Katy Abrams And The Intellectually Incurious

I mentioned Katie Abrams just briefly in my last post on the health care debate.  But it seems as if she has somehow become the poster girl for the angry white right wing folks.  And it seems that their choices in poster girls such as Sarah Palin are the only people they can find be they idiots or not.

Katie claims that she is soooo happy with her health care coverage even though they have a health account and have a 5,000 dollar deductible.  And pretty much pay all of their health bills out of pocket.  Now hey, if her family can swing that type of deal then more power to them.  But what of the people who can’t afford to swing that type of a deal let alone the three or four hundred dollars a month to buy health insurance for their family?

Should they be forced to have nothing and run our tax dollars up when they run to the emergency room and we have to foot the bill?  See this is the problem with nuts like Katie.  They have absolutely NO clue what is really happening in this country let alone in the government bills that are on the table.  She talks out of her ass and whoop there she is the semi retarded poster child of the right wing.

What happens to poor, poor Katie and her family if for whatever reason they can no longer afford to pay out of pocket for health care?  Does she then cry and whine to whoever is listening that the son who just had a surgery and is due for another, NOW needs another will be left in the wind.  Will we have to come to her rescue by taking up a donation pot so she can get her son the care he needs?

Of course we will and the minute you point out her stupidity earlier with the things she said at the town meeting she will cry “that’s different.”  I just don’t want this country turning into Socialist Russia while her son will need to be funded by the rest of us.  Talk about socialism. HA!  She would rather beg from everyone else than to ensure her family has health care by pooling her tax money with others.

And this bit about taking the country back to what the forefathers intended.  And what pray tell is that?  Do you mean back to a time when slavery ran amok, or women had no say?  What exactly do these dummies mean by this?  Because the last time I checked, neither the constitution nor the forefathers ever uttered one word about health care.  I am damn sure that it didn’t even exist back then.

Now we all know or should know that a socialized (SOCIALIZED) health care system is NOT Socialism.  Socialism is a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.  I don’t know who is saying that people have no ownership or control of production when they say we should pay into the pot for health care.

And if this is the case isn’t health insurance or insurance of any type socialism?  I mean you have a bunch of people paying their money to the same place in order to be able to draw on that money at a later time IF something happens.  This all means that everyone’s money is being used by others in order to make that particular system work.

Now the problem with insurance is that it is run under a for profit system meaning that the company who is charged with helping you if you need it wants to keep the money for themselves.  And we know that means as soon as you need help, they will do everything in their power to find a way NOT to help you.  And this is the system that we are fighting to keep!  WHY?  And even on top of all this info that idiot Katie doesn’t even have the benefit this failing, flawed and pathetic system.  She has to pay out of pocket and still wants to fight for the right NOT to be able to have health coverage.  WOW!  Now that is a case for Dr. Freud.

She also cried about the fact that the spending is out of control and that her family is going to be taxed to death by a bill that is being forced through in a quick manner.  Like she said she doesn’t pay attention to politics.  Because if she did then wouldn’t this stupid, I mean sleeping, giant have awoken back with the passage of the Iraq war?

But alas we are now in the midst of another right wing puppet that doesn’t have all their facts straight let alone the intellectual curiosity to find the information out.  And to tell you the truth this is exactly what is wrong with our country.  Not that it is turning all Socialist or that a black man is in the white house.

Nor is it that our president wasn’t born in the United States and is hell bent on killing my kids’ grandma (as mine are already dead).  The problem is all of these intellectually lazy fools who haven’t got the wherewithal to even bother looking up the minutest of factual information before spouting off like old faithful.  Intellectuals are curious enough to look for answers rather than be spoon fed by the latest fly by night nut.



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3 responses to “Katy Abrams And The Intellectually Incurious

  1. Wow……This woman is an Idiot. With a capital I. She said so herself! She is OBVIOUSLY a racist, she couldnt answer any question with anything but “sure”. She got stumped on National Television and she knew it! Unfortunately, this woman is what comprises the majority of the ignorant masses of “average” Americans who have never been without. Whose hard times consist of not going out to eat everyday and getting rid of their huge gas guzzling Escalade. She has no idea that this bill would actually HELP her. She wouldnt have an INSANE $5,000 deductible (I dont have that on my house, let alone my body!)
    Then she says that she doesnt even know how much money her family makes as income………her husband takes care of that…..then why isnt her husband the one on television since she obviously does not know anything?! I do not understand..Wait, I do understand how they give air time to idiots and not people who actually know what they are talking about! Its because of ratings! The reporter who was interviewing her was about to bust out laughing! Especially when he got to the part about repelling Medicade and Social Security. Sentinel, is their no hope for this country?

  2. Sophie

    Let’s STOP the name calling and character assassinations, it’s no different than grade school bullying due to immaturity and insecurity. You don’t like being called names so please stop doing it to others.

    Will someone please explain why the health care issue is about race? I truly want to understand.

    Some Facts and Questions to ask yourselves…

    Health “CARE” IS GUARANTEED in the USA, regardless of who you are, your color, race, ethnicity, gender or political views.


    Why? Because it is about “HUMAN RIGHTS”.

    If you or someone you know has not received health “CARE” or “TREATMENT” due to race, etc., I URGE you to contact the ACLU about it.

    Do you have health insurance? Good for you! Everyone SHOULD have it! Is your policy expensive? I’ll bet it is!

    If your Mom NEEDS open heart surgery, do you know what it will cost? On average around $300,000. How much should your Mom have to pay for it? 100%? 50%? 25%? Nothing?

    If your Mom…

    has insurance, she pays expensive premiums THEN 10-40% of the bill. Of course the % will depend on her coverage. Hopefully she’s not UNDER-insured, like most of the tragic cases we hear about.

    has NO insurance, she pays 100% of bill. She can negotiate with the hospital and doctors to reduce the amount she owes as well as her monthly payment amount.

    is an undocumented immigrant she pays NOTHING! Why? Human Rights.

    What’s more important to you….

    Having health cost coverage (insurance) OR having the optional and ever popular luxury items like cell phones, broadband, expensive cars, jewelry or other “optional” tangible “things”?????

    I challenge EVERY AMERICAN to request QUOTES from ALL health insurance companies and post EVERY reply here on this blog.

    Did EVERY company deny coverage? If so, WHY?

    Was every quote UNaffordable? WHY?

    Here’s something else for EVERY AMERICAN TO CONSIDER…

    How much do you pay for a gallon of milk, gas or a loaf of bread? How about diapers or clothing/shoes for your child?

    The cost for basic needs is pretty high, right?

    Now, imagine if there was an extra dollar added to every gallon of gas, milk or loaf of bread. How difficult would it be to feed yourself and your precious family?

    Do you support 27% sales tax? That would be $27 of every $100 you spend! That’s what they pay in Canada to fund National Health Care.

    Does EVERYONE in Canada receive BASIC health care services and treatment?

    The answer is NO!

    Why? Because for them it’s a business. No business can survive if they spend more money than they have.

    In order to maintain financial stability, they have to determine the value of every dollar spent. Let me be clear, the value of a dollar spent has nothing to do with the value to HUMANITY!

    Let’s say the average life span is 80 years old and you have 1 million dollars to spend on health care for 1 person.

    Would you spend that million dollars on fourteen 15 year olds who are expected to live another 65 years to live…..or on a single 70 year old who will likely die within the next 10 years?

    Remember, it’s not about HUMAN rights but about MONEY.

    What do you want YOUR life to be like?

  3. Sophie,

    I don’t think that there has to be a choice between the 15 year old folks or the 70 year old. We SHOULD be caring for everyone. As you said health care is a RIGHT not a privilege. Also, I think that we need to be thinking more about Norway while looking at covering all of our citizens. They have some of the best health care around.

    Also, remember this, those 15 year old kids aren’t guaranteed life. We could spend a bunch of health care money on one of them and they get hit by a car the next day and die. So, we need to broaden our minds and not think in terms of money making businesses. You are right about health care being a business here right now and that has to change.

    Thanks for the reply.

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