Fighting Racism By Ignoring It


It is really unfortunate that this type of blog continues to perpetuate racism in our country. You are not doing anything to try to unite the “races”, but you are continuing to divide this country into different classes and types of people. There is no such thing as race. We ALL came from the same two people and the only difference between us all is the cultures and locations we ended up in. But our blood, and our bodies all came from one place. It is my prayer that rather than continue to let people dwell on how sorry they feel for themselves or each other, that these same people would instead rise above this nonsense and fight their way to where they can be. It is much like being a teacher: if you only raise the bar so high, that is the only level your students will achieve, but if you raise the bar higher than you expect the students to reach, they will achieve so much more.


You know that this type of comment gets posted all too often. I usually don’t pay it any attention because it is usually a waste of time. But, for some reason I am just into wasting my time today. I know that we all would love if things were different and that racism was a thing that only happened in the past. Yet, like I have said a hundred times pointing out the racism and disparity does NOT make me or anyone else the racist. That is just the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

So here we go Mommyof1. Sure, there is no such thing as races only different cultures. I guess the continued subjugation of “cultures” other than European culture or white culture is just a fluke. Or how about the disparity between “cultures”, is that a fluke as well? We can call it whatever you like, race, culture even bananas the end result is that racism, culturism, bananaism or whatever, is real and exists. We will never have unity between the races as long as ostriches such as Mommyof1 continue to bury their heads in the sand trying their damned best to pretend that the disparity doesn’t exist.

And I don’t know what race Mommyof1 is or what she thinks she knows about race but it is ignorant for anyone to just tell students that they need to rise above the so called nonsense if the nonsensical people are standing between them and equality. Don’t they need to deal with the nonsense that presents itself to them on a daily basis? Or are you telling me that ignoring the nonsense, racism, culturism or bananism is going to somehow make it all go away? Because I believe that people are ignoring it day in and day out and it hasn’t stopped.

All kids have to do is fight to reach the level where they want to be, really? The problem with that statement is the fact that schools and teachers in the black area (oops) I mean in the black culture’s areas are ramshackle, run down and completely lacking in everyway possible when compared to the white race or cultures. I guess the black culture kids will just have to fight harder and longer just to get close to the education that the white culture kids get without any struggle at all.

This is disparity Mommyof1 and it isn’t fair. If everyone had to fight for the same prize on a level playing field that would be one thing. But the playing field for these kids looks more like Devils tower in Wyoming. The majority of white culture kids are standing on the nice plateau while the black kids and those whites unlucky enough to be poor are left scaling the cliffs. And the sad thing is only a few will be able to make it to the top not from a lack of trying but there are other obstacles that a lot won’t be able to pass. But Mommyof1 seems to think that everyone can make it if they want it bad enough. It is just like Brotherpeacemaker said, even if every slave on the plantation dressed up in a tuxedo or her fanciest dress, they can’t all be in the master’s big house working. Some one will have to work the fields.

So Mommyof1 may wish to pretend that it is only a matter of hard work but, we have seen the hard working people such as Evon Reid or better yet “Ghetto Dude” who got his masters degree and was still referred to with some stereotypical bullshit because of his race. Now I guess he didn’t make it to his goal because he didn’t fight hard enough to ignore the racism, culturism or bananaism that was being hurled his way while he fought to get where he wanted. How about Oscar Grant who was a hard working father and husband who was fighting to make it for his family before BART police decided to execute him in the subway station? I guess because he didn’t fight at all begging for his life while lying on the ground handcuffed behind his back while the cops pulled the trigger ending his fight.

There are so many more of these people than I have time to list. Yet, somehow Mommyof1 wishes for me to stop talking about it. Stop looking at the blatant systemic racism, the disparity that permeates the very air we breathe. Maybe one more will sink it in for her. How about the sewage sludge solids that the United States Agriculture Department Johns Hopkins University to see whether it reduced high lead levels in the soil, a result of paint chipping off houses. I guess those people didn’t fight hard enough to be able to afford to live in a white culture neighborhood where this wasn’t happening. Or maybe they didn’t fight hard enough to not be victimized by a government agency and hospital who are both supposed to be charged with protecting people, not poisoning them.

So Mommyof1 sometimes pointing out the problem opens some eyes and minds. But all too often you are exactly what I am up against which is an ostrich with its head in the ground trying to tell others how to fight racism by merely denying race or changing its title and ignoring it.



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  1. Mommyof1

    So then please explain to me why it is that so many African Americans continue to rise up out of their surroundings in poor neighborhoods and make a wonderful life for themselves (and I do not imply that African Americans are all living in poor neighborhoods)? Were they the only ones offered an opportunity? No, they were not. But they CHOSE to do something better, something more than stay down where society expected them to be. They CHOSE to find the means to do what they had to do for a better life rather than living in a terrible neighborhood, becoming nothing more than a gang-banger, like they are told they’ll end up being. If you would have actually READ my blog, rather than come to the conclusion I said racism DOESN’T exist, you would have seen that what I ACTUALLY said is that people like you, who dwell on racism, and continue to put other races down, (i.e. “whitey is the bad man” syndrome) actually continue to add to the racism in this country. Do I think there are ignorant people out there, YES. Do I think racism is alive and well in our country, YES. But to continually perpetuate this idea that every black person in our country is kept down by the white man, does NOTHING to help the problem. Why don’t you instead exert your efforts in joining those people rather than continuing to divide them. You give off the typical “angry black woman” impression and I am sure you are not that way at heart, but you certainly are one of the most ignorant people I’ve ever talked to and you are the type of person who is going to keep racism alive and well, on BOTH sides. I tire of hearing the “poor me” excuses. I came from a background that I had to rise above myself and I chose to do something, so I really don’t want you to preach at me about how badly things are and that there is NO WAY for things to be any better for those unfortunate people living in poor areas. My husband’s family lived on nine thousand dollars a year and you know what? They did pretty well. They didn’t gripe about how poor people weren’t treated equally, they did what they had to do to survive (and they helped the only black man in a small town of all white people when he was shunned by others – despite the fact that they themselves were mocked). But the difference between you and many of those who rose above, is that instead of bitching and whining, they took action. AND AMEN TO GABRIAL WHO HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. It is a cultural difference and not a racial one. People who grow up in different areas of this country and around the world have different mannerisms and different ways of communicating and I thank him for pointing out that it is not racial. I hate that you take everything said to you and twist it (conveniently) to suit yourself. You are continuing the problem in our country and you should be ashamed. By the way: Racism goes both ways, sweetie. Putting down the “white man” is just as racist as those who put you down. But sadly, there is no justice for those white people who are insulted publicly. If a black person is attacked for their race on the internet, they would be able to seek money compensation for the terrible pain they suffered reading that garbage, but your drivel is allowed and you can say whatever you want about any other race you want, and get away with saying anything insulting to a white person. By the way, I consider myself neither. I am an American, just like everyone else here. Maybe you ought to act like one yourself.

  2. Mommyof1

    It figures you are too cowardly to post my reply. And by the way, the problem is not just racism, it’s sin. It is a lack of faith and I am not just talking about saying you have faith, I am talking about a true walk with Christ. I belong to a church with MANY different cultures sitting right next to me in the pew and guess what? We don’t have any issues with racism. We all get along just fine becuase we look at each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. Check out Ken Hamm who hosted a fantastic seminar called One Race. I’m sure you won’t give him the time of day either, or you’ll just accuse him of ignoring racism like you did me. The Bible is very clear that we all came from Adam and Eve and the reason for skin color differences is because when the people tried to build the tower of Babel to reach Heaven, God split them all into different tribes and spread them out across the globe, causing variations in their colors and features. Are all cultures equal? Absolutely not. Does that mean we shouldn’t help them? Absolutely not. We should help those who are in cultures where they are less fortunate than we are. And we should never get on a high horse about being better, because we are all sinners and we will all be judged in the end.

    Something you racists hate to admit is that most of us in this country are of a mixed background. I have at least three different races in my background that I know of, possibly more. Part of my family came from a country where they were persecuted for their background. But I don’t go crying to the German government about how poorly my people were treated and ask for reparations from them. I move on and I do the best I can do for my family. I rose above what everyone expected me to do, which was not much. My father grew up poor, the son of a diary farmer and my husband’s family grew up poor. But their fathers both expected much from them – made them well-spoken, well-educated individuals and they both made it out of poverty and were very successful. So don’t lump all of the people you claim you are helping into the category of “they’ll never amount to anything” just because they are black. That is insulting.

    And quite frankly, if everyone looked at each other without race, the problem WOULD go away. Because then you would look at people as people and not WHITE or BLACK or HISPANIC or ASIAN….you would see them for who they really are…..people.

  3. Where did I say that EVERY black person fails or does not make it out of their poor surroundings? So, you are being rhetorical with this question I hope, because if you aren’t then it is a pretty stupid question. Why during slavery were some black people free? What does that matter? Does the fact that a few or some blacks make it mean that EVERYONE can make it just as easy. Like I said in the post, even if every black person shows up in a tuxedo not all of them would be permitted to work in the master’s house. You think about that. It is the same with society. Not everyone who shows up for the job will be hired.

    YES, some of those people were the only ones offered opportunities. And YES, some people who were offered opportunity squandered it, DUH. No one said anything different. Anyhow, what do you account for the disparity between how many blacks are living in poverty verses whites? Are you telling me that ALL these blacks chose to live in poverty? This bullshit falls right back into the “blacks are lazy” crap that gets said when you ask people to explain the disparity between the races.

    Unfortunately for me I DID read the dribble that flowed out of your mouth. You unfortunately didn’t read my BLOG. I didn’t come to any conclusion, you basically said nothing! As usual people such as yourself think that all it takes is for someone to just “rise above the nonsense” instead of asking why the nonsense doesn’t end. Why should blacks be subjected to this nonsense you talk of?

    Then you state that my blog is somehow “perpetuating racism” even though what this blog does is shed light on the racism that continues in spite of all the talk to the contrary. So, instead of pointing out the racists or the continued racial disparity as the problem some how I am the problem. This leads me to believe that if I am the one perpetrating racism then real racism and racists must not exist to you. It is this continued myth that somehow not looking at racism will make it go away. Get real!

    Does it matter that ONE person or ONE Million people are continuing to be affected by racism and racists? Or should we all just sit back and ignore the ones who are being affected by racism? This is the exact attitude that makes Hurricane Katrina type fiascos possible. To sit and ignore racism because you feel that it doesn’t affect the majority of blacks is preposterous. What evidence do you have that black people as a whole are NOT being affected by racism?

    And this whole “kept down by the white man” is your words not mine. In fact I didn’t say anything about WHO was keeping down the blacks. So, take your own advice and stop reading what you WANT from what I say! The dominant community is made up of all different races which are overwhelmingly represented by white people. That does not equate to “the white man keeping blacks down.” You need to stop dealing in stereotypes. Just because I am angry about racism and its continued presence in this country does not mean that I am some loud mouthed person yelling constantly about how “the white man done kept us down.” Some people!

    Wow, now you show your true idiocy! Because your husband and his family had to live on nine thousand dollars a year and were happy as little peas in a pod, all blacks should be happy just to get what ever scraps come their way. NOT! I guess when people are shedding light on rape, murder or any other ill that is present in society they are crying about “poor little me?” Is that your contention or does that only apply to racism? You first say that racism is still a factor today then say that talking about racism is crying with poor little me excuses. And people wonder why racism doesn’t end.

    Where in my post did I say that there was NO WAY things would get better? I SAID, things won’t get better as long as we have people such as you saying that hey so and so did why can’t you? Or my husband’s family lived on nine thousand dollars a year and loved it so why don’t blacks? Or continuing to highlight racism is a “poor me excuse” and you don’t want to hear about it. Those are the reasons why we still have disparity. Because people like you will just say that blacks need to overcome nonsense, instead of calling for the nonsense to end. Now when you are on the other end of racism, then you can begin to tell me how it is the same as just being a poor white person. But, until then don’t begin to try and equate being a poor (white?) person in an all white society because it isn’t the same thing. That is like trying to tell a rape victim who champions for rape victims rights that your promiscuous relative slept with plenty of dudes she didn’t know and did very well in life so stop whining about one little night with some unknown man. Yep, that wouldn’t go over very well now would it?

    You are making a LOT of ASSumptions. Who the hell ever said that I DIDN’T rise above or that I needed to rise above? If it is so cultural then why does it the disparities break down along racial lines? Do I hear crickets? I don’t twist words, if you can’t make your case any better than you have then that is your problem not mine. I am ashamed that you come to my blog and have the gall to try and tell me how racism works or who is or isn’t affected and what the affects actually are. You are a self righteous person who doesn’t have any first hand knowledge of what you try and discuss. You are like the rapist trying to tell the rape victim how they should handle the situation. That is sick indeed.

    Here we go, there is no justice for white people, boo hoo. Please spare me. White people have white privilege and don’t even have to deal with race if they choose not to, but I should somehow feel bad about that. I should feel bad that I actually made a white person think about race. My oh my. Now if you can go back in my post and show me ONE instance where I personally insulted one white person I would be completely surprised. Because the last time I checked pointing out a person whether they were white or not for committing a wrong is NOT insulting them. Or at least if it is they shouldn’t have done it and they wouldn’t be getting pointed out.

    And there it goes, “If a black person is attacked for their race on the internet, they would be able to seek money compensation for the terrible pain they suffered reading that garbage…” Why don’t you show me one case of a black person suing for compensation some anonymous racist for their drivel? Where is that because obviously I have been slacking and need to sue all sorts of people?

    Prey tell what does an American act like? Would that be to ignore the racism that surrounds us all? Because that is what it sounds like you are saying. I am just as American as you and anyone else. And unless I am mistaken isn’t that what has always been told of blacks who don’t conform. Malcolm X once said “You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or who says it.” You come off in the beginning like you had all this hope for mending the fences only to go out as if you belong to the KKK. With all this talk about how blacks are just getting over with their feigned sense of being so hurt over racist talk. You are no different than the others who have come and fallen to logic. Your lack of knowledge oozes like the idiotic slobber you have spewed here today. Please go away and stay there.

  4. Unlike you I HAVE A LIFE! I will respond to your crud when I decide to, not when you dictate I should. Plus you are wrong, I am not a coward but, I am scared of your stupidity. It has to do with sin and not race? What planet are you from? Like I said in the last reply, go away and stay there. You wish to call me a racist and perpetrate that you embody everything that people should strive to be after you have said that talking about race is akin to crying poor me and that people choose not to be successful or that since some family is happy to live on nine thousand dollars a year black people such as myself shouldn’t be complaining. You are indeed dumber than I thought.

    You have spewed just as much racist bullcrap here as any of my racist readers who decide to waste everyone’s time with idiotic replies. I don’t care what you did or didn’t do to the German government who treated your people poorly. Because you see, whether or not you did what you could to shine a light on the bad behavior of the Germans does NOT mean that blacks in this country shouldn’t complain to the American government about the treatment of blacks here. You see, what you do means nothing to me in what and how I decide to confront those responsible for the hypocritical treatment of my people. If you decided to just take it, then that is your problem. But, I don’t think that the German people or government are continuing to be complacent in the abhorrent treatment of your people. Now you can correct me if I am wrong and show me evidence to this treatment.

    Looking at people and denying that you see their race is just stupid. Do you want a person walking up to you and denying to themselves that you are a woman? If you don’t see that I am a black person then what exactly do you see me as? Because the last time I checked noticing a persons race isn’t the problem. The problem is when you notice ones race and then take actions to demean that person due to their race. So being color blind is not even close to the solution. Realizing that EVERYONE IS EQUAL is the solution. Which is why I write my blog. How can we see everyone as equal when there are those of us who refuse to see that there even is a problem. People such as yourself keep saying that people choose to stay poor and that continuing to talk about or point out racial disparity is somehow the problem keeps the problem from being dealt with.

    Until people stop trying to force everyone to look the other way, or just look beyond race maybe we could once and for all get all the cards on the table and deal with it. So as far as I am concerned you can go put your head back into whatever hole you had it in when you first commented and see if that helps to solve any of the problems (oh that’s right the only problems are blogs such as mine that point out racism, not the racists who practice racism) What a pathetic shame!

  5. Mommyof1

    Straw man arguing is the fallacy of refuting a caricatured or extreme version of somebody’s argument, rather than the actual argument they’ve made. Often this fallacy involves putting words into somebody’s mouth by saying they’ve made arguments they haven’t actually made, in which case the straw man argument is a veiled version of argumentum ad logicam. One example of a straw man argument would be to say, “Mr. Jones thinks that capitalism is good because everybody earns whatever wealth they have, but this is clearly false because many people just inherit their fortunes,” when in fact Mr. Jones had not made the “earnings” argument and had instead argued, say, that capitalism gives most people an incentive to work and save. The fact that some arguments made for a policy are wrong does not imply that the policy itself is wrong.

    In debate, strategic use of a straw man can be very effective. A carefully constructed straw man can sometimes entice an unsuspecting opponent into defending a silly argument that he would not have tried to defend otherwise. But this strategy only works if the straw man is not too different from the arguments your opponent has actually made, because a really outrageous straw man will be recognized as just that. The best straw man is not, in fact, a fallacy at all, but simply a logical extension or amplification of an argument your opponent has made.

    It wastes my time to continue a battle of wits with an unarmed person. You need to take what people say in the context in which they say it. Most of the persons you argue with make statements that are examples, which you turn around into generalized comments about an entire group of individuals, thus accusing them of racism. You may appear smart to some, but those of us who see through your deception know better.

    I know that I am not the racist you accused me of being, which, by the way, is the reason so many view you as a racist yourself, because those who disagree with you, and are white, tend to be labeled as such, giving the impression you hate us all. Maybe some of us just want people, black, white, yellow, red or any color to take responsibility for their choices, rather than sit around and blame someone else for the circumstances they find themselves in.

  6. Mommyof1,

    If it wastes your time to continue to “battle” then why do you? What do you want? I never accused you of being a racist. I believe you are the one who said “Something you racists hate to admit is that most of us in this country are of a mixed background.” (emphasis mine) Now why don’t you go and show me where I called you a racist? I would love to see that one.

    So you can read a dictionary or a thesaurus, wow. If you are looking for a straw man argument then go back and read YOUR comments. I asked you several times to show me where I said any of the things that you CLAIMED I said. I haven’t seen one yet. It is the same crap as the whole me calling you a racist, by all means show us ALL where I said that. I have already shown you where you HAVE called me one.

    And frankly you are almost right about one thing it is pointless to continue to argue with you because like I always tell my son don’t get dragged into an argument with people such as you mommyof1 because they only wish to drag you down to their stupid level then beat you with their years of experience. Now do me and everyone else a favor and go continue looking in your thesaurus, dictionary or any book for that matter so that you can learn something before trying to engage in conversations which are totally above your head. You are drowning and I am fresh out of life jackets.

    Bye bye now!

  7. Mommyof1

    Here is you pointing out that I am a racist: “only to go out as if you belong to the KKK”

    “You have spewed just as much racist bullcrap here as any of my racist readers ”

    And here’s one more quote I’ll leave you with: “Realizing that EVERYONE IS EQUAL is the solution”, which is EXACTLY what I said in my original post……thank you very much for agreeing with me after all.

  8. Mommyof1,

    Good try! The only reason I am even entertaining putting your post up is that you tried hard to find anything that might resemble me calling you a racist. But again you have failed in your illogical attempts at placing words in my mouth.

    Did I say that YOU WERE a member of the KKK or did I say that you sound like you could be? Isn’t there a difference or don’t you understand that? Now it clearly shows that I said you were spewing racist bullcrap like so many before you, that IS NOT CALLING YOU A RACIST. If I said someone was saying something intelligent that doesn’t hardly mean that I or anyone else ACTUALLY THINKS they are intelligent. But, I guess once again you really need to get a bit more knowledge or at least some instruction in English.

    And for anyone that cares that was in reply to your rant “If a black person is attacked for their race on the internet, they would be able to seek money compensation for the terrible pain they suffered reading that garbage…” Now I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who understands that this is a specific line of speak that racially retarded folks have used quite often. Now if you don’t wish to be told you sound like a racist then stop using their tone of speak.

    And no your original post did NOT say that everyone SHOULD BE TREATED EQUAL. You keep saying that everyone IS EQUAL. There is a BIG difference in those two statements. So again stop trying to force my words to fit your illogical thoughts. Now for the last time go and…Actually I don’t care where you go just get the hell away from me.

  9. Nupealot

    I love you Black Sentinel! How can they not see the logic?

  10. First of all, let me begin by saying that racism exists in every society and will continue to exist as long as humans have breath in their lungs. It’s a fact. However the average white American does not hate black Americans. Unfortunately it has become popular in our culture for blacks or african Americans(depends on preference of the individual) to resent all whites. Why is this? It is always easier to point the finger than it is to get out there and do something. Black Sentinel, I don’t disagree that many black neighborhoods, businesses, and schools are in disrepair. The question is what are you going to do about it? When will the black community stand up for themselves and say to the drug dealers and gang members, the absent fathers and prostitues, that enough is enough? When will your people take back their community? It is your community. Yes, I know, there were injustices in this country. Blacks suffered under slavery and segregation. But now there is a new slavery and it is self inflicted. If you don’t believe me, here is what New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote:

    “One of the Cruelest aspects of slavery was the way it wrenched apart black families, separating husbands from wives and children from their parents. It is ironic, to say the least, that now, nearly a century and a half after the Emancipation Proclamation, much of the most devastating damage to black families, and especially black children, is self inflicted.”

    The biggest problem facing many black people in America, Herbert wrote, are linked to behavior and “the corrosion of black family life, especially the absence of fathers.”

    I don’t disagree that many of the problems that face blacks in this country today have their roots in slavery and segregation. But whose job is it to fix the problem? Is it the governments or whites? Maybe it should be the communities in which blacks have a stake in that should take responsibility and have pride and ownership. You can keep looking in the rearview for as long as you like but time keeps driving on. At some point blacks have to take responsibility for their role in their current situation. Many have and are working hard to help their communities. Then there are those that would rather blame others for all their problems and unfortunately they are hurting their fellow blacks. Let me be clear, I believe that people of any color are responsible for the communities they live in. What can any government do to keep fifteen year olds from having babies? Or force the fathers of those children to support them? What can I do to keep some kid from selling drugs on the corner when his own culture supports it or looks the other way and the music preaches slingin like it’s gospel. No I can’t do much about it except to feel “guilty” because I’m white. Shelby Steele wrote a book on this very subject called “White Guilt” She explains what I’m talking about better than I can:

    “Whites know on some level that they are stigmatized by their skin color alone, that the black people they meet may suspect them of being rascist simply because they are white.”

    And why wouldn’t we feel that way when everytime a black person is accused of anything the rascist card gets thrown at us as a population. I remember the aquittal of OJ Simpson. The blacks in my school cheered and hollered. They yelled racial slurs at us as we passed in the halls saying “Crackers lost” and even saying how we(whites) couldn’t keep all the N&*&^s down. These were junior high kids. Where does that level of hate come from at that age? I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My father had three regular jobs and a fourth when tax season rolled around. My mother worked full time as a customer service rep at a cable company. They worked extremely hard to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Did I deserve to feel like that? To be called a cracker. To get beat up in gym class just for being white? Oh I know what rascism is. I payed for my skin color growing up. I know what it’s like to watch the look on my mothers face, the shame for having to buy our groceries with food stamps. But here we are now. We all worked hard to get ourselves a better life. Am I supposed to feel guilty for that? Too bad if I am cause I don’t. I’m proud as hell to be white. I was taught to work hard and obey the law, to have integrity, pride, and confidence in myself. That isn’t what the black community is teaching their young people. It is the opposite. You blame and point fingers. You expect whites to pay for it and clean it all up. It’s time for the black communities in this country to start instilling some pride and values into their young people. They need to rally against the industries that preach hate, violence, contempt, and drugs. It is time for you to do for yourselves. Thats my two cents. But what do I know. Just what I’ve experienced in my life and what I constantly read from black authors and columnists like these.

  11. Atropos1980,

    First of all let me tell you that I don’t like books to read as a reply. Yet, I understand since sometimes it gets a bit windy when your trying to make you point. So let’s begin shall we? Where did you get that I think the average white person HATES black people. I have many average white people as friends and I don’t think for one second that they hate me or other blacks. And what proof or what are you basing this preposterous assumption that somehow it is popular in our culture for blacks to resent ALL WHITES?

    That shows a lot of ignorance on your part and shows me exactly what I am in for with this malarkey. Now, we agree that black neighborhoods, businesses and schools are in disrepair. The question should be what did you do in order to make white schools, neighborhoods and businesses not be in disrepair? What EXACTLY did YOU as a white person DO to make sure your schools were up to par? Or did the government do that? There is NO more separate and unequal, so shouldn’t the government make sure ALL schools are up to par?

    And did you know that white fathers are out of the home MORE than black fathers, or is that a surprise? Also, a study shows that even when out of the home black fathers are twice as likely to be in there children’s lives than any other race of father. But of course this doesn’t go with your stereotypical view of the problems in the black community. Since I am sure you just picked that tidbit of info up from some news organization or from one of your idiotic writers without doing on iota of research on the topic. Thanks for continuing the junk.

    And what have you done to stop the white people who go to black neighborhoods and buy the drugs that feed the drug dealers, frequent the prostitutes who then feed the pimps? What makes you ASSume that I am doing nothing? Is it the fact that you are ASSuming that since I am taking the time to speak to any who will listen that I must also be complacent in this mess? Well that is where you are wrong. I do as much as possible to make the black neighborhoods around me a better place. So I guess that answers your asinine question.

    Of course everything that the black people suffer now is self inflicted. Because some freak you can quote says so, right? Anyhow, we all see that right now and for a LONG time (but they just decided to start talking about it on network news) black unemployment has been twice if not three times as much as white unemployment. Are blacks just deciding that they don’t want jobs, are they the majority of people doing the hiring, or are blacks just too unemployable and deserve to be unemployed?

    You have some stupid quip that shows blacks are to blame, well let me counter your quip with one of my own. Devah Pager’s study which showed that white men with a felony record and only a high school diploma received a call back rate for employment of 17%. Yet, black men with a four year college degree and NO criminal record got a call back rate of only 15%. So instead of them touting their bogus crime stats why don’t they explain why blacks are unemployed and get called back for less jobs than a white high school graduating felon?

    But, blacks are the ones who decided that they would hire white felons over black college grads. OOPS! That’s not right since the study showed that the overwhelming majority of people who were the hiring managers and such were white people. Gee, I guess blacks didn’t decide not to get a job. Gee, I guess when the American Medical Association just apologized to the black community because they said their discriminatory practices kept blacks from participating in the medical field, that wasn’t holding blacks back. Well, I guess there seems to be enough blame to go around or should we continue this. I think not as it is pointless. Because when someone wishes to believe that blacks are the curse of their own existence, they will find any and everything to support that regardless of what the true facts say.

    Quoting Shelby Steele shows that you obviously don’t read my blog. I write about HIM quite often and how he is ridiculous. I take anything he says with a serious heaping spoonful of salt as a grain just wouldn’t cut it. You say white people are stigmatized by their skin color. Wow! How exactly are they being stigmatized? Is it that white college grads are getting passed over for jobs by black felons? Nope! Is it that white people are far less likely than black people to get quality educations? Nope! Is it that white people are far less than black people to get quality health care? Nope! Gee I must be bad at this because I can’t come up with one way in which white people are suffering stigmatization due to their race. I know it isn’t that white people are far more likely to be turned down for loans, jobs, housing or anything else when they have equal or better qualifications than their black counterparts. Well then I don’t know what it could be.

    You claim that whites are constantly being accused of being racist with the race card, could that be because they are saying or acting in a racist way? Also, blacks are just constantly accused of being incompetent and having to prove themselves where whites don’t when white people throw out their race card. Don’t act as if white people don’t have a race card. Because every time a black person is shot or beaten by cops without any justification other than fear of a black person, the race card was used. Every time a black person is passed over for a job for inexplicable reasons the race card was used. Every time a black person is given substandard treatment the race card was used. And we can go on all day with this one. So give me a freaking break on the race card already. And when the white cops who beat Rodney King were freed white people at my job explained how they were happy since he got what he deserved. So, hey it goes both ways even if you feel it doesn’t. And trust me there are a LOT more white cops vs. black OJ Simpsons going free.

    Oh my you were called out of your name by a racist minority. And this happened all of how many times? And what did you do? You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and who exactly said that you were? I am confused as to what you are talking about. I don’t want or need to hear your sob story about how your parents were dirt poor and had to live hand to mouth until you sprang up and went to college or any other sort of crap in that vain. Because this is about racial disparity not whether or not white people have lived in poor conditions. And really, does any person deserve to feel jacked up due to their race? You may have gotten that in school but it doesn’t end there for blacks does it? Not to say that your treatment wasn’t hurtful, it is to say that childhood teasing is that childhood teasing. Whereas blatant racist bias towards blacks goes an entire lifetime.

    I could care less if you feel guilty, that is NOT my problem nor my goal. Whenever I get comments such as these it never fails that the white person making it will resort to asking why or telling how, they won’t feel guilty over the obvious disparities between the black and white communities. And trust me you have every right to be proud of being white, who cares? Is that supposed to spark some reaction? See you have this misconception that white people being proud or saying they are proud is a problem for me or other blacks. The problem comes when being proud means that someone else such as blacks need to feel inferior. Which is what the Aryan Nation and other white supremacists believe.

    And your stupid comment about blacks not teaching their children right from wrong is more of your stereotypical bullshit. What the hell do you know of what the black community is teaching their children? See this is the problem people such as you come here with all these stereotypes and expect it to fly. You need to get educated or at least do some self study or ask some fucking body. Good grief.

    You are right black people need to rally against industries that preach hate, violence, contempt and drugs. So would that be the white owned movie, music and entertainment industries or the government itself? In case you didn’t know this, white people are the largest supporter of rap music and these stereotypical videos, movies and music about black people. But of course with your uninformed mind you believe that the only problem black people have is to stop investing in music that is produced by and for white people. OK, I will spread the word, NOT.

    Thanks but no thanks to your stereotypical drivel.

  12. Nupealot

    Now stop it Black Sentinel. You know all that you just said is going to go in one ear and out the other. They will come back with stuff you did not say and no answers for the facts you provided. You have alot of patience

  13. I’m sorry. Was someone talking…I felt wind going through my empty head! LOL

    Sorry Black Sentinel..I have to agree with Nupealot. I love ya, but you have WAY too much patience for some of the blatant ignorance that comes in!!!

  14. Nupealot and Mike,

    I know, I know, my family says so ALL the time. I get crazy about the comments then turn around and answer them. I don’t know why, I just feel like I am being rude if I don’t at least try to dialog with them. Then after it gets too crazy I end up ignoring them and feeling terrible about it. This is like a sickness but, I am trying to get better.

    Thanks for the replies.

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