United’s Not So Friendly Skies

A United Flight Attendant Modeling New Uniform

A United Flight Attendant Modeling New Uniform

So now United Airlines wants to charge what they term “obese” passengers with a double fee for flying their so called friendly skies. I guess those skies aren’t so friendly for those who are a bit on the heavy side. I guess I have a few problems with these companies and restaurants etc trying to charge or ban those who are overweight. And it is simply because it is very subjective. Who is going to be in charge of making that decision? Are they going to bust out of the back and embarrass the person in front of everyone and have them step on a scale in order to confirm.

That doesn’t sound friendly at all. Not to mention are they going to also make a stinky person tax. I have actually had to sit next to a guy who was stinky as all get out and that was on United. I guess they only care about their passengers comfort in that they don’t have their space invaded by a fat person. But could care less if other are around you with their crying babies, stinking bodies, loud talking, ugly looking, over perfumed/cologned and otherwise invasive behaviors.

They have never cared for your comfort before and this is no bigger a problem then any of the other things I’ve mentioned. If they REALLY cared for my comfort then they would find a way to allow me to bring my own freaking food and drinks on their lame ass planes. Snatching someone’s sealed Snapple isn’t going to make me any safer, trust me.

I mean being in the medical field I know that there is a LOT of disorders, diseases and medications that have the side affect of weight gain/obesity. And are those people going to be made to pay for something that they have NO control over? And if that is the case are people who are extremely skinny or anorexic going to be able to get their tickets cut in half since they are taking up the space of only half that of a normal weight passenger.

Hell where does it end? What about pregnant women? They can be considered overweight as well. How about body builders they also are considered over weight due to weight/height charts. This is a big can of worms they really shouldn’t want to open. Because to me this is just a small leap from charging Muslims or black extra because they are more likely than others to disrupt the plane in some way. When more than likely it is the little old lady next to you who will complain about any and every thing no matter what or how small.

I guess we can now expect to step on the scale at the airport or be subjected to a game of guess the fat person’s weight by United Airline ticket counter workers. How about we just save a lot of time and trouble and amend the constitution to say that overweight people be banned from airlines altogether? Oh boy we are quickly becoming a nation of people who just has to find someway to subjugate the next guy, no matter how ridiculous the case.



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  2. And this ties in to an even bigger issue. We Americans in general, not necessarily you, specifically complain about the decisions of a private company that affect us directly. And we have the very right to do so, I’ll grant that. But then many people who may do this complaining, fully support government initiatives that tell us what to do, and failure to follow results in us paying them some extra money…just one example of this stupidity is the seatbelt laws, tied in with age-related child seat laws (which dont take into account size of the child). Just my thoughts….also, is that picture REALLY an actual flight attendant, or a extremely underweight supermodel showing them off? (either way, maybe we need to solicit donations to help feed her???)

  3. Mike,

    This decision won’t and doesn’t affect me in any way. I used to work for United and would never fly their airlines. Anywho, I can’t stand initiatives and laws that are designed to quarantine or separate one segment of the population due to physical appearance. This isn’t the same as smoking or drinking OR drugs for that matter. This is purely a physical thing. These fat people aren’t dripping gravy on their neighbors. And if they were, I would be the first to say that shit has to stop. But hey, what really are they doing?

    If they can’t fit in the seat is one thing. Because then they won’t be flying anyway. We all know that they have shrunk their seats over time in order to squish more of us onto their planes. Hell, people of regular weight can barely get into the seats comfortably. We all have seen that commercial where the lady is in between the two laughing joking guys on an airplane. None of them were obese and it was a tight and uncomfortable situation (at least for her) and nobody seemed to care. This is my complaint.

    I personally don’t feel that just because a business is private means that they can discriminate against citizens. Because if that goes by without any complaint, when will we get to race and or religious? It isn’t a far jump to make certain races or religions pay more since they might be the trouble makers etc. I just don’t think we as citizens can sit idly by and allow these private or not companies use discriminatory practices against our fellow citizens and say nothing. No one should fly United. Screw them!

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. Can i take a one small pic from your blog?
    Thank you

  5. AnnaHopn,

    What pic are you referring to?


  6. The Engineer

    Here are a couple of links:

    “Obesity becoming U.S. civil rights issue for some”
    A few excerpts:
    Activists say the movement is beginning to amass some victories, from larger seat belts in cars to a decision by the Supreme Court in Canada that obese and disabled people traveling on airplanes can’t be forced to buy a second seat.

    Obesity-related health care cost upward of $100 billion a year, research shows.

    An “obesity wage penalty” — larger employees getting paid less regardless of job performance — is widespread, and research shows overweight people are less likely to land a job or be promoted than a non-obese worker, she said.

    According to NAAFA, about 70 percent of overweight and obese women have experienced bias from doctors. Others complain of being turned down by health-insurance companies.

    Just recently, United Airlines, a unit of UAL Corp, said it will require obese passengers bumped from full flights to purchase two seats on a subsequent flight. That would match the policies of other carriers, including Continental, Delta, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines.

    And we have the other extreme:

    “Miss Universe Australia in “skinny” controversy”
    A few excerpts:
    Australia’s Miss Universe contest was thrown into controversy on Thursday with doctors and dieticians complaining a leading finalist was “skin and bones” and dangerously malnourished.

    Pageant director Deborah Miller said brunette Naumoska, who was defeated in the final by 20-year-old television presenter and model Rachael Finch, had Macedonian heritage, which accounted for her extreme thinness.

    While Naumoska refused to speak to media, nutritionist Susie Burrell told the Herald Sun newspaper there was no such thing as a Macedonian body type.

    Eventual winner Finch will compete in the Miss Universe world finals in the Bahamas in August.

    I was fat. Engineering school does that to a person.

    When I graduated, got my first Engineering job, and was examined by the company doctor, I asked the question that is usually never asked, “Say doc, should I lose a few pounds?”

    The doctor did not say anything. Instead, the doctor shoot his head up and down vigorously. I think he gave himself whiplash.

    So, I tried being a vegetarian for about a year. It worked. I lost 20 to 30 pounds. I felt terrible. The most serious problem is feeling faint at the end of the day. This is not good for a relatively young man who is still growing; therefore, I went back to eating some kind of meat everyday. Predictably, I gained back some of the weight.

    Afterward, I had to deal with a severe coffee and chocolate bar addiction. It is very common for scientists and Engineers to suffer some kind of stimulant addiction. I knew many Engineers who would have cola and cigarettes for breakfast. A lot of Engineers would smoke two or more packs of cigarettes a day. Some even mastered the “art” of having a cigarette in the mouth and sipping coffee, simultaneously.

    It is an occupational hazard.

    Eventually, my body just could not take it anymore. I had to give up coffee, tea, softdrinks, chocolate, spicy food, you name it — I had to give it up. After a couple of visits to a couple of doctors (to make sure I did not have an ulcer), I finally put myself on a regimen of acid reducers just so that I can eat bland food.
    I gave up driving so that I can exercise every single day.

    I look great now. I feel okay.

    I strongly believe that our food supply is tainted in some form, whether it be artificial/questionable fats or preservatives added to the food, or even biological/genetic Engineering performed on the basic ingredients.

    Thank you for listening.

  7. Cali

    What about the majority of the population who have to be “inconvenienced” by the minority, being squeezed into a corner or into someone else just because someone EXTREMELY obese is taking up half of MY seat sitting next to me? If you’re behind is taking up TWO seats, you should have to pay for TWO seats. (One seat… TWO seats… do the math.) It’s not discriminating against “big” people! Discrimination is when one judges another based on something they can’t change about themselves… you mean to tell me after a certain point of tipping the scale, there’s no way one can do ANYTHING about it to make it remotely better for one’self? I have friends with weight problems that CAN’T be controlled and yet they STILL prevent it from getting past a certain “point of no return.” After a certain point, it IS a choice… and every day, conscious decision… self-discipline. I know this because I used to be vey big. I too said it was “hereditary” or due to “medical circumstances.” Once I got my portions out of control, and got up and moving… funny how the “medical condition” sorta “fixed itself” slowly over time… but my new lifestyle now reveals the woman trapped inside of the “body.” 🙂 If I were “big-boned” or very “tall,” I’d be more upset with the leg-space in coach if I were those people! Your height is something you CAN’T control!

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