Extra! Extra! Racism Is Pretty Much Dead


One thing that irks me more than anything else I can think of besides the abuse of a child or elderly person is a white person who says that racism is pretty much gone, a thing of the past or not as prevalent as it once was. My problem with these statements should be pretty damn obvious and that is, how in the hell do they know?

What study did they do? What gives them this supposed inside knowledge? And the stinky thing is they are constantly using this as some sort of precursor or some excuse as to why we should end affirmative action or the racially sensitive laws. Or that because Obama made it to the top shows that racism is pretty much gone.

You know there are women who lived their entire lives without being raped; does this now mean that rape is pretty much gone, so laws should be invalidated? Or some kids live their entire lives devoid of child abuse; are those laws in need of being stricken from the books as well? This is the idiotic thinking that comes around affirmative action. They talk about Obama making it and the end of affirmative action as if affirmative action is only about blacks people.

This is one problem with the American mindset. We constantly have this retarded belief that if one person can do it, everyone can. Truthfully this type of thinking is the farthest thing from the truth. One black person being able to navigate life without racism doesn’t dismiss racism other blacks receive. Nor would all the people who live out their lives to die a natural death dismiss the murder of other people.

This all makes me think of what I read over at Brotherpeacemaker that even if all black slaves dressed up in tuxedos they all couldn’t become the house slave. Someone still has to go out and pick the cotton daily. So everyone can’t possibly do it, whatever it is. Yet to take a look at one person’s circumstances and try and place that over all people remotely resembling that person is just plain absurd.

This type of absurd thought never manifests itself around any other behavior. People believe that when racism is down to some unknown reasonable amount, whatever that amount is, then we can start to do away with protections for black and other minorities. I am just wondering if racism is the reason these people are so eager to rid this country of any means to level the playing field. Are these people so afraid that if everyone has equal rights to everything that was once set aside for whites, they would no longer have the upper hand they had with white only affirmative action?

Whether or not racism is constant or sporadic it isn’t an answer to be levied lightly by someone who has probably less racism experience than they do with playing around rainbows with leprechauns.  People need to be more responsible and understand that the country doesn’t exist in a bubble.  Racism is as much American as is baseball and apple pie.  This country was built on it and the rise of ONE black man has not and will not end racism for the majority of minorities.



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16 responses to “Extra! Extra! Racism Is Pretty Much Dead

  1. The Engineer

    Very well said, The Black Sentinel; very well said.

    I would like to add that the opposite may be occurring: more racism.

    “Obama has more threats than other president-elects,” November 14, 2008, by Eileen Sullivan:

    “Obama election spurs race crimes around country,” November 16, 2008, by Jesse Washington:

    I can tell you that in my neighborhood (almost all Caucasian), most, if not all, of the Caucasians were seething with anger to the point of trying to bait me into a confrontation!

    I acted with humility (as President Obama suggested in his election night speech). I avoided direct eye contact with any Caucasian, unless I knew the Caucasian, and in such instances, I never spoke of President Obama nor participated in any conversation that was raised about President Obama.

    Little old ladies that I have known for years decided to show their true selves, and it was not pretty.

    On a more positive note, whenever I am around my friends who are not Caucasian, we quietly rejoice and remind ourselves that President Obama has a very tough road ahead of him: pulling out of two wars, fixing the economy, and maintaining the peace.

    It is not fair for him to be stuck with such a bad state of affairs. It seems that, in a way, not much has changed: President Obama will have to be a Super Janitor.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. Yeah, and we’re the violent animals that are threatening the usually safe American society.

  3. Lusitana

    I agree, Engineer: Well said, Black Sentinel! I’m really sorry Engineer’s white acquaintances (sure wouldn’t call those friends) reacted like that. After the election, I (white, some Southern roots) felt like high-fiving every black person I saw on the street in celebration — then I’m reminded of the reaction of Stanley, a black sculptor I know, when I said, “Hey, did you know Barack Obama’s mother’s name was Stanley?” a few months ago. The conversation went on with Stanley questioning why I was for Obama anyway … he wasn’t yet convinced (Navy veteran, he noted, which might’ve been one reason, he said). It was a reminder that not every black person was for Obama (not that that’s what I thought — my ADD was just making me free associate about his name and we went on talking from there).
    Anyway, to me the election felt like it had ushered in a new day, and anything, like Obama said, was possible. No, racism is not dead and I don’t think it ever will be — but that doesn’t mean it lives in everyone.
    It doesn’t help that the Grim Old (White People’s) Party candidates used code-worded racism to try and win the election. The good news is, it didn’t work. That seems to be a sign of hope.
    I think it’s fair to note that there are black, Latino and Asian racists, too – but entrenched white power makes ours more pervasive and toxic. And to me, that’s why we need laws protecting people against it. If they’re written well, they’ll protect all of us against discrimination, no matter who’s in power in the future.
    And the more people of color we get into power, up and down the ranks of government and industry, I would hope the more diluted white racism should be, in terms of the damage it can do.
    Seems like having a person of color leading the free world is a good start!

  4. The Engineer, Deborah,

    Even after I wrote about white people who think that they know everything there is to know about racism, there are more of them.

    I was looking at this post http://javaqueen14.wordpress.com/2008/11/17/i-dont-care-if-youre-black-or-white

    And trust me these fools think that they got it down. We just need to parent better. I guess if we parent out kids they won’t be affected by the systemic racism that permeates our country.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. The Engineer

    I have known a few Caucasians as depicted in the “javaqueen14” weblink.

    She has a lopsided sensitivity issue.

    It is okay for her to have problems and discuss them openly, but if someone else has problems, then the response is to silence the other person and to dismiss the importance of the problems. This javaqueen14 seems obsessed with the F-word and with telling everyone to “shut the F up.”

    This lopsided psychology seems to stem from the ingrained concept within the affected person that her/she is the only one important and everyone else is very much secondary.

    This megalomaniac syndrome is just too common among them.

    Thank you for listening.

  6. The Engineer,

    That is what I thought I was trying to tell her. She did the same thing with the person C. After this person told her how they felt. She was “sympathetic” then immediately started attacking as if they did not have the right to have those feelings. Or they had to justify them to her.

    And like I said this is the very reason racism ceases to end. People like her have to be able to be CONVINCED that it is even occurring. And then they have to be leveled against her position of all the other problems people have.

    Then why bother to end racism or any other atrocity at all. We should all just realize that everyone has problems and we can just be happy. Or in her world we should just stop pointing it out and we will all be happy.


  7. And the smartass re-appears for a moment–

    Shut the F up!! LOL

    How old is this javaqueen?….I assume younger than me (29)……which means the basic extent of vocabulary is more likely to consist of the “f-word” than even 20 years ago. I think kids are learning the cuss words as everyday language now (I know my local Bosnian counterparts, even the 9 year olds cuss more than I did when I was in the army, and they are using it like everyday language, not just when they are pissed off), and think it suffices as a great oratorical device to shout down opposing voices or opinions. God help us all get a good belt for some of these idiots!

  8. Mike,

    I am with you there. I can’t continue a conversation with a person who can do nothing more to further their case than hurl curses and insults.

    I get angry at the occasional reader and we will go round and round. But I would be totally insane to begin telling them to shut the f-up.

    But I must admit if she came here I just might do it as a point.

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. What trip me out about this lady is that she is so tired of hearing black black black… I wonder would she have a problem with seeing more black dolls in the store! Or having to see more of those damn black people on her television set… Or having to by pass the dark skinned invisible band-aids…
    Hmmm, I wonder would she be mad if Beyonce played Wonder Woman with a fro… would she be offended. HA!
    I wonder if she would be mad if she started seeing more black… OH wait she already answered my question.
    “BLACK WHITE BLACK WHITE BLACK WHITE. STFU already! I’m so fucking sick and tired of hearing it!”

    I may be going out on a limb here but I’d take it she’d get tired of seeing it too. Oh wait, another quote “OMG, I want to throw my shoe through the television set. “Black” “Black” “Black” is about the only thing on the airwaves as of late.” I guess that makes her uncomfortable. HA!! Yet, I loved it!!! I wonder why, maybe because we’re inundated with the American Standard and I’m not talking about the toilet!

    You know they kill me with this I didn’t notice he was black… Yeah Fuk’n right!!!!
    She talked about you being on a high horse… shit her horse may be taller (try a couple of stories) than yours if she doesn’t see race. HA!

  10. One more thing… if a person doesn’t see color then why are you upset over seeing black on your television set. It shouldn’t bother you if you don’t see color.
    Tell me if there is a flaw in my logic.
    I would have loved for BrotherP to get at they ass!
    But in reality there is no get’n at them cuz they don’t see anything unless it’s… wait for it… wait for it…. WHITE!


  11. Damien,

    Exactly my point as well. How in the world do you NOT notice someone’s race, unless you are blind?

    Also, how much did the people back in the day have to hear about the first man to walk on the moon? It was a big deal. Anytime something or someone does something first it is reported on non stop.

    I guess if it were the first female president she would not be all miffed. She would welcome the banter back and forth talking about the glass ceiling and chauvinists etc.

    It is nothing more than the old I’m not racist because I have a black friend. She said that several times and it meant nothing the first, second or third time.

    We should all be celebrating this first. Not complaining about it. I mean if she is so tired of hearing about black/white then she should move to Iceland. They have pretty much NO black population.

    Thanks for the reply.

  12. c

    “Just because you’re colorblind doesn’t mean you can’t see black and white.”

  13. c,

    I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. It is exactly what I try and tell people. Even if they don’t like the way I explain myself.

    Thanks for the reply.

  14. c

    i am not going back there, but i’d replied twice more & she deleted those comments. It was her perfect right to do so, but i’d like to know why. i wasn’t even as mean as i felt.

    Oh, well. i’m just glad it’s done for me there. i never need go back.

    The thing was that a few of her commentors visit my blog and i guess i was stupidly surprised they felt like that. And just really sad.

    And that’s why it’s all “Black & White”- at least a lot of the time- for me. Like Black people enjoy dealing with issues of race, racism, confronting and dealing with privilege and ignorance… Party! :/

  15. c,

    She deleted your comments simply because she can not deal with people when she can’t refute or show them to be wrong. She wants to live in her fantasy land that “she” knows better about racism than those who are actually affected.

    I read your comments before she zapped you and I thought they were truthful and YOUR opinion. You were dead right and she could not accept that. You had every right to voice your opinion. And you are also right that she being the idiot she is had every right to delete them.

    It was funny I was the stupid ignorant one for trying to explain why black people feel left out. All they can say is that we somehow don’t have the right to our feelings. And thus is why I explained racism will never die. We don’t enjoy racism. We just have no choice but to face it and hopefully squash it when we see it. Yet, according to them we use racist situations to be able to create our victim mentality.

    How ignorant. When the truth is that if their are fools out there who are making racist situations trying to make us victims then we have the right to be heard about it.

    Well neither of us have to ever go back to read their idiotic dribble.

    Thanks for the reply.

  16. John,

    It seems that YOU are making a lot of ASSumptions here. The first point is that seeing color is NOT the problem. I would not want people looking at me without noticing that I am black. The problem comes when people notice that color and act one way or another to that color. So how shallow of you to think that all that needs to be done is NOT to see someone’s color. That is a huge insult to act as if the person is blank. That is like saying I don’t see you at all. So get a clue.

    Obviously you didn’t read the post or understand it. I am saying that people need to stop using race as a means to discriminate then act as if racism is dead. Now if you are one of those people who feels that racism is dead then you have an even bigger issue than coming here with your ASSumptions. It is plain to see that racism isn’t dead and for me to point that out to people isn’t me seeing in black and white. It is me pointing out the obvious to people such as yourself.

    Now instead of complaining to me about this supposed colorless world, why don’t you educate those who wish to deny rights to all those supposed black friends of yours whose color YOU don’t see? That would be a bit more productive since I am NOT denying white, black or whatever people the opportunity to have jobs, equal pay, housing, medical care or anything else that some people are in a position to deny people of races they feel are undeserving.

    And even though a minority may live in a rich area and think in terms of haves and have nots it never fails that if something goes down with that minority such as driving while black it won’t matter how much money they have. Go ask Robbie Tolan the son of black baseball player Bobby Tolan who had a 15-year career with the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds. He was shot in his own driveway by a cop who thought he had stolen a vehicle from this high end neighborhood. Yet, the cop didn’t bother to run the plates, as this WAS a black kid in a rich white neighborhood driving an expensive car, so he knew this could be only ONE THING.

    Yet, you want ME to look beyond color! It seems to me that maybe you should take this bullshit to the cop who shot the boy for the color of his skin. Or, do you have some excuse for his behavior? Or, maybe MY post on racism NOT being over caused the cop to see the boys color and pump a bullet in his ass. Give me a damn break!!

    I would thank you for your comment, as I do like feedback, but I get way too tired of this dribble.

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