Focusing On The Symptoms

Police Shot

I was reading the tag surfer when I came across a post talking about how racist the Obama’s were and what they thought about Lovelle Mixon. In case the name isn’t familiar, he is the man who shot four police officers in Oakland recently. Now I could care less what these people think about Obama and his wife. If they feel he or they are racist, oh well. The problem I have is that these people are so gung ho on talking about how terrible this incident is.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate killing cops. In fact I don’t advocate killing anyone no matter what they have done. My problem is that these people could care less that Oscar Grant was just gunned down by police officers in Oakland. They even had the nerve to say that the incident wasn’t race related as if white men all over America are being gunned down by the cops without committing any crimes whatsoever.

Has it crossed anyone’s mind that maybe Lovelle Mixon saw four cops coming towards him and freaked, flashed back or just put two and two together and decided to get them before they got him? Hey you never know! Anyhow, my problem is that when a cop gets shot and god forbid a black man does the shooting; everyone gets their panties all in a bunch. Now it is a terrible thing when a person gets gunned down in the line of duty.

But one problem that I have is that a lot of the time police acts like some sort of rouge gang themselves. I am not saying that ALL cops are dirty, but enough black men get shot walking home from grocery stores or out on their pre-wedding night than ought to. Now I am sure that accidents such as this happen. But like I said it seems to happen to black men way more often than any other. And personally I am surprised that this type of thing hasn’t happened sooner.

I am NOT advocating people killing cops due to perceived or real incidences of police abuse. I have to keep reiterating these things because I will get a slew of comments where I am accused of being for cop killing or some other stupid thing. Now my point is that when you continue to abuse someone they will eventually be conditioned to act first. It is just like beating a dog; eventually that dog will see a hand and bite it. Same goes for the black and white community. We have been abused so much that no matter what the incidence blacks more than likely will see it as racism. We have been conditioned.

And now that this conditioning is coming around to bite the cops in the ass, people want to perpetrate this surprised I can’t believe you would think that way act. When are we all going to learn that you get out of something what you put into it. Cops constantly beating and killing young black men will only teach those young black men to bite when they see cops, especially when they are in numbers. I know that I am totally afraid that a gang of cops will harm one of my male family members. I won’t lie, I teach my son that he needs to be aware of groups of cops, and they can’t really be trusted. And that is a shame.

I should be teaching my kids that the cops are our friends. But they have showed me that this isn’t the case. I have had several uncles, cousins and even two aunts beat up by the cops. And in all but one case my relative had done NOTHING to bring that upon themselves. When the cops slapped and put my aunt in a headlock I was shocked and hurt. They never apologized and had the nerve to say that blacks all look alike and that is why these things happened. It showed me that being black and innocent meant nothing to those thugs. At that moment I came to understand that officer friendly we met in school didn’t really exist or at least never seemed to show up in the black neighborhoods.

The only thing I can say about Obama is that he agreed to take responsibility for the economy and the mess made by big businesses shabby dealings. But will he agree to take responsibility for allowing these cops to infect these young men with the disease of hate and fear? Will he champion for a cure or will we continue to react on a case by case basis as if the symptoms are not related to the disease. Unfortunately I doubt that he will take any stand on anything that infects the black community yet will continue to focus on the symptoms and not the disease.



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19 responses to “Focusing On The Symptoms

  1. cinque

    I have been reading blogs all week about this and have not commented because I am not reactionary. When I think of police in general, I see the Majority of them as I see the officer in the beating video of the 16 year old girl in Seattle not long ago. But not the officer who beat, slammed, pummeled with his fists to the ground and dragged her to her feet by her hair, but the other officer who watched all of this happen and did nothing to stop the other officer and will no doubt either not testify for the girl or testify for the criminal officer who administered the beating. Or the other officers in the Oscar Grant case who stood by and watch the event unfold. That is the police I see everyday, turning a blind eye to all the misdeeds in their department. (anyone ever heard of the blue wall of silence??) I don’t care how many good police are out there, if you don’t turn in a fellow officer for misconduct then you are dirty as well. Too many officers participate in this “Blue Wall” and because of that I can’t feel any sympathy for them. You say what you want about me, but I am not alone. Police don’t snitch on other police. So in my book they are all under suspicion……….just like I am when they see me. I wish I could feel sympathy for them but I have seen “The Riders” in Oakland, The Ramparts in L.A, Louisiana Police corruption, NYPD racism, corruption, Police lawlessness, corruption and racism in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Boston, Boise and Baltimore first hand. So even if you see a good officer, if that officer lets one bad act by fellow officer go, he is just as bad. We are to hold these persons to a very high standard and if you can not deal with standard……find a different job!!!

  2. Cinque,

    I agree wholeheartedly!!! People want to constantly talk about how the black community won’t “snitch” on the bad guys like drug dealers. Yet, say nothing about these cops playing as if they are the mob.

    Any cop who stands by and watches his fellow officer commit a crime should be charged exactly like a black guy standing by while his buddy robs an old lady. They will say that the black guy was an accomplice and so the cop is as well.

    And trust me I don’t see you in a bad light. In fact I feel just as you do. We can’t trust the cops, they have shown us nothing but contempt and violence.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. cinque


    I am sorry but I guess no one wants to touch this one.;{) I know you have quite a few readers but maybe we went to a place too dark and tender for some.

  4. Cinque,

    I always make at least one post that people just won’t touch. And this one is extremely itchy for some. Yet, we seem to have had an understanding and that is all that matters. I don’t “try” and offend people but sometimes that happens.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Pokes the posting…….yeah, I’m only doing it to prove I am not scared, I just have noting that can really be added unless I take an unpopular decision that isn’t even my own. I prefer the smartass route as opposed to relentless antagonist!
    I have an uncle who is a police officer in California, about 1-2 hours from Oakland. Luckily he has never found himself in a position to be compared to any of these stories….and of course now, he works in the crime lab after a spinal cord bloodclot took him down some years ago.

  6. Mike,

    You are funny. Anywho, my grandfather(moms side) was a cop. He never found himself in that position either. They have a hard job and I may be totally disgusted with what seems to be all to normal nowadays but I certainly do appreciate being able to have the help if needed. And when Cinque talked about fear, I think that he was thinking more of people speaking out against the cops. People constantly talk about how this shouldn’t happen again and that we have to take steps to end the abuse by the cops. But, it seems to continue happening over and over to no avail. People are afraid to do something. I mean who wants the cops to come down on them.

    We constantly hear about the code of silence in the black neighborhood but then act as if we understand the code of silence in the police force. They are allowed to protect their “brothers/sisters” while telling us we should be doing more to help them. What are they doing to help us? The problem is that we see them beating, abusing and killing black people without batting an eye and then we are expected to point someone out for this abuse. Uh, uh, that probably isn’t going to happen. Sure people want to be rid of criminals, but we don’t want to have them tried and killed by cops without even a trial. Sorry about that rant, it was just building up in there somewhere.

    OOOHH! The crime lab! Did I ever tell anyone what a big giant CSI fan I am. I actually used to love it more when Gil Grissom played by William Petersen was on. Now that it has Lawrence Fishburne as the main character, I am still on the fence. But, the old shows I can’t get enough of. I know that they are totally over-dramatized and glorified, but I still love the scientific side. I know that part is fictional but it feels good to think that they “might” be able to do those things.

    Thanks for not being a scaredy cat.

  7. On the cop abuse side of things…..last year a couple was beaten up by local rookie cops, supposedly under the auspices of resisting arrest/threatening an officer…all started off on failure to yield to emergency vehicle…well the thing is the black guy, Octavius Bonds had a cracked mellon and more..( i forget the lady’s name)…well at the trial for Bonds and his girl, they found them not guilty, now the DMPD is going forward with their investigation to include some of the testimony since Bonds and Co weren’t (understandably) willing to speak with PD investigators. Also, now looking to sue either DMPD and/or the officers separately. If you look up, you might find it in their archives, as the trial just ended like last week or the later part of week before.

    As for the CSI stuff, I like the series with William Petersen…I too am on the fence with Laurence Fishbourne so far, but the main supporting actors/actresses who carried over keep me with it (i have to watch it on the day after, since i sleep before work while its on tv)..I also like the CSI:NY…..the miami one: not so much.

  8. I think that I like pretty much all the characters except for the new blond girl who used to be on the L word. I think she rubbed me wrong in one episode and I just never got that loving feeling again. I did read about the case you are talking about and it was part of my thinking when I get angry and vent.

    It is becoming ridiculous. But, thanks for the reply, as it is always good to talk CSI. Oh and by the way, I don’t like Miami either, I can’t see who would watch that consistently. I did watch once when Catherine was on while both CSI labs were collaborating on a case. But that was the first and last time.

  9. Shabazz

    Hello all. My wife and I have a publication coming out called “The Underground” newsletter. The first issue is in print now as we speak. Blacksentinel, I would like to put this post in my second issue. Honestly, I cannot compensate you financially at this time for your writing, but if we do well, I would like to pay you for a weekly/ monthly article. I myself, was a victim of police brutality. I had my right eardrum busted by NYPD officers while in handcuffs back in ’93, and as a result, I now have over 55% hearing loss. These are things I think black people, and all people for that matter should know. Stuff like this has been going on far too long, and I just want to really shine a big light on the issues at hand in our community. I have 3 sons and 2 daughters, and, honestly, I’m scared for them to go out into this world. Blacksentinel, please don’t think of the monetary gain as much as how many lives we can change with our voice. The only way we can win the fight is to come together and stand vigilant against these thugs.

  10. Shabazz,

    Sorry to hear that you were one of the many black men to have an unsavory dealing with that gang known as the cops. It seems to be happening more and more. I am happy to help with your endeavor. Any means to get the word to as many as possible is my goal. All I ask is for you to please shoot me a link or trackback to where you use the post.

    Good luck and thanks.

  11. Shabazz

    Will do, and thanks again, I really appreciate it.

  12. Obadiah

    AN interesting fact is that many cops do deals with gangs. IT is a fact that most gangs are black.I have heard of cases where cops are dirty and a gangster will not hold up his end of the deal………

  13. Obadiah,

    You get your facts WHERE exactly? And why don’t you share your links that shows some government study that explains that the majority of gangs are black. Just because we only talk about one race of gangs doesn’t mean that they are the only ones operating. So give me a break! Oh, and I have heard of cops doing deals with the KKK and other white oriented biker gangs. So your point is….?

    Comment ridiculous, so no thanks for this one.

  14. Obadiah

    I mean that the majority of “gangs” as in the only ones recognized by society. Sure there are biker gangs. The police can even act as a gang. But society usually doesnt focus on them. So to the vast majority , “gangs” and “ganstaz” are black. BEcause of their vulneral position, when cops do dirty deals with them, and when that gangster does not comply or hold up his end of the deal, it is easier for a cop to “wack” him and say “I felt threatened”. WWhere as it is not so easy to do this whit a white gangster. You really should think about what people are trying to say beefore you dismiss their thoughs and opinions as rediculous and then demand proof. I’m not making assumptions here but I could easily mistake you for someone who sees their own opinion as the only correct, sensible one. Again I do thank you for your blog but responding like that is not very nice.

  15. Obadiah,

    What the hell is your point? Maybe we should start there. You are supporting my point! And by society you mean the dominant community only FOCUSES on those “gangs” of color. And just for your information since you ARE making assumptions there ARE a lot of gangs recognized by society that are white and they aren’t all biker gangs. So you might want to look that up as information is readily available online nowadays. Instead of continuously making your own facts based solely on what you feel or believe to be true.

    And no I don’t think my opinions are the only correct ones. In fact I actually prefer facts and hard evidence to supposition and opinion. So with that said until you can come up with something other than this is what you see in society don’t keep bothering me with stupidity. And just to let you know, I respond in kind to the response to my postings. As you well see I deleted your second reply which prompted me to reply in this manner.

    I don’t like replies that make no sense. And frankly you haven’t made a lick of sense yet. I don’t see what your assumptions about the majority of gangs being black has anything to do with anything else. If you are saying that because YOU believe that the majority of gangs are black and that is why blacks receive the treatment they do or why they are being killed by cops then what you saying is indeed idiotic.

    As far as I can tell white people are in gangs and do bad things and are NOT being shot dead in a hail of bullets. So your point has not only missed the mark it has flown off somewhere into outer space. You can NOT blame the problems on the fact that there is crime if others doing the same damn crimes are NOT suffering the same ill effects of their choices. Not to mention there are a LOT of blacks being shot without having committed ANY crime, why are there not comparable numbers in any other community? Because race IS the reason, NOT gang affiliation or any such bogus joke of an excuse.

    Good DAY SIR!

  16. “And no I don’t think my opinions are the only correct ones. In fact I actually prefer facts and hard evidence to supposition and opinion”

    I’m gonna have to go ahead and factually disagree with you here. (official site- my brain)

    I much prefer to argue against opinions and suppositions. It makes for more inflamed arguments, and noone can defend against being called an idiot, a moron, an extremist or elitist. Facts make arguments much harder to conduct. (official site- my brain)

    There, now try to argue with that!! 😉

  17. Mike,

    True!! But, I tend to get into these mind bending long as hell arguments that serve no purpose but to drive me crazy. Remember Charlie and Thordaddy? I can’t keep repeating these scenarios. So it is best to “tell” them to deal in facts. It will make the argument a LOT shorter and easier to deal with. But, you know I am not one to shy away from the fray, to my families disgust.

    Thanks for the comment. You see Obadiah, this is the way to get a thanks for the reply! Take notes!

  18. Obadiah,

    The minute you began your statements with “the majority of gangs are black”, we had a problem. I am sorry, but if this is your attitude then we are about to be arguing.

    I don’t care whether you are the most black power loving person in the world, you will not get away with making statements that aren’t backed up by any shred of evidence or facts.

    I personally don’t need a bunch of opinions as to why blacks are being shot to death. I KNOW why and I am sure most others do as well. So therefore if you want to put up another point of view, which by the way is always welcomed here, you need to have a point.

    And it would be best to get straight to that point. It serves no purpose to reply with some fantastical statement without one bit of explanation. I am no mind reader and can only go by what you write.

    So it would behoove you in the future to explain yourself thoroughly to the next blog you plan to post to.


    Oh, and Mike, sorry I deleted and thought I wasn’t going to reply at all. Then thought, I’ll go ahead and let him know what my issues are. Sorry.

  19. Black_From_The_UK

    My last post was a bit OTT. Ths Lovelle Mixon case will probably make most people think it’s police who are the victims when truth is it’s the other way around. The FACT is black lives do not matter. If they did, then the officers who killed Sean Bell wouldn’t have walked away free men . This brother was shot FIFTY times

    Fifty times. Like this–count ’em out:

    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,

    (Halfway done now)

    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam,
    Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam.

    Yeah, that ought’a do it.

    Not to mention Amadou Diallo, or Aswon Watson, Tyisha Miller, or Adolph Archie who way back in 1990 was beaten b-coz they suspected him of having killed one of their own. By the time they took him to the hospital, they had broken every bone in his face. He would soon die, and the cause of death would be listed by the coroner as “homicide by police intervention.” But no one would ever be punished for the murder: no prison time, no suspension, no anything.

    Black lives do not matter.

    White boys NEVER get blown away at traffic stops. They aren’t felled in a hail of bullets reaching for their cell phone because police naturally assume that the object to which they will soon be clutching is a firearm. White people get the benefit of the doubt which is why white folks get to keep breathing, EVEN when they do pose a threat to police

    So, for instance, how long do you think cops would wait before opening fire on a black man who was throwing bricks at them ? If you’re looking for an answer, ask Lorenzo Collins. Only you can’t, because he’s dead. His last moments spent encircled by fifteen of Cincinnati’s finest, while holding a single solitary brick, and merely threatening to throw it their way.

    On the other hand, there have been literally dozens of riots by drunken, white college students since 1995–mostly because of such earth-shattering events as the outcome of a sporting event or crackdowns on underage drinking–during which white guys have chucked bricks, bottles, chunks of concrete, frying pans, rocks, frozen beer cans, and entire beer kegs at police. And NEVER ONCE have the cops shot a live round at anyone. None of their families were left to grieve. No “unfortunate tragedies” befell them, because they never do.

    To cops, it’s ok NOT to shoot at white people, NO MATTER what they throw at them, because even when they are aiming right at their head with that brick, their humanity remains VISIBLE. Even when they reach for their shotgun, their humanity remains VISIBLE.

    In 2001, this cop, Sergeant Mark Nelson, was vexed at his ex (also a cop) for dumping him. He went to the house of her new boyfriend to confront the couple. Unable to get into the house, Nelson began firing on officers when they arrived. Nelson shot at police in their cars and shot at a police helicopter overhead, all just down the road from an elementary school and this, for an amazing four hours, after which, and after police engaged in calm and rational discussions with the shooter, Nelson gave up and was taken in peacefully. That he would be pushing up daisies right about now were he black (even if he were a cop, let alone a “mere” civilian), should be so apparent as to warrant no further explanation.

    White people’s lives, it seems, are always worth the benefit of the doubt. Black folks lives, especially those of black men, rarely are. And no, the fact that two of the cops who shot Bell and his friends were black does not acquit them or the incident of being racially motivated. Racism does not require that the perpetrator of the deed be white, merely that the direction of the oppressive institutional behavior be aimed at members of a racial group due to biases held about that group. Black folks are surely capable of internalizing and then acting upon the same anti-black prejudices and stereotypes as whites.

    So brothers you’d best not say anything that might even remotely sound like “gun,” in the presence of police.

    Do not say, “Let’s go have some fun”
    Do not say, “I gotta run”

    Because if you do, you might die.

    Because black and brown lives do not matter.

    In case you were still wondering that is.

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