Reading Goes A Long Way!

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Here is a comment that I just had to share with everyone else.  This is one of the reasons we as supposed black people can’t get our situation better.  We are too busy fighting each other on behalf of the majority part of our society.  This comment was posted to my post titled “Arguments as to why blacks don’t deserve respect.”

I could not finish this article because it didn’t take long to realize you are using the same old arguments that try to throw the reader off the track and thus focus on side issues that have only a passing relevance to the topic at hand.

You base your entire argument on the premise that white control everything, including blacks’ ability to create their own opportunities. So what if a black man can’t get a loan from a white banker? Why are there not more BLACK banks that will fill this void?

So what if an educated black man gets less respect in the hob market than a white criminal? Why are there not more BLACK firms doing the hiring? Whites have a right to hire those who “look like them” (That’s the SOTOMAYER PRINCIPLE, you know?).

As for the numbers on the amount of criminals in jails, I would imagine researchers only need to check the rolls at the prisons and jails and they will probably find out that the numbers don’t lie.

Black people seem to feel that the world owes us an opportunity, and that we should not only fight for a level playing field, but to make sure that we are the only ones playing.

It is my contention that the MAIN reason blacks don’t get more respect is because we just don’t EARN it.

Stephen Frazier

PUHLEASE!!! Why don’t you answer those questions for us all? Why aren’t there more black banks?  Uhm, could it be that they don’t get the funding or the recognition to become successful?

And why aren’t there more black businesses? Could the answer be tied in with why there aren’t more black banks? See you work from the same old tired argument that somehow it is black people’s fault that they can’t break into a white run society. Or are you telling me that society is NOT run by the white majority?

So what is your point?  You seem to have the whole thing figured out.  Because, if there are no black banks and black men are NOT getting as much respect as white criminals then how are there going to be more black businesses? Think about it for a little while.  And wouldn’t this be a revolving problem, each and every piece contributing to the problem of the other?

So I guess it’s not a matter of “so what” like you seem to think. It’s a matter of WHY! Why in the hell should blacks have to go to black businesses in order to be hired or respected? We don’t live in some black bubble inside the white US of A. We live in this country as full tax paying citizens like everyone else and deserve equal treatment.  By the way, I never said that blacks are OWED anything.  What I DID say was that blacks DESERVE the same chances as everyone else.  We deserve the same odds at success and failure.

But according to you and a lot of others just asking for things to be equal is begging for a handout or being owed something. If the treatment white people get is a handout then by all means I and every other minority are OWED that freaking type of handout. And just to let you know, I don’t agree with everything said by Sotomayor or anyone else at any table be they civil rights or otherwise. I DO have my own point of view thank you.

As far as whites being able to hire whoever they want, isn’t that racism if the only deciding factor for hiring is that the person is white?  Isn’t this how we got into this debacle in the first place?  White people decided that blacks were NOT equal and didn’t deserve jobs in white owned businesses?

And maybe numbers don’t lie about how many people are in jail, but the justice system as a whole DOES!  And according to a study by the DOJ, they found that the justice system was indeed wrought with inequality and racism. So I guess the numbers just might not tell the whole truth.

And my contention is that black people don’t get more respect because people such as you think that we don’t deserve it.  Somehow we need to do more than everyone else to garner what little respect we get.  At this point we have to work three times as hard and five times as fast just to be considered equal with the lowest of performers in the white community.  And you don’t see a problem with this?

We shouldn’t have to do any more to earn respect than any other race of person. And if by that, they do nothing to garner respect as in white privilege then we shouldn’t have to do one iota more than that. That is what is meant by equality. So it would behoove you to FINISH reading the post before you spout off with your LACK of knowledge and all too easy to counter NON points!



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10 responses to “Reading Goes A Long Way!

  1. I didn’t realize how good your writing is. You managed to throw Mr. Frazier off with the same old arguments that he didn’t even bother to read. Now that’s some writing! Or Mr. Frazier has the enviable ability to absorb everything without even reading it. Or, and most likely, Mr. Frazier doesn’t bother to read and simply makes assumptions on the content and the subject. Typical of a lot of people who troll the net looking to protect white privilege and ingratiate his/her self to the dominant culture at the expense of the black community.


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  3. BrotherP,

    This guy is real good! He claims he never finished reading yet he can sum up all my points though. This is funny to me as well. I too get extremely tired of these trolls.

    You can see right through this fake. Thanks for the reply.

  4. The Engineer

    I have a question:
    Is Mr. Frazier Black or Caucasian?

    “Black people seem to feel that the world owes __us__ an opportunity, and that __we__ should not only fight for a level playing field, but to make sure that __we__ are the only ones playing.

    It is my contention that the MAIN reason blacks don’t get more respect is because __we__ just don’t EARN it.”
    — quotation of Stephen Frazier

    The underlined emphasis on “us” and “we” is mine.

    It would seem that from the abundant uses of the words, “us” and “we,” that he is African-American.

    So, if Mr. Frazier is Caucasian, then he is just the usual troller on the Internet, but if Mr. Frazier is African-American, then what is he for commenting on (or against?) other African-Americans.

    In general, as far as respect goes, I know from experience that one can jump through all the hoops and even surpass Caucasians, and one can still be subjected to a lot of disrespect. Worse still, other minorities will see the disrespect dumped on a victim, and the other minorities will happily join in the dumping.

    Thank you for listening.

  5. The Engineer,

    Mr. Frazier “claims” to be black. He has a somewhat black oriented blog himself. But that doesn’t mean much nowadays. As there are all sorts of people pretending to be one thing or another to make some sort of stupid phony point that usually falls extremely short of their goal.

    And you are so right, it doesn’t matter one iota if you are THE absolute best at whatever you do, you will still be subject to disrespect. If you fall on the wrong side even once, I have seen too many people chastised as if they do whatever it is constantly, even if it wasn’t them to begin with.

    This person is an extremely confused black man or a trolling white person like you said. Either way this person complete task seems to be to point the finger at the victim while making excuses for those who wish to continue their victimization.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Sundjata

    What was that guy even trying to accomplish?

    When people make comments like that, it’s CLEAR that they have no historical foundation.

  7. Sundjata,

    They have no historical foundation at all. And it is totally clear that he is very confused and should probably have read the post all the way through.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Sundjata

    I am reminded of H. Tubman’s quote, which paraphrased, is something like, “Yes. I freed a thousand slaves, and I could’ve freed a thousand more if they had known they were slaves.”

  9. Sundjata,

    I absolutely love that quote! I think that it is still so relevant to the people of today. If people would only just understand how they are still being subjugated we could get to equality a lot sooner.

    Thanks again for the reply.

  10. blackpower

    The problem is white priveledge allows whites to either treat racism as it doesnt exist because they NEVER EVER feel the true effects!! And being part of the dominant group allows you to be ignorant to the facts or act as if the victim is a complainer or not trying hard enough! Which is basically anotha way to say “Im glad im not black phew!!! but if I was I would not suffer the same way as you guys because I would try harder!! Its just a bunch of BS that the whites in this country use to keep us down period…..

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