Smells Like BS Alright!


You know the one thing I would like to know?  Why in the world does my blog attract so many idiots?  I get some of the stupidest people commenting on this blog that sometimes it occurs to me that the reason racism is so rampant albeit slightly undercover is that so many people are just plain stupid.  That’s right I said it, people are stupid, at least the retarded brained racists I get commenting on here.

I have recently been so tired that I don’t even bother to reply nor post the idiocy.  But this person just really sticks in my craw.  For one this person used the one line that forces me to delete your comment faster than a Republican Senator can engage in some sordid homosexual escapade.  And that happens to be “you won’t post my comments because you are a coward” and “get some balls.”

Has it ever occurred to these people that more than “MEN” have blogs?  Sometimes I feel like saying I would borrow yours, oops I made a funny since they don’t have any either.  Anyhow, this person is commenting on one of my old posts “White Entertainment Channels.”  He starts off by asking that someone get me a pacifier because I am a whiner.  Hey, alls good with that, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So on we go down the raggedy trail of idiocy.  Next they want to assure me and others that they don’t like to split the races.  But somehow they have no problem spewing a bunch of propagandized garbage right of the bat with “There is a reason prisons are filled with more blacks.”  Really what reason would that be?  Last time I read the DOJ site they talked about the racism which permeates the system and how it was hard if not impossible to ensure fairness.  I guess this person doesn’t read anything beyond racists are us.

But of course it doesn’t stop there it goes on to some really thought provoking statements such as “How many billionaires or millionaires are black compared to white? Think bill gates inherited his stake or worked in a garage? How about Steve Jobs?Frankly, every time I see a black host spilling his pop culture ebonix I change the channel. Jail isn’t cool and neither is slapping a “hoe”. Thank god you don’t have more channels since blacks already ruined radio.”

He wants to talk about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, yet what happened to the Vanderbilt’s, Hiltons and all the other white people who did nothing to get the money they have?  What about the fact that white people in general are collecting on all the unpaid slave labor that helped to build this country into what we have to this day?  I guess that doesn’t count.

He sees all the “Ebonics” (yes this is how it is REALLY spelled) and “slapping a hoe” crap and wants to attribute this to blacks in general as if we are the ones in control of the broadcasting of television and radio.  Has it ever occurred to this nut that you have a bunch of white people who run these institutions

who decide that this is what they want to portray as being “black culture.”   What would be his excuse if black people ran the broadcasting and the only thing of white people that was aired was Fran Dresher and any other white trashy person you can think of?

Would he think that this WAS his culture or would he know and understand that this is just the stereotype that the black CEO’s and people in general want or need to see of white people in order to further their agenda?  I suppose that there are people are stupid enough to think that just because you see or hear a black acting like a jerk on television or radio that this is reality for ALL blacks.  And then run around and justify their ignorance by pointing out the stereotypes and not the plethora of people who are NOT like that.

But I guess we all can see that he IS one of those stupid individuals.  You see I didn’t assume ALL white people were stupid just because this nut is.  Any who here is a bit more of his stupidity at its worst.  “Want a pure black channel with black producers? Go find one. There is a reason it doesn’t succeed. Now go complain more about how your great grandfather was a slave and you feel his lashings.”

For one thing there has NEVER been a black owned, run and operated channel so how can it have not succeeded?  Just plain stupid!  Not to mention this prick would like for black people to have to go out and FIND things that pertain to us.  No we can’t be represented like white people.  Nope we need to go out and find ours, where who cares, as long as we don’t bother good white people like him with our need for equality.

Then of course lets justify our racist statements with my wife, uncle’s first cousin or best friend is a minority so what and how I say it is truly OK.  “For the record my wife is colombian and when we picked out neighborhood her reqs where “no blacks”. Racist? Not if you have facts, figures and statistics to back it up.”  So he has a racist Columbian wife and exactly what does that prove?  Besides the fact that he and his Columbian wife are racists.

And if he wants facts, figures and statistics to back up anything he is saying he will be looking a long, long time.  Since the facts, figures and statistics show that white people commit far more crime than any other race.  But, let him continue to believe that living next to black people will somehow open him and his idiot wife up to crime.  I bet that they have been the victims of crime and the perpetrators were white.  But that has no bearing on his lunacy.

In fact it wouldn’t matter if a white man put a gun to his head right outside his house in his lily white neighborhood, save for his racist Columbian wife, and took all his money.  He would still say he was safer in his white neighborhood.  The only time I have really suffered from crime has been while living in an all white neighborhood in a vast majority white city.

But, he wants me to believe that I am better off with those criminals than I would be with the minority criminals.  I hate to ruin anyone’s day, but criminals are everywhere in every color, race, religion or creed.  And I am sure I can find a ton of people who believe that by just being Columbian makes you a criminal.

Of course he now has a plethora of minority, namely black, friends.  “I have a lot of friends who (since you like segragating) are black. Fine upstanding ones. The ones who are trash are just like anyone else, even white trash. Get some balls and make your

mark in the world.”  And I guess he feels they are special because they are what he refers to as “fine upstanding ones,” as if this is somehow outside of the norm.  You see my friend this is the epitome of racism, stereotypes and bigotry.  And you try and call someone else a racist.  Isn’t that the jackass calling the titmouse stupid?

So you hit us with all of your racism then have the nerve to try and justify it with your racist wife, a bunch of stereotypes that are backed with no facts whatsoever and then have the nerve to throw your obviously stupid black friends in our faces.  Yes they are stupid to befriend a bigot like you.  And hopefully they and others will learn a serious lesson from reading the idiocy that you try and put out here as if you have some awesome insight into the race debate that no one else has ever thought of.

Well let me give you a slap of reality.  You are NOT saying anything new, the things you do say are racist and your bigoted behavior is what is causing the racial strife that we have in this world.  So why don’t you and your racist wife get a clue and stop using those so called black friends, if they exist, as some sort of brownie point in order for you to continue to lambast people with the sickness that is your racism.  One more tip, learn to type, speak and read the English language.  After all it IS the language of YOUR forefathers.



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23 responses to “Smells Like BS Alright!

  1. Dark Frosty

    I love your blog, theblacksentinel and I feel you on this matter. Just yesterday my father called in a suspicious white couple roaming around our neighborhood (which is majority white). As it turns out, this couple had been burglarizing houses on the west side of my town. Who were the victims of the couple’s crime spree? Why their fellow white people. Yes, white people were being victimized in their neighborhoods by other whites. This just goes to show that people like that jackass (‘scuse the language, but he deserves it) and his Colombian wife are ignorant racists who need to be on the receiving end of white crime to get a little reality check and MAYBE learn something from the experience.

    To the continued success of your blog,
    Dark Frosty

  2. Dark Frosty,

    I totally understand what you are saying. This person and his racist Columbian wife are so full of the stereotypes associated with black people that he can’t see past his bigotry to the REAL numbers behind crime at the DOJ. Him and his idiotic wife wish to believe that per capita numbers are somehow more than numbers for the whole.

    And it actually surprises me that the cops would even take your fathers complain seriously. I have called the cops on many white people and had such an outlandish response from the police as if white people couldn’t have been involved in any wrong doing. Which is one of the reasons behind me getting my butt out of my all white neighborhood and town.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. Sundjata

    Good read. You’re not alone dealing with ignorance. I sometimes feel like a superhero battling the very ignorance that is my kryptonite.

    The way you described that dude reminds me a caption under a picture. The picture was of several Black students at a lunch counter during the sit-ins. They were well-dressed and studying chemistry, history, language arts, etc. Behind them, hurdling insults and all manner of stupidity were a bunch of “slack-jawed” slovenly-dressed White students who’d skipped class just to insult the Black students.

  4. King

    What I hate most about the kind of poster whom you desribe above is the attendant arrogance so often associated with their rigid mindset. Such people never seem to approach with an attitude of possibly learning anything. They always assume that they already know ALL of the answers and are here simply to pontificate the taking points of right-wing talk radio.

    For Example, he sites Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as White millionaires and points to the fact that there are many more White millionaires than Black ones. But he somehow fails to ask why.

    So, what actually happened to all the potential Black industrialists, inventors, and technology innovators? How about:

    Elijah McCoy?

    Lewis Latimer?

    Jan Ernst Matzeliger?

    Garrett Morgan

    Otis Boykin

    Charles Drew

    etc. ect., we could go on and on. Where are their vast fortunes? Why don’t most Americans even know who these guys are?

    How about men like Eli Whitney who saved the cotton industry millions and eventually billions of dollars in production costs?

    how about the black woman who pioneered laser catatact surgery?

    There have been many POTENTIAL African-American millionares out there who didn’t quite end up reaching their financial potential, simply because they were the wrong color.

    But of course, if the sum total of your knowledge of Black History is based on children’s stories of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, then you wouldn’t know that.

  5. dancin Dave

    Have you heard about the Maafa 21 documentary that has just been released? It goes into great detail about the who, what and how racist attitudes are being perpetuated today and what the ultimate goal of it is. the shocking thing is that it has been going on for years under the guise of “helping” the black community. You can see a preview at

  6. Sundjata

    I heard that the “Maafa” had to do with the “great struggle” of Afrikans throughout our diaspora. Where did you get that doc? I’d like to read it.

  7. MMMMM, Bullshit! It’s what’s for breakfast……

  8. Ok Mike,

    That does it! NO Bullshit for you!!! NEXT!

  9. King

    Wow, Mike is so insightful!

    Why do people who don’t have the intelligence to to make an eigth-grade argument keep appearing? It must really take quite a bit of brain power to type a six word response.

    What a dummy.

  10. King,

    I’ll let Mike answer to that comment. Thanks

  11. Well I guess this means I have the stage. I thought about not even addressing it, but then again, I enjoy being a point of contention so I’l get right to it.

    “Wow, Mike is so insightful!”

    To this I merely say thank you.

    To the questioning of one’s intelligence, specifically relegating it on the downward side of an eighth grade educational level, anything less than a battery of tests would need to be administered in a closed environment to confirm such opinionations. Without said confirmation testing, it remains a questionably opinionated and uninformed remark. As for the repeated appearance of said person lacking intelligence, one must look to the history of this aforementioned being and his comments. Are all comments left in the realm of 6 word remarks of less than that desired in the company of presumed educational elitist conversation? Is it possible that the history of remarks contains the occasional sprinkling in of more childlike (ish?) responses, presumably given by one with no argument for or against the specific article posted, to merely lighten the mood a bit?

    “What a dummy.”

    My answer here would to be go back to the top of this particular speech and reapply the manifestation of the typed words that were used in response to a lack of intelligence. Essentially, no need is felt to be redundant in the face of what appears to be a redundant point.

    Anymore questions, before I conclude my business on this post, Mr King?

  12. King

    Actually Mike, it doesn’t take a whole battery of tests, especially when evaluating emotional maturity rather than academic aptitude.

    Anyone who limits his reply to a reasoned challenge to his views with:

    “MMMMM, Bullshit! It’s what’s for breakfast….”

    is arguing at about an eigth-grade level.

    I mean, just read that sentence and visualize how old the person who wrote it would probably be. Clearly, it is the necessity of the human condition to make such assessments based on limited information—otherwise we’d need a “battery of tests” to make every decision, which is obviously impractical and unreasonable.

    I suggest that you read “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell for a better understanding of how intuitive judgements are neither arbitrary nor uninformed. But that is an extended discussion that we could only engage in if you have read the book.

    As for the rest of your rather clumsily over worded idea of what smart people sound like—people do not “lighten the mood” by slinging insults into a discussion about minority awareness and White privilege on a blog about minority issues. That’s where the *dummy* part comes in.

    But let me be even more plain with you. If you have actual reasoned arguments to make, then by all means, make them. Lay out your logic and make your points as best you can. Otherwise, you are only agitating, provoking, and insulting—or in other words, TROLLING.

  13. John

    “Since the facts, figures and statistics show that white people commit far more crime than any other race.”

    “Him and his idiotic wife wish to believe that per capita numbers are somehow more than numbers for the whole.”

    I’m really fascinated by this issue you have with looking at per capita stats instead of only the raw numbers. So let me ask you a question:

    If you have two populations, one is 100,000,000 people and has 1,000 cases of breast cancer while the other is 100,000 people and also has 1,000 cases of breast cancer, in which population is breast cancer a bigger problem?

  14. John,

    The only problem you have with your breast cancer scenario is that the numbers wouldn’t even be close to the same. Also, we are talking about criminals not sick people. Sick people aren’t a threat. So if you have 100,000 criminals in this community and 1,000 criminals in another. I think we see where the problem actually is.

    And you are fascinated by MY looking at per capita numbers? I guess you didn’t read the post very well. Because I was NOT the one worried about per capita numbers. I was pointing out that a lot of people who will look at per capita numbers to perpetuate the stereotype that blacks are FAR MORE criminal than anyone else when the numbers just don’t support that.

    Here is a clue for you. The next time you try and use an analogy make sure that you come as close as possible to reality. Because the number you use to support your flawed logic are ridiculous.


  15. John

    I realize that you don’t like per capita numbers; that’s what is so interesting to me. You seem to think that only racists use per capita, in some attempt to “manipulate” the data.

    Are you aware that looking at the rate of an event (typically number of events per 100,000) is the accepted method for any social phenomenon – whether it be crime, disease, education level (number of PhDs per 100,000, for example), etc.? Looking at raw numbers is meaningless if you’re comparing drastically different populations (like 40 million to 210 million).

    “So if you have 100,000 criminals in this community and 1,000 criminals in another. I think we see where the problem actually is.”

    Actually, no, that alone tells us nothing. If the 100,000 criminals come from a community of 100,000,000 while the 1,000 criminals come from a community of 10,000; the smaller community with the smaller number of criminals has the much larger crime problem.

    This is not opinion. Its basic statistics, sociology, and epidemiology. It is, simply put, a fact that you are incorrect in your “analysis” of the numbers.

    So, to give you another example:

    If two cities have populations of 2,000,000 and 200,000, respectively, but each has 1,000 murders per year, in which city is murder a bigger problem? In which one is the average citizen more likely to be murdered? In which one is the average citizen more likely to be a murderer?

  16. John,

    Why don’t you show me where I said or eluded to this whole “only racists use per capita numbers.” Just because I called a chicken a chicken while naming this man and his wife as racists doesn’t mean that those are the only people who use per capita numbers. What I was showing was that this was the ONLY thing they used when spewing their racial hatred etc. So please stop placing words in others mouths.

    Are YOU aware that the justice system is biased and racially discriminative by their own words? Or are you going to sit and try and lecture me as if you are the statistician for the United states? Looking at raw numbers is meaningless only when the numbers favor the folks you wish them to. Whenever I have this conversation with people and start looking at the raw numbers people constantly want to sit and look at per capita. When we live in ONE country, not twenty countries where we are all divided into these little populations.

    If there are 1,000 black criminals and 1,000 white criminals we have 2,000 criminals in this country. People are constantly talking about not dividing by race then turn right around and say “but statistics show blacks…” Why don’t you stop trying to give me phony ass examples and come with the real numbers. Per capita or whatever! Why not use the actual numbers for the things you are talking about. If there are 200,000 crimes in any population it is too many and I don’t care what race they are. You act as if just because the numbers are skewed somehow it is OK in the white population.

    Taken from Brotherpeacemaker’s blog post titled “Read them and weep” here is what I am talking about. “In three different categories black people committed more crimes than their white counterparts. In the category of murder and non negligent manslaughter white people committed 4,595 crimes (46.9%) compared to 4,990 crimes (50.9%) committed by black people. In the category of robbery white people committed 39,419 crimes (42.2%) compared to black people’s 52,541 (56.3%). And finally, in the category of criminal gambling, white people committed 2,358 crimes (26.2%) compared to black people’s whopping 6,467 crimes (71.8%). Click here to see Table 43 for yourself.

    Now let’s get to the really surprising part.

    Out of the 10,437,620 crimes committed in the United States 7,270,214 were committed by white people while 2,924,724 were committed by black people. In terms of percentages that means 69.7% of the crime in 2006 were committed by white people and 28% committed by black people. According to the numbers published by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, black people should be far from being America’s number one problem.”

    So either come with the real deal or shut the hell up. Your analogies are so far off the mark it is pathetic. We don’t need someone to pretend to know what they are talking about. Just the facts please. Because you can make any corny assessment of how the statistics work but showing reality works even better.

    Thanks but no thanks to analogies from your butt.

  17. King,

    First of all…Peace! If no one else does, I want you to know I appreciate your passion for the black community. Not too many people wear their love for black people on their sleeves these days. I do it myself, so does theblacksentinel. I will work hard to defend the black community when and where I can from all attackers and detractors. I can assure you, Mike Lovell is not a troll.

    Yes it’s true that he makes idiotic comments. But the relationship that theblacksentinel and Mike Lovell have with each other goes way back. On a regular basis, he makes thoughtful input in the conversations here. But on the flip side, he does have a history of making off the cuff comments as well. The kind of comments made between friends. I say this as a supporter of theblacksentinel and as a supporter of Mike Lovell.

    Mike Lovell and I don’t always agree with each other. Rather we often find ourselves on opposite sides of an issue. But we discuss our differences in order to gain understanding and insight. Make no mistake, Mike Lovell is welcomed on my blog along with his comments that range the spectrum from thoughtful to nonsense. Don’t judge the man from one statement. Get to know him first. Then, tell him to go away. Just kidding! You see, I make my share of stupid statements as well.


  18. King

    Thanks brotherpeacemaker, it seems that you are living up to your name.

    So, in that case, I offer my appologies Mike and I hope there are no hard feelings. Of course, I still disagree with your statement, but it seems that I perhaps misunderstood the spirit in which it was given, and that was my error.

  19. John

    “In terms of percentages that means 69.7% of the crime in 2006 were committed by white people and 28% committed by black people.”

    US DOJ statistics don’t separate Hispanics (except for hate crime victims) – so that 69.7% is committed by the 74% of the population that is white and white Hispanic. And its slightly inflated by the white Hispanic portion. That 28% of crime is committed by a group that is only 13% of the population. Any way you look at it, that 13% of the population represents a greater threat than the 74% – because the 74% has a much larger proportion (as well as raw number) of people who are not criminals.

    If you only spent time in one group or the other, you would have a much higher chance of being a crime victim in the 13% than in the 74%.

    “When we live in ONE country, not twenty countries where we are all divided into these little populations.”

    This has nothing to do with either of our arguments, and is simply a poor attempt on your part at sounding “inclusive” – something you clearly are not. We are both splitting the country’s crime stats based on race. You simply want to look at the raw numbers because the large disparity in population size creates a favorable picture for your side. I want to look at rates (typically per 100,00 people) because that is how you compare any phenomenon in populations of different sizes.

    “Why don’t you show me where I said or eluded to this whole “’only racists use per capita numbers.’”

    You then go on to answer your own question:

    “What I was showing was that this was the ONLY thing they used when spewing their racial hatred etc.”

    No. Its not because it supports racial hatred. Its because when you compare two populations, you have to adjust for population size. Its simple statistics. Raw numbers are irrelevant; they tell you nothing. You are guilty of what you accuse others – wanting to focus on something that supports your opinion rather than looking at the facts.

    “We don’t need someone to pretend to know what they are talking about.”

    Then you should probably stop writing this blog. Base on your complete ignorance of statistical analysis, you have no business discussing anything relating to population demographics or distribution.

    You and your four or five cheerleaders can pat each other on the back when you misuse statistics to pretend that blacks don’t have a serious crime problem, but anyone else who reads this (and doesn’t waste his/her time posting) will simply laugh at your ignorance.

  20. John,

    You are done! I knew that would come out eventually. “they don’t separate Hispanics.” Of course, blame it ALL on the Hispanics. Because white people don’t commit crimes, right? Also, if this is the case there are black Hispanics. So are you telling me that the high numbers for blacks are due to the Hispanic blacks? Because if you never noticed there is a box to check where it asks you if you are black then Hispanic. So give me a break.

    Sorry you are WRONG! Because any way you look at it 69% of a larger number is STILL larger than 28% of a smaller number. Where did you take your math classes again. And you are full of it and we both know what it is. I have spent time in both communities and the one community where I was robbed and harassed was the white one, so maybe your little statement doesn’t apply.

    Also, you talk about me not discussing statistics as I know nothing. Excuse me but I don’t talk about statistics. I was saying that others come here with statistics. So instead of talking out of your ass maybe you should KNOW what I write about first. As you obviously have no clue, but of course it is easy to read one post and decide YOU know better what this blog is about. But isn’t that the problem we have in this country, basing their whole thought about someone based on one thing (like the color of one’s skin.)

    So you and your NO cheerleaders misuse statistics and decide that a larger number over all is somehow a smaller threat than a smaller number that is a larger number of a smaller group. Wow that makes a LOT of sense. Specially since the black population isn’t in one spot the way you act like it is. And Hispanics aren’t running amok in ALL of white society either. I talked with a person about something like this and asked about Idaho. I lived there and they have crime and there are pretty much NO Hispanics running amok and blacks are almost non existence. So who is committing all these crimes, just curious.

    And answer me this, if you claim that this bubble of a black community is more criminal within itself, then how does that equate to fear from whites? White people don’t live in this black bubble so what do they have to fear? How is that a bigger threat? Har, har, har! Too stupid!


  21. Brother Peacemaker- Thank you for your thoughts on the matter.

    King- Of course there are no hard feelings. The “clumsily overworded” response was more than intentional, to help emphasize me being a point of contention. Please remember that emotional output and intelligence are almost never tied directly together….for more examples on that, see almost any teenage relationship!

    As for my comment, I’m not quite sure how you can disagree on it, other than maybe it’s inclusion. the BS for breakfast comment is oversimplified reference to an inside deal. I get to read the BS that isn’t worth TheBlackSentinel’s page, through email, as it is filled with enough ignorance to probably send you into an all out war on stupid people. (Trust me King, I’d be throwing in with you on that one, truly stupid people (not ignorant ones, or people who enjoy stupid humor) irritate the crap out of me.)

    But those emails, rare though they may be (as you see she printed my comment afterall), accompany my afterwork coffee which occurs during most people’s breakfast time.

    However King- if you are interested in honest critique, I can always use some help over at my blog…not the mookie one, but you’ll see my community renewal one in my blog list…..feel free to correct the hell out of me on that one, as it is of a more serious nature, albeit academically lacking.

  22. Gerry

    Steve Jobs is half-Arab.

  23. Gerry,

    So what you are saying is that Steve Jobs is SEEN as a visible Arab? If not, then it doesn’t matter. What matters is what the majority of the people see you as and for him that is white. There are black people who look white and are able to take advantage of white privilege. What he has in his background isn’t the point.

    Thanks for trying.

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