Pork Industry Hogwashing Swine Flu


People are getting sick from what has been termed the swine flu. The WHO (World Health Organization) has come out today and raised the threat level of this to 5; saying that a pandemic is eminent. And all the pork industry can think about is how this is going to hurt pork sales and how to spin this pesky problem away.

It seems that the pork industry and thus their lobbyist are growing angry at this name questioning whether the term “swine flu” is appropriate, given that the new virus has not yet been isolated in samples taken from pigs in Mexico or elsewhere. They are complaining because this flu doesn’t ONLY have swine flu genetic material but avian and human as well. As if what they said makes much of a difference when the WHO has already deemed that it has the majority of its genetic material stems from swine flu.

They already are trying to term this the “Mexican flu” if that isn’t a farce and downright ridiculous. It is almost as ridiculous as Jackass Jones otherwise known as Michelle Malkin saying that the flu is because of Mexicans running across the borders. When we all know that so far the majority of people who have been infected were due to American’s who have just recently come back from Mexico bringing the virus with them.

Yet, isn’t this typical of our so called equality driven society to start trying to blatantly lie, cheat and malign in order to slap the blame on one marginalized group of people. If this flu blew in from Norway I doubt if anyone would be trying to call this the Nordic or Norwegian flu. I mean hell they didn’t call the “BLACK plague” the European flu.

We already know that this did not originate in Mexico as millions of pigs died from the swine flu in China a few years ago. No one is exactly sure how the disease jumped from pigs to humans but since it has shouldn’t we be concentrating on helping people combat this rather than looking for someone to blame? Shouldn’t the pork industry spend its bucket loads of dollars helping to squash this disease rather than on pointing the finger away from themselves?

No matter what happens it always seems to fall back to being socially conscious rather than the selfish self centered greedy pig headed companies that we can’t seem to rid ourselves of. If we all could stop throwing around the term Socialist as if it were somehow associated with the plague or swine flu, maybe we could be a bit more social and help each other. But I am sure we all know that this type of thinking is a bunch of hogwash.



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2 responses to “Pork Industry Hogwashing Swine Flu

  1. I guess in my opinion, regardless of what you call it, the whole damn thing is so overblown by a sensationalist media its not even funny. Technically speaking, swine flu, bird flu, your averagerun of the mill human flu….by the numbers alone, we have a pandemic almost every year. This is just one more thing to report on, grab some headlines, fill some space on tv, radio and in the news columns, and help people in health related jobs and departments who speak to this justify their importance, NOT that I’m saying health department people aren’t important, but anymore, every new health matter that comes out, despite the fact that there is a new thing without a proven working vaccine that exists at any given moment, it suddenly becomes news. There are so many strains of flu to begin with, that ALL the vaccines we have from last year are now no longer effective due to natural mutations, and all are capable of pandemic stature.

  2. Mike,

    You know what happens during a slow or we don’t want to report real news, news days. This is what you get. A little over a hundred cases of a flu and people go crazy. Let’s all get excited when a few million people are infected. Then we have a problem. If the hospitals acted like the media, for every two or three cases of flesh eating virus they would send them into a panic every month. They still get cases of hanta virus, bubonic plague and other scary crazy illnesses. We don’t hear anything about them because no on cares anymore, they lost their fear factor.


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