Double Dose: Hypocrisy AND Idiocy

stupid sign against health care plan

A lot has been going on for me right now and I have yet to weigh in on this health care bill whine fest.  It seems to me that the only people I have seen whining about this bill are those who a: have health care so wouldn’t even be affected, b: have Medicare and are already enjoying socialized medicine, or c: could care less about the health care aspect and just want their country back from the bad black man who stole it while being not only some sort of an illegal alien, but Muslin and Christian all at once.

We have tons of people showing up to these “town hall meetings” screaming, yelling wielding signs that shows either some crazy statements about how Obama wants to kill your grandma to him being Hitler.  Now I don’t care for Obama either, but that is for totally different reasons and a whole other story.  But some of the things these people are saying are so ridiculous they make Sponge Bob sound like a Rhodes Scholar.

Do these people realize that crying about tax dollars being spent on abortion is a moot point since Medicaid has been paying for abortion for years?  And the last time I checked those dollars came out of tax payer pockets, so oh well.  And even if this were a point that matters, what gives them the right to dictate who gets what?  Aren’t they arguing that they don’t want the government dictating their health care to them?  I guess it is ok for them to dictate others care though.

People are also trying to make light of the racism issue revolving around this matter.  The fact that they are opposing Obama is NOT what makes them racist.  The fact that they keep somehow hearkening back to this founding father bullshit that we all know kept blacks in their place is the problem.  Where in the hell were these freaks over the last eight years while Bush literally shred the constitution and used it as so much toilet paper?

We have had eight years of lies, corruption, mismanagement, out of control spending and war.  And now these people want to talk about how the government is out of control.  These are the same idiotic people who sat around while our government headed by George Bush did nothing for five whole days as people drowned died of heat and starvation in New Orleans.  Yet, now want to cry about how they think the government wants to kill someone.

And to top this off with something that speaks to the stupidity and hypocrisy of these people.  On Fox Phony News, they showed the lady named Katy Abrams who was at a Specter town meeting talking about how they woke a sleeping giant with her.  She said that she and others like her had the right to voice their opinions and no more than a minute later she said that she was angry that people are calling her and having the nerve to voice their opinions to her.

WHAT?!?  She can voice HER opinions but no one else has the right to voice theirs?  This is the ultimate hypocrisy that you get from these idiots.  They constantly talk about how every country with socialized medicine is so terrible and doesn’t work yet, somehow these countries aren’t out in force protesting the fact that they HAVE health care.  And I don’t see them all coming here to join our dysfunctional systems.

The problem as I see it is that we have too many people who have health care who could care less about those without.  But, the minute their insurance denies their life saving surgery or whatever, they will be on television crying and begging for someone to do something.  Don’t we see that everyday?  At least I do.  And why doesn’t someone tell me what socialized medicine those people are a part of?  I never saw Medicare or Medicaid deny anyone the care they needed.  So it couldn’t be killing someone’s granny after all.



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8 responses to “Double Dose: Hypocrisy AND Idiocy

  1. nupealot

    Did you see Katy abrams on Chris matthews? She could not even intelligently defend her position. She just kept saying i do not do this everyday and my husband handles the finances. They all have a problem with a black man being president period.

  2. Nupealot,

    Yes, she didn’t understand or even know what the bill said. She is the epitome of a stupid individual who relies on others to give her the information she tries, but can’t, regurgitate. She can’t even get the reasons she is against the bill straight.

    I agree with you their only problem is that a black man is in the white house. That is the ONLY reason they keep saying what she said, “We want our country back to what our founding fathers intended.” And we ALL know that they intended for blacks to be slaves and white men to own it all. She doesn’t do the finances, doesn’t know what they make. She is nothing but an idiot.

    I will be doing a post exclusively on this nut next. Thanks for the reply.

  3. alwaysright101

    it seems like no matter what obama does its considered wrong. i remember with the whole Iran thing recently, some republicans were saying he should get involved, when months earlier, when he was talking with middle easterners, they accused him of talking to the enemy and being one of them…

    no matter what obama does, nothing will be good enough. when republicans talk about “rights” they mean, rights only for republicans.

    the republican party has become such a joke the last couple of decades, i am just waiting for the day the entire party collapses. they just keep doing more and more hateful and/or idiotic things since obama got elected…

    its funny, i hear white republicans always asking why blacks don’t vote for republicans…and im like “isnt it obvious? the party is often saying or doing hateful things towards blacks!”

    anyways, ive pretty much gotten to the point that i drown out republicans…usually they have nothing of interest to say.

    every time a republican has tried to debate with me, they always ended up calling me names, and calling other people names…it seemed like they couldnt go 5 mins without calling me or someone else names…which was immature…and that is on top of the fact that they also tried to derail the discussion.

    i dont even debate when it comes to politics anymore because that is all you see anyone do these days…”debating” is just another name for name calling and whining.

    the only thing about the republicans, the democrats should adopt, is getting a backbone. at least when republicans go on their hate speech extravaganza, they dont apologize for it…democrats on the other hand, apologize at the slightest protest even when they say something right….now that annoys me.

  4. alwaysright101,

    “democrats on the other hand, apologize at the slightest protest even when they say something right….now that annoys me.” That is one of the reasons Democrats are having such problems right now. That is the one thing that the Repubs have. They know how to fight and how to stick together no matter what.

    We see this right now. These fools are screaming about things right now and yet, had nothing to say over the last 8 years when Bush was trying to run this country into the ground. Not to mention this is the crap that Obama is trying to fix. They act as if Obama actually brought these problems into the country when he was elected.

    Does any of these people realize that someone else was president when all the problems were created? It is so frustrating listening to these nuts. And yes they are nuts because that is the only thing that can explain the reason why they keep saying things that are so far fetched.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. While not being republican per, I am against the healthcare bill at this point, but somehow escaped your categories. Of course I’m not jumping all over tv and radio screaming my opinions either.

    I think Bush did a lot of stuff that wasn’t right, I’ll definitely grant you that any day of the week. I also think both sets of congress, the original republican held congress, and the current democrat controlled congress have all been on happy spending sprees based almost entirely on party interests and personal favors to maintain their own sense of power and privilege.

    I am absolutely for healthcare reform, but reasonable, and thought out (AND READ IN ITS ENTIRETY….maybe they could learn to make shorter bills?) reform that targets some serious money wasting procedures…procedures that occur under private healthcare, and undoubtedly would also occur even under any government plan as well.

  6. Mike,

    I for one never said the health care bill was right nor did I say I agreed with it. I am only talking about people who don’t even seem to have the basic of understanding for the health care system we have, what is proposed nor what socialism is in general. These people are stupid by all accounts.

    Also, reforming a system that consistently denies coverage, denies treatment, and is totally unaffordable for a lot of people isn’t the answer either. For one we need to take the profit out of our health care system. Think of what would be happening if we had profit in our fire department. And we see that in our police department the corruption which makes the system defunct.

    The problem with people and this particular system is that it really isn’t about those who already have, it is for those who have NOT. So as long as it doesn’t change anything for you or the plethora of the other people who have health care, it really shouldn’t be that big a sticking point. So much so that people will take to the town halls and streets screaming as if they plan to send our sons and daughters to DIE in a foreign land for a bunch of fabricated lies.

    This is my problem. I could care less if these people agree or disagree. They pretty much don’t have any facts to what they are saying. Obama’s health care plan is going to kill my grandma? WHAT? How in the hell does anyone with a sane mind come up with this tripe? End of life counseling is one of the most important things in the world in this country. And it ain’t just for grandma’s and grandpa’s. Any one of us could be injured or get sick to the point of needing to know what it is we want done for us if we are terminal.

    Nowhere in this bill did it say that you HAVE to pick the way your die, or if you are terminal we need to off you so as not to think twice about you. These people continue to say this bullshit and that is what bothers me. I can’t stand stupidity just for stupidities sake. It doesn’t take that much to find out the correct information. So to continue this line of thinking there are only a couple of problems, either you CAN’T learn or read etc. Or you harbor some problem that isn’t even related to the issue.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. “So as long as it doesn’t change anything for you or the plethora of the other people who have health care, it really shouldn’t be that big a sticking point.”

    This is kind of what I meant about not fitting into anyone of your categories….I DONT have coverage. I am one of those 40 odd million (who knows what the numbers really are, snce different polling groups give different answers), who don’t have the coverage..but I forgo it willingly. Full disclosure, wife and kids are covered.

    “Obama’s health care plan is going to kill my grandma? WHAT? How in the hell does anyone with a sane mind come up with this tripe?”

    While I, like you, don’t believe the death panel claim, it does come from the works of Ezekiel Emmanuel’s work (he’s the chief advisor from what I understand on President Obama’s Health Care issue). Dr. Emmanuel specifically wrote about, in the event of needed rationing of services, that a 25 yr old could be expected to receive treatment before someone over say 65. That age-ism wasn’t a bad thing, like racism, sexism, etc, as all people who are old, were once young..blah blah blah. I havent read his entire works, so I cant claim to be an expert.
    Also, what leads to over-exaggerated claims of death panels would be an example from England. Some alcoholic apparently needed a liver transplant, but was denied because he had no proof of reforming his ways, despite (supposedly) entering AA, and a few other things.

    A lot of these fanatics against the coverage are definitely sheep that follow someone else’s bold (albeit false) claims of extraordinary maladies within the healthcare plans. And the problem is the possibilities that lie within the power of turning healthcare to government, and how far it COULD go. Consider the ammendment granting the federal gov’t power to tax income. To push it through (after being ruled unconstitutional in the late 1890’s) in the 1900s, it was proposed and promised that it would only be a few percent at most…a few decades later some were being taxed at rates of 90%.

    Now, I don’t necessarily disagree with the plan based on random possibilities. I just think there is a better way, whatever that way might be, than total gov’t involvement. In my opinion, government already helped to raise healthcare costs, but again, only my opinion.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  8. Mike,

    The information people are using regarding Ezekial Emmanuel is completely false! Here is what he said about the whole debacle, “I think it is pretty absurd and surreal, really. It’s completely twisting my writing, and I venture to say that most of the people who are commenting probably have not read them in detail, since certainly death panels are very far from anything I’ve ever advocated. I’ve been an opponent of euthanasia, and I have dedicated 25 years of my career to improving care for patients who are facing the last months and weeks of their life,” Emanuel said.

    “As far as rationing goes, it’s nothing I’ve ever advocated for the health system as a whole, and I’ve talked about rationing only in the context of situations where you have limited items, like limited livers or limited vaccine, and not for overall health care.”

    And it doesn’t matter one iota what the hell happens in England or anywhere else. Since no one there is going to be running our health care system. Not to mention with our retarded system, we are denying people daily on the grounds that some insurance company somewhere needs to make more money. Also, that people are systematically denied that care because they can’t afford it. And you saw the case where the binge drinking baseball player Mickie Mantle got the liver even though he was NOT the first person on the list. How did that happen? Hmmm, I wonder.

    So we can say for sure that our system is just as bad or even worse since it was totally obvious that he got a liver over some other needy person who hadn’t drank themselves to death. That’s right to death, because the he died right after that anyway, taking a perfectly good liver with him that some person who already sat on that list far longer than he did, could have had.

    And if you CHOOSE not to have health care that is on YOU! But there are a lot of people out there who don’t make that choice. The choice is made for them by insurance companies who could care less. And as far as I can see, we can look where our health care system COULD go right now! We have a system that is so corrupt and so void of care that the people who are denying folks coverage after they have paid their money are getting super sized bonuses. That is sick, sicker than saying the lush shouldn’t be the first to partake of a liver vs someone who did nothing to make their liver funky.

    People act as if government involvement is somehow the worse thing possible. When are people going to look at the coast guard as they get saved ans say that the government shouldn’t have pulled my dumb ass out of that raging river. No, some private industry should have, as if they would. When are we going to wake up and see that the only reason our government is lacking is because WE are lacking. We vote in incompetence then complain when we don’t see action.

    And you will never convince me that government has helped health care costs rise faster than the insurance racket. We wouldn’t have the prices we do if they weren’t involved in the transaction. They are the alpha and omega of rising prices in health care. And the government isn’t our foe, they should be our helper. After all WE are the government.

    Thanks for the rant, I mean reply. 🙂

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