Teaching Sextra Credit Gets Deadly, Again


Yet, again it happens that another white female predator is involved with not one but two of her students. And to top it off one goes into the military, comes home and catches her with another student and stabs him to death. This reads like some sleazy novel yet it is real life.

It seems that this pedophile was accused years earlier of having a relationship with the very student who has now confessed to the killing. She denied it of course like these lying scuzz buckets usually do. So she rapes one student while working at Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe and then the other while working at El Dorado High School in Chandler.

This is becoming more common than white teenagers shooting up schools or malls. Where is the profiling, the news specials or the news coined names such as white female teacher on child crime? And why isn’t the fact that the majority of students who are being targeted by these fiends are minority being explored?

Does anyone think that hundreds of black female teachers raping and exploiting white students wouldn’t be a major story in this country? This disparity is so hypocritical and of course typical of how we deal with race in this country. We talk about how out of control black on black crime is all the while the larger amount of white on white crime goes un-scrutinized.

When are we going to do something about these nasty predator pedophiles passing themselves off as teachers? Just because these are boys, and it seems to be a male fantasy, these kids still need to be protected. It is obvious that they are not able to handle this type of sexual abuse. And as a direct affect of these illicit relationships with their teachers, too many of these boys are going out and killing or doing other crazy things showing their mental instability.

This has obviously gotten out of hand and the sextra credit has to stop. We can no longer look at this as some sort of tabloid oddity. We need to see these women for the depraved hypersexual pedophiles that they are. How can any of us, especially minorities, send our children to school without fear of the teacher? I am now extremely fearful that my son will end up in the classroom of one of these monsters. And trust me the teacher who crosses my child will understand exactly why this was a bad idea.



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12 responses to “Teaching Sextra Credit Gets Deadly, Again

  1. Shabazz

    Hey folks, I’ve got my own blog now, check it out:


  2. Rob

    of all the strides we make at combatting racism,your irresponsible journalism takes us several steps back.as journalists and human beings you ought to be ashamed.you are no better than the people that you hate against.only god can judge you,and you should believe that he will.you are no better than the white supremacists and you will stand alongside them on judgement day.peace and brotherhood is the answer.we need to stop referring to people as “white” or “black” and simply refer to one another as humans.

  3. Rob

    oh,and i was once a teenage boy myself.i highly doubt that no matter what race or color the students were,that it wasn’t rape.im quite sure they were very willing participants

  4. Rob,

    You know what, sometimes the girls are willing participants too. But you don’t see people acting as if that makes it any less an act of rape. It is always as if a young boy can’t be raped. They are always so willing as if that makes it somehow OK. Well it isn’t OK and these boys suffer as much as the girls. They end up with difficulties in life. So when does this fact make people stop saying what you say and do something about these rapists parading as teachers?

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Rob,

    I am NOT a journalist. So why don’t you do a bit of reading before making idiotic comments? I am ashamed of you to sit around and support rape of children just because you think that every boy is “willing”. Yet, where are YOU when people are talking about this black on black crime as if it is any more prevalent than white on white crime? You are nowhere to be seen because you don’t care. You only care when someone does the same finger pointing at the white community that the news, the dominant community and the government does at the minority community.

    So, instead of trying to see fault in pointing out the fact that the vast MAJORITY of these rapists are white, why don’t you help to shed light on this problem? Or does it make you uncomfortable hearing someone point out the obvious? Well, if it does too bad. News coverage should be equal and I will be damned if the only crime I have to hear about concerns minorities. So stop bothering me with your self righteous drivel and start looking at the BIG picture.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  6. I would venture a guess that this has something to do with these women feeling entitled to something. And enjoying the power they have over their students. They are scuzz as you put it, I don’t know though of “hundreds”. Perhaps dozens. Unless you are assuming there are many more yet to be caught.

  7. Jay Burns,

    I am not assuming about the numbers. I did another post called “More Female Teachers Handing Out Sextra Credit“, where I listed about 101 of other teachers who have done this. I left a lot of them out. The news is there to be found. I just went searching and listed a few as not to overload the post with a big list. But there are plenty and I do mean over a hundred women who have abused their students. I also do updates every so often of new teachers like this post. So trust me there are hundreds of these women and yes I do believe that there are a lot who just haven’t been caught. YET!

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Point taken. It is worse than I would have imagined.

  9. Jay-
    My sister knows a few in Florida that she went to school with who became teachers and then found their own pets, so to speak.

  10. Mike – you are refering to women teachers who have done this. If it is that rampant, is it simply accepted in the educational communities?

  11. I don’t know if it is so much accepted within the educational community. I think there is just an inordinate amount of (mostly very young) female teachers (and some male) who seem to have forgotten how to control there hormonal reactions, and of course when it comes to high school boys and their fantasies, well you remember Ms Forbes? Let me tell you, had the opportunity arisen then, as an immature and hormone riddled high school boy….um yeah!

  12. Do I remember Ms. Forbes? Of course I remem…… Sorry drifted off there.

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