Are We Americans Really This Stupid?


I think it’s high time for me to do a little bit of venting.  I have been pretty much silent on the health care debate but listening to NPR today just really made me angry.  I practically screamed all the way from our house to Grandma’s pad.

They were talking to people who watched the President speaking about health care last night and what they thought about what he said.  Well there has obviously been a resurgence of crack usage that seems to have escaped the throngs of news reporters who were so quick to let you know about its usage in the black community.

Anyway, a lady was complaining about the fact that the President wants to make it illegal for insurance companies to use pre-existing conditions to deny coverage.  She likened it to having no car insurance even though it’s mandatory then wrecking into a tree and running to Geico and yelling for them too cover you quick.

Now this lady was obviously so high on crack that she sounded like a total idiot.  We all know that there isn’t one way in hell that any insurance company would cover that situation because coverage starts the minute you sign on the dotted line, not retroactively so it doesn’t quite fit this problem.

We know for a fact that insurance companies are NOT denying coverage to people who sat around with no insurance even though they could afford it purely for no reason.  Who got cancer and then said I better go get health insurance to cover this.

Nope, what the President is talking about is this bullshit about people having bogus pre-existing conditions that somehow should preclude the insurance company from paying any further claims even though they have been collecting the person’s money religiously.

What he is talking about would be the fifty year old man who has just gotten a diagnosis for osteoarthritis and the insurance company denies his coverage because when he was ten years old he stubbed his big toe and needed a band aid from the school nurse.  This is the preposterous crap that happens day in and day out.

And to tell you the truth, this idiotic lady will be the first one to cry, holler and scream that things aren’t fair when, not if, but when this happens to her and/or her loved ones.  I have seen this game all too often as I’ve worked at two insurance companies and I’ve worked at countless hospitals.

This isn’t a game, it is real, it happens and it is practically criminal already.  Either they need to be forced into giving the person the care they PAID for or giving them a full refund on their premiums, including those paid by the person’s job.

I guess since this lady hasn’t had to be one of those affected adversely by her insurance company she can stand to sit around and make idiotic comparisons about a real life travesty.  When are people going to think outside of the doggone box?  It doesn’t take much to do some critical thinking.

I believe that our school system has failed so many.  And it seems that their parents didn’t bother to pick up the slack in teaching critical thinking skills either.  Are we American’s really this stupid?



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7 responses to “Are We Americans Really This Stupid?

  1. Yes Americans really are this stupid because fluoride, lead and manganese are being put into the water not to mention the chemicals in and on food. Americans simply are physically and cognitively unable to think properly anymore.

    It also just goes to show that you cannot force rednecks to listen to a black man period either. They only see black because whites still fear the dark. They still see blacks as filth, dirt, impurity and excrement and project their Oedipal demons onto us and other nonwhites to a lesser degree. We need universal health care, not this bogus crap with a public option. First Obama bails out the Jewish banks and now the insurance companies.

    Does anyone even care that Jews are the ones that financed the ships that originally brought black people to America as slaves? Does anyone care that Mossad slaughtered 3000 Americans on 9/11/01? Another attack is coming so buckle your seatbelts.

  2. nupealot

    I am glad you have posted another blog. I am almost mad at you Black Sentinel for having to much faith. Of course they are that stupid and blinded by racism. Keep up the great work and of course i wil continue to read everyday.

  3. Nupealot,

    You know, deep down inside I am a closet optimist. But I am proven wrong time and time again. I would hope that the majority of people are NOT that stupid. But it seems that the stupid are the only ones who wish to run their mouths to the rest of us about things they have no knowledge. Since most never crack a book open and when they do they are usually looking at how many burgers Jughead ate.


  4. Sayeed

    Although you can’t loose money betting on the stupidity of the American electorate, I believe that the pendulum is swinging left. What we are seeing is the desperate struggle against political death by the conservative movement.

  5. Sayeed,

    I agree. There is just too much yelling and screaming and the majority of it has NOTHING to do with health care. Not to mention a lot of the people are yelling out lies and just stuff that will make science fiction writers blush.


  6. Stephen Frazier

    I think the differences between you guys and the protesters is that THEY are probably paying their own bills and don’t NEED the fed to help them survive. I am black and have been paying my own helth care premiums for 40 years without taking any money from the pockets of some white guy who, incidentally SHOULD protest this forced confiscation of his hard earned wealth. Of course I have the same complaints as they do, but being black, my opinion doesn’t count, but I’ll give it anyway: I think the protesters have just had enough of the government’s “Spread the wealth” programs that rob them and their kids of their financial legacy and the present administration just scares the living hell out of them.
    And me..

  7. Stephen Frazier,

    First off let me say that you are indeed a joke, one big ass joke. You don’t know me nor anyone else who frequents this blog, so enough with your ASSumptions. There are FAR more white people sucking at the federal teat than any black people. WOW, you have been paying your own health care premiums for 40 years. That is amazing or is it. The last time I checked a LOT of people have been paying their own health premiums for years and that is the problem.

    We shouldn’t be beholden to a criminal group of organizations who continue to raise prices all the while lowering the amount of coverage. So if you somehow think that is a fair trade off, then it is no wonder you are probably in the condition you are in. It’s idiots like your self who work against their own best interest causing the situation to get worse then blame everyone else when you can’t get help. How sad.

    I have sat and watched your fellow idiots complain at these protests that they have NO health care or that they pay out of the wazzoo for health care then turn around and say “but I don’t want this socialist government in my health care business.” Which is all fine and dandy; don’t participate in the government option or any other option. That is all it boils down to. But these people can’t get health care NOW and they are railing against any plan that might give them some coverage, how stupid can you be.

    And then you have the nerve to come to my blog with your racist statements about blacks needing the feds to help them survive. I guess you could care less about all the corporate welfare that has been handed out for years. Yes, long before Obama ever came on the scene we had corporate welfare. Where were you and your idiotic cronies then?

    Where is it written in any bill that white people are going to get their money confiscated? And since you feel that the government wants to spread the wealth, even though this is a blatant lie, are you more interested in the current system of hoard the wealth while the rich get richer and the middle class and poor become poorer? Is that you idea of a fair and equitable system?

    And is this financial legacy that you speak of the same financial legacy that was built on the back of black slaves who didn’t get the opportunity to leave any legacy besides debt to their children? And somehow I should be concerned with saving this for white people, why? And your assumptions that these protesters are so fed up, fed up with what? Tell me all about these so called bills, laws or anything else that wasn’t started in the previous administration which could attribute to this so called anger. Because if they are angry about the tarp bill which took our money and gave it to corporations, why didn’t they protest when Bush was doing it?

    And if you think that your opinion doesn’t matter because you are black, don’t you think you should take that up with white America or would it get in the way of your boot licking? That is too bad that you see the treatment you are getting and still take up the cause for those who YOU feel don’t care about your opinion. Man, you have just proven my point that people are getting dumber by the minute.

    Get a grip on reality please!

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