Tea Party Or Pity Party


I haven’t felt much like talking about politics since the election. But, this tea bag business has got me fuming and I feel the need to vent to all of you. I don’t have a problem with protest as to me that is what makes one a good citizen. Letting the powers that be know when you are unhappy with a certain treatment or behavior that needs changing.

But the problem I am having with this tea bag bullshit is that it makes no sense. Where were all these people with their tea bags and signs when Bush was getting us into this mess? Are those crickets I hear chirping in the background? I guess they were too busy calling everyone unpatriotic and then telling them to support our president to do any protesting.

I have seen signs that people have their children holding saying things like “Obama is spending my future earnings.” OK, I can go with that. But where were these people and their children when Bush was running up the deficit to astronomical amounts for the last eight years? Were they too busy reaping the benefits of all those tax cuts for the rich? Oh, that’s right these are the fools who don’t make over 250 g’s. They are the ones who make minimum wage but feel that the trickle down effect Bush tried will work if we give it adequate time.

I know that these people don’t really believe that this economic fiasco just started the day Obama got into office. And I know damn well that these are the same people who if we go by their signs and let free market reign, will be crying about their lost job. Help me government. That is exactly what they would be running around saying if we allow businesses to just start going under. Now don’t get me wrong this is exactly what I wanted. Let them go down and take these losers with them.

But the problem is now, that we have a bunch of people with selective memories who feel that somehow everyone can keep their jobs, we can fix our infrastructure, fix our health care, fix our school system, continue two failed wars, make up for the housing, stock and financial markets crisis all while giving everyone or at least the rich a free ride on taxes. Not to mention cut business taxes and allow them to have offshore tax shelters.

How does any part of this plan or non-plan make any sense to anyone at all? This is utter idiocy. But, isn’t that the same idiocy we have seen out of these jackasses for the last eight years? What are they proposing that is different than then? They actually have built a following of nuts by telling them we need to continue the failed plans of the last eight years in order to repair the damage of the last eight years. UH, WHAT? Can you run that by me again?

And if that isn’t enough, they still seem to be following and listening to a back alley junky (Rush Limbaugh). What is wrong with these people? I don’t know if Obama will succeed and I don’t know if he is on the right path. But the one thing I DO KNOW is that we can’t continue the last eight years of stupidity. As that is what we KNOW is the wrong thing.

*SIGH* Can’t we just put aside the petty crap for a couple of years and try to patch up the tears and rips that Bush and his clowns put in the fabric of our society.  Which makes me wonder if this is a tea party with real background or just a pity party aimed at crying over the loss of power.



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6 responses to “Tea Party Or Pity Party

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  2. Shabazz

    Please, the only reason their doing this shit is because they feel they shouldn’t have a “nigger” running the country. At the end of the day, that’s what their teabagging and protests is really about.
    I wish we would have that race war already. That’s what they really wan’t, so why not give it to them.
    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to split some whitey’s wig open.
    I know I sound violent and (gasp!) racist, but isn’t this how they’ve felt all along?

  3. For a little history, these tea parties have happened every tax day for as long as I can remember (not withstanding the fact that I dont remember what I had for breakfast 3 days ago, but..)

    I personally believe that the magnitude and actual abundant coverage of this years isn’t so much a result of Obama being POTUS, as it is a reaction to the multitude of stimulus, omnibus, and emergency spending measures that have been gone through with, regardless of citizen wishes, since the first one back in the fall. Even if Bush was still President, the stimulus package issued under his watch was not only (in my estimation) stupid, hasty, and ill thought out as far as targeting purposes, and the tea parties would have been the same. Granted yes, they are comprised mostly of republicans/libertarians/conservatives, but that isn’t really a surprise, as the idea of low taxes (if any at all) and high spending has always been a republican/conservative issue, regardless of the irresponsible behavior of republican congresspeople during the Bush tenure. And maybe they wouldn’t have been AS covered and calculated, if it hadnt been for the massive spending bills passed that has occurred since the election, I’ll grant you that.

    As for Rush being described as a back alley junkie, i’ll take issue….he was pretty much a front door and mail order junkie!! LOL


    “I wish we would have that race war already. That’s what they really wan’t, so why not give it to them.
    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to split some whitey’s wig open.
    I know I sound violent and (gasp!) racist, but isn’t this how they’ve felt all along?”

    Not all of us. I’m white and conservative in nature (with a hint of hippie liberal in me thanks to my parents), but the thought of a race war is definitely displeasing to my brain and heart. As a former military man, I can assure, a war of violence can only solve so much, in fact creating an outright race war, I think would create a larger rift in the aftermath that would send us into internal problems that affect mostly 3rd world countries now. Race relations would be set back decades if not centuries, with any chance of improvement needing to take at least twice as long from the end of any such war to reach where it has even made it to today. While I can’t personally understand things from your perspective, I can understand frustrations from a bullying environment, and have had the thoughts of violent vengeance against my oppressors (some still to this day I would like to use some of my military training on!). Anyways, for what its worth, I hope I have not warranted the need to split my wig….my head is a bit funny shaped and could use soem cheap reconstruction, but not that badly!!! 😉

  4. Mike,

    I agree that they have been doing this each year. BUT, where was this astronomical coverage each and every one of the eight years Bush lead us deeper and deeper into the hole that we find ourselves? That is my focus. This omnibus crap and bailout here and there wouldn’t even be necessary without Bush. In fact the problems didn’t start this year, so why now?

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Well to answer your question, I dont really know. It could be any number of reasons. It might be that some people actively participated due to Obama being president. It could be that a generally republican type movement happening during a democratic President’s term makes for more dramatic media. I really dont know. The timing of the bubble burst really happened at one of the shittiest times as far as further polarization of politics. One one hand you have it happening during President Bush’s term, but right before the White House is occupied by a democratic President, especially Obama, being the first black President of course. Add that to a lot of hot button issues coming either out of the legislation, or the courts lately, our American need to be entertained more by news, as well as voice our arrogant opinions (as Americans like to do ever so often).

    So yeah, its hard to say what THE, or the basic specific ideas, are behind increased popularity and coverage of the tea parties.

  6. Mike,

    I agree with that. The crash happened at a bad time and it will be looked at differently based on the persons right or left leanings. Also, I think this is basically a Republican type of movement like you were saying. Which makes this a lot more of a juicy story. Even though it is nothing close. It is also funny that the Ron Paul followers are blasting the right wing folks who are teaing up. They think their tea party is being hijacked. Go figure!

    Thanks for the reply

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