Self Fulfilling Prophecy


The new ABC show “What would you do” did a piece on race where they had three white and then three black kids vandalizing and breaking into a car. They wanted to see if there would be a different response to each group of kids. And of course there was a huge difference in how they were received.

Now I get my share of nay sayers on this blog. They comment about how racism has ended and people like me are the ones who are keeping it alive. Then something like this comes along and not surprisingly will not change their position one bit. They just have an excuse for it.

Now if you’ve seen this piece then you already know that the black kids received about ten calls and were accosted by plenty of walkers by about their supposed abhorrent behavior. And of course there was only one call about the white kids doing the exact same thing. In fact the black family members of one of the black actors received about three calls because they were sleeping in their car.

They talked with some of the people who had called or accosted the black kids and one lady said it plain and simple, those black kids came to their neighborhood, their backyard and started creating trouble. She just assumed that those black kids weren’t from around there. Which in a neighborhood which is predominantly white like that one; it is not that surprising she would make that assumption. It is the same assumption which leads cops to stop blacks for driving expensive cars or driving through certain areas; it is perceived that they don’t belong.

The problem is that this is one of the main reasons we have such discrepancy in the legal system and that so many blacks are in jail opposed to whites. Now of course you will have those who will guffaw at this thought and go back to the blacks commit more crimes or whatever. Yet, you see first hand that blacks and whites were committing the exact same crime and people walked by the white kids and said they were just being kids.

And as far as I can see, it is the old adage of a self fulfilling prophecy. White people such a previous comment leaver named Charlie presented that very thing by saying that the white kids who had done a crime had a future so did not need to be jailed due to a perceived “small crime”. Whereas black kids had no futures since they were probably drop outs and making money from crime etc should be shaken down at every opportunity.

Now the reason this is a self fulfilling prophecy is that the white people see those black kids as having no future and are hard criminals so therefore they had better call the cops so that they get what is coming to them. While these people see the same crimes being perpetrated by the white kids and seeing that they do have a future and would be negligent to somehow contribute to interrupting that future.

Yet, people continue to make excuses for the blatant discrimination of blacks because somehow they feel they have to crack down hard on black people due to the perception that they are more criminal. And what do they offer as proof, the fact that more blacks are in jail. And of course deny that the direct cause is what this show shed light on which is the fact that the dominant community continues to see blacks as the problem and diligently make it their duty to ensure that blacks are held accountable while choosing to overlook the criminal activity of the members of their own community.

Trust me this will continue to happen time and time again without the watchful eye of a hidden television camera and a slew of actors. Those black kids would probably be sitting in jail right now if that were real life. And those white kids would be speeding away in a stolen car to continue their criminal lifestyle. The actors family who fell asleep in their car would also either be in jail or be harassed by the cops for being where they don’t seem to fit in. And the one terrible fact is that this scenario IS real life and plays itself out in a plethora of ways daily in America.



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4 responses to “Self Fulfilling Prophecy

  1. I love these types of shows…

    I think Dateline NBC did something similar with two couples in a park arguing. When it was a Black man and a Black woman, onlookers pretty much minded their own business and avoided asking the sister for any help or assistance. When it was a Black man and White woman the entire situation changed. People were asking her if she needed help and screaming at the man, many called the police from their cell phones. It’s amazing that many people can be so naive or simply flat out deny what their feeling based off of the fear of looking like a racist. It’s obvious America still has a long way to come in terms of race relations and stereotypes perpetuated about Blacks in the media.

  2. Chayah Cheron,

    You are right, the country does have a long way to go. And pretending that racism is somehow gone or that one is not a racist because they say so isn’t going to help us move in the right direction. I did see that episode of Dateline and was not surprised by the things I saw. It only reaffirms what I have been trying to tell people. It is sad that people chose to put blinders on in order to not deal with their racism.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. The Engineer

    To The Black Sentinel:

    That was another very good essay.

    I used Google with the search string, “racial double standards,” and at approximately the third article reference, I noticed the following link:

    December 6, 2006
    Racial Double Standards
    by Steven M. Warshawsky
    A few excerpts:
    “Last week on HBO’s Inside the NFL, star running back Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs stated during an interview that he relates much better to his current coach, Herm Edwards, because they both are African-American. Indeed, Johnson went so far as to say that African-American athletes perform better for African-American coaches because, unlike white coaches, black coaches can understand what “young black athletes” go through in life.

    Why is such racial thinking of blacks considered “acceptable” but not that of whites? Why aren’t statements like Johnson’s pilloried for the ignorant, racist garbage they are?

    I think the answer goes to the racial double standard that lies at the heart of contemporary multiculturalism, which subscribes to the “essentialist” notion that blacks and other minorities cannot succeed and flourish in a majority-white environment. Hence the belief that black elementary and secondary students will learn math and literature and history and science better from black teachers than from white teachers. Hence the belief that black college students require their own academic departments and dormitories and student centers and graduation ceremonies. And so on.

    The liberal elites in the mainstream media endorse the racial essentialism of contemporary multiculturalism, so they cannot very well reject the same thinking when it is applied to sports. Nor is it surprising that someone like Johnson, who is 27 years old and therefore grew up in today’s deeply race-conscious educational environment, would believe that he relates better to black coaches and performs better for them because they know what it is like to be a “young black athlete.”

    Unfortunately, such beliefs can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies, with severely debilitating consequences for the individual who holds them and for society at large.”

    Just like in the example of the two groups of youths vandalizing a car and just like in the opinion in the Warshawsky’s article, most Caucasians just “don’t get it” in regard to the sensitivities of Minorities.

    Most Caucasians just do not understand that
    1. They are the aggressors. We are the defenders.
    2. Their subliminal view is always “white is always right.”
    3. The default choice is always “white.”
    4. If their aggression leads to racism, then the racism is justified and beneficial.
    5. If our self-defense leads to racism, then the racism is wrong and self-destructive.
    (Of course, they never explain how self-defense is self-destructive.)
    6. If a double standard exists that benefits Caucasians, then that double standard is okay — even good.
    7. If a double standard exists (as claimed in the Warshawsky article), then that double standard is unacceptable — bad and debilitating to the individual and to society at large. (Of course, it is never explained how this supposed double standard is bad and debilitating.)
    8. They are not God’s gift to Earth. Really, they are genuinely astonished if we do not hold them in the highest regard. In any setting, if I am in a room with a large group of them, I will have my guard up — and they resent it if you have your guard up.
    9. They live in a societal system that is rigged in their favor; they partake in privileges that are not equally afforded to Minorities. A big part of that privilege is to receive lenient treatment in adverse situations.
    10. They are not always the judge and jury; we are free to judge and pass sentence on them as well.

    Thank you for listening.

  4. Sami

    Reading this keeps me wondering what is easier to be in the states a black or a black? well to be honest with you the last time i had a racist experience was yesterday which i am witnessing everyday , but it aint coz i am black, but A muslim here. considering meself a muslim in a very racist country in europe which is holland, they pretend to be a very welcoming country for foreigners which they call them “buitenlander” similar to the german word “Ausländer” the nazis used it for decades. now i am starting to hear that it is Ausländers fault causing the economy to shrink and that they need a thrid world war, that was a white man words almost 50s of age. is it that strange to hear? ofcourse not from a nation used to steal and torture other nations, can we still remember why they called it wall street? this cancer will never fade away its in their blood the white blood. as Albert Einstein once said : The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. and they’re still aint doing nothing.

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