Comparing Apples To Oranges With Racism

I just had the serious displeasure of reading a comment over at Brotherpeacemaker’s blog. A person calling himself Anonymous said “Oh, and it IS very annoying to even HEAR someone bring up the topic of the whole lack of compensation for the slavery thing… im not saying you are putting that out there as an arguement, but just as a chance to address it… If anyone thinks that blacks were put into a terrible situation, think about how the Native Americans felt when we came in, decieved them, diseased them, killed them, displaced them, and then gave them a few acres here or there, then labeled them as no good drunks that arent good for anything except running casino’s… talk about lack of compensation. Im not even a native american, but i think their plight goes just as deep, if not deeper than that of the black community.

Now why is it that white people such as this guy always believe that we must constantly compare the African enslavement to something else in order to justify why no compensation was given? What makes that necessary? Was it necessary for white America to compare how the Native American’s were treated, which was horrible by any standard, to the African enslavement in order to sort out their compensation? Or did they figure that what they had suffered deserved some sort of compensation in order to at least attempt some sort of retribution?

Tell me do those who feel the need for comparison compare the Japanese internment to the African enslavement before watching our government dole out the reparations, of course NOT. When the Japanese were interned for the whopping three to three and a half years they then received 1.6 billion dollars to the survivors and or their heirs.

And this fool has the nerve to compare two hundred and eleven years of raping, beating, killing, child selling, and family splitting slavery to being thrown off your land and deeply slandered. Lord knows that I have ancestors who were on slave plantations as well as reservations. My paternal grandparents met and married while living on a Native American reservation. I know that those ancestors who were slaves would have been ecstatic to have their land stolen while they moved to somewhere else AWAY from their tormentors, instead of the slavery they knew.

How many times were the holocaust victims compared to the Native Americans or the African slaves before our government decided that it was a good idea to send them billions a year in aid dollars? No one would dare question the suffering of the Jews at the hands of the white Germans. Yet, it is a popular argument to compare African slaves to any and every other community of people who were maligned. I even had a person compare African slaves to indentured servants. Who by the way were not held indefinitely and their children were never made to serve as their parents. They were born free. So is it just the fact that it deals with Africans/Blacks that we need to compare in order to show that “your ancestors suffering wasn’t the only terrible thing to happen, or the worst.” It is just the worst suffering and maligning that has gone uncompensated.

It is a damn insult for any person to try and compare someone else’s suffering in order to minimize in order to justify not only their continued subjugation but also why they don’t deserve any compensation for that subjugation. How many times have you heard the jury tell some family whose family member was raped and murdered that “hey there are plenty of women being raped and murdered in the fields of Cambodia, so we should just get over it?”

That would be some screwed up junk that NO ONE would stop talking about. Yet, this man and his blatant white privilege will give him the gall to sit and compare apples to oranges in a failed attempt to explain to blacks why their ancestors didn’t suffer, at least as much as others. He says this as if he has some inside knowledge as to how much suffering is needed in order to be worthy of some compensation. I can only say heartless, insensitive and tactless, which is also the wording I would use to describe the blacks experience and also treatment from America.



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8 responses to “Comparing Apples To Oranges With Racism

  1. You know what really gets my goat? When people defend the subjugation of black people by saying that black people in America make more money than black people anywhere else in the world so we should be happy with our current situation. So either enjoy the disparity or go back to Africa.


  2. Hey there!

    Ladies and gents….

    We have elected a Kenyan-American president….Toot’s grandson:

    44th President of the United States

    And we’re movin’ on up!!

  3. justaguy

    Why won’t you post my comment?

    Perhaps you were the one that was underestimating the importance of President-Elect Obama’s victory.

    I think this is a great occasion for this country, to break barriers of this magnitude. And, according to the news that i am watching right now… many, many others feel the same way that i do.

    Many Black Americans were shown in tears over what transpired last evening. As a matter of fact, i had to wipe my eye once or twice, because everything that had occurred in the past seemed to not matter as much. The people of this country are not defined by race, but by the “content of their character”, and by the true charisma of what could be a great leader, as long as he upholds his claims that he will truly be bi-partisan.

  4. Justaguy,

    I probably didn’t post your comment because I was not at my computer. Be patient. Anyhow I didn’t underestimate Obama’s win. I don’t understand where you are getting this line of comments.

    Anyhow, I believe that this is an extremely important and momentous occasion. I don’t on the other hand believe that racism is dead due to his being elected. But historical ABSOLUTELY!

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. justaguy

    I was referring to the link i posted in my previous comment which didn’t get posted, in which i conceded:
    “Now on to Senator Obama. I think you underestimate what a monumental occasion it would be to have a black person elected as President. It means that, even though the Black population is a minority in this country, enough white people voted for him (over a more experienced veteran like Sen. McCain) to make him, arguably, the most powerful person in the world. It would prove to you (i should hope), on a small note, that not every white person is as racist as you claim them to be. Now, figure in the percentage of white people that are registered voters versus the percentage of black people that are registered voters (statistically, a higher percentage of white people were registered to vote in the last presidential election), that comes out to a whole lot of white folks who think that a certain black man would do a better job than a certain white man of running this country.”

    Your reply: “You overestimate the power of Obama being president.”

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, in hindsight.

  6. Justaguy,

    I would love for you to show me anywhere in any of my posts which state that ALL white people are racist. I do not believe that in any way, shape or fashion. So don’t be presumptuous and place your ill thoughts on me.

    Just because a black man was elected president dose not in anyway mean that racism is dead or that racists don’t exist. My favorite analogy is now that Bill Gates a white man is filthy rich, does this now mean that there is no poverty among the white population.

    Just because one person defies the odds does not mean that it negates the circumstances of each and every person that shares his heritage. And I personally don’t feel that McCain was more qualified nor did he have more experience.

    Both of them were senators and neither of them have ever been a president of any country which is the ONLY thing that would have made either of them “experienced”. Just because a person has more life experience does not give them more capabilities than any other person.

    I personally place more credit on being an intellectual and having an above average education. We see where the bottom of the barrel got us this last 8 years. Not to mention Bush also had 4 years experience being the president and that did not stop him from screwing the entire country.

    I don’t have any thoughts on this. I still believe that people are overestimating the power that Obama being president will have on the systemic racism that is still prevalent throughout this country. I am hopeful that it will have some impact but just like a person becoming rich does not impact the life of a person living in poverty.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. ...

    Reading the comments/article, the entire thing seems to be comparing using the African-American enslavement with other horrible past events. I think the reason people compare it with other events, is because, and I mean no offense, is because African-Americans sometimes use that as an advantage. They use it as the “race-card,” which I find quite annoying, because when I walk pass places sometimes, I would hear an African-American in a store yelling it at another African-American, calling each other racists. So when people use these events, they use other events from the past to “neutralize” the comments.

  8. (NO Name)

    Give me a break. It sounds like more excuses. I think that people in general use the race card, including white people. I know that may come as a shock to you, but they do.

    Also, to imply that black people using some “race card” means that others need to compare whatever suffering their ancestors had with some other travesty is idiotic.

    And just for your benefit. Blacks don’t get any advantages from slavery. What do they get, something for free. My ancestors were slaves can I have my free house, car and bank full of money.

    Give me a break!

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