The Definition Of Insanity In America


As I listen to these people who constantly say that racism is pretty much dead or my favorite if we stop looking at or pointing out racism it would go away, I was thinking about the fact that we haven’t learned a thing from the past. Einstein once “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

How I see it is that when you are attempting to move forward being a country made up of multiple groups and everyone isn’t starting off with equality or at the same starting point, it fails. Time and time again we have failed due to this simple fact. We are trying to build a nation of equality on top of a foundation of disparity and inequality.

This country freed the slaves and waived them off the plantations only to employ them back as sharecroppers who were barely being paid. Blacks started their own cities trying to build the same type of lives that their white neighbors had. That was torn down and burned to the ground by those white neighbors. For little more than what I can only guess is jealousy that those black could actually do that, showing they were NOT inferior.

Blacks had to deal with Jim Crow and separate but (un) equal. All these things were introduced to keep blacks from getting ahead. So we passed civil rights laws and then came the more subtle forms of racism to keep the disparity going. Redlining, I don’t see race while hiring but my business just so happens to employ all white employees.

Blacks being out of work at more than twice that of their white neighbors. And the fact that a recent study shows a black college grad gets less call backs for employment than a high school only, felony having white person.

And somehow we wish to overlook all these disparities in favor of some fantasy filled dream that everyone has equal opportunity to make whatever they want out of life. Well Barack Obama became president of the United States doesn’t that show that we have finally made it.

NO! Barack Obama made it. Is he indicative of the black experience? Does one black person rising to the top mean that ALL black people have or are capable of rising to the top? Not any more than a white person has of reaching the same monetary status of Bill Gates.

Our foundation is uneven and we all know what happens to a building resting on top of a weak and uneven foundation. It falls, it crumbles, and it can not stand or withstand the slightest tremor before calamity strikes. How can we ever move forward and make a better world for everyone until we ensure that everyone has an equal, level place in the foundation.

So until we get our foundation built correctly we will continuously be dealing with disunity of all the races. We will be taking this anger, hatred, prejudice, systemic racism, fear, inequality and all the other feelings we have regarding race right on into the future.



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5 responses to “The Definition Of Insanity In America

  1. I heard recently an analogy……. Moses went to the mountain top and saw the promised land, but could not enter, and that Joshua was the one to take them there.

    They said that Martin Luther King was the proverbial Moses, and now Obama is the proverbial Joshua. It still took a while for the Iraelites to settle their promised land……and it will be the same now in this situation.

    I don’t really have anything to add, just thought I’d drop in and leave that comment with you.

  2. cinque

    Well said, I am having this conversation at work with respect to Will Smiths comments in an article ( where he says that”America is not a rascist nation” and that” All black peoples excuses have been removed”. I am of the mind that to say something like that, and be black, is lunacy. He must be trying to get the green light for his next picture, but it is much more dangerous than that. White people listen to Will Smith and if he says we have no excuse…….then we must have no excuse. Even though what he said flies in the face of statistic, numbers and just plain ol real life. It is insanity to think that all fair now that out of 44 white presidents, one black president pays off the debt. ( needless to say Will Smith is off my movie list)

  3. Mike Lovell,

    Thanks for that analogy! It could be the case and if it is then I hope to see changes occur.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. Cinque,

    What is so funny about this whole thing is that when Will Smith wasn’t anybody and just a newbie trying to make the scene he had plenty to say about the racism of America. But it never fails that once you “make it” you now need to start towing the line or you will fall hard. Once they get theirs all of a sudden any complaint about the dominant community is an excuse. Will Smith sucks and he has been sucking for a while now.

    Thanks for the reply and link. I will be checking it out. It sounds like a post to me.

  5. Jacknhoo,

    You claim that black children are 3 times as likely to be killed by their mother than white children. Where did you get this statistic? Are you speaking in terms of abortion? Because as far as the department of justice is concerned white people are twice as likely than any other race to commit infanticide (the killing of a child or baby(born alive)). So until you qualify this statement with your sources I can’t in good conscience post this.

    I guess you feel that white people help blacks cause by spitting on not only black people but also your savior by killing his children all the while desiring his grace and mercy without even admitting their sin. When you base your whole argument that blacks are somehow complacent in their own bad treatment due to actions remember this, white people are doing the exact same freaking thing and they are NOT suffering from the same results.

    I guess you don’t read my blog since I already did a post on Margaret Sanger and planned parenthood, so tell me something I don’t know. And give me a break with the “god bless us all” after you use racist rhetoric to paint this bogus picture of how black people are somehow responsible for their own demise. You are a big part of the problem. You may hide behind your religion but how are you any different than any person who blames the victim for the problems in their lives?

    Give me a break already. And no you didn’t offend me and you won’t get a chance to offend any of my readers without supplying your sources for all these things you have said. Or you won’t be spewing that garbage here.

    Nice try.

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