Wanda Sykes Takes Rush To Task


I will admit that I don’t like Wanda Sykes one bit.  But the tongue lashing she’s taking from the right wing after her appearance at the white house correspondents’ dinner is a bit hypocritical.  She criticized Rush Limbaugh which I can’t fault her on.  She said things such as I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker [on 9/11] but he was just so strung out on OxyContin he missed his flight. He needs a good water boarding — that’s what he needs.”  And “he wishes the president would fail well I wish his kidneys would fail.”

Now what I found so funny was that a journalist actually said “Imagine if a comedian “joked” that Obama was a terrorist who was guilty of treason and should be tortured and allowed to die. There would justifiably be an outcry.”  Now I don’t know where the hell this guy was during the elections but these people not only called him a terrorist they said he palled around with them and was an undercover Muslim among other derogatory and untrue statements.

And I didn’t once here the right wing cry about it.  And in fact in some cases the one banging the “he’s a terrorist” drum was the Republican Vice President elect Sarah Palin.  Now as far as I am concerned Rush Limbaugh is a fat sloppy junky who seems to be in control of the Republican Party.  And whether or not Wanda Sykes makes fun of that is neither here nor there for me.  Sure she wished the guys kidneys would fail, but isn’t that freedom of speech just like Rush wishing the president would fail?

What’s the big deal?  She is a comedienne and just like Rush said after he blasted that wished the president would fail all over the air waves, he is just a comedian making jokes.  Can’t the same be said about the ever irritating Wanda Sykes?  Why doesn’t the right wing head its own advice and take a joke for a joke.

So what is the issue?  That Wanda Sykes was well beyond tasteful with her jokes?  Who around here didn’t know that this idiotic lady had no taste?  And who the hell ever cared about someone not having good sense or taste before?  No right winger gave a damn that Rush had and has no taste or good sense.  Hell where was Don Imus’ taste or good sense when he was calling black ladies nappy headed ho’s?

The real problem is the hypocrisy or the right wing that leaks like so much sweat on that fat ass Rush’s forehead.  They will lead the witch hunt yelling about birth certificates, Muslims, friends being terrorists and all that then turn around and act like a stupid joker named Wanda Sykes somehow speaks for the entire Democratic Party.  Oh my god, give me a break, please.  And leading the charge is Michelle Malkin who has said some of the most erroneous things that anyone can say.

This whole situation is a joke!  When are we going to grow up in our taste for news and a government?  We are failing as a people and it has nothing to do with who our president is, what Wanda Sykes says or that Rush Limbaugh wishes we would.  We are failing because instead of seriously looking at working together as a people we continuously separate and point the fingers of incredulity; instead of actually making this a better place for EVERYBODY.  This is just my two cents on this un-news story.



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8 responses to “Wanda Sykes Takes Rush To Task

  1. Yes, she worked him over pretty good.

  2. Mike,

    Sorry, false alarm. I decided that it wasn’t even worth a response. They actually don’t deserve my crabby smart ass reply.


  3. Anonymous,

    Send all of it to the about the black sentinel page. I don’t usually give it to people before I have had a chance to get to know their messages. And you are anonymous after all.


  4. I don’t particularly care for Wanda Sykes either. She’s never done anything worth watching or listening to in my book. But I have to admit it’s typical American hypocrisy to come down on her for coming down on a man who makes his living coming down on people with an opposing political view than his. If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Treat others the way you want to be treated. And we all know Mr. Limbaugh loves attention. Ms. Sykes is only feeding his ego.


  5. Ben

    I couldn’t agree with you more, but I think we may be missing something here. There’s an old song by “Sach Mo” Louis Armstrong that goes something like this,
    “Never let your left hand know, what your right hands doing,
    Cause as sure as you do, trouble will be brewing.”
    It’s all smoke and mirrors, I watch CNN, ABC, FOX, they all play the same game, left, right. It’s like a game to them, it’s never news. It’s a production, and Magic act! Look at this hand so you don’t see whats going on over there. They don’t even know whats going on most of the time, behind the scenes. I don’t think they have the guts to tell whats really going on. They’d lose more than their jobs, they’d lose their lives, or their family’s lives. Politics has been a rough and tumble fight, bought and payed for not by the taxpayers but the highest bidders, for years. Sure we pay taxes, so what. Do you think the people in Washington give a hang what our opinion is, when was the last time they asked you? Or anyone else? They have their own agenda, and it doesn’t include you, or me. We have always been expected to shut up, and step to the back. Here’s the kicker, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is, just as long as you keep signing those checks. Taxpayer is not a volunteer position. Just try Not paying taxes, see how far you get. Debtors prison, that’s where. It doesn’t matter what color you are, America has been Shanghai’d, by the big business of Politics. It doesn’t matter what color they are either, they’re making money and they’re the ones setting policy, no thanks to us. Well, except for that little item, taxes. It’s quite a setup really. I’ve been taken by a carny shell game before, but there’s an old saying,
    “Fool me once. Shame on you! Fool me twice. Shame on me!”
    We get taken year after year, for what? What was Uncle Sam’s cut of your salary this year? 35%, more, less? Multiply that by Six Billion, okay so not everyone pays taxes, say Three Billion. We’re still talking about a massive amount of sweat and tears, callouses, and the proverbial pound of flesh, or two.
    I’m thankful I live in America, really I am. I have two sons in the military, who I’m proud of for what I’ve taught them and what they stand for. The America I grew up in was different? I think not. Worse, in some respects. Looking backwards is a dangerous thing if you’re running headlong into the future, but if you take it one step at a time, looking back can open up a whole new vista, another look at where you’ve been. You see the trails blazed, and the missteps taken, you also see the less appealing side of the nature of man, Greed, Pride, Prejudice, all manner of evil and guile.
    We do not live in a perfect society but one that evolution has made. I say that because we have given up on the Republic under God, and have evolved into a Democracy. We do not have a government of the people, but Laws made by Judges the opinion of the people don’t matter. I think they did at one time.

  6. Chris

    Hello everyone, just thinking that whatever side we find ourselves on, Dem/Rep, Black/White, it’s our country we have in common. Don’t let the ruse of Rush’s comments or Sykes’ statements fool anyone. At ground zero: the work place, our neighborhoods, and on our streets we need to work through this collectively. However it plays out on CNN or Fox, the NY Times or Christian Science Monitor they’re making a living by keeping controversial issues at the forefront and we get sucked into their arguements. I didn’t vote for Pres. Obama but you can bet I’m rooting for him. I did vote for Bush years ago but I didn’t agree with alot of what he did. It’s give and take but it’s you and I that have to make it work and when we live side by side Black and White, Lib and Cons we have to come to a collective agreement and vote in who will do the best job overall, partisan points aside. We’ll never get who we want 100% – but if we don’t clean up our act soon we’ll get less the 0% of what’s acceptable. Hate takes too much energy. Wake up America we need to do what is best for us, our children, and the long term existance of our way of life.

  7. Chris,

    Well said and I agree 100%. That is what I was trying to point out. This perceived controversy is just a distraction from what we should be focused on. We are in the trenches and these fools who are doing what they do are not out here struggling with us day in and day out. Rush, Sykes, the government itself don’t have to worry about whether or not they will have a job, food or healthcare next week. That is our worries. We need to get focused on the REAL issues.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Chris

    Maybe those very intelligent individuals who are running our country can do what we just did; find an agreeable starting point. You and I can work outwards until we reach what’s unacceptable. Alot of elected official start an argument from the furthest pionts and work inward because they really have no sincere desire to find consensus. I love my Black brothers and sisters. I find many dispicable people in my own race. And I love our differences, it’s what makes the world go around. As I said above I didn’t vote for our President but I have to say I was extremely proud and very happy for Black America when he won. In retrospect I believe I may have cast my vote for the wrong guy. I based my vote on policy though, with that said I cannot be happier then showing the world that anything is possible in our country. Many take themselves so seriously because of insecurities that don’t allow themselves to laugh at their own mistakes or accept others for their shortcomings. In the end it’s up to us in urban, suburban, and rural America that has to make it work. Many of our elected officials lie their butts off to get re-elected and they are failing to represent what we elected them for.
    Thank you for allowing me to participate in your awesome publication.



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