Holding On To Racism


I received a reply from a fellow named Charlie on my post “Kids will be kids unless they are black.” He said “It is far too easy for the black community to blame the negative view some white people may hold of blacks on racism, rather than taking a long hard look at the real causes of such ill feelings…” Now of course this got me to thinking about blame and negative views of different races.

What I commented back to him was the fact that not only blacks have a negative view from people around the world. White people have just as bad a reputation as black people. Now sure I will agree that blacks have been more maligned as most of the world is run by white people some of which seem to have no problem spreading hate about blacks the world over.

He wants to claim that blacks are holding on to racism instead of taking this long hard look at themselves or whatever. Has he or anyone who thinks as he does, ever taken a good long look at white people and their connection with racism? Black people aren’t the only ones holding on to racism.

In America the Native American, Hispanic, African American and Muslim are or have complained of racism at the hands of the white race. The Aborigine in Australia, blacks in South Africa, minorities in France, the UK, Italy, Ireland and just about any place with a minority population has or is complaining about racism by white people.

Is this some horrible case of mistaken identity or some colossal conspiracy that all these races have felt racially maligned by white people? Charlie wants black people to take a hard look at the real cause of such ill feelings all the while acting as if the white race has been nothing but accommodating and welcoming to those of other races.

This is by no means an accusation of the entire white race as being racist. This is just a reply to an idiot who also said that “Sadly the black community in the West only seems to re-enforce these stereotypes, then blame white people for thinking the worst of blacks.” And the way I see it, some in the white community only seem to reinforce the stereotype of white racism, then blame black people for thinking the worst of them.

So instead of people like Charlie always making each and every point they make about black people being filled with stereotypes of them being criminally inclined, future less high school drop outs, why don’t they try and go back even further. The reason they don’t is because it blows a big hole in their entire argument of blacks being somehow completely and utterly responsible for all of their bad press, bad conditions and everyone’s crime problem.

Charlie said that white people should have a higher crime rate and he is right white’s should have a higher conviction rate than blacks but they don’t. Why doesn’t he ask why? Why doesn’t he read the DOJ’s study on how the judicial system in America is biased? Why he doesn’t just look at the fact that if you are constantly profiling people by race and that race doesn’t include white people, they are going to get away with more crimes than the next person. It doesn’t mean they don’t commit crimes.

It is the same with the white kids drinking from my last post. If they were to go ahead and arrest them for these crimes, no matter how simple someone feels this crime is, the numbers would rise. If they were to spend the amount of time on fashion faux pas in the white area as they do in the black areas their numbers would rise.

And according to a 2005 study by the Justice Department found that while Hispanic, black and white drivers were stopped by the police about as often, Hispanic drivers or their vehicles were searched 11.4 percent of the time and blacks 10.2 percent of the time, compared with 3.5 percent for white drivers. I guess you think that this is an accident? And maybe, just maybe if they searched white people’s cars at the rate they do for Latinos and blacks they would be carting a bunch of them off to jail.

Data collected from state courts by the Justice Department also shows that a higher percentage of black felons than white felons receive prison sentences for nearly all offenses, and also that blacks receive longer maximum sentences for most offenses.  So like I said people need to start looking beyond the silly little stereotypes.

He claims that the black/white crime disparity shocked him.  What he should be shocked about is the fact that him and those like him want to play down, discount and overlook any and all racial disparity that exist in favor of this phony everybody is equal and somehow blacks are just doing everything wrong. Sometimes Charlie and those like him, racism plays a bigger role than any of you wishes to admit.



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14 responses to “Holding On To Racism

  1. Charlie wants us all to forget the past… no no don’t pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
    So the status quo can remain the same. So Charlie can be the most outstanding citizen the world has to offer while he votes in racist politicians that continue the plot total world domination and the subjugation of any an all who aren’t of Aryan descent.

  2. cinque

    The past was not that long ago. Voter rights act, lunch counter sit-ins, water hoses, police dogs all happened less than 45 or 50 years ago. I still remeber singing “We shall overcome” after the pledge to the flag in 1976. White folks don’t need to turn fully around to see their legacy of racism, they need only look over their shoulder…..and at times right beside and in front of them. Charlie is indicative of those who try to minimize the wrong doing of the (not so distant) past. He wants to say “well yes we stole the land from the Native American and burned, raped and murdered them into near extinction. Not to mention we put them on reservations, but it’s their fault they drink themselves to death and have high crime rates on the reservations. They have casinos now. They should pull themselves up by their boot straps like I did. While I inherit my money(to pay for rehab and lawyer fees), property(so I don’t have to work hard to buy that first house or even make a mortgage payment) and status.(college legacy, credit history, political affiliation) No of course you are blame less…..not your fault at all……( you just benefit from it all)

  3. Nupealot

    I love your post. Please keep them coming and coming often. Thanks

  4. Cinque,

    So true! Charlie, who doesn’t even live in America, feels that somehow this stuff is so dead and so far in the past as if he buried it himself. The only thing I know is that people who are so dead set to prove that racism doesn’t exist are usually knee deep in the mindset. Charlie unfortunately does a lot of stereotyping and debasing of the black race in his bid to prove that blacks are to blame for any and all problems that surround these race problems in America.

    Thanks for the reply

  5. Nupealot,

    Thank you so much and I will definitely try.

  6. miller

    i don’t even know how to react to charlie on this…

    likewise i don’t know how to respond to his opponents…

    i mean i believe charlie is wrong! terribly wrong! uncomfortably wrong because i hear a very embarrassing echo of his words in my memories… only they have my voice.

    i hate that!

    i don’t know how to respond to those who are rightly offended by his language because i wish you could all just ignore him and everything would be OK…

    but i know that isn’t true…

    it won’t be OK if you ignore him.

    it’ll just get worse.

    i think the crux of the matter here for me is that i can no longer afford to ignore the charlies of the world either!

    i have to add my voice to yours in speaking out against racism.

    and i just don’t have anything nice to say. i mean i’ve really tried to come up with a reasoned, well composed and rational statement to offer charlie…

    but i can’t

    this is harder than i ever thought it would be!

  7. Miller,

    I agree it would be much easier if Charlie was like the clique of kids back in school that you could just ignore and go on with your day. And finally when school is over just forget they ever existed. But unfortunately this isn’t one of those situations. I have tried over and over to reason with and even just understand Charlie to no avail. I applaud you for your obvious change of attitude. It is always good to see someone open their eyes no matter how it came about.

    Thanks for the reply.

  8. The Engineer

    Charlie could very well be mentally ill.

    1. Charlie’s denial that Winston Churchill was an alcoholic could very well be an expression of Charlie’s denial of his own alcoholism.
    2. Charlie could be insane due to his alcoholism.
    3. Charlie is racist due to his insanity.

    I am not sure if we should pity Charlie.

    Thank you for listening.

  9. The Engineer,

    You have a way of making me laugh when you talk about/to Charlie. Anyhow, I definitely don’t think that we should pity Charlie or anyone who thinks like he does. I was hoping to shed some light on what type of comments I have to deal with on a constant basis. I don’t remember why it is that I started conversing with Charlie. But, I usually cut them off early or never display the comments.

    Thanks for the reply.

  10. Michael,

    Perhaps you are making assumptions as I didn’t get this picture from just any old website. This photo is public domain and that means that I can use it at will.

    Maybe you will do a bit of research or ask before you make offhanded statements. IF you have this same photo on your website, don’t be so quick to believe that you are the ONLY one who has access to this picture.


  11. Lusitana

    Damien, cinque, re the past: to quote our President quoting Faulkner (I think?), the past isn’t dead, it isn’t even past.
    I think we can pity Charlie for about 30 seconds and then move on. I’d rather know what you folks have to say than ponder what his problems are. (And they’re deep and continuous, it sounds like.)
    I think there’s systemic and legal stuff we need to change, accompanied by boatloads of education, and then maybe some hearts and minds will follow. Maybe Charlie’s, maybe not.
    Another quote, from Mark Twain: The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid, will not sit upon a hot stove lid again. But he won’t sit upon a cold stove lid, either.
    How does this address lingering racism? Well, if you’re a white guy and the only black person you ever met was a guy who mugged you — and you weren’t a very deep thinker — you might be suspicious of every black person you met afterward.
    Back to the systemic things we must do: If opportunities were more equal, and public education made to do what it was supposed to do,
    more people’s first encounter with someone of color would be the doctor that saved their life or the accountant that saved them a bundle on their taxes, or the professor that knocked some sense into their heads.
    I know a young, white sailor, for instance, who looks like a Scotch-Irish skinhead, whose CPO in bootcamp was a small, black woman. His comment: “She’s everything a Chief ought to be.”
    It’s happening already. But it needs to happen more. Like the Rev. Lowery told us yesterday, we whites need to “embrace what is right.”
    I guess what I’m trying to say, Black Sentinel, is the Charlies of the world can be a distraction sometimes. But it’s so easy to let them get under your skin, if you have any fight in you at all, there can be an overwhelming urge just to engage (verbally) with them and crush them.
    Sorry for the long (and maybe weirdly folksy) post!

  12. Lusitana,

    Your post was long but well said. I have wasted more than enough time on Charlie. I have tried to open Charlies mind to other points of view and that is about all I CAN offer to him and those like him.

    Thanks for the reply.

  13. All of the words in this post demonstrate that Blacks are infact holding onto racism. It’s the crutch that holds them up and makes other people feel sorry for them.

    The fact that there are so many Black people that feel this way is exactly why the Black community is behind.

  14. House,

    You said “The fact that so many black people feel this way exactly why the black community is behind.” Is it possible that so many black people feel this way because racism still has a foot hold in America? Is it possible that not only black people are holding on to racism but racism is holding on to them through the dominant community? Or are black people somehow the only ones in control of racism?

    These are questions that need to be looked at as well as whether or not blacks are at fault for being behind. Nothing happens in a bubble.

    Thanks for the reply.

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