No Surprise A White Cop Shoots Black Cop

cop on cop shooting

Scenario we’ve seen over and over again white cop, dead black man.  This scenario only differs because the black man just so happens to be a fellow police officer himself.  And of course now an investigation needs to be done in order to see whether this shooting had to do with race.  Really?  You think that white police officers are out gunning down white people left and right?

We have ALL seen police footage of white men holding guns, threatening people and cops and still NOT be gunned down.  They try and reason with the man, give him every opportunity to be taken down without bloodshed.  But somehow when the person is black not only do they get 50 or so bullets, but they get them without so much as a 5 minute window between being seen and being shot.

Have these city and police officials ever watched the video of the white cop abusing what he thought was just some random black man walking where the white cop felt he shouldn’t be?  And didn’t this random black man turn out to be a cop himself?  Was this race related, what a joke!  If this was a white man chasing a white man, the white cop would have stopped everyone involved and questioned them to no end, getting down to the nitty gritty of the situation.

It wasn’t just a case of cops being overzealous and shooting who they thought was a perpetrator like people are already saying. The black cop named Edwards actually called the crime in to the police before chasing the suspect down the street.  So why didn’t Edwards just unload his gun into this suspect if this is just what cops do?  He did what he was supposed to do; he did what ALL cops should do with ALL people black, white or whatever.  He did his best to protect and serve, not shoot and kill.

We are constantly making excuses, constantly doing investigations and constantly finding these white cops innocent of any and all murder charges after needlessly gunning down some black man in the street.  Whether he is an innocent man on his way home from the grocery store holding a bag of groceries, a man out with friends at a bachelor party, a kid walking down the street holding a candy bar or a black cop trying to subdue a suspect, our black men are walking around with shoot me signs plastered all over them which is synonymous with black skin.

People can talk all day about how mistakes are made.  Why are the cops not making these innocent mistakes with white men and women?  Why are these types of mistakes always directed at the brown and black folks?  And don’t tell me that it is because minorities commit more crimes.  We have seen that this is NOT the case.  The people being shot haven’t even committed a crime let alone fit any stereotype of a person who has.  I guess unless you count being a black or brown minority person.

This has got to stop!  And people wonder why minorities don’t trust the police.  Why should we trust a gang of people who are constantly coming into our neighborhoods under the guise of helpers who then turn around and shoot our innocent neighbors.  And don’t talk about the suspected criminals who are shot.  Because the last time I checked you are innocent UNTIL proven guilty.  So when an unarmed man is gunned down only to be implicated in a crime makes no sense since the cops did NOT know he/she was guilty of anything.  Not to mention don’t we give people a fair trial before we sentence them to death.  Again this has got to stop!



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  1. Another black man shot by police under questionable circumstances. What a surprise. And there will be another investigation to determine exactly why the shooting was justifiable. The black cop didn’t identify himself and therefore it was okay for the policeman to empty his gun. It’s only a matter of time before the cop is back on the street or receives a promotion for doing his part to keep black people in line.


  2. Dessalines

    The word we’re looking for is consequence. A white cop who shoots a black person/cop knows that the judiciary will eventually clear him and he will return to normal life. However shooting a white person will likely result in him being hounded for the rest of his natural life by the victims’ families (see OJ Simpson vs the Brown family, the Browns never gave up on their daughter until they saw OJ in prison)

    The families of the victims must go all out to see that these culprits never live a normal day for the rest of their lives just like the Browns did to OJ or it will be business as usual

  3. Dessalines,

    The only problem with these families hounding these cops is that for one they stand a very good chance of ending up shot dead, and two they don’t have the resources to do the hounding. These white families have support from the community to hound these people they feel wronged them or their families.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t enough sympathy for blacks being gunned down by white cops. People tend to rationalize it by saying things such as “well they had a criminal record anyway” as if that precludes being treated fairly and with justice. You also hear a lot of “if he had treated the cops with more respect” or that “since blacks are criminals it is understandable that cops would be trigger happy.”

    But what needs to be looked at is the judiciary system. We need to demand these people face actual justice. Then maybe we would see a drop in the frequencies of these travesties.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. BrotherP,

    Exaclty! This is all that happens. We go out do a little protest and the media will try and dig up each and every last poor choice this black person has ever made in his life. Next thing you know they will be branding this black cop as a rogue who was only chasing that guy to shake him down for some drug money all the while pimping women downtown.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Not only do the families not have the resources, they have to pursue these police officers (not all of them are white, just ask the family of Sean Bell or Martin Anderson) in courts that are part of this inherently racist system. It’s no coincidence that the courts are more likely to throw harsher sentences and easier convictions at black defendants. And now I’m supposed to use these same courts to pursue some kind of justice for the family of a black victim? I might be able to win a monetary judgment. But c’mon, you really think somebody is going to go to jail?


  6. Steve Baker

    Get the facts (such as FBI statistics) — a black male is 10 times more likely to be shot by another black than a white, and a white is more than twice as likely to be shot by black, than a black by white.

    In other words, there are far more whites shot by blacks than blacks by white.

    But most common of all is blacks shot by other blacks.

    So who are the real racists???

  7. Steve,

    It is YOU who need to get your facts straight! I don’t care what statistics you can pull out of your ass they will NEVER equate to it being justifiable to shoot a person without provocation. So what is your point, besides to pull statistics from nowhere?

    I didn’t see one statistic on cops shooting more blacks than whites. Where are those statistics? I wasn’t making a post about whether or not Steve felt that blacks were the bigger criminals. I wrote a post talking about the need to end this senseless white cop on black person crime! And if you can’t speak to that, then it sounds to me like you need to refrain from posting useless, unchecked, unfounded, uneducated bullshit on my blog.

    Thanks but no thanks to statistics from Steve’s ass!

  8. Steve Baker,

    According to the numbers from the 2005 Bureau of Justice Statistics (click here), of the 5,720 homicides committed on white people 4,755 were committed by other white people, 934 were committed by black people and 31 were committed by someone who was neither black nor white. Based on these statistics, a white person is more than five times more likely to be killed by another white person than they are likely to be killed by a black person.

    In other words, there are far more whites being murdered by other whites and I have a link to prove it. So you tell me, who is the real racist here?


  9. Steve Baker

    I respect you posted my reply and wasn’t sure you would. Brotherpeacemaker, I am glad you posted the link to the stats. That is better than I did, which was lazy on my part. The point is well-taken: “a white person is more than five times more likely to be killed by another white person than they are likely to be killed by a black person” is indeed true; and a better restatement of my original statement (along the lines of the previous) is that a black person is 13 times more likely to be killed by someone of their own race than another.

    So what?! What’s the point? The point was that this blog starts with the premise that it is of no surprise that a black (regardless of profession) was killed by a white; that this happens all the time. It does not happen all the time. Too frequently? Once is too frequently. But it is not a common but a rare occurrence. When a young black male is murdered in my community of Boston, it is far more likely to be at the hand of another black male. When this happens (which is far, far too frequently) I do not see blog posts about it, at least not of the intensity and passion of this blog.

    As a parent, I am afraid of all the threats facing my children; and if I were the parent of a young black men I would have extra reasons to be afraid, reasons that likely won’t affect my white, suburban children. If what I feared most was white cops, not my children’s own peers, then I would be recklessly endangering their lives.

    There are racist cops and I can’t tell you with any authority that the cop who shot Edwards was or wasn’t. I offered my unsolicited opinion because I do take exception to the idea that white cops shooting black anyone is common and indicative of a racist system. There are racist acts committed by cops, but I doubt that was what happened here. I think the cop shooter here is going through the same mental anguish that he would regardless of the race of the person he shot.

  10. Steve,

    The post is NOT about another white PERSON killing a black person. It is about another COP killing a black person. And yes it is becoming all too common. Also, there are tons of blogs out there talking about blacks killing blacks. Not to mention you can see it everyday on the five o’clock news.

    And yes black men being gunned down by the police whether they have a committed a crime or not is all too familiar. And I think that the people sworn to protect us killing us is far worse than criminals killing people. Shouldn’t EVERY race of people be entitled to the same protection from the police and not think that as soon as the cops show up someone, anyone will be shot whether they are threatening or not? Maybe you should be asking yourself that question instead of worrying about whether my blog lists each and every black person killed at the hands of another black person.

    How many blogs list how many whites are killed at the hands of other whites. Since whites are far more likely to be killed by other whites where is the title white on white crime, since we want to play into the stereotyping game? The problem here is NOT one race killing another race. The problem is COPS killing blacks innocent or not. People are entitled to be judged by a jury of their peers before they are sentenced to death. And so far they are not being given that constitutional right when a cop shows up and deals them the death penalty without so much as a thought.

    Whether or not the white cop has remorse or not, he showed up on the scene and used the same stereotype that you did in order to justify in his own mind shooting the black man. He felt that since, in his mind like yours, black men are more likely to be the shooter it was his duty to shoot this criminal dead. And now we have a dead black cop shot by one of the men who should have been on the scene to help him not kill him.

    So now how do we sit and talk about how the white cop feels. Who cares how he feels right now? I am sure the black cops family has more than there share of anger, sorrow, fear and loathing for all of us. It isn’t about the white cop! He made his mistake and someone else has paid the price for his stupidity. Whether he was racist or not is neither here nor there. He made that choice when he decided to hang on to his stereotypes and pull his gun instead of doing what he would do if the man standing before him had been a white fellow.

    This is not written out of stereotypes or out of phony statistics. This is written out of research and looking at what happens to white men wielding guns, bombs, knives or any other weaponry standing in front of a one, two or a bunch of cops. And I don’t mean all white cops, I mean cops as a part of the racially generic society they mimic. So to me and other blacks we can’t sit and say that “regardless of the race of the person.” We see the numbers and we see the damage. When others such as yourself decide to open your eyes and see that same damage and those same numbers, maybe we can all get on board to fix the problem.


  11. sanja

    I would like to see Al Sharpton – who does great work AFTER many tragic events, educate our young people on carrying guns, dealing drugs, talking with filthy language and constantly having a chip on their shoulder. My kids were brought up in the projects in the bronx, like the majority never got into trouble but those who constantly carry and threaten with guns and cause trouble, make us all look like savages and people jump to conclusions. A colleage will not come to my apt to see me, not because she doesn’t like black people, she married one, but because she is terrified of the young teenagers – educate them Sharpton, if the parents wont, then we owe it to them to give them a future.

  12. Sanja,

    You hardly sound like one of the “us” you refer to in your reply. And if you have people who aren’t willing to come to your home because you live in the black community, then it doesn’t matter that they are married to a black person. They have a real problem and they sound awfully racist to me. You can’t judge the majority by the actions of the minority, like YOU and your so called friend have done.

    If we were to do this with white people where would we all be able to go? Since according to the DOJ white people commit more crimes than blacks should we judge all white people by the minority of white people who are committing crimes? And before I get the stupid backlash, I am NOT talking per capita.

    You are just as disgusting as any racist. You yourself are furthering the stereotypes that we are trying to squash. I don’t care about Al Sharpton and what he does or doesn’t do. I really don’t think that Al Sharpton calling out to criminals is going to fix the problem. The problems are beyond just saying put down your weapons.

    Have you even opened your eyes and looked at the problems that are in the black community? How about addressing unemployment which is always twice that of the white community. How about addressing the degeneration of the black community by the lack of black businesses, home ownership and community support. These problems lead to the crime and the problems you are talking about. And perhaps that is why we can’t get it together. Because people like yourself would rather ignore the real problems in lieu of the symptoms.

    Maybe instead of playing into the mindset of the racist, you should try and play into the mindset of a black person who actually wants to help fix the problems. Starting with unemployment, health care, education and housing.

    Thanks but no thanks to your stereotyping.

  13. Dona

    Do you have specific suggestions on how to change these problems that you have mentioned in the following comments? “Have you even opened your eyes and looked at the problems that are in the black community? How about addressing unemployment which is always twice that of the white community. How about addressing the degeneration of the black community by the lack of black businesses, home ownership and community support. These problems lead to the crime and the problems you are talking about. And perhaps that is why we can’t get it together. Because people like yourself would rather ignore the real problems in lieu of the symptoms.”

    I have been reading your blog here and have mixed emotions about how changes can come about. Its seems that everyone (including me) has misconceptions about the problems in America. I have lived in several rural areas of the south where neither race had it better. Neither had the resources. And in large cities-Chicago & LA and somewhat smaller Little Rock where the resources are there, but abused and it doesnt make life any better. Where do we start? Who is responsible? Its not just about racism. Its about morals, responsibilities and cycles that need to be broken.

    “Maybe instead of playing into the mindset of the racist, you should try and play into the mindset of a black person who actually wants to help fix the problems. Starting with unemployment, health care, education and housing.”
    What is the mind set? Is it all minorities? Does what you believe fit all races? or just American Minorities? It seems that if it cannot be applied to all races (which by the way, as an Anthropologist-do not truely exist-theres one race-the human race) What do you propose that we do that all people will follow with and become competant participating members of society? I agree that it needs to change…but how?
    Feel free to email me directly. you can post my email….

  14. Dona,

    You ask if I have specific suggestions on how to change our problems. Don’t you think that doing the same things in the black community or any minority community that is falling by the wayside, that we do in the white community would be the answer. If we are throwing plenty of money into the schools of the white community then maybe we should do that in minority communities. In fact one of my suggestions was to use a pool for the money and stop tying the money to taxing the community. As that only creates a larger deficit. Because if the minority communities have less money, less property less everything then the schools will always get less.

    And my blog is specific to who I am talking too and about. The BLACK sentinel. I am speaking on problems of the black community but that in no way means that if another minority community is having the same problem these issues can’t be assigned to them as well. There are blogs about the plight of Jew’s, Asians, Indians, Native Americans and just about any minority group you can think of. Do you ask them if the things they talk about which are affecting their communities goes for blacks as well? If not, why not? Or does it matter because you understand that they are speaking of problems that can be assigned to any community in need?

    I can’t address minorities who are not in America because I don’t have any clue what they are specifically dealing with. But again if what I speak of directly correlates with their issues then by all means they are welcome to gleam any and all informational content they like from this blog. But again I am speaking of my community. And yes I am well aware that we are all ONE race, human race. But that doesn’t negate the fact that we are being pigeon holed into these hierarchy groups of races where blacks tend to continuously end up on the bottom. So in that instance it makes not one bit of difference to some little black kid being turned away from a swimming pool for the color of his skin, that we are all humans. Because at this moment in his life he is being told that he is NOT human or at least not human enough to swim where white children do.

    So until we can get past these types of incidences it means nothing. And how am I too answer your question about what all people do that will make competent participating members of society. There is NOTHING that will make ALL members competent members of society. There will always be some who will fall behind. And they are of all races, religions, creeds and sexualities. What we can do that will make everyone valued members of society is stop racism, sexism, sexual orientationism and all the other isms in the world. But, alas that has proven to be very hard to do. We have laws, social stigmas and all sorts of deterrents that don’t seem to do the trick, but somehow you think that I have the magic bullet. Sorry, I don’t.

    Thanks for the reply.

  15. 57Nomad

    BlackSentinel ,

    I think one has to careful with stereotyping, stereotypes can let you down. In San Diego where I live a white guy stole a tank from the National Guard armory and was driving around on city streets. I’m pretty sure he didn’t hurt anybody. But when he came to a stop the hatch opened, and I don’t know who opened the white tank thief or the cop, but without any hesitation at all the cop pulled his gun and shot the guy dead. A kid in Vista was being hailed by some sheriffs in the blacktop area of a small industrial park. The kid who it turned out, did absolutely nothing wrong, the cops just thought he was acting suspiciously, absolutely unaware of any of this starts backing his truck up toward the officers, he had to to make the turn, when the sheriffs opened fire on him and killed him. He didn’t even come close them. A white kid early 20’s. Some time ago a guy led the cops on an high speed chase. The guy pulled over and when he exited the car he was shot to death immediately. He may have been holding a gun, I can’t remember but I can assure you that white policemen have no hesitation whatsoever to shoot a white guy. You can be absolutely certain that white cops shoot more white guys than black guys.

    You also said this in a previous post:

    “The post is NOT about another white PERSON killing a black person. It is about another COP killing a black person. And yes it is becoming all too common.” Black Sentinel, I assure you that I’m not disputing what you are saying. Personally, I have no idea about the incidence of white cops killing black men being a common occurrence.

    But, claiming something is so, and it actually being so are not necessarily the same thing. If it’s true then it’s got to be stopped and the people involved prosecuted. What would be most enlightening and would certainly sustain your thesis the most is if you cite the source of your information. I’m sure these records of each individual who is shot by the police is available. Saying instances of white policemen shooting black men because they don’t like black men are on the rise is one thing but it sure would be nice if you could please supply us with the actual numbers.

  16. 57Nomad,

    I understand what you are saying but unfortunately the numbers say something totally different. Of course white men are being shot by police. No one said anything different. But the numbers don’t show that white men are being shot at a higher rate than black men. Also, the numbers for black men who have committed absolutely no crime are far higher than white men being shot in similar situations.

    I know that a lot of people would love to point out every time a white man is shot and say look there. But the problem is, I am not talking about some black guy on a high speed chase, or stealing anything even a tank or backing his car up towards the cops who WOULD see that as a threat. I am talking about a cop chasing a suspect and being shot dead. I am talking about innocent people walking home from the store and their only crime was being black.

    The problem with you examples are the majority of them were actually DOING something illegal or extremely suspicious. The people I am talking about have done nothing more than walk down the street, try to help break up a fight or call the cops for help. This isn’t about cops shooting criminals. I did a post about Oscar Grant who was going home and was arrested by BART police in Oakland. He was handcuffed, on his stomach and not moving nor doing anything when a cop pulled out a gun and shot him in the back dead.

    When it was all said and done Oscar Grant wasn’t even the man they were looking for. So exactly how would this compare to some idiot who stole a tank? For all we know the man came out of the tank with a weapon, he was a criminal. This man was unarmed laying on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back. What exactly was threatening about that which would have a cop pulling out a gun to shoot him? That was nothing more than a lynching.

    But thanks for trying. Unfortunately like I said the numbers just don’t support it. And then if we add in blacks who DID do crimes the numbers jump even more. White people may be the majority of those in this country and the majority of those who commit crimes. But they are NOT the majority when it comes to being shot, beaten or killed by the cops.

  17. 57Nomad


    First of all, let me thank you for your thoughtful and courteous reply. It is much appreciated and the world would be a better place for us all if individuals with differing opinion, especially opinions on such emotionally charged issues as race relations conducted their dialog the way that you have.

    What I am interested in the sources of the information that you have based your opinion on. I am a researcher by profession and the identification of sources is something I do constantly. I am not questioning anything you say, nor am I saying that you don’t have legitimate grievances, I am just interested to know where you procured your data. That way I can educate myself and be more knowledgeable when these questions arise in real life. It keeps the conversation focused on the issues and puts a damper on the ad hominem attacks that lower the level of discourse and demeans the participants. For real.

    Furthermore, though I am new to this forum I have read many of your posts and you don’t seem like an angry guy, but a frustrated on who is saying, “hey, are you guys getting this?” When a person observes an obvious evil, that person has not only a right, but an obligation of citizenship to speak out.

    I am a conservative Republican. Having said that I think it is important for Americans to always communicate with one another, it disarms current conflicts and goes along way in preventing new ones. I would like to communicate with you off this forum. If you would be interested, say so and I’ll forward you some contact info. If not, no harm, no foul. Somethings I agree with you on, others not so much, but at least you are engaged mentally and intellectually, and I respect you for that. If you do wish to contact me I have something to show you that will make you happy you did.


  18. nupealot

    I have not even read your response to 57nomad…oooooooooooh i cannot wait. he is setting himself up for failure. I skipped it to send this message and now i am going to read the heat.

  19. 57Nomad


    Here is how the Bureau of Justice Statistics breaks down the total percentages and sorts them by race of officers over race of the person killed.

    Here are the actual rates by the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

    Race of felon White Black Other Total
    White 55 % 3 % — 59 %
    Black 28 11 — 39
    Other 2 — — 2
    Total 85 14 1 % 100

    The incidence of white officers killing white people accounts for 55% of all people killed by policemen.

    Out of the total number of people killed by police, white officers killing black people accounts for accounts for 3% of all the people killed by the police.

    Out of all the individuals killed by police
    28 % of individuals killed by black policeman were white.

    11% of the all the individuals killed by police, were black individuals killed by black policemen.

    Overall, out of all the individuals slain by policemen, 39% were killed by black officers 59% by white officers. A black officer is almost 4 times as likely to shoot a black individual than is a white shooting a black individual.

    These are the figures and don’t represent my personal biases whatever they may be. I think readers, seeing the actual data, can draw their own conclusions.

  20. 57Nomad,

    I see both of your comments. I guess you couldn’t wait for my reply. Anywhoo, I see your numbers for the shootings by race, which is NOT what I am speaking about. I keep saying that what I am speaking about is unarmed, NON crime committing people. What IS in question and has been up for debate is whether or not white people who are unarmed, committing no crimes or are already in custody are being shot and killed at the same rate as black people.

    We see that there are plenty of cases of cops shooting blacks holding candy bars, groceries, and wallets, hair brushes not to mention the people shot while handcuffed, walking driving. And most of these cases the cops shot the person well over 10 times. And we know these people were not involved in any actions which would have logically lead to a police involved shooting. These are the statistics you should be researching as the researcher you say you are.

    Looking at the latest numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics we can see the raw numbers say: Out of 2686 total shootings – White Non Hispanic – 1134, Black – 834, Hispanic – 552 and other – 100. And we both see that they don’t have a section which shows the shootings which person killed did NOT have a weapon, or been involved in a crime. And again we see that even by these piddly numbers blacks and Hispanics are over represented in these killings.

    The Justice Department only gathers data on what is termed “justifiable homicides” by police and by private citizens. Not to mention there is an accuracy questioned since it is totally voluntary for police agencies to file any report at all on theses types of cases and plenty don’t. A detailed report of 20 years of that federal data, released in 2001, included two pages of cautionary notes about errors and omissions in the data.

    So isn’t it a little difficult to completely say that of all the shootings that are going on blacks are NOT over represented? So how would you be able refute that blacks are NOT being targeted if the numbers are incomplete or worse yet flawed. All I have to do is look at years of abuse to see the picture being painted by the police.

    Then there are the beatings and abuse which to me is just goes along with this abuse of authority that we as Americans tolerate in our black communities. Which we would never tolerate happening in our let’s just say more white dominated communities. These things go to show a pattern of behavior by police towards blacks in general. And this type of behavior shows no preference for armed, unarmed, criminal, innocent, affluent or poor when it comes to black people.

    Maybe you should also have a look at Amnesty international who also believes that even through our lack of reported cases, we DO have an issue with race and police abuse. It probably won’t help but you can sometimes get better numbers trying to look state by state.

  21. nupealot,

    I don’t know about failure, but I definitely tried to answer to the best of my ability. I understand where 57Nomad is coming from. The numbers for police related shootings are sketchy at best. And also they don’t really have a section listed where you can tell whether the person was unarmed, armed, in the process of committing a crime or anything else.

    You don’t have any more information than the handful of shootings they actually do release which ain’t a lot. But thanks for the vote of confidence and I might do a post on this exchange.

  22. Concerned

    It is a tragedy that anyone is shot by anyone including police. It’s more of a tragedy that suspects run from police when they do nothing wrong. I have friends that were raised by their parents with this “run from the cops” mentality.

    For those that debate this thread you are setting yourself up for failure. This is a no-win situation.

    Even if all white cops where shipped off somewhere away from the general population there would still be this type of racist blog. What people fail to undersand is that as soon as someone says white this or black this, it’s racist. Even if someone says, “That is my best friend John, the good looking black man over there.” its still racist.

    Let’s get a move on people. Life is too short to worry about this bs.

  23. Concerned,

    No one said that we should ship off all white cops. For one thing this gentleman who was shot dead did not run from the cops as he WAS a cop. So no matter what people do or say, you will still have these racist type of comments come in to blogs that point out racist behavior. And life is too short for those who are NOT affected by this problem to worry about it I guess is what you are saying.

    Because those of us in the black community who care that black men, women and children are being shot to death more often than is warranted by the situations. Black people who are innocent shouldn’t have to worry about being shot to death by none other than the cops. So why don’t you go ahead and move on and ignore the problem like most Americans. And I will continue to worry about this problem along with those Americans who understand that this IS indeed a problem.

    So no thanks for the idiotic dribble and get lost.

  24. Even if someone says, “That is my best friend John, the good looking black man over there.” its still racist.

    That’s absolutely true, Concerned. Any time someone talks or acts as if race has any intrinsic meaning, that’s racist. Or, as Professor Henry Louis Gates, would say, it’s racialized thinking which divides people by race without any basis.

    However, it’s not racist to point out that our society has historically treated people very differently on the basis of race, and such treatment has not yet disappeared.

    It’s also not racist to point out that we’re impacted by this past and present behavior, and impacted differently on account of our race.

  25. Trey,

    I am ashamed that you have even sent this idiotic comment. I guess you don’t watch television because the majority of channels can be called white entertainment television. But you wouldn’t be able to see that because they don’t actually call it that. They just SHOW you predominantly all white shows. Not to mention BET is NOT owned or operated by black people. So think again.

    And what do you call everyday that isn’t black history? I think if you look at what is being taught then you should call it what it is. WHITE history YEAR! But of course again you will not see that either. It is interesting that you notice anything with black in it and just ignore all the white oriented things. But that is why we still have racism. People CHOOSE to ignore the obvious.

    And lastly white people have the United states congress, senate and every other form of government as their white American advancement association. The government has worked and continues to work hard to make sure that white people stay the majority voice. Why don’t you explain why after all these years there has only been one black senator who was voted in? I guess that is just a fluke, right?

    So until we end the stupidity that seems to reign supreme in idiots like you we will continue to see anyone who points out the racism that runs rampant through this country as the racist. We will continue to see any black person who asks for fair treatment under the law as a person needing a crutch.

    What we won’t see is blatant white privilege being pointed out by folks like you. We will not see the blatant disparity which continues to keep blacks on the bottom of all statistics or the top of bad ones. But of course this is just more information than you can probably handle. And we all know that this is a waste of time because you will go away and continue to believe the tripe and propaganda that you came here with.

    So racism will continue and you will continue to see things through those white colored glasses where everything is equal and blacks are just begging for handouts while they hearken back to the days of slavery. Good bye silly little boy.

  26. Steven

    By now, why should anybody be surprised. This type of disgusting crap happens every week in America (just do a search on ‘police abuse and brutality, without any mention of race – and then read the stories – they are overwhelmingly about white cops abusing or murdering black people). White people simply don’t want to face it… it would be an indictment of the white justice system and white people’s beliefs that they have moved ‘ABOVE’ racism, ‘while the blacks perpetuate it’. White people like to act as though everybody from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and even the early 80’s was replaced overnight, or have changed their ways… they haven’t. They simply took it underground because it’s not publicly acceptable anymore. They have bred those feelings of spite, anger, and resentment into their children; they have taught their kids that it’s ok to say and do anything you want as long as you don’t use racial epithets…if you don’t use epithets, then you’re not really a racist (What I like to refer to as the Limbaugh doctrine).

    As far as these complaints about BET, NAACP, or whatever groups/organizations, it’s nothing more than disguised klan and neo-nazi rhetoric. Just go to… you will see the EXACT same divisive crap being spread by their members and leaders. It’s simply a way to get white people angry about something, anything… Lord knows, every generation of white people needs somebody to blame (first it was the native Americans, then the blacks, then the hispanics, then the asians, then the blacks again, then the Arabs, and now it’s moving back to the hispanics because of immigration). Everything in America is already for white people by default. Almost every show on every channel is white, almost every newscaster, sportscaster, CEO, big-time actor, senator, mayor, military general, pretty much anybody in a position of real power in this country is white. Everything in this country is set up for white people to succeed. And everytime, some white guy doesn’t succeed, it’s the hispanics’ fault for taking his job, it’s the blacks’ fault for living off of his tax money, it’s the native Americans’ fault for living off his tax money, it’s the asians importing too many goods and costing him his job, it’s the Arabs ripping him off on oil, blah blah blah.

    BTW, I’m half white, half asian, born and raised in the south. I’m a God-fearing Libertarian (ex-Republican), fiscally conservative, environmentally conservative, moderately progressive, gun loving, hunting every-other-week, sleep with my 12-gauge next to my bed, fishing, pick up truck loving, southern boy from a small town an hour outside of Jena, La, who now lives in Tx. I simply choose not to live in the dark.

  27. Tyrone

    It is such a double standard if it had been a black gay man that use profanity in front of seniors and children and open a security door. There would have been prison time and fire immediately! But a white gay man that goes off like an idiot and attack everyone on the plane with profanity and stealing beer is a hero to the white control media!Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who is now famous for quitting his job in one of the most outrageous ways imaginable — screaming at passengers and jumping down an emergency slide is made famous by the white control media! I don’t think what he did was nothing more then bad behavior! As a former correction officer I have been jump punch spit on had urine and pure mess and rotten milk thrown on me! My reaction was to write the inmate up and call for back up and that is it! Not curse all the inmates out and then quit my job! As a black man I have been racially profiled and abuse by many white cops as have many other black people! The white control media would not make me an hero if I went off! No they would not even cover my funeral after being murder by the white cops in a hail 41 to 50 bullet attack on my unarmed angry body! No they would look for my criminal record ( I have none) or talk about my horrible black community or talk about black on black crime! Not make me a hero! Black people take disrespect as part of life in America…We watch oursenior citizen beating and murder by white cops our children made to strip in public going to and from school! Our black males murder shoot in the back unarmed! We seen black innocent men beaten on video by white cops and all cops found not guilty! We don’t get to go off because the white cops will just murder us! Then the racist bias court system believe the lie they put together and find them not guilty…! So Steven Slater better thank GOD he is white in America and not gay white in Afghan. where he would have been put to death!

  28. Tyrone

    Why does America give a ok to police officers that murder unarmed black Americans! With nothing more then the excuse “I thought he or she had a gun! Or I had to make a split second decision and my decision was wrong and cause death …but I’m a cop so TOO-BAD-SO-SAD! Or black children as young as two or seven years old unarmed and non-combative can be murder by mostly white police officer so-call accidentally OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN EVERY STATE IN THE COUNTRY!!!! And America can give the alive officer the benefit of the doubt and say well….a cop has a hard job sooo…..TOO-BAD-SO-SAD you live in a bad neighborhood! Years ago racist white cops would just plant gun in the citizen hand to justify murdering a unarmed citizen! Today they don’t need to plant guns because NOBODY cares the police officer lies are always believe over the dead person that can’t tell the other side or the truth! If that same police officer worked in a factory and accidentally cause someone death…He or she would be fire! But a officer can shoot a unarmed non-combative black citizen 41 to 50 times and be back to work before the body is out the hospital or in the ground! Today in this time racist …stupid and abusive murderous white cops are accepted as just doing a hard job! Even white cops that murder so-call accidentally black cops are accepted as just made a mistake TOO-BAD-SO-SAD…all blacks look like criminals in white cops sick minds!Black people are called crybaby if they complain and even told that they are the blame for stupid racist and murderous white cops! If blacks didn’t live in bad neighborhoods they would not have to murder them and their children. All this coward and downright disgraceful and abuse of authority behavior continue daily in America while black men and women are fighting and dying in two wars . For the same white evil coward racist low life un-American white police officers! Gutless white police officer that murder black children should be fire immediately and never be permitted to own a firearm! I bet a million dollars that if cops knew they would be fire for accidentally killing a human being or a unarmed human being. All these accidental murders and unarmed murders WILL STOP! But there is not a politician with enough guts or who give a damn about black children being murder let alone black adults! They are more concern with a racist STUPID lowlife coward murderous white cop keeping his or her JOB!

  29. Tyrone

    If Kathryn Johnston and Aiyana Jones where white could they get media attention like the young white boy ? Who been in the news every day he been missing???? I wonder would it help if 92 year old black senior citizen Kathryn Johnston had been murder in Tiger Woods home. Would her life or death be important? Would America’s mainstream media be concern that a 92 year old black senior citizen was murder by three white cops? To think that Oprah, Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, Washington Watch all mention the Tiger Woods incident. But Kathryn Johnston is not even mention or a concern. I also wonder if 7 year old black Aiyana Stanley Jones was burn then shot in the neck by cops in Sandra Bullock home. Would her life or death be important? Would the mainstream media be concern a child was murder for nothing!To think that Oprah, Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation. Washington Watch all mention the Sandra Bullock incident. Is it that Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods are rich and rich people social life is more important then two black people murder by cops for nothing! Oprah had Sarah Ferguson on her show who apologizes for taking cash in exchange for arranging a business connection to ex-husband Prince Andrew! Then Oprah had Senator John Edwards’s wife on to explain how she felt about her husband affair and making a baby! At the time of her murder 92 year old Kathryn Johnston lived longer then 88% of all human being on earth! The three white cops that murder her went to the wrong home. After they shot at her 39 time 6 bullets hitting their mark they handcuff and allowed her to die. No ambulance no help for a dying senior citizen! Then planted a gun in her hand and drugs in her home. Then found a man that they told to lie and say he brought drug from Ms. Johnston home…he refuse! Only two of the three cops where imprison for less then 11 years! That to me is a horrible story that America should be concern. Aiyana was sleeping when cops raided the wrong home first throwing a flash bomb (which burn Aiyana) in the home then entering a home guns drawn. Shooting Aiyana in the neck dead! Another horrible story that should be a concern. But it seem nobody cares!

  30. Tyrone

    I write many posts on many blogs and sometime I’m called angry and a black racist! Or because I’m black playing the victim! This is a big lie and far far from the truth I’m not angry nor racist nor a victim! I love all GOD’s people but I call it like I see it and I’m doing what whites will not do! TELL THE TRUTH! I’m doing what the white control media will never do! TELL THE TRUTH!!!! The truth is in many incident in America that result in the downfall of America. The present of WHITE GREED ..WHITE RACISM..and THE LACK OF WHITE LEADERSHIP and THE WHITE BUDDY SYSTEM is responsible! Take WHITE GREED I believe is responsible for America’s financial downfall! The protest against the building of the Mosque in New York is because the LACK OF WHITE LEADERSHIP and the disrespect for the Constitution! Then the most evil of all is WHITE RACISM that is responsible for disrespect of America’s Constitution and lead to white racist cops murdering unarmed black children and adults! These evils are responsible for making America rank 10th in the world from number one in the world! For making America a third rate country and hated in most other counties! Then THE WHITE BUDDY SYSTEM responsible for many scams and cons and fraud against American citizen! Just in case you didn’t know the Federal Reserve is a private company of bankers with twelve branch banks that confiscate American money and they have been doing this for almost a hundred years,— this time! They are not part of the United States Government. Yet today they collect hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers every year. The white Republican politicians of the past set this up and today take many kickback so that this practice can continue! Not from just minority but all Americans especially white Americans! The Madoff family business seemed to be an inspiring success — until its patriarch revealed himself to be a con man for the history books.But this white con artist had help from The White Buddy System that looked the other way for many many years! This is why the white Republican Party are attacking President Obama’s recovery plan for America! They must keep the rich and the super rich richer and they could not care if the country is suffering! Bernie Madoff was able to con many America most if not all WHITE out of billions over 33 years because many white politician helped! And it took the Obama administration to out and arrest the con artist! Just like the healthcare fraud expose by the Obama’s administration where many American had set up storefront and billed medicare for equipment they never had! This fraud was allowed under many white President many members of The White Buddy System!

  31. Tyrone

    Talk about white racist ignoracne and bullying just look at the white so-call Christian protesting with sign at a white soldier funeral! The shame is that many whites don’t speak out against the evil! Attacking the dead is shameful! White racism in America is ones of the strongest forms of bullying and has gone on for century! So when people are told to stand up to the bully with the notion he or she will back down . That is not true and only happen in white movie and white TV shows! Blacks have stood up spoke out and march and died and where beat and murdered standing up to white racist bullying! And the white racist bully mentality gets stronger over the years! Under President Obama their have been more threats to an American President’s life! That has taking on record numbers! More white militant group Under President Obama more white anti-America groups! Hate and divide is the Program of the white Republican Party that also encourage bullying and hate and divide! HELLO TEA PARTY”…… We see white reality shows that encourage bullying and fights verbal and physical like MTV ” Real World” Jersey Shore”The Challenge: Cutthoat”. The Housewives of “whatever”…… Then it’s Jerry Springer” a white disgusting show that not only encourage violent but promote the show for it’s violent! Many white show on TV encourage bullying and violent then have the nerve to wonder why American children of all race are violent and become bully! They look at Judge Judy a white woman that is educate and in authority. But treats the litigant that come into the courtroom like second class citizen! She scream yells and calls litigant names like idiot ‘fools’ ignorance’ moron’ and one white male litigant she refer to as “This Thing! This makes her a bully because number one she already has power over the litigants! Given to her by America’s justice system! Second she knows that if the litigant respond like she talked to them she can just dismiss their cases…. THAT IS EVIL!… THAT IS A BULLY!!!!! That same bullying behavior is taught to America’s young that is taught to white police officers that abuse their authority and bully black women and children black senior citizen and especially black males! That racist bullying is in America’s government and has been forever! So we all must wake up and take responsibility for not identifying the racist bullying in America and how it is taught. Whites must take a leadership stand against bullying in America! They are the majority and with that comes responsibility! White are more likely to be in authority and as a matter of history have disrespected authority and theirselves!

  32. Tyrone

    Bullying in America

    In America no one should be surprise with young people bullying! Especially in white community! Just look at all the white reality shows that our children look at! MTV Jersey Shore which feature white young people fighting and bullying each other! Or Parent Control where young people mostly white curse at adult parent of there girlfriend or boyfriends! Hockey is one of the most violent mostly if not all white sport were fighting is encourage! Wrestling is another mostly white sport violent is front and center. Where white children are seated in the front roll looking at men and women trying to kill each other! Housewives Of Whatever” adult in their 30 and 40 get into physical and verbal fights! The white producer and directors encourage for their rating! Judy Judy is a big and nasty bully that sits in authority and has no reason to be a bully! But she teaches many adults and especially children out to enter act! Judge Judy have called litigants morons, idiot, fool, stupid and one litigant she refer to as “this thing! Judge Judy is a pathetic bully because she know she can call litigant names. If the respond in angry she can dismiss their cases! On The Steve W. Show he kicks chair and calls women the “B’ word that is bullying! There should be no surprise to white people why young people bully each other! Jerry Springer promotes fights between mothers and daughter husband and wives and girlfriend and boyfriends etc…The Jerry Springer’s audience is encourage to bully and call his guess names! White TV and movie are full of hatred and bullying there should be no surprise! Movie like “Mean Girls” Natural Killer” The God Father” all full of violent! Take a visit to New York where white cops are stoping and frisking black children going and coming from school! They are bulling black children!

  33. Tyrone

    Bush turn a surplus into a debt! Bush was a proven idiot elected two times! The healthcare plan President Obama past whether you like it in it’s final writing, it is a historical change! THAT WILL BENEFIT ALL AMERICANS!!!!! Something never done by a sitting President. President Obama receive the country with a higher debt then the former President receive losing nearly 750,000 jobs a month under President Bush and Republican rule! President Obama increase the stimulus package from 350 billion under Bush/Cheney to 850 billion which stop the recession and stabilize the country! Two wars started by Bush/Cheney ( Afghan. and Iraq) one the Iraq war for NOTHING causing the needless death of 4,400 plus Americans lives for NOTHING! There was no WOMD….Weapon of Mass Destruction ….NONE.. Yet Bush/Cheney continue the war allowing Americans to put their life on the line for NOTHING! Today Republicans want to be rewarded for their part in the needless murder of American soldiers! To think there are American that will vote Republicans back into office in direct disrespect of American troops that fought and died for their lives. In a war the Republican knew where WRONG! This notion that President Obama must create jobs that Republicans allowed to be sent oversea! President Obama has been in office nearly two years and is expected to turn the country around from 8 years of destroying the country under Republican and Bush/Cheney! President Obama is redirecting the country re-tooling the country and turning the country around! Republican have been the party on NO not allowing the change to take place. So if Americans where smart they would vote Republicans out of office and give President Obama the power he needs for CHANGE! White Americans are misguided and uninformed. They are fed lies and because of the lies they believe in the wrong thing to change America for the better! White Americans should no that 43 white President did NOTHING to correct white poverty! 61% of Americans receiving food stamps and welfare are WHITE! Newt Gingrich’is now attacking WHITE PEOPLE for receiving food stamps! Blaming them for the downfall of America after his party REPUBLICANS) are responsible for the horrible condition of TODAY! Republicans have a proven record of failure and given America jobs to oversea counties! Turning the country backward is the agenda of the Republican Party! Hate and divide is the agenda of the Republican Party! Promoting anger is the agenda of the Republican Party! Pledge to America is nothing but a waste of paper and Republicans are beting on white that HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! and REPEAT IT! and don’t investigate past the idiot the fool the racist that informed them!

  34. Joseph Houseman

    Hey man, I’m a red headed white man, senior citizen, and I don’t trust ANY cop of any color. I worked as a civilian employee of a small town police department and got to know all the local cops and sheriff’s deputies quite well. Most were good people but there were some who were just itching for an excuse to pull a trigger. They spent their annual training budget on shooting schools. They carried Glock pistols in .40 and .45 caliber with 12-15 round magazines and each carried 3 or 4 extra mags, a total of up to 75 rounds on their belts, plus rifles and shotguns in their cars . In that county only one cop ever had been shot and that was more than fifty years ago. I suggested to the chief that for every hour of shooting training they maybe should have two hours of training in how to avoid shooting. The chief agreed but never implemented any policy.
    Even though 68 years old I feel able enough to defend myself from thugs, which are very rare in these parts, but who will defend me from the cops?

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