The Straight Talk Express Has Lost Another Wheel

I guess the McCain Palin ticket is going down faster than McCain flying an A-4 Skyhawk. Since the news has been about some crazy McCain campaign volunteer named Ashley Todd went to the police swearing that a big “black” man (of course) robbed her then noticed her McCain/Palin bumper sticker, went crazy and carved a B for Barack into her face.

Now of course she couldn’t hold up the lie and now SHE is being charged with making false police reports. It should have been totally easy to spot that she was lying. Since how many dyslexic criminals are running around carving backwards letters into people after being set off by bumper stickers? Anyhow, she had this large black eye.

Now if I am not mistaken this is the same nonsense that has gotten thousands upon thousands of black men killed, lynched and falsely imprisoned. What do people think the cops were going to do if this nuts story had been the least bit credible? They were going to scour that place nabbing every big black guy, a bunch of scrawny black guys and everything in between so that white people would feel safe on the streets.

McCain’s camp being so eager to get anything even if it was something so sleazy and tawdry as this female bozo’s story to use as a Billy club to beat down the Obama surge in the polls. His campaign latched on to this probably through the Drudge Report since they are hoping for another blue dress to pop out of some fat white bimbo’s closet. But what they got was some fat white bimbo with a big B carved in her face, a big black eye and a story to end all campaign stories.

Now they are telling everyone that they had nothing to do with this story hitting the news before the cops had a chance to be investigate it. It seems like another female that the McCain team failed to fully vet before throwing her out for public scrutiny. Yet, we see that FOX News (if you want to call it that) didn’t waste any time getting this story on air without the slightest bit of journalistic investigation. Now you know you can’t read through all your laughing and I totally understand. Thinking that Fox News would actually do some journalistic investigation was totally my fault and I apologize.

Anyhow I am just wondering if McCain or Palin will now be combing the crowds looking for Ashley the cutter, or maybe they will call her Ashley the nut. I am sure they would like to sweep this under the rug seeing as both McCain and Palin wasted no time calling her and her family to express their sympathy over the terrible event and wish them well. Well I hope they don’t continue to say that their crazy campaign insinuations aren’t causing the crazies to come out of the woodwork.

Like they have been told for the last month or so, their campaign trail incitement could cause someone to do something stupid and here we go. People hopefully will see these two as the do anything; say anything, country dividing, race baiting haters that they are. It should be completely obvious to anyone who cares to look, that these two are completely inept at bringing this country together and helping to bring about change. We are already divided by race, religion, education and income isn’t it about time that we CHANGED that instead of continuing it for another four years?



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6 responses to “The Straight Talk Express Has Lost Another Wheel

  1. sofsell

    McCain Palin? a scary duo.
    I suppose if there is such a thing as a Bradley Effect, then there has to be a Reverse Bradley Effect, namely people who won’t admit to their colleagues that they would vote black will do so once behind the curtain. I sincerely hope that is the case.

  2. So sad…You just can’t make this @#$% up!

    I would have to agree with sofell…the opposite effect is possible.

  3. pvdugas

    This story brought one person to my mind:

    REMEMBER SUSAN SMITH? As for the Bradley effect, one has to remember – he already won the nomination. I don’t believe it’s even an issue for Obama. We’ll see next week.

  4. pvdugas,

    You and me both. This is exactly what I have been thinking of when this liar got busted. Haven’t enough black men been maligned through these types of lies? Yet, somehow they just keep on going with them and people continue believing these fools.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Why don’t they take these things as serious as they should be taken. Hundreds if not thousands of brothers were killed and their murders got away sometimes in eyesight of the family of the murdered for this exact reason!!!!!!!!
    It’s very serious. I say she should be charged with attempt to insight a riot or something!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Damien,

    I agree. She should get something more than a simple false police report crap. This has implications that could have put an innocent black man in prison or like you said dead. She should get some serious time. That might be more of a deterrent for those who feel that they can just point the finger at someone that everyone will believe was the culprit.

    Thanks for the reply.

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