Why Buy Black?

black parlor

I have been seeing a lot of posts being written about the buy black experiment.  Basically there is a group of blacks who are deciding that they are going to do the majority of their purchases from black people in their black communities.  Now the problem people seem to be having with this is that they feel it is discriminatory.  People feel that by deciding to support blacks in their own communities they are hurting others.

Now the problem I have with these people and their thinking is that no one ever complains about other races of people who do the majority of their shopping in their own community.  Somehow it only becomes problematic when black people decide that they will support people from their own community.  Why is that?  Why is it that black people are always expected to give the majority of their business to white owned or other?

When are these bloggers going to write a post declaring China towns across the nation as a cradle of racism?  Now California is full of Spanish communities where Hispanics shop and buy close to exclusively.  No one feels that this is discriminatory because somehow we all feel that they are a close knit community just like the many Korea towns, Italian areas etc.  No one cares that any of these people by deciding to buy from their own communities are helping to strengthening their communities.

I don’t see very many white people going out of their way to drive their butts into the black community and patronizing the black owned businesses there. But, I suppose they feel it is only reasonable for blacks to leave their neighborhoods in order to make sure they patronize a rainbow coalition of businesses.

Are these white people who are claiming this is racist bringing their children to black owned daycares?  Do the majority of white people call the black run insurance person, car dealer, real estate agent or any other black businesses?  How many of them decide that it is important to them to spend their money with a rainbow coalition of businesses?   And I don’t think that going to the neighborhood Chinese, Japanese or Korean restaurant counts.

We all know that they don’t.  If they did, then black businesses wouldn’t be going under, they would be doing a lot better and there wouldn’t be a need to push this buy black agenda.  It never fails that people will turn this into some sort of finger pointing adventure.  Not even giving one thought to how they themselves contribute to the need for black businesses to be supported by black people.

When we complain that blacks are being passed over for employment within white owned businesses, we hear that blacks should get their own businesses.  As soon as a black person decide OK, they WILL patronize businesses in their own neighborhood all of a sudden they are racist.  Blacks are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

And I have yet to see ONE white person cross that divide and do their business with the black businesses in the “black area”.   Did they decide they would only buy white?  Or are they doing what white people have done the last decades blacks have been able to own businesses, continue to shop white.

Black businesses are disappearing left and right.  But according to these bloggers that is fine as long as black people don’t decide to make it a priority to buy from those in their neighborhoods.  We can go down the list of communities who patronize those of their neighborhoods.  We are already being chastised for living in black neighborhoods, now we are being chastised for wanting to spend our money in black neighborhoods.



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14 responses to “Why Buy Black?

  1. It is really sad to read that so many people are losing their businesses. Life must be very hard for them and their families.

    We appear to live in a world where people seem to miss the point about many serious issues.

    Black people asking other black people to support them in a time of serious world recession seems to be a sensible thing to do as far as I can see.
    If black people do not support each other who else is going to support them.

    Worldwide we are all facing a period which could be a very long period of world recession; some of the predictions I have read are that it could end up being worse than the nineteen thirties recession.

    If this is the case; then should not people be looking at supporting each other and supporting their communites and turning this into a racial discrimination issue; when what it is is a human survival issue is incredibly irresponsible in my opinion.

    Black people should support black people; every other culture and race support their people and no one complains. And maybe if black people supported each other through good times and bad they would now have a stable place in the world.

    Black people should not have to be asked or persuaded to support black people; it should be a natural instinct to love and protect and to assist and nurture ones own people. Working and struggling and building together is what makes a people strong

    The fact that there is an experiment to get black people to support black people is a major issue in itself and an incredibly depressing thing to have to read.

  2. Piliontrust,

    Well said! I agree we shouldn’t be focused on as if we are the ONLY race of people who try to support their own.

    Thank you so much for your reply.

  3. We can buy American. We just can’t buy black American.


  4. BrotherP,

    You got that right! Obviously it is a scary thing for blacks to be supportive of other blacks. I guess if we start supporting each other we just might start working together. God forbid we just might realize that we don’t really need the dominant community to validate our being.


  5. Anyone want to stock me on their shelves? I figure I’m worth about $34million, but I’m willing to go on sale for about $1.35 or so…

    BUY MIKE!!!

  6. Mike,

    Hey, that wouldn’t be buying black. That would be buying Mike! But, you might make a nice accessory item.


  7. Of course I make a nice accessory item…I look absolutely adorable over on that shelf over there next to the faux artesian vas you picked up at the garage sale last summer…LOL

  8. Mike,

    You are too funny!

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. Anonymous

    There is something ‘The Black Sentinel’ bothers me.

    It’s not that “Black people are always complaining”, black people still suffer. It’s not even “You’re being racists against whites”, I like to think I’m not so thin-skinned that I can’t take any criticism.

    What bothers me about this blog is that you seem to be under the impression that black people have to PROVE they are black – that if there aren’t enough ‘black’ products on the market or if the ‘black’ community isn’t strong enough black people will somehow lose their indentity.

    This is nonsense. No matter where he grew up (be it Detroit or Berlin) a black man will always be black. Nobody can take his race away from him. People have tried before and failed.

    I would like to see how you will respond to my comment: will you be a coward and hide it? Or will you start ranting about how little you care about what I have written?

    I would also like to point out that if you (wrongly) believe people have to prove that they are black, your belief will not be achieved by pushing white people down.

  10. Anonymous,

    Why don’t you give me some examples of WHERE I say that blacks need to PROVE they are black? I don’t have any such requirements, nor have I mentioned any such requirements. I DO SAY that blacks SHOULD have more interest in the black community. And if by having more concern for the black community equates to this proving ones blackness to you, then it sounds more like a personal problem.

    And the black community DOES need to be strong. We need to be strong in order to continue dealing with the conditions that plague our communities. And who knows better that a black will be a black no matter where they come from than a black. You aren’t telling me something new. In fact this whole response is nonsense.

    And now that you aired your grievances why don’t I now tell you mine! I have a problem with people who come to my blog and instead of actually READING my posts, they read bits and pieces then replace my words with their own thoughts about what they THINK I am trying to say. I also am tired of people coming here with this idiotic statements like “I would like to see how you will respond to my comment: will you be a coward and hide it? Or will you start ranting about how little you care about what I have written?

    These statements are usually the reason I DON’T reply to these posts. This does NOT make me more inclined to respond to your less than interesting comment. NOW my final grievance. I can’t stand people who contradict themselves in their responses. This really bothers me above all else. First you say “It’s not even “You’re being racists against whites”, yet then at the end you turn around and say “your belief will not be achieved by pushing white people down.” If I am pushing or trying to push white people down, wouldn’t YOU consider that some sort of racism? Or is that my imagination?

    Why don’t you show me where I have pushed or tried to push white people down? Why don’t you show me where one white person has suffered damage or any other ill effect from me or at my hands? You can’t! All you can do is come here and not only misread every bit of my post, but you then wish to accuse me of the very type of racism that I am rallying against. How clever!

    So please do me a favor, either read the actual posts and make a comment that pertains to the post. Or don’t read the blog and continue to go about your day feeling that any black person who discusses racism and problems with the dominant community want to push whites down and force blacks to prove some sort strong blackness.

    OH and I do believe that if black people allow themselves to be sucked up by the so called integration we will no longer be black we will be generic. Which happens everyday all day. We allow Asians to keep their heritage if they would like without a problem. We allow Hispanics to keep their heritage without a problem. We allow Russians, Irish, Indian and many other races to have an ethnic affiliation. But the minute someone says that blacks should cherish their blackness someone like you accuses me of some sort of plot to force blacks to prove themselves.

    Give me a freaking break already. You and your thoughts are a dime a dozen. I get “your” type of comments everyday. You know the ones, “I bet you won’t have the balls to post this comment,” “Let’s see if you are a coward or will you post my comment.” I am just interested in knowing if this is the only way you feel I will post your drivel? Because I WILL post comments of those who have a point. Not of those who have no point but insist on silly ploys to get viewed.

    So How about this, if you are stupid enough to place a line like that in your comment again, you will get a chance to see what I do with it. And talk about coward, what’s your name again, oh yeah ANONYMOUS!

  11. Good post. You know in the free market economy we live in you get to vote with the dollars you earn which businesses you want to keep in your community. You can make this choice based on the product they provide, the service they give, or simply to support your community.

    Shop local. It keeps your dollars circulating in your community. Keeps the doors of your favorite stores open, and provides jobs for your neighbors.

  12. Chris

    When I heard this my first reaction was of course, “wait a minute”. But then I thought about it (great concept, huh?) and said wait a minute, again. This time thinking to myself, why is having pride in your race and buying from those within your own community a bid thing? Only to narrow minded people I guess.

  13. KJ

    I’m black and just the whole sentiment against supporting our own makes me very angry. I shop in black owned stores in DC area and I rarely if ever, see any person of another race in there buying anything. And just to see comment like that Anonymous guy. These people outright hate blacks and want us to be always dependent on them like their slaves and sambos. These other races hate to stomach giving any black person a job, but they’ll want us to keep spending money with them. Black people need to wake up, we always always try to be inclusive but never get reciprocity from others. Only buy from people who buy from/employ you. That’s the bottom line. One of the key findings of the Anderson’s experiment was, they actually saved money. I see hypocrisy from these other races and now I guard my money, because they’ll take it all and will never give “you” a job.

  14. KJ,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! We need to wake up and smell the coffee as the pot seems to be on fire as far as I am concerned. We act as if shopping in black owned places is some sort of slap in the face to white people. And no one ever feels that shopping in white owned businesses is a slap in the face to blacks. But that is the stupidity that we have carried along with us as a nation which has been brainwashed to see our own as the problem.

    Thanks for the comment.

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