A Rush To Racism


I just can’t get over how pathetic people can be.  We have people complaining that a person who is seen as extremely divisive and players don’t wish to play for him are somehow being unfair.  People are complaining because blacks don’t like to see white people in black face whether they meant it as just a joke, or whether or not it IS supposed to be an artistic endeavor in a magazine.

I was totally disgusted last night while looking at CNN when some stupid sports guy from St Louis said that by people not wanting Rush to own a team and him being discounted from the running that some how this was a real deal high tech lynching.  Umm, WTF!  Does this man even have a clue as to what he’s talking about?  Is the right wing spewing hate against Obama a high tech lynching?  I bet he would say no.  But who would be surprised.

It is NOT a lynching or racist or anything else besides people being vocal about their displeasure with a man who they don’t like his ideas.  You would think that this would be understandable to these people.  Don’t they scream that they have the right to disagree with Obama and protest him because they don’t agree with his ideas?  So how the hell is this a high tech lynching but what is being done to Obama is somehow NOT.  I’m just asking.

And now people are writing posts complaining about the pc police because others find black face offensive.  It is almost as if what is being said is that it doesn’t matter if the black face bullshit offends blacks as long as white people find it funny.  It doesn’t matter one damn bit what country it happens in, the crap is offensive.  I don’t understand how that is being politically correct.  What people need to do is educate themselves instead of allowing ignorance to reign supreme in their lives.

05_Flatbed_2 - OCTOBER

I guess what Vogue is saying is that instead of actually HAVING black models, we will create our own.  Isn’t that what was going on in the movie and music industry?  They made black people out of white people in order to NOT have to worry about actually giving blacks a job.  And sure it SOUNDS funny, but think about it.  Why NOT just hire black models, is it too much trouble or there aren’t any?

And for the idiots portraying the Jacksons, why dress in black face in order to act like the Jackson 5?  What is funny about the skit?  Dressing in black face and looking like a stupid buffoon or the actual singing and dancing?  Because if it is the latter then you don’t need black face to dance around and look stupid!  Yet, some white people, the ones who commented on this, obviously don’t see that.  They wish to compare this crap to some stupid Wayans movie called White girls.

jackson jive

For one thing there hasn’t been any precedence for blacks dressing up like white people in order to make them look foolish.  There is a LONG freaking history of blacks being the brunt or butt of the joke when whites are dressing up in black face.  There is also a long freaking history of white dominated fashion industry overlooking minority talent.  You can count the top minority models on one hand, even though the fashion industry has been around for generations.

It seems to me that we are FAR from being post racial.  In fact we seem to be moving backwards more towards blatant racism AGAIN.   So instead of looking at Rush Limbaugh talk about living in an Obama nation where white kids are beat up on busses while black kids yell “right on.”  Maybe he should have said that we are now living in a Rush nation where black ladies with their children walk out of restaurants and get the beat down by racist white men all while screaming racial epithets.

Or maybe it’s the Rush nation where black people have to go back to the early 20th century and be happy about black face.  We can look up to those “dandified darkies, or happy go lucky coons.”  We should be happy that we see a black likeness on the screen at all whether they are aimed at exploiting blacks or not.  We should just be happy go lucky.

To me it just seems like a nation where people such as Rush are allowed to prey on the stupidity of others.  Where else but in America can a junky pollute the minds of millions and still act like he has the moral high ground.  Or spew things that are racially suspect at best and still have a bunch of minorities following him.  Things are becoming worse and somehow the problem is not being racist but pointing out the racists.



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4 responses to “A Rush To Racism

  1. The Engineer

    It seems to me that we are FAR from being post racial. In fact we seem to be moving backwards more towards blatant racism AGAIN.

    Things are becoming worse and somehow the problem is not being racist but pointing out the racists.”
    — quotation from the essay by The Black Sentinel.

    Yes, I agree.

    I was just waiting until these racist parodies were going to return to the African American community in a big way, and now it has.

    What gave me the premonition that this old racism was returning? Two reasons:

    1. During the last Olympics, I was appalled how guests to China started to do the “Chinese Face” by placing one’s fingers to either side of one’s head and pulling back and upward the sides of the eyes thereby causing a very squinting appearance.

    Most (if not all) of the world thought this was done in good, wholesome humor, and that anyone who objected was somehow retarded in not seeing the humor.

    2. We are now in the Second Great Depression. Caucasians tend to get very testy during hard times. Minority-Americans tend to be their favorite targets for venting their frustrations.

    I heard somewhere that each one of those Black Face men were actually medical doctors. All of them are in Australia.

    That actually explains a lot.

    Shortly after that airing of that act. CNN had an interview with some college professor by the name of Patricia O’Brien. For a college professor, her answer was unusually mundane and predictable — she simply denied that racism exists.

    This is laughable coming from an Australian.

    (Note: Australia is probably the last bastion of extreme racism in the world.)

    I’m not the one from whom an apology is warranted, but if it soothes any hurt feelings, please allow me to say sorry to everyone who was hurt by such a display of racism.

    Thank you for listening

  2. The Engineer,

    I am not surprised that those idiots were doctors either. And if they find this to be humorous how funny is it that they don’t give their minority clients, if they have any, the best care possible. And of course the non apology is always quick to come out. They don’t apologize for being rude, insensitive and just down right blatantly racist, they only want to apologize IF YOU felt ad about it. How disgusting.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. hmmmm. You know, I think Spike Lee’s Bamboozled was less of a satire than even he knew. We might soon be watching an entire prime time line up of Black Faced shows. They even got away with it on Robots (Transformers) What goes around comes around as they say…….

  4. Fifty Pesos,

    “Blogs are for stupid people” well YOU are here right? And blacks make up 12% of the population that is NOT hardly considered the majority. DUH!!! I guess you are the biggest IDIOT on the internet. Did you even research any of this before you spewed it? I bet NOT.

    FAIL much? Ha, ha, ha!

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