Is Disagreeing With Obama Racism?

OK, it is getting just absolutely nuts out there.  I am reading some; make that a lot of blogs out there that all have the same theme.  By Carter saying that race is playing a part in how Obama is being treated somehow they think that everyone is saying that everyone is playing the race card.  Somehow racism can’t be a part of people disagreeing with Obama.  And all the people hate Obama for what he has done.

One of the blogs I read said that people hated Obama because of what he has done to the country and what he is trying to do.  Well, I’ll bite.  What exactly has Obama done?   I personally don’t care for Obama as I know for a fact that he cares as much about the black community as McCain or his idiotic sidekick moose hunter Palin.  I just haven’t seen anything that the guy has done or proposed that would cause all this anger.

Bush enacted the Patriot Bill which actually stole our so called “freedoms” and no one seems to have been out running to a tea party.  Bush said that it was OK to wire tap AMERICAN CITIZENS in their homes which takes away my right to privacy and yet not one tea party or outcry from Glen Beck or anyone else who leans right.

Supposedly Obama has run up the deficit, yet where were these so called tea party folks when Bush practically sent this country to the poor house?  Where in the hell do these uneducated loons think that this large as hell deficit came from?  Trust me it didn’t pop into existence the day Obama won the white house.  Trust me it was there the day before, the year before.  Hell it was there two, three and even four years before and was growing bigger every day.

Is it just me or does anyone else wonder where in the hell were all these people crying give us our country back?   Why is it, all of a sudden a black man is in the white house and now we, and in case no one noticed the vast majority of these people are white, want the country back.  Back from WHO!?  Who in the hell has taken off with the country?   Oh, yeah a black man.  I get it.

Anyway, these people don’t understand that it is one thing to disagree with the president, hell I do.  I just really don’t like this guy.  But, when I am holding signs that say “there is an African lion in the zoo and an African lying in the white house”; I think we have gone far beyond just disagreeing with the president.  There is NO need to mention is race or creed in order to make a point about how he is doing a bad job.

But, you see, my problem is that he really hasn’t DONE anything that shows he did a bad job.  He hasn’t raised taxes (YET), he hasn’t gotten us into two ridiculous wars, he hasn’t sat idly by while a whole state of people practically drowned and starved for five days and he sure hasn’t enacted a bunch of laws that strips Americans of their rights.  And if he has, then why doesn’t someone please list these taxes, wars, catastrophes and laws that he has helped to pass that would show me the reason for such anger.

I didn’t support Bush either but I wouldn’t jump down his throat if he had done nothing to hurt people.  But the problem is he did.  So there has to be something that this guy has done that would cause all these people to practically be chomping at the bit to overthrow the government.  I have been listening to these people at the tea parties and health care protests and they say things that go against their own interests.  So what is their real motive if not health care and taxes?



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  1. Disagreeing with Obama is racism for white people because white people have a psychological complex by where they associate our dark skin with their inner demons of self-hatred and the Oedipal complex. They can never criticize us fairly because it is always tainted by the subconscious that is formed in the anal phase of their childhood. Blacks are the dirt, the filth, the impurity of feces during the poddy training phase when humans are psychologically separated from their mothers. White people are unable to handle this transition because of their albinism and lack of melanocytes. This self-hatred is continuously expressed in the skin metaphor of racism. White people are sick and they refuse help because white supremacy tells them they do not require it.

  2. Stephen Frazier

    Mr Sentinel, you must have had help from some of those Butterfly Ballot Boobs down in Broward County when you wrote this one! You chide others for “hating Obama for what he has done” and ask “what has Obama done ?”, then you turn around and claim that Bush “Stole our freedoms” but you don’t say what freedoms Bush stole. You want to know why people say “we want our country back” and wonder what that means. Well, when the people feel that politicians are too powerful and unresponsive, WE feel that we have lost control of the country and we want it back. Get it? This is not new. Anti-war protesters have used it before. You say th eprotests are not racist, then go on to inject race into every paragraph of your article. When you claim Bush stood by “while a whole state nearly drowned” you conveniently overlook one fact: The federal government is THIRD in line of emergency planning and assistance during a REGIONAL emergency. You also ignore another fact: The mayor of New Orleans (that is a CITY, not a state, by the way) sat on his hands until the water started rising before issuing an evaluation order. Then the governor never requested help until the last minute. Sure, the fed was slow to react; there has never been such a case where the people were as incompetent to act on their own behalf.

    Of course, Obama hasn’t DONE anything except appoint 37 “czars” to administer huge portions of our government; Appointed tax cheats, socialists, communists, environmental wackos and Marxists to some of the most powerful positions in government, enacted legislation designed to payback unions, tree huggers and parasites who vote only because they live off the government, nationalized the auto, banking and insurance industries and has designs on taking over the health care industry. No, he didn’t get us into two wars but he has the power to end them both YESTERDAY but he has not done so.

    We had the same types of protests when Clinton tried Hillarycare. This time it is more virulent because unlike Obama, Clinton didn’t try to ususrp the constitution, like Obama and his handlers are doing.

    As for the others who see racism in the protests, is it racism when you criticize Bush? Was it racism when Obama called that WHITE policeman stupid? Was the Million Man March an exercise in racism? Problem with you self created, perpetually whining “victims” is that they have no FACTS to stand on so they yell “RACISM” every time someone disagrees with them.

    To nfamous23: Gee, professor, that was a highly enlightening article you wrote about what WHITE people think and do. Do you have something in that bag that describes what BLACKS (like me, for example) think when WE criticize and protest the same things that those evil whites are protesting? Don’t call me a self hater or a black hater becaue you don’t know diddly squat about me.
    I agree with the pundits

  3. Stephen Frazier,

    Don’t be so thick in the brain or is it brainless. Anyhow, I never chided anyone for asking Obama what he has done that is not a problem. The people I mention are NOT asking what he has or hasn’t done. They are saying that he has ruined the country. And I asked and will ask it again, what has he done that ruins the country?

    You ask me to explain how Bush stole our freedom, I told you that he did so with the Patriot Act? Oh, you must not know what is in the Patriot Act, so therefore you needed me to go even further and make a list for you. Well, like I tell my son, get the information, it is free and helps you learn. There is nothing worse than a person who refuses to educate themselves.

    “You want to know why people say “we want our country back” and wonder what that means. Well, when the people feel that politicians are too powerful and unresponsive, WE feel that we have lost control of the country and we want it back. Get it?” Why don’t you explain exactly what the Obama government has done to be too powerful?

    What laws, bills or other things have been pushed through the senate and house by Obama that would make the government any more powerful than it was under Bush? I keep asking and getting nothing. So it makes me believe that there is another reason to ask for the country back.

    So to you the government was third in line to help Louisiana so therefore it was OK for nothing to get done for people who were suffering and dying. You are a serious piece of work, acting as if the government being third in line is an excuse. It doesn’t!

    The state of Louisiana Governor declared a state of emergency on Aug 26 then asked Bush to declare a federal state of emergency the next day. Governor Blanco requested help again after the levees break on Aug 29. Then Aug 31 the state warned FEMA and Bush that people were dying at the dome. Go here and have a look at the time line, since you have a problem with your memory.

    Wow, Obama has declared 37 “Czars”, that bastard! Now I have something else to dislike him for. . . Wait a minute! What exactly is a Czar appointed by the President? Oh, you mean a Czar is nothing more than an adviser who is designed to communicate with multiple agencies?

    And that the first Czars were appointed under Ronald Reagan. And the practice was widened by George W. Bush who in fact had 36 Czars. Not to mention at last count Obama has actually 18 to 22 Czars the rest are Senate appointed people who are NOT under the title of Czar. So exactly what the hell is the hoopla again? I guess this is because you partake of too much Fox Stupidity.

    You know according to Pew Polls people who get their news from Fox are the least informed people. They were unable to correctly answer questions related to the government. They were even less likely to have correct information than those people who watched ONLY John Stewart and the Daily show or Stephen Colbert which are two comedians making jokes about the news. Well that explains your lack of knowledge yet your incessant spewing of Fox news talking points.

    You say Obama “Appointed tax cheats, socialists, communists, environmental wackos and Marxists to some of the most powerful positions in government” I think this is a governmental thing not an Obama only thing. As far as I can remember Bush had some of the biggest liars, cheats and incompetents in his administration.

    But if you must, go ahead and name these socialists, wackos and Marxists as I think it would be quite entertaining to see if you can come up with anything. Oh, and if you do get a name right, please list what makes them a socialist, wacko or Marxist. Not just “that is what Glen Beck told me.” Ha, ha ha!

    I guess by Saying Obama “enacted legislation designed to payback unions” you mean this little snippet of the Employee free choice act. If an employer is found to have unlawfully terminated pro-union employees, the law would provide for liquidated damages of three times back pay. In addition, you’d be hit with a $20,000 penalty per occurrence if the National Labor Relations Board or a court finds against you.

    But unfortunately for you there is NO bill that provides money to pay back unions for nothing. And as far as I can see if an employer is unlawfully firing people for unionizing then they deserve the punishment they get. I can’t go and break the law just because I don’t like what it says. But, of course leave it up to a worker to be anti-worker. HA!

    Are you for real? There are NO provisions to pay back tree huggers. I won’t even bother with it unless you show me a specific bill that was passed or some other legislation showing PROOF! This isn’t Fox news; I don’t deal in fantasy land or bizarro world. We already know that the auto industry was NOT nationalized. That is a blatant lie!

    Again with this incessant government take over. Now they are nationalizing the insurance agencies. *Sigh* Show me where the insurance industry was nationalized? Are we talking all insurance such as car, business, and home etc? Or are you speaking specifically of health which you also have listed separately?

    Get your lies straight, it is hard to speak to a liar if he can’t even keep it together. You also say he could pull out of both wars and end them, is this what you think he should? Or once he did so would you along with the rest of the peanut gallery then start talking about how irresponsible that was? Even I think it is irresponsible to tear a another country apart and then just walk away like you don’t know what happened.

    Why don’t you recite the part of the constitution that you feel Obama is trying to usurp? That ought to make for some big laughs. We all know that the constitution had absolutely NOTHING to say about health care as there weren’t even any hospitals, health insurance; health related anything in those days. So what pray tell did they have in the constitution that will be usurped, I have to hear this! Maybe we should go back to blood letting and leaches. Will that cure that poor gentleman’s cancer?

    Was it racism when people criticized Bush, not a chance. There was NOT one sign that made reference to his race, creed or country of origin of his ancestry. Was it racism when Obama called the white police man stupid? Well for one, he didn’t call the man stupid, he said he acted in a stupid manor, and if you don’t know the difference then too bad. And for all I know it could have been.

    Was the million man march racism? Who cares what did this have to do with the presidency? You should have asked if any of the marches about the stolen election or the anti war marches were racist. The answer is NO, because Bush HAD acted terribly inappropriately. And to try to throw all these sidetracks it is obvious that you really have nothing to refute the information in the actual conversation.

    I asked for people which would include you to name the things that were done by THIS president which would create such rage. So far you have said NOTHING that would provoke such anger and rage. Most of the things you have said were either wrong or out and out lies or so far off the mark as to be straight out of a comedy skit. So please if you do bother to reply again, put your thinking cap on and bring the facts. Nothing but the facts please.

  4. Ted Walker

    I am a conservative christian black male. My evolution to becoming conservative went as follows: I was a communist, a socialist, an atheist, a democrat and I’ve grown up to be a proud christian conservative. I am not a victim, I do not need social justice. I do not need to take the hard earned dollars of people who create business and hire others to work for them. I do not believe you have to destroy the health care industry with a government take-over to reform it and make it more affordable. Will it be run like the veterans administration? like the post office? like Amtrack?

    Because of my own backround, I understand Obama’s thinking. He’s an elite utopian idealist. A compasionate zealot for the poor for social justice. He is a smart educated attorny. He is a student of socialist, marxist teaching. He idealizes the socialist intellectual mindset, however pragmatically and politically he is a progressive democrat.

    With that said; he has set in motion all he claimed he would do in his campaign for the office of the president, spread the wealth around, and social justice. (ie Rev Wright, Lenin, MLK.)

    I personally did not think his brand would sell. He had no managerial experience, a junior senator with no notable legislation. The conservatives tried their best to expose his associations without effect, however he seemed to move to the center and sold himself as an centrist alternative to the Bush era. After the financial crisis hit and the market dropped the shift of the independant voters and his brilliant voter registration of young people and african american moved in his direction.(I believe a flash in the pants)

    Because many Independants felt he would be a centrist, much like Bill Clinton, they took a chance voting for him. He immediately used the crisis to put in place his bold “change” agenda, using taxpayer monies to bail-out more industries besides the financials. Bush already had a deficit of some 2-300 billion before the bank bail-out. and added another 700 billion through no fault of his, and with the complicity of democratic policies which created the housing bubble. Consequently Obama started his administration deeply in the hole. He keeps reminding us he inherited the mess, he’s right, however he extended the mess by continued spending. The grumbling on the right started at that point about the deficit.

    Rham Emanuel’s stratagy was to use the financial crisis to put in place a broad, bold agenda of Health Care Reform, and Cap and Trade, more bail-outs and increased taxes are on the way. The Right, blue dog dems, and a good percentage of independants are becoming feaful that all this deficit spending is not wise or prudent. They know Social Security and medicaid are severely underfunded. Cosequently the Tea Party tours, and town hall folks are undertandably upset about the direction Obama is taking the county, and with the health care reform proposal, defict estimates approaching 10 trillion dollars by 2019. This is simply not the change they expected. They want to be heard about their concerns. These are serious, very serious issues.

    The health care issue is a complete disaster. Obama touts himself as a salesman however, he has done a poor job of selling his health care agenda. He often was off the mark in his comments about facts. Small business, middle aged and elderly folk are understandable confused about how this issue will affect them. It could well be the case in ten years we end up with 100 million workers of the government plan exponentially increasing the cost, rationing and creating a horrific mess. He would have been better served to personally involve himself in the drafting of the legislation in a bi-partisan effort instead of outsourcing it to partisan legislators who will likely cram it through. The consequences of a cram through will be devistating

    To dismiss their traditional concerns as fringe wacko racists is extremely dangerous. This is a true ideological war. Obama did not win by that great a margin to have a mandate to fundamentally “change” both dems and most independants sense of fiscal conservatism, which is a centrist position. Obama would have been better served to nibble at these reforms in a truely bi-partisan manner over two terms. He may well have secured a place in history as one of the greatest presidential figures in American presidential history, alternatively, contrary to his election claims to change the way things are done in washington, He turned out to express the same old Washington democratic policies of tax and spend only on steroids. His arrogance (I won) on these issues and penchant for lecturing, scolding, and divisiveness may well show he will be considered in the class of presidential acclaim as Jimmy Cater.

  5. Ted Walker,

    You lost my attention after your bio. I feel extremely bored with you line of thinking. You haven’t named one thing outside of the health care bill which hasn’t even passed that could possibly account for this anger. You claim it is about ideological differences when unfortunately shouldn’t something have actually happened before the anger, name calling, character assassination etc begins.

    You keep saying things like the tea party folks are angry about the direction of the country and want to be heard. OK, where the hell were these people when Bush was taking us down the same road? It wasn’t a problem then? Or did they like it at that time, just not now? See this makes no sense. If we are to believe what you are saying then the mess would have HAD to start with Obama for all these people to be crying now but not when we first went down the path.

    It is all bullshit. We started going down hill from the first term of Bush. He practically ruined the middle class without one word from all these middle and poor class tea baggers. My goodness it seems that this is the biggest excuse I have ever seen. You nor anyone else can explain why these people weren’t doing this to Bush. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    You said a lot of nothing. I’m sorry I just feel that you typed a bunch of stuff but explained very little.

  6. I think “most” ( I wont even go into an overwhelming majority, or whatever specific term Carter used) of the protesters are protesting the issues specifically, or overall stated agendas. Are their racists at these protests, and town hall meetings? Absolutely. And personally, right now, I’d like to apologize for letting that minority ruin any sense of credibility for those of us who see proposed policy changes as the wrong execution of the right idea. Yeah, we need to fix healthcare issues, and a whole lot of other business we, as a country (or rather our politicians and their lobbyist supporters, on both sides), have managed to screw up or ignore for far too long.

    I also agree, that many of us on the conservative side, should have been out there harassing the Bushites over certain issues as well. At first, out of emotion, I was okay with the Patriot Act, and have since changed my mind on it. Out of emotion and logic I have been against the “stimulus” bills from the get go. It was obvious that money would go to cover those asses who broke the system in the first place, and not towards solving any problems, or helping any real people who feel the bigger brunt of suffering from the economic collapse.
    There should have been Tea Parties left and right years ago, but unfortunately we cannot change that now. Overall, I’m with the Tea Party people (if in spirit only), but would like to see the idiots and racists dragged off stage and isolated within their own easily identifiable hate groups that we can all unify against, while taking to an honest and intelligent debate over the issues at hand.

  7. Mike,

    You are very generous to think that the majority of them have legitimate claims. Unfortunately I am still waiting for someone to tell me what those claims ARE. I am not talking about what they THINK Obama MIGHT do, or what he COULD do. I am talking about what he HAS done to cause so much anger. So much to the tune of people crying and sobbing that we want our country back.


  8. Well, that’s sort of the point. We see things we don’t like, whether its still in bill formation committees, or posed agendas…if you disagree with the platforms, you voice your opinion beforehand, before it becomes enacted, rather than just bitch about things after the fact. For instance, the ‘public option’ was on the table. Had those who opposed it remained silent and waited to see what happened, it may have still remained very much on the table, or passed by now. then the voice of dissent wouldn’t have meant a whole lot more than being another armchair quarteback type of deal, second guessing the hindsight. The same with the pre-war protests leading up to the Iraq War. Now, obviously, the protests were considered background noise by the administration, and most of those in congress afraid to be considered ‘unpatriotic’. But one thing those protesters still have, is their integrity on the issue of having been against it before it happened, as well as during, and long after.
    And who knows, whatever form of healthcare reform comes out maybe, just maybe, those on the democrat side are right now, and will be right later,while those of us on the right, or doubters from any side of the aisle ended up wrong. But, at least we will have voiced our views as what we saw to be correct in our opinions. And, if it comes to pass, and we are wrong, that everything worked out without killing people with taxes, the rationing that is claimed, etc..hopefully we’ll (this obvious excludes the total idiots and racist chumps) be mature enough to accept that the other side was indeed right, and any fears we had were in fact irrational…although even that might take awhile, as historically is shown to be the case.

    Better to be proactive than reactive, somebody or another once said.

  9. Yes but would these protesters so vociferously oppose Obama if he were not black. They may be promoting their issues but Obama’s blackness is an additional elements that adds to the fire of their intensity. Race is and always has been an incendiary element of America because of how it ties into capitalism and white nationalism. Jimmy Carter was exactly right when he said what he said the other day. I have never met a white man in my life where my race did not matter at least on some issues. The true test to whether or not a white man is racist is to see how he reacts in the presence of black male-white female interracial relationships. There are almost no white males who can hide their discomfort even on the far left. Like I said before racism is a mental disorder and white people need treatment for it because it goes back to their childhoods. Problem is whites refuse to acknowledge it even though psychologists have written extensively about the Oedipal and Freudian anal origins of white hostility towards blacks and other nonwhites to a lesser degree.

  10. Stephen Frazier,

    Frankly you are full of shit. The first thing people cry when they have been called out is that “you thought the blacksentinel wanted a dialogue.” Well I want a dialogue with someone who will address the core of my questions. Not answer with a bunch of hypothetical claims. You claim that you and others have told me what the grievances are, yet I have not read ONE.

    You sit and talk about what he could do, might do, but not what he DID DO. I went back and re read all of your and Walker’s posts. And not once did I see OBAMA did blank and blank. I saw that he continued the spending of Bush and that with this or that he now set himself up to be able to. . . Bush could have done plenty of things but that wouldn’t be enough to protest against in my opinion.

    This tells me nothing more than exactly what I keep saying. If it is anger over the TARP then why not when Bush started the TARP? If it is anger over the deficits, why not over the deficits Bush had over the last 8 years? If it is anger over the health care proposal then why have the tea baggers?

    And trust me not one time did I ever say or think that you had a point about Obama. I may not like him but you are off the mark for me. And since you claim that you complained about Bush doing all these things. Where were all of your cronies? Why not protest on Bush as well? In fact when people were protesting your cronies were calling them unpatriotic and anti American. Hmm, does that now make them anti American and unpatriotic?

    Fine YOU and your buddies see a slippery slope. When Bush passed the Patriot Act I saw the slippery slope as well, did any of you? And if you did see it, why didn’t you protest? When Bush gave tax cuts to the rich while the middle class suffered for it, I saw a slippery slope, did any of you? When Bush left people to die in New Orleans I saw a slippery slope, did any of you? See this would be considered a list of grievances. You could do the same for Obama, but you haven’t.

    Again you keep talking about all these innocuous plans to take us towards socialism. Where are the real deeds? Where is the he did this and this and this? Then I can get behind the anger. But when all of your anger is based off of nothing more than “I feel he might, or he could or would” it’s all bullshit and your anger comes from something else. Were you concerned with Bush’s innocuous plans to slide us towards dictatorship?

    The problem I am having with you is that you don’t qualify you or the tea baggers or even the health care protesters explosive anger with anything. No one gets this mad over supposition. No one starts name calling and crying over anything until there IS something to cry over. What is it that he has done to ruin the country? I have heard that hundreds of times at these protests. It makes NO sense.

    Also, I just have to add in that what you people seem to think to be Socialism is totally false. If the health care plan with a public option is socialism then so is the military, police department, fire department, community centers, public schools, Public works and the DOT. All of these work for everyone and WE ALL pay our money for them. Also, isn’t the health care system close to socialism, everyone in the group pays to the same place for them to handle their health care?

    So it’s OK to have some corporate billionaire between you and your health care just not one of those government people. I worked for the veterans’ hospital and I didn’t see one difference between them and other hospitals except you never once heard that a person had to be discharged because the insurance company denied their treatment. So start using the old noodle to find out what is real and what isn’t.

    When haven’t you had a right to dispose of your own property? Is that one of those laws or legislation that you can’t cite? I have no idea where you are going with that. Anyhow, there you have it.

  11. Mike,

    That is NOT my point. I don’t have a problem with protesters out to talk about their issue. When its REAL! My problem is that the people out protesting have no idea what they are talking about. That is the problem, so many ignorant people who haven’t even read the bill. All they do is listen to right wing talking points and then spew that when it is not even half true.

    I agree that being proactive is better than being reactive. The only problem is that people are being proactive without knowing what they are being proactive against. Education is key. And I don’t care what side they are on.


  12. You’re absolutely right education is the key. While not all the protesters have read the bill(s) being proposed, I would venture to guess that more of those people have read more of it than the people in congress who are spouting out their own points of view (on both sides, to be frank and fair).

    I also think that you underestimate the amount of people who really have read many portions, if not the entirety of the bill(s) that has been viewable in the course of shaping future policy. Yes, there are more than a fair share of idiots within the crowd, and its astonishing how many of the idiots like to get front and center to share their “wealth of knowledge”..err lack thereof! 😛

    Many times you will find people on the left who criticize these protesters, as a whole, based on the idiocy of the more publicly vocal, and do so with left-wing/democrat talking points of their own.

    As for picking the government option over the corporate option, one must think about the history of these options. A lot of the reason there are fewer companies to pay our monies into, is the devilish relationship between the government (administrations run by both sides) and many corporations. A lot of mandates (also read: rising cost measures) are put into place by the larger corporations helping the government to write laws in the past, not necessarily for the concerns of the consumer, but self-interest to eliminate smaller, and possibly more competitive companies from taking customers away with better more afforable plans. I get the corporate greed aspect of anyone’s argument, as a poor person, I really do. But I also understand the government’s complicity in the matter, and not just republican administrations.

    I also think that the majority of people are most definitely in favor of changing the current healthcare system as it is, but not with a purge towards total government takeover.

    I think one of the best steps Obama could make, ASAP, is to correct the billions in wasteful and fraudulent medicare/aid costs he cites, even BEFORE we push through new legislation. Just as I said McCain, if he had all these great ideas on how to fix the economy, like he said he did during the campaign, then he should put them forth regardless of the election, as a responsible senator should do for the people. But as you and I, and everyone else has seen (if they haven’t then chalk them up as one of the idiots!), McCain failed on that one miserably!

  13. Mike,

    While I agree with the government being in total cahoots with the insurance companies as that is how our supposedly best government in the world works. But there is NO health care system that is going to make sure everyone is covered, not turned down for bogus pre existing conditions, is affordable and doesn’t deny claims for profit that will be cheap. Cost is relative in this matter.

    As far as making sure fraudulent medicare/aid costs are down will make little to no difference in health care costs if there is no public option. It is just like the folks who screamed make tort reform would cut costs in health care. HA, fat chance the states that did a tort reform got even higher health care and insurance costs right afterward. And all that it helped were doctors who fuck up on a patient now only have to pay a pittance for their mistakes.

    These arguments have already been tried and we can see with our own eyes that they didn’t work. But one thing that we see can work is that with public programs the costs can be negotiated and kept to a minimum. Yes, the fraud needs to be controlled and that isn’t a hard thing to do, it is just a matter of getting the fat cats who are getting their pockets lined prosecuted.

    And yes we do need to tear the health care system down to the ground and rebuild the whole damn thing. It’s almost like having a house where the wood is so rotten the thing is falling to the ground. Unfortunately you will have to cut out a lot of it in order to rebuild the place stronger. We can no longer sit here and tell the people with no health care, too bad for you, not my problem. Because when they run to that emergency room and then skip out on paying because they are broke, it becomes ALL of our problem then.

    I don’t agree with Obama’s plan but I sure as hell haven’t seen one shred of anything from the neigh sayers on the right. If you don’t like what you see then get busy trying to devise something that you do like. Not rocket science there. It seems to me that instead of being proactive they are sitting back and trying their best to fuel the fire of stupidity all the while thinking they are going to capitalize on that stupidity. But, unfortunately the smarter ones will jump ship soon enough.


  14. Stephen Frazier

    Looks like the SENTINEL is more interested in defended the Democrats’ talking points than engaging real dialogue. Walker, like myself and others, gave you a LIST of our concerns. So you don’t understand those reasons. To your way of thinking that makes our concerns irrelevant.

    What you are actually saying is “Maybe you’re right about Obama, but you didn’t complain when Bush did it”.

    Well, I complained Bush signed the drug prescription plan several years ago, when he signed the original stimulous bill last year, when he tried to legalize illegal aliens in 2007, and the Campaign Reform Act in 2002. However, NONE of these acts by Bush attempted to change America, just the way we do business. I could agree with Obama’s health care plan if all it meant was taking care of those who now have NO insurance.

    What the protesters CAN see and SENTINEL cannot is the slippery slope that Obama is placing our country on right now.

    In 1965 medicare sosts were 3,000,000,000. The CBO estimated that Medicare would cost 12,000,000,000 by 1990, but by then Medicare actually had increased to $107 billion, almost TEN TIMES the original estimates. Bush’s Prescription drug plan is on the fast track to go on that same slope. As far as I know, there has NEVER been a government run program that has either worked or ran less than five times under budget in the history of the Earth. I can’t prove that is true, but who can prove it isn’t?

    I won’t go into how all the outwardly innocuous plans Obama has might morph into the same type of slide towards SOCIALISM because some people just can’t understand stuff like that. I and most of the protesters DO, however, understand that ANY program that CONFISCATES the assets of the people against their will and distributes it to those who did not earn it is a form of socialism.

    We are not so DENSE or PARASITIC as to think that the government cannot tax us to raise money for the federal treasury, but in MY opinion it is SOCIALISM when that confiscation CANNOT benefit ME personally. Those of us who already have health care will see no benefit from the president’s health care plan, but we will be FORCED to pay higher taxes once that plan begins to explode like Pamela Anderson removing her bra.

    We have a right to dispose of our own property as WE see fit, and we won’t give up that right without a fight. At least I hope not.

  15. p6867

    Not liking someone’s agenda , even if they’re black, doesn’t make anyone a racist. The jackass in your youtube video talking about abortion statistics for black people is just that, a jackass and probably a racist.
    However, Conservatism is a big tent, covering people like evangelicals who want more jesus in the the white house, which to them means no abortions, to small government conservatives who don’t believe the federal government is allowed to make laws that restrict the lives of its citizens, which most laws do.
    Then there’s the dislike of someone’s policy.
    “there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons.”
    For example i believe that is immoral and wrong. Bailing out failing businesses is also immoral and wrong, as it robs others of the chance to start their own companies to fill the void and perhaps do better. The direction a president pushes certain issues is called an agenda. The two above decisions are part of that.
    Not liking someone’s agenda for your country doesn’t make you racist, it makes you a person who disagrees with someone.

  16. P6867,

    I think that when you start making signs that speak about a person’s race you have crossed the line beyond not liking their agenda. But, that is all fine and dandy, if the person is angry about the policies. But the problem is, these policies were taking place under Bush as well, so where were they then? Or did the policies JUST become terrible during Obama?

    Bush started the business of paying companies who screwed up. Where were YOU or the rest of these people? No where! You didn’t seem to give a damn until now, how convenient. Anyhow, I agree that disagreeing with policy doesn’t make you racist. But disagreeing with policy ONLY after the person in power is black is pretty ridiculous. If it is the agenda then disagree when anyone does it.


  17. p6867

    I was protesting the RNC last year and voting 3rd party and working on the Ron Paul campaign. The election before that i was still busy being an army ranger. The problem is that a lot of people didn’t notice that our rights were being eroded under Bush because they were too scared too of ‘terrorists’ to argue against it. But a man can only take so much of that before you start to see through it. You make the case of Glen Beck, but on his show on the day of the Bear Stearns fiasco he raised most of the issues against bush’s policies that many of these band wagon conservatives are making now.

  18. p6867,

    Bull!!! People were too busy being scared of terrorist to notice that their rights were being usurped. WHAT? And they aren’t scared of terrorists now? What happened with that? Do they think that Obama is doing a good job with the terrorists? Because the last time I looked at one of these rallies the people were also complaining that we are less safe. So it seems they are still scared, yet they have plenty of gumption to protest and cry.

    I’m sorry no on can build Glen Beck up in my eyes. This man is full of hypocrisy. He complains a few years ago that we have the worst health care in the world. Then he complains that changing this terrible health care would be a mistake because it is the greatest health care in the world. He talks about all these fictional communists and socialists and the plots etc. Any sane person would see this man as the hack he is and laugh. But we have a whole group of people following this man as if he has half a brain.

    I am sorry but these people who are “jumping on the band wagon” so to speak did so why? I have not heard one reasonable explanation yet. Is it that they feel “their” country is being stolen? And if so, is it the black boogeyman who did it? Or someone else?

  19. Stephen Frazier,

    I am glad you decided to TRY and show me what you think is the problem. Let’s look at them shall we?

    1. FALSE, Obama did NOT take over the auto industry. If I give you a loan for your business if it is failing did I take over your business? If they had borrowed money from the banks (had they not been failing too) would the bank now own the auto industry? Of course not! This is just a bunch of bullshit in order to manufacture phony outrage. When Bush poured all that TARP money into the banks, did he then take over the banks? Yeah, OK, that was put to rest!

    2. Van Jones was NOT a former communist! He was associated with a Marxist association which does not mean that he IS a Marxist. Not to mention there is a DIFFERENCE between a communist, Marxist and socialist, in case you didn’t know, they are NOT interchangeable. A lot of the Republican Party members are affiliated with KKK members does NOT make them KKK members. So let’s be real. Also, what is so whacko about being an environmentalist? I don’t understand that. The only think I can see that COULD be a problem is that he signed on to the 911 truth crap. OK AND! You have so many of the Republicans that are signed on to the “birther” movement, should they step down? There is nothing in his past that makes this a reason to protest and call names.

    3. Steve Rattner who WAS the special appointee for the automobile industry was one of the large investors with Cerberus who was over Chrysler. I still haven’t found anywhere where HE SAID that he knew nothing of the car industry. But let’s just say he did say that. Well it doesn’t matter since he has been replaced by Ron Bloom, a former union official. Does he know anything about the auto industry? And is this a big enough issue to run out with a sign calling Obama a lyin’ African? What does Obama being African have to do with this appointee? Hmm, I’d say NOTHING! How about you?

    4. For one thing he is NOT a czar! He was confirmed as Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy on March 19, 2009 by a unanimous vote in the Senate. And he NEVER said that trees and animals had rights such as humans. Stop drinking the FOX noise kool aid. It is rotting your brains. And how come there isn’t any other verification of this man saying or doing any of these things except on right wing blogs and Fox noise? Wouldn’t he have any publications that say this? I mean the man is the founding chair of the advisory board for a quarterly journal published by MIT Press, and according to wikipedia has written and lectured extensively on the topic of climate change. So shouldn’t I be able to find this crap you speak of?

    5. Oh for heavens sake! So I guess we should just continue to pollute and pretend that it won’t catch up with us. I guess we should let the polluters tell us what they should have to do or how much they should pay for polluting as it was under Bush. And we wonder why global warming is accelerating. Cap and trade will add $1761 per family per year, according to best sources. And this is too much to handle? Bush tax cuts cost 3.4 TRILLION dollars. Where were you on that one? Where were any of these people? In fact the middle class is the one picking up that tab, was that OK by you and all of these angries. Who just so happened NOT to be angry about that.

    6. You are knee deep in FOX noises ass aren’t you? Well anyhow, can you say FALSE? Has government run health care nationalized anything YET? And we have plenty of nationalized health care going on right now. Do you think we should cut them off too? This list is bullshit. I have shot down all of your phony outrageous claims that it looks like you took directly out of Glen Becks ass. Well just to let you know, nationalized health care hasn’t done in any nation who has it. Not to mention Bush’s tax cuts cost TWICE as much as any national health care. Does this matter? If it does then where were all the protests for Bush? Wasn’t interested then? Interesting that you think that government option would obliterate the private industry. Did USPS stop Fedex or UPS? Did public school shut down private schools? How ridiculous! And if these companies can’t compete, even though they are making RECORD PROFITS, then they need to shut down.

    7. Now I can see why they say that FOX news watchers are stupid. Anyhow, Card check (also called majority sign-up) is a method for American employees to organize into a labor union in which a majority of employees in a bargaining unit sign authorization forms, or “cards,” stating they wish to be represented by the union. Courtesy of Wikipedia! You might want to try a bit of research as it goes a long way. It has NOTHING to do with forcing anyone to USE union labor. God, will the stupidity ever stop?

    8. A stimulus package which was already handed down by Bush? Is that the stimulus you’re talking about? Where did the money problem which he needed a stimulus for come from? Were you concerned with WHERE the debt came from? Were you concerned with the debt when Bush was making it with all the tax cuts? Were any of these people caring about the deficit and debt while it was being created? Not one phony ass bit! This is too pathetic. Point the finger at everyone else but the culprit, good going! And again where were the protests to stop Bush from creating these deficits that our children are going to be saddled with?

    9. So now people are angry and protesting because he is doing the same exact thing the last President did which no one saw fault with at the time? Man you are getting desperate here. I didn’t see one protest or angry outburst from people who consider themselves Republicans, right wing or conservatives. Why is that? They didn’t care at the time? Or did Obama somehow make it “different”?

    10. Finally one I can say you are sooooo right! I agree, but is this really enough to run out with picket signs yelling about a lying African and showing this man as an African which doctor? Really, come on now!

    11. So you think that companies who are failing and falling to the ground and begging for handouts should continue to pay their execs millions of dollars? WOW that is something. I do agree with this legislation. And guess what, the companies who don’t want to have the pay capped don’t have to accept the handout either. It isn’t like they are saying that EVERY company has to cap pay for execs. Only companies who are begging for money. Because the way I see it, if you have money to pay execs millions then you obviously don’t need to be begging for my hard earned tax dollars. And I believe that if the bill said that people begging for welfare can’t be sitting in a million dollar home and driving a Cadillac to the welfare office can’t have welfare you’d be singing the praises of that on. Oh yeah, that bill passed with flying colors back with Reagan and his welfare queens! So I guess it is OK for the needy just NOT the rich needy. LOL!

    Please by all means carry it where ever you want! You should have been more careful before opening your mouth. As we see you don’t even have a grasp on what you are talking about. You seem to suck in a lot of garbage only to spew it out in worse condition than you took it in. I WILL be posting this to all of my readers as well and probably very few watch FOX so we won’t have to worry about them getting ALL the facts wrong such as yourself. Thanks for giving me a good laugh today.

  20. Hey, I passed the third grade! Maybe I can help…


    1. Took over the auto industry
    I think that was because somebody had to. The domestic automobile manufacturers have pretty much ran the industry into the ground and if the country was going to save hundreds of thousands of jobs, not just in the automobile industry but the ripple effect from all the industries that support automobile manufacturers and their employees, then he bit the bullet and ponied up tax dollars. But is this move any different than his predecessor using tax money to take over Blackwater or Haliburton?

    2. Appointed a former communist and present enviromentalist wacko as GREEN JOBS CZAR
    Many people think protecting the environment is a good thing. I don’t think many people see protecting the environment as wacko behavior. Indeed, just the opposite, poisoning the environment and making it toxic, qualifies as being wacko. It is crazy to think that we can continue to trash the planet and it will sustain our way of life indefinitely. Just about every other day you hear some weather related disaster plaguing this country. It’s kind of wacky to think this doesn’t need a czar.

    3. Appointed a CAR CZAR who admitted knowing NOTHING about automobile manufacture
    After the dismal performance of the automobile manufacturers I’d say they don’t know squat about automobile manufacturing either. Sounds like it’s standard procedure.

    4. Appointed a SCIENCE Czar who feels that animals and trees should have legal rights just like people
    Tell that one to Michael Vick! Imagine how he felt going to jail just because he infringed on an animal’s rights.

    5. Promoted legislation (Cap and Trade) that would increase utility bills (”Utility bills would SKYROCKET “…B. Obama. Campaign 2008)
    I think you’re confusing Barack Obama with George Bush. It was Mr. Bush that promoted the cap and trade policy on pollution and such. Maybe you should focus a little of your angst towards the previous administration.

    6. Sponsored legislation (government run Health Insurance) to nationalize 16% of the U.S. economy
    A. Above legislation would effectively eliminate or eviscerate the private industry, which would not be able to compete

    Well, all I can say is that it is the private healthcare industry that made healthcare 16% of the U.S. economy and if something isn’t done soon it will quickly go even higher. It is the shoddy business behavior of the private healthcare industry that is requiring the government to get involved.

    7. Initiated legislation (Card Check) which could require all government and most local contracts to use union labor.
    Card Check goes back to the sixties. I really don’t think you can blame this on Mr. Obama

    8. Enacted a “Stimulus Bill” that will saddle my grandchildren with $190,000+ in debt
    According to some of the latest figures I’ve seen, some of the money used for the stimulus plan is actually returning a profit to the government. That $190k figure might be a tad inflated. And compared to the deficit spending of the previous administration, it’s chump change.

    9. Utilizing the same military tactics in Pakistan which HE severely criticized George Bush for using
    I didn’t know Mr. Obama was initiating a surge in Iraq! That’s news to me!

    10. Refused to distance himself from the most corrupt “community organizers” (ACORN) in the history of the planet
    While many people believe that ACORN is a corrupt institution, the organization has helped millions of Americans. This is no different than instances of corruption in the Catholic church. True, there were quite a few priest molesting boys. And the Catholic church was an accomplice that shuffled priests around to keep them out of harms way and provide new communities for the priest to ravage. But you didn’t see anybody advocating shutting down the Catholic church. Why throw the baby out with the bath water?

    10. Said he would post EVERY legislation online for at least THREE DAYS prior to signing. I have yet to see ONE such posting.
    I think this was supposed to be 11…But the fact of the matter is that you’re probably not looking. While it is true that every piece of legislation has not been posted for three days, a lot has.

    11. Enacted legislation that forces some businesses to attenuate officers’ pay.
    I know I’d like to see some officer’s pay get attenuated. Watching CEOs of insurance companies making millions of dollars while they deny people coverage gets on my nerves. And watching CEOs of automobile manufacturers get huge bonuses for running their companies into the ground gets me all worked up. But the fact of the matter is that Mr. Obama is over the executive branch. He cannot enact any legislation. That’s the function of the legislative branch. Any third grader knows that.


  21. Stephen Frazier

    I keep reading the same old CRAP (my mom taught me better than to use that other word you like so much) about “I haven’t read one thing that the protesters are protesting about”. I sent you the list once, and I am sending it again. Please find a third grader to help you with tht big words.

    1. Took over the auto industry
    2. Appointed a former communist and present enviromentalist wacko as GREEN JOBS CZAR
    3. Appointed a CAR CZAR who admitted knowing NOTHING about automobile manufacture
    4. Appointed a SCIENCE Czar who feels that animals and trees should have legal rights just like people
    5. Promoted legislation (Cap and Trade) that would increase utility bills (“Utility bills would SKYROCKET “…B. Obama. Campaign 2008)
    6. Sponsored legislation (government run Health Insurance) to nationalize 16% of the U.S. economy
    A. Above legislation would effectively eliminate or eviscerate the private industry, which would not be able to compete
    7. Initiated legislation (Card Check) which could require all government and most local contracts to use union labor.
    8. Enacted a “Stimulus Bill” that will saddle my grandchildren with $190,000+ in debt
    9. Utilizing the same military tactics in Pakistan which HE severely criticized George Bush for using
    10. Refused to distance himself from the most corrupt “community organizers” (ACORN) in the history of the planet
    10. Said he would post EVERY legislation online for at least THREE DAYS prior to signing. I have yet to see ONE such posting.
    11. Enacted legislation that forces some businesses to attenuate officers’ pay.

    But you know the UNDERLYING issue of most protest is that we just don’t TRUST Obama.
    When was the last time you saw a president at a news conference where he has a PRE_WRITTEN LIST of those who will be allowed to ask questions? Walking away and waving off shouted questions is something ALL presidents do, but Obama is the only one I can recall who puts the list together IN ADVANCE.

    I don’t want to clog up this venue with so much chatter, so if you REALLY want to go into BACKGROUND about some of these concerns, email me personally and we can discuss it. Be forewarned, however, I might carry the whole conversation on MY website and/or newsletter at where conservatives, liberals, libertarians, atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Georgia Bulldog fans hang out now and then, so think carefully before you open your mouth.

  22. Stephen Frazier,

    WHAT?!? I got your post and I made a reply. Do you have a problem with it? If so then address your problems. Don’t reply with silliness. I asked for you to name them and you did. Now I refuted that these are reasons enough for name calling and the stupidity that is going on. So, now what?

  23. Stephen Frazier

    A lot has been posted? Name one.

  24. “…you can’t REFUTE ANYTHING by just giving an opposing opinion.”

    Then why are you here? You come here trying to refute what you claim to be theblacksentinel’s opinion with your own opinion and then criticize others by saying that you can’t refute anything with an opinion. If you sincerely believed that you would have never submitted a comment. But in typical “I’m right and you’re wrong”, American style you want to say what’s good for the goose isn’t fit for the gander.

    If you actually believed what you say than you would have realized your opinion carries no more weight than anyone else’s. Instead, you feel free to spout your views as if they are law and tread where it appears you are definitely not wanted.


  25. Stephen Frazier,

    If you want to converse with me, then your ONLY option is to post a reply on my blog. I do not converse with too many people outside of this blog. I have enough friends whether they be politically opposite or not.


  26. Stephen Frazier,

    I see that you didn’t learn a really important lesson from any college course which is you can’t fight fact with fiction! I didn’t give you an opinion. I gave you facts that were readily available with just a smidgen of research. I didn’t disagree with you, I found evidence that what you said was completely false. How is that NOT refutation? I didn’t name call, I gave my opinion which is that you are extremely uneducated and CHOOSE to stay that way. When evidence is right there in front of your face and all you have to do is read it, then you my friend wish to remain stupid. Sorry if the truth hurts.

    I have showed over and over where you ARE wrong. You just refuse to do your own research to see where the truth is. You want to gurgle out everything you hear on Fox which is obvious where you got the information. I do check out ALL news sources and am able to do more research in order to come to the TRUTH. I don’t listen to one source and believe them hands down. You would serve yourself better by going to MANY sources of information to get to the truth as well.

    And if you can’t see where telling you things such as Card Check is NOT a bill that makes contractors or others use union labor, then what more can I do. I tried to copy the actual legislation for you so that you could SEE it with your own eyes. But like they always say, none are so blind as those who will not see. I showed where each of your statements except for one was completely grounded in falsehoods. These aren’t a matter of opinions they are a matter of read the freaking bill, find the persons freaking bio, or just read something other than what you do and you will see the truth.

    Now when you get a grasp on what is opinion, fact or fiction you are more than welcome to reply. But it is next to impossible to converse with someone who thinks that it is opinion to relay the facts of legislation which is written all over in many, many publications. It is next to impossible to converse with a person who believes that you can’t refute lies with the truth. And if you think that everything YOU say is somehow fact and everything I say is opinion then there in lies the problem.

    I don’t have any problem with people disagreeing with me. I have a problem when people spew lies, get those lies refuted, then turn around and say that everything is opinion. Opinion is a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty or a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. And fact is something that actually exists; reality; truth. So think about these things before you reply further. Thank you.

  27. Stephen Frazier

    I know they didn’t teach this in the schools you attended, but you can’t REFUTE ANYTHING by just giving an opposing opinion. You asked why protesters are so against Obama and I gave you a list, which you disagreed with. How is that a refutation? All I have seen YOU do is resort to a playground mentality of name calling, which, of course is quite understandable.

    I have no problem with YOUR reply. As an intelligent person, I UNDERSTAND that one OPINION cannot refute another. Rebut? Surely. Refute? Not so fast. In order to REFUTE you must show where I am WRONG. You have not done that.

  28. Stephen Frazier

    P.S. When I receive a message at my email address from you, I respond via that email. I notice that most of the responses don’t show up here, mostly YOUR diatribes.

    Obviously I don’t know how this system works. Should my responses be made on YOUR site at wordpress only?
    Please clarify.

  29. Stephen Frazier,

    Your arguments are pretty lame and moot. As ending slavery wasn’t in the constitution either but I hope that you are happy that it happened. We can do this all day, but I didn’t write a post about your silly musings about what was or wasn’t meant to be. And again the bill does NOT call for unionization on anyone. I suggest you read the bill and find out what it does and doesn’t do. Or is this another of your opinions that can’t be refuted?

    I will NOT be debating on what a fact is as we SHOULD both know that already. It is you who seem to have a problem with what is opinion and fact. I gave you facts by showing points from the ACTUAL legislation so that you can see that it contains NONE of your statements. Also, I went to all the people’s bios that you listed and found NOT one of the statements you made. I checked several sources and found none of your bogus info. So that would tend to tell me that it is FALSE OR OPINION. And since you say you can’t refute opinion our conversation is over.

    I have to go with BrotherP on this one. If you claim that opinion can’t be refuted then what exactly is the reason I should continue to communicate with you? You say I can’t refute your opinion which would in turn mean that you CAN’T refute mine either, case closed. Our conversation ends now. It seems that you think you know it all as well. How do you know what sites I frequent? Do you follow my trail of comments? Do you know me personally? Of course NOT. Just more of your ridiculous opinion that goes nowhere and means nothing. So YOU can give your opinion every day and every night, SOMEWHERE ELSE! But I didn’t ask for opinion, not yours or anyone elses. I asked for FACTS! And since all you have is opinion AGAIN our conversation is over. That is unless you can come with some facts.

    You ARE the weakest link, GOODBYE!

  30. “Even a Democrat isn’t stupid enough to put FORCED UNIONIZATION in a bill…”

    But someone like you is stupid enough to believe it? Is that the implication we can believe here?

    “Why am I here? Because I just love to hang out with people who think they know everything, and then give my OPINION that they are wrong.”

    Actually, it is my opinion that you come here because you know you’re not wanted. You talk about how you can’t refute anything with an opinion and yet you say your opinion is that people who disagree with your baseless opinions are wrong or more accurately, since it appears you want to stoop to technicalities, are misinformed. It is my opinion that theblacksentinel would be smart to cut you off and refuse to post your rants so that you could waste your time spewing your self important opinion that no one would read. Now that would certainly be a kick for you I’m sure.

    “Besides, you guys don’t have the courage to visit sites that disagree with you, so I must come to you.”

    I can’t speak for anyone else. But for me, it isn’t a matter of courage. It is a simple matter of not wasting my time. You see, you offer nothing relevant to any conversation here. That is not an opinion but a fact. You have your opinion, but nothing else. Little you say is based on facts. And people who come here and come to other blogs are trying to have a conversation based on reality, not your fantasy fueled opinion. I bet you’re the type of person that loves to hang out at town halls and prove to everyone that you don’t know anything.

    To visit your website and make a comment would be a huge waste of time for me. I’d rather watch paint try to dry on a rainy day. To paraphrase the words of Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, talking to you is like trying to win an argument with a dining room table. There is no way to win and the attempt itself is an exercise in foolishness.


  31. Stephen Frazier,

    You can refer to me as bull.. whatever! But guess what? YOUR DONE HERE! You will NOT use my blog to get out whatever useless, mindless drivel that spills out of your slack jawed mouth. Savor the flavor baby because you can go to hell for all I care, I won’t be entertaining anymore of your crap. Anyhow, I am NOT a he or is that your opinion and something I can’t refute. HA! Get a life!

  32. Stephen Frazier

    Well, one thing I DIDN’T learn in college was ARROGANCE. I am still trying to figure out why it is so hard for you to understand that an opinion CAN’T be wrong, even if based on false

    Even a Democrat isn’t stupid enough to put FORCED UNIONIZATION in a bill, but those who swallow the Koolaid will swallow anything. There was nothing in the original Social Security bill that gave benefits to EVERYONE over 62, but it happened. There was nothing in the constitution about abortion but it happened. Legislation contains nothing about SLIPPERY SLOPES, and only the most gullible or intellectually enslaved would believe ANYTHING the government SAYS without a ton and a half of skepticism. But hey. I know how gullible you liberal types are, so I understand where you are coming from.I mean, I only just now realized that while you constantly berate others as RACIST ( another name you have called) for protesting Obama, the only discernible reason I can find for your SUPPORT of him is because of his race. But that’s just my OPINION.

    According to Wikipedia, “An opinion is a belief that may or may not be backed up with evidence, but which cannot be proved with that evidence. It is normally a subjective statement and may be the result of an emotion or an interpretation of facts; people may draw opposing opinions from the same facts”.

    and FACT is “A fact is a pragmatic truth, a statement that can, at least in theory, be checked and confirmed. Facts are often contrasted with opinions and beliefs”.
    Fiction is… Well, fact is, fiction is your opinion that my opinion is WRONG.

    You can indeed refute LIES with truth, but an opinion cannot be a lie unless offered as FACT, which I have not done. My opinion is only an opinion (See definition above).

    The problem lies in your inability to comprehend what people are saying to you.

    NOW, YOUR definition of an OPINION is RIGHT ON! But did you forget to say an opinion is WRONG, or is that not part of the definition?

    At least you got SOMETHING right, but it had to be something that someone else told you. Now, my opinions, right or wrong, mostly come from what I think and believe. Period.

    PS to brotherpeacemaker: Why am I here? Because I just love to hang out with people who think they know everything, and then give my OPINION that they are wrong.

    Besides, you guys don’t have the courage to visit sites that disagree with you, so I must come to you.

  33. Stephen Frazier

    Thanks for your insight into my mind. In fairness, I will apologize and admit to being WRONG if you can go back through every post I’ve written and quote me where I said ANYBODY (except maybe Obama) was wrong or that I was RIGHT. I do enjoy “spewing my opinions” here and elsewhere, not becaue I am trying to convince you or anyone else, but just to get it on record that I am not like the rest of you who, IN MY OPINION, swallow whatever the Democrat party and the fringe press tells you. This whole pissing cntest began when B.S. asked what the conservatives were protesting. The response was, and is, in a nutshell: “We believe our president is overstepping his authority and leading the country towards socialism”.

    Now, whether that belief is warranted or not, IT IS NONETHELESS OURS and if that belief is to change, it won’t be due to what we read on one of these one sided websites like this one. It will be only when the president and his hacks CEASE and DESIST from the policies WE THINK they are advocating and attempting to inflict upon our country.

    Now I realize THAT statement is more eloquent and possibly easier to understand than th evisceral one that I opened with, and if that is what causes so much vitriol in this hood, then I apologize. I will NOT, however, apologize for holding the opinions that I do, and I hope you and Bull… I mean B.S. can understand that I will get my “facts” from the same places that I have always gotten them (Fox included) and no amount of “refutation” by some biased web commentator who sees RACISM in everything that he cannot understand is going to sway my OPINION.

  34. Stephen Frazier,

    *YAWN* Thanks for your attempt to post again and under the name of “blackturncoat”. It is good to see you embrace and accept you role that it seems you proudly fill. Also, what lies are you spewing now about making a new email address to get in here. My site doesn’t require email addresses. So shut up and go the hell away.

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  36. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂 🙂

  37. Denise Wilson

    Hi, my name is Denise Wilson. You recently commented on my latest blog “Life’s Expectations.” I appreciated your comment. I’m glad that I found someone else out there that’s not afraid to speak their mind about controversial topics, such as racism. But even though I am an Independent and I am more classified on the conservative side, unlike other nutty right wingers. Where we disagree is about President Obama not doing anything yet, even though it’s been only nine months into his four-year term. He’s done some things, not exactly nothing like you mention in your post. He’s only getting started. I can understand if half his term or more went by and he did nothing or made the country worser like Bush, but he seem to care and seem to me like he’s trying. I think people should just give him time, but they can still offer relevant criticism when needed. Also in regards of the black community, it seems like he’s trying to strike a balance in the middle. Not as if he don’t care for the black race (another mention in your post) but to me, like he is trying to treat everyone the same-like he did throughtout the election. Anyway, again I respect your opinion and I’m glad to see someone else touch on these same subjects that I have repeatedly touch on. By talking common sense to counter all the nonsense out there now.

  38. Denise Wilson,

    Thanks! I think we might agree on even more. I think when I was saying that he did nothing I meant that he did nothing to raise the feathers on all the turkeys who are crowing about nothing. Not that he has done nothing i.e. work. But, I understand what you mean. I also respect your opinion and hope to read more of it. Thanks for stopping by.

  39. I am sick and tired of being told that I’m a racist any time I voice my disagreement about the terrible job that our president is doing. I don’t care if he’s black, white, brown, green or see through. It’s about the weakening of our military power during war time, the setting loose of POW’s from gitmo and sending them back to Yemen to kill more of my brothers and sisters, giving constitutional rights to POW’s, his being arrogant and vindictive to anyone who disagrees with him. I wish nothing more for him to succeed but he’s not doing it. I’m not a racist. My daughter married a man from another race and it was never an issue. I have the best son-in-law a man could ever hope for. If I express my disappointment in our president, I am prejudged to be a racist. Tell me, who’s the racist? I’d say it’s the one that refused to engage in an intelligent debate and automatically label someone without hearing why they disagree. By the way, Bush and Cheney caused a lot of the problems. Instead of constantly blaming them and our president choosing to let everyone know that he “inherited this mess”, he should be the man he claimed to be in his eloquent speeches and just fix the problems that he promised to fix. Common sense tells me that these problems can’t be fixed in one year, but there should be improvement instead of worsening. I don’t approve of his ethics and the poor job he’s doing but that does not make me a racist.

  40. Salinas,

    Get real! Why don’t you list the names of all those POW’s from gitmo? Why don’t you show the proof that they are guilty? If you feel that they are so guilty then why not give them a trial and put them away for life? Or is it that you just feel that we should be holding people indefinitely without any care if they are guilty of not. How would you feel if your family member was being held indefinitely in Iraq without a trial, without any rights all the while being tortured. I think you would be howling about how the government need to do something about that.

    This is disgusting to here people sit and talk like this. EVERYONE has the right to be heard in a court of law, IF we are going to accuse someone of a crime. And as far as the president being vindictive to anyone who disagrees with him, please qualify that with something. I don’t agree with him on most things, he has yet to be vindictive against me. Or are you talking about those in the government with him? And if so, then explain yourself. It sounds like more baseless talking points with nothing more to prove it.

    And I don’t remember once using your name when I wrote this post. I said that people are using debate with the president to spew racial hatred. So, who gives a rats ass who or what race of man your daughter married. Does that make you non racist by default of something? I think not. There are a lot of people who are married to other races whose parents are racist as hell. So that isn’t helping you cause one bit. Stick to the facts and you will do a lot better.

    Ok, if Bush and Cheney caused most of the mess, then why are you blaming the president for it? Think about it, you don’t even make sense. I guess if I buy a car that the previous owner got a bunch of tickets on, I shouldn’t bother telling the courts that “I didn’t create those problems and shouldn’t be held accountable for them.” That maybe I should be able to take care of the problems without being blamed for them. Can you be any more simple minded? Think of it this way Sherlock, no PRESIDENT or anyone else is going to walk into the White House and fix all the problems created by the past administration in ONE YEAR. Do you understand that?

    I don’t care for this president either. But I have my own reasons and they also don’t revolve around his race, does that mean I AM RACIST? Of course not. The point is that SOME people are racist. And if you are NOT one of those people then why the hell are you here blabbing on about how you aren’t racist. Get a clue, the world doesn’t revolve around you. This is something that gets on my freaking nerves. The person who comes to a blog and acts like you wrote the post specifically about them. Give me a break, it isn’t about you and if you aren’t the type of person I am talking about then you would look at the ones who ARE and point them out.

    So no one is labeling you as anything. Get a clue. And if you don’t approve of his ethics, then explain exactly what he has done to show you he has sketchy ethics? This is the problem. People like you come and spew this with nothing more than hot air to back it up. I might agree with you. But, you have given me nothing to agree with. I can’t say that I know what you are talking about at all. If you wish to have people see your complaints as real, then you probably need to have more than just complaints, show the proof. Meaning, I don’t like Obama’s ethics because he did…blah, blah, blah! That is proof. Not just, you saying it.

    One more thing. If you knew the problems that we have were caused by Bush, then where the hell were you when they were doing them? Were you complaining and crying about their ethics? If not, then why not? Because if I am not mistaken, their ethics were blatantly disgusting and I can give you plenty of proof on that! They were in bed with the oil companies when lying to take us into a war. They were stacking the administration full of oil company execs. And on and on we can go with that. So, my problem with you people is that you claim that it isn’t about race, yet, had nothing to say about those who got us into this mess, when they were doing their dirt. Get real.

    Thanks but no thanks.

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