black lackey to do your crying for you; then get Michael Steele.  It seems that he does fine enough for us all.

In case any of you right wing numb nuts were confused about how you portray yourselves to the black community, then just go back and take a look at that Klan rally that you called a Republican national convention.  The brown and black faces were so sparse as to not be seen.  And the rhetoric on the stage was one of complete and utter blatant contempt for minorities.  Now you all want us black people to believe that you have our best interest at heart and are just angry on our behalf for what Harry Reid said.  Give it a rest already.



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19 responses to “Isn’t That The Magic Negro Calling The Negro Dialect Offensive

  1. TD

    Do you understand the “Barack the Magic Negro” song?

    It wasn’t a shot at Barack or blacks. Shanklin’s song uses parody to takes shots at the racial hypocrisy – like that of Reid – on the left.

    The song was written in response to the Los Angeles Times editorial by David Ehrenstein – both black and a committed lefty – that termed Barack a “Magic Negro”.


    The parody doesn’t denigrate the President. It shames the hypocrisy of those like Ehrenstein (who’s piece is mentioned in the song) and Sharpton (who’s impersonator sings the song) on the left who claim they want political, economic, and social ascension for their people but call out the successful, like Barack, as not ‘ghetto’ and ‘black-enough’.

    As for the Republican Party as the party of the “angry southern white person”, a little Democratic Party history concerning race may be in order.

    The boxed portion of the link below is pretty concise:

  2. TD,

    I understand the Barack the Magic Negro song. The song is NOT the point, do YOU understand? I asked what is it about what Harry Reid said that is offensive to those on the right? Is it that he said Negro, or Negro dialect? If that is the gist of it, then I don’t see how the same wouldn’t be said of Magic Negro, whether it is meant as an offense or not. The point IS, that the Republicans don’t give a damn if something is offensive to blacks. If they did, then there are plenty more things that have been said by Rush, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilley and tons of others on Fox News. Yet, where were they to complain on my behalf? Nowhere, because they were to busy defending these bigots. So it is just a bit hypocritical to all of a sudden pretend you care how we feel now.


    And never once have I heard Sharpton or anyone else as a public figure ask if Barack was “ghetto” enough. That little faux pas on your behalf is more offensive than anything said by Reid. I guess if you think that one party is better for blacks than the other, then it is quite obvious that you didn’t read the post. Or failed to read through to the end. But the fact still remains that the Republican party has gone out of their way RECENTLY to court the racist angry southern white vote.


  3. TD, you might also want to read better sources of U.S. political history than the misleading diatribe you link to.

    It’s absolutely true that it was the Republican Party which was at the forefront of improving race relations in the 1860s. However, the Democratic Party took over the lead in that endeavor in the mid-20th century and has not ceded it since (which is not to say that the Democratic Party’s record on race has been exemplary, either).

    This is why that box focuses so heavily on 19th century history, and then repeatedly lists ways in which the Democratic Party fell short on race in the 20th century without listing the same facts for the Republican Party.

    This is also why that box misleads so dramatically in other ways. For instance, it says that most of the “no” votes on the 1964 Civil Rights Act came from Democrats, which is true only because most of the members of Congress were Democrats. In fact, the Democratic Party and most of its members favored the Act, while the Republican Party and most of its members opposed it.

    I think it’s also worth pointing out, as a matter of 19th century history, that both the Republican and Democratic parties were both badly split over the question of slavery. This is why even the Union-controlled Congress could not agree to seek the end of slavery until 1865. It’s simply not accurate to suggest that the Democratic Party was pro-slavery and the Republican Party anti-slavery.

  4. Leave it to a bunch of confirmed, but in denial racist house negroes to rush to the massa’s defense!

    Best regards
    One who escaped

  5. “Leave it to a bunch of confirmed, but in denial racist house negroes to rush to the massa’s defense!”

    I never thought Stephen Frazier would admit to being Rush Limbaugh’s bitch.


  6. Awww, poor, poor Stephen Frazier,

    Finally admits to being a bitch. Thank you! That was well said indeed. I am glad that people like myself and Brotherpeacemaker have the intelligence to understand that asking why people pretending to be offended on our behalf being phony at best isn’t defending anyone. But, of course those people being high off of ass induced Oxycontin wouldn’t understand.

    Best of luck to you with your recovery. Hopefully you can get your head out of Rush’s ass. I heard that being that close to the exit spot of Oxycontin can be extremely addictive. What do they say in NA, take it one day at a time. Cheers!

  7. TD


    The very title of your post makes the meaning of Shanklin’s parody song pertinent to a response to the post. The old pot and kettle gig is about things having EQUAL characteristics with one calling out the characteristics of the other. Identifying the DIFFERENCE between Reid’s plantation-mentality remarks and the song’s taking shots at those with a plantation mentality – in this case Ehrenstein and the jealous Sharpton – indicates that the analogy of the title is inaccurate.

    It is partly true that conservatives may not be obsessed with offense taken by blacks but only because we aren’t terribly obsessed by any group offended by the words of others. We value men on their level of accomplishment rather than their level of politically-proscribed victimhood. We believe in The Declaration’s “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN [mine] are created equal…” and believe that all of this assigning and embracing of victimhood is an insult to the group to which it is assigned and to their creator plus represents the kind of chains one must assent to wear.

    True, the Republican politicians are using the Democratic Party’s racial hypocrisy – in this case Reid’s – for political gain. Yet, they are right about a Democratic Party that has campaigned for decades by calling others racists while treating blacks as those to be cared about only at election time, talked down to with fake accents, before being bussed back out of sight and sound. The party that has brought us…

    Hillary “I don’t feel no ways tired” Clinton

    Bill “The first Black President” and “a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee” Clinton

    Rod “I’m blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes” Blagojevich.

    Joe “articulate and clean’ Biden

    Finally, you are straining believability in claiming to not remember any public figures calling out Obama for not being black enough, ghetto enough, or down enough. Having my words called more offensive than Reid’s gives me a chuckle but here’s a couple refreshers…

    Jesse “cut his nuts off” (for taking down to inner-city black parishioners) and “telling n*****s how to behave” (ditto) and “acting too white” (for inattention to the Jena 6 case) Jackson

    Ralph “he’s talking too white” Nader

    Al “he’s a candidate driven by white leadership” and “he’s trying to grandstand in front of white people” Sharpton.

    Ditch this scum and join us. We may not kiss your ass but we also don’t think you or your vote are only worthy of being traded for a bottle of booze, a couple packs of cigarettes, or the promise of a bigger check on the 1st come election time.

  8. TD,

    If indeed like you say that I am somehow making them equal, then answer my original question. What is so offensive to you and other Republicans that makes you HAVE to abandon your need NOT to obsess over victimhood get thrown out the door? And so if you hold everyone to the same standard then why do people your party seem to listen to are constantly crying about the victimhood of the white male, the victimhood of the Christian and then have the gall to utilize racial stereotypes, ignorance and fear mongering freely? No one is saying the Democrats are NOT racist. I am saying that this junk is nothing more than a game because Republicans like you said don’t care, so then why do this?

    This is where you and the rest of the Republican party are the same hypocrites that you claim to point out. If you don’t care about the victimhood of blacks, then why bother to cry about this? How is what Reid said making me a victim? How is what he said NOT true? Do you even understand what was said, or are you just crying over what YOU THINK should be insulting? This IS the problem. Republicans DON’T care what offends blacks, because they constantly do things that offend blacks all the while defending the stupidity. You can’t claim that you don’t believe in the victimhood of a certain race, all the while you work to make them a victim!

    And it is quite interesting that you claim that Democrats treat blacks as something to be cared about when its election time. But when do Republicans care about blacks? When they are claiming that their state has such high unemployment numbers and seriously high population of African Americans? When they wave the Confederate flag, while stating it is part of their heritage, even though it symbolizes hate to us? When they are calling people Maccaca which might as well be Nigger? While sitting on Fox news and talk about how white Christian males are losing their privilege? Or saying that blacks should be thanking whites for slavery, since it got us to America? Saying that a known bigot and segregationist should have been voted president so that we wouldn’t have all these problems? Sending pictures of all the presidents showing Obama with big eyes on a black background is that what blacks look like in pictures (spook)? Sending pictures of the white house with a field full of watermelons in the front? Sending out phony Obama bucks showing all the fried chicken and stereotypical things? Must we go on?

    And wow, Jesse Jackson is angry that Obama was talking down to inner city black people! Gosh, we should slap his face. And if you don’t understand the implication of what he was saying then, I can’t really help you at this time. But, I totally understand what he is talking about, as we so called inner city folks get this from a lot of people. And I never have and never will agree with anyone saying something stupid like “he’s/she’s talking white. Ralph Nader? What does he have to do with the black community or the Democrats whom you are talking about? And are you saying that Al Sharpton is lying as well? Was Obama NOT a candidate driven by white leadership? And as far as him trying to grandstand comment, I never heard it and will look it up so as to know what you are talking about. I have already seen with your “ghetto” comment that I can’t very well take what you say as fact or at least without embellishment.

    Ditch what scum? I am NOT joined up with anyone! I am an individual who uses my own intelligence and common sense to vote for who I feel is appropriate. I don’t need anyone kissing my ass! And if you feel that people saying they will take my communities problems and try to work on them as kissing my ass, then you probably have a problem. As far as joining the Republicans, if that is what you are talking about with join us, I wouldn’t join that pack of dogs. They are even worse than the Democrats. And in case you didn’t know that bigger check, it seems to have gone to the white community folks, since they do make the majority of cases getting checks on the 1st. Trust me, it isn’t like we haven’t lived through Republican leadership. And the shit didn’t do anything to help very many blacks and yes, I judge a president by what they can do for EVERYONE not just the white community. And in fact everyone I know started doing a hell of a lot worse. Maybe it was all those tax cuts to the people make a LOT of money.

    Anyhow, your condescension and that of the Democratic party, just convinces me even more that black people are getting the freaking shaft. We are NOT represented anywhere. We can’t trust either one of these blatantly racist parties. Both parties have worked together to enslave my ancestors, worked together to keep us separate and totally unequal and are working at this time to continue this unequal condition. And it isn’t about a handout, welfare or any other little quip you and other Republicans think we blacks are begging for. What we are looking for, is equal access to everything. And that isn’t going to happen while we allow people to discriminate freely. And I know that you feel that is victimhood or whatever. I call it life. Until you and the rest of these white obsessed people understand that just because you THINK everything is equal, doesn’t make it so.

    And again, what makes the comment racist to Republicans? What makes this comment any different than any other racist drivel that comes out of either parties mouth, that somehow the Republicans need to abandon their morals of not playing into victimhood?

  9. One interesting point brought up within the commentary. And this is an honest ponderance by me here, not an argument. Based on the statistics, a supermajority of African-Americans vote democrat at the polls. Dems assume they have that voting bloc locked up (which essentially they do as things stand), and Reps are trying to figure ways to capture some of this same group of voters.

    Now, if someone intelligent like yourself recognizes that neither party is particularly friendly in a sincere way towards the Black community, why would you suppose that the voting continues it same general path. Have the democrats managed to overwhelming pull the wool over the eyes of black people that they really are their friends? Is it a byproduct of traditional continuation, as in “my father voted for this party, and his father did too, thats what we do in this family”? Or a more systemic product of how the education system works against blacks, essentially keeping the majority of them ignorant of truly analyzing the situation for themselves and community and just listen to talking heads?

    Just a couple truly honest questions in regards to that, since you did make the statement that both parties do in fact hold the status quo of old days despite any legal changes since the Civil Rights Era.


  10. Mike,

    Honest and fair questions indeed. I feel that black people continue to vote Democrat is basically the result of a few reasons. First I don’t think it is a total lack of education. Meaning that blacks aren’t so stupid that they do it out of being bamboozled by idiocy. I think blacks are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. And by that I mean that one of the glaring main reasons that black people tend to shy away from the Republican party is that they continuously have shown themselves to be a party that doesn’t remotely have the interests of blacks at heart.

    And what is so cold about this is that most blacks in general ARE conservative. Yet, the conservative party goes out of their way to embrace a voting block of blatantly racist and bigoted people. Such as the ones at the Palin rallies yelling and screaming racial insults, carrying around monkeys named Obama, talking about how blacks can’t be trusted. And the problem was that Palin herself who is extremely loved on the right personified this behavior. She was making these dog whistle type rallying cries that blacks know all too well.

    So the left, even though are just as racist, keep it a little closer to their chest and at least give a crumb of support to the black community now and again. The majority of blacks usually do better economically and in other ways under Democrat leadership. And since blacks can do bad all by themselves, I am sure we don’t need the Republicans to make it that much worse. The right is usually calling for the end of Affirmative Action which helps the majority of white women NOT racial minorities. All the while claiming that they wish it to end because blacks are somehow taking complete advantage of being given jobs while always being the least qualified.

    I mean just look at some of the signs about affirmative action and the president. Or better yet look at the signs that a lot of the so called Tea party folks or just those who hate the Government all of a sudden, are carrying. It is out of control. And these right wing leaders would be stupid enough to think that somehow we blacks would be itching to be a part of that racist crowd. I think not. Not to say that there aren’t a lot of blacks who don’t. But the majority don’t like to have blatant racism thrown in our faces.

    And another reason is that my father voted this way so will I. It is the same in a lot of Republican households as well. That always plays a part of any discussion as to why people do what they do politically. I guess it is just easier to go with the bigot than the hostile racist for a lot of blacks. Trust me, this is a decision we must make every day of our lives. Taking jobs, 9 times out of 10 you are working for a bigot or have outright racist coworkers. Getting health care a lot of the times the doctor is a hostile racist who doesn’t care one bit how well you get. Go to a grocery store you are looking at both scenarios. And it may sound outlandish but hey it is what it is.

    As a group, I don’t think that we actually look at it that way. Because again like I said it is what it is. It’s called life and we have to roll with the punches. And I don’t know about most, I am going to shy away from the punches packing a wollup. And I think the Democrats have learned to soften the blows of their racism to the point that I guess it would be a situation of wool over the eyes. But it isn’t like there is much choice.


  11. If I may add my two cents to the conversation…

    Although black people might be social conservatives when it comes to personal behavior, when it comes to the social community, black people are more likely to look at a more liberal, more inclusive construct. All too often, it is the black community that will be excluded from social opportunities. And if we don’t have some guideline suggesting a minimum level of racial participation, many entities are quite happy to exclude black people altogether or to keep the level of black inclusion so low that it cannot support the black community.

    While conservatives appreciate a government can stay out of my life approach, they can afford it. Many conservatives don’t need the government to step in on their behalf. But this country has been built on a history of white people excluding black people from participation. It was the government that forced an end to the enslavement of black people. It was not any social conscious. It was the government that put an end to Jim Crow laws. It was the government that put an end to discrimination in employment, housing, education, and etcetera. These institutions would not have integrated on their own without somebody forcing change. And all too often, it was the conservatives who worked to block the change the black community needed.

    Conservatives want to promote the idea that if government simply stayed out of our lives, things would be better for everyone. But that’s simply not the case for the black community. After years of excluding black people from opportunities for education and wealth, in many respects the black community is not able to sustain itself. We don’t have the jobs and we don’t have the wealth to overcome the generations of neglect from America’s government sanctioned racial discrimination. So it’s hardly fair to say that after such a long period of discrimination, everything is now fair and equal and everybody has the same shot at opportunities as everyone else. But that’s simply not the case.

    With unemployment in the black community is running past sixteen percent, you would think that it would be common sense to say something needs to be done. When the overall national unemployment rate reaches ten percent people panic. But the higher rate in the black community barely registers on the high profile political conservative’s consciousness. The black community doesn’t register as something in need of help. Instead, we deserve our lot because we’re just a pack of lazy, immoral people out to get something for nothing.

    When Mr. Reagan talked about the welfare cheat, he talked about Shaniqua and it painted an image of a black woman having babies to take advantage of the welfare system out of a few hundred dollars a month. But the idea of Thurston Howell, III up on Wall Street cheating the government out of billions is rarely a concern.

    When I see the party of conservative politics embrace segregationist like Strom Thurmond, as an average black man simply trying to exist in America, I don’t feel welcomed. When I see conservatives allow people like Rush Limbaugh, who makes his living stoking the fears of the white community with his talk that the white community is under some kind of attack, I don’t feel welcomed. When I see conservative politicians on stage at a political rally, point to black people and utters a derogatory racial slur, I am offended. When I see black people who just lost what little they had, black American citizens hoping that their government would help them in their hour of need while the conservative President finished up his vacation, I can say without a doubt that the conservatives are not the least bit concerned with anything that happens to or in the black community. When I see conservatives attack Sonia Sotomayor and paint her as a racist because of a comment she made about how she values her experiences, I know for a fact that I do not share the political values of the conservative party.

    And then, on top of all this, the campaign between the black liberal and the white conservative really drove home the point of how conservatives feel about black people. Conservatives drove home the point that candidate Obama didn’t have any executive experience to be President. All the while these same people conveniently ignored the fact that Mr. Obama had just as much experience as his conservative opponent, Senator John McCain. Mr. Obama couldn’t prove he was an American citizen to the satisfaction of many conservatives. He needed more experience. He was a Muslim. He threw his grandmother under a bus when he called her a typical white woman. He didn’t go to Europe. He went to Europe. And on and on and on about nonsense.

    And the behavior of conservatives after the election has been ludicrous. Gun sales skyrocketing and people bringing their loaded weapons to political meetings. Tea parties from so many people who suddenly care about deficit spending. Town hall meetings with people whose only objective is to prevent anything that might resemble an intelligent discussion on healthcare. And people are still looking for an acceptable birth certificate from Mr. Obama and knowing full well that they would never accept any document as proof of his citizenship.

    So if I choose a liberal candidate over a conservative candidate, it’s not because the liberal is so much better. Heavens no! The problem is that the conservative is just so much worse. I see very few political conservatives as being the type of people the black community can truly count on for our future. On the contrary. The black community survives despite the efforts of many political conservatives.

    Just my two cents.


  12. Brotherpeacemaker,

    Great comment! There is just so much to be said as to why the majority of black people with community sense do not join up with the conservative party.

    I also agree that socially blacks are liberal while holding to a more conservative personal behavior. They also tend to be on the religious side. But all this aside, the conservative party just does not and will not encompass the black community.

    It is as if the plight of the black community means nothing to anyone except for black people. Too many times you hear people exclaim that it is up to the black people to fix the mess that has been left behind by years of racial injustice. Which just so happen to continue in one form or another.

    As the black community falls farther behind the racism seems to be getting bolder and more prevalent. And yet somehow people are wanting to pretend that racism has gone the way of the dodo bird because we have a black president.

    Thanks for the reply. It sounds good enough to be a post later on.

  13. beth

    Well, the fact stands. We need a new political party. Obviously what we have is not working for large portions of the country. By appearance, I am as white as it gets, so I can’t speak to the black experience. But neither party embraces my family and values either. We’re pretty conservative in life choices. Married, military homeschoolers. But we’re not religious, flag waving bigots, so we have no place in the Republican Party. Both parties are expanding into areas that the government has no business, yet still failing to fulfill obligations to take care of the country and her people. I am confused and disgusted that everything is used as a jab at the opposing party, not a catalyst for change.

  14. Beth,

    I agree that instead of constantly using every gaffe as a weapon to further their own agendas, which don’t seem to encompass most of the people, these parties need to reboot and remember what their jobs are. They were supposed to be taking part in government to represent the people, not their own greedy selfish interests.


  15. It bothers me to no end how the same idiotic people who are calling Harry Reid a racist, are the same folks who just the day before were probably talking about how over sensitive blacks are and how they continuously play the race card.

    …nothing else need be said–hypocrisy revealed.

  16. Sundjata,

    You know it. Hypocrites don’t care diddly about no black people.


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  18. wes

    It is amazing how you 2 can still complain about how blacks are excluded from social opportunities when whites are FORCED to include blacks in all social constructs in every facet of life.

    When you constantly lie about white privilege existing today(when the victim of racial discrimination in all cases in the media today is white), it makes it hard to care about the plight of the black community.

    Why do you think we don’t have the right to proclaim victimhood when it is clear that white males and now white females are in fact being systematically discriminated against in all corners of the world(especially in white majority countries and our ancestor’s homelands)?

    Why don’t you care about the state of the white communities? Why can’t we have a party that deals with the problems we have?

    The problem is that you expect a political party to kiss your ass while still shelling out blatant anti white rhetoric(like the non rich white liberal drones do) and if you really wanted equality that wouldn’t be what crossed your mind.

    How would you like it if the sport’s media attacked black male masculinity like they ALWAYS do against white male masculinity when they go after the few white athletes they allowed into sports?

    How would you like it if there was a commercial with a black woman putting a black man(her husband) in a washing machine to try something new and taking out a white man when she opened it back up?

    Some conservatives understand that discrimination and blatant racism against whites is not only a possibility, but in fact common place everywhere. To criticize Conservative radio for being the ONLY outlet for white people to let their frustrations out about the new anti white world, just proves how selfish and racist YOU are.

    You need to learn that white people deserve to have a voice in these race issues too and you can’t shut them up by calling them racist because they DON’T agree with you and in fact shatter your perception of the world today.

  19. This is truly interesting. You say that blacks complain about being excluded when whites are forced to include blacks. If whites are being forced to include blacks then it must be because blacks are being excluded. Nobody would be forced to do anything if it was done willingly. Duh!!!


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