Obama Gives Tax Cuts To Dummies

This hoopla that somehow jobs are created from the top down is ridiculous. By McCain continuing the same retarded tax cuts for the richest Americans while continuing to overtax the middle class will miraculously create jobs is crazy especially since it did not work before. And you don’t have to look any further than the last four years of the Bush tax cuts which were synonymous with tax cuts for the wealthy.

Last time I checked they didn’t create any jobs. And in fact we have lost jobs, a LOT of jobs and the economy is in a hole. So I guess McCain thinks that he and Palin will continue to do the same tax strategy of Bush’s from the last four years and this time hope and pray that it works.

McCain claims that by giving tax cuts to those at the top, jobs will just trickle down to the rest of us. Here is a little tidbit of information for him and all those who think this is true. Let’s use the lemonade stand as an example.  If you give a big tax cut to Mr. Lemonade stand owner he isn’t going to create any jobs he is probably going to put that money in his pocket and more than likely slash jobs.

Why? Because there is NO DEMAND for his product.  Because the people who buy lemonade, you know those middle class people who had a hike in their taxes so Mr. Lemonade stand owner could get a tax cut, don’t have any money.  They decide to hold on to their money because they have to pay bills and have less money to do so due to the fact they have high taxes.

If less middle class lemonade drinkers buy lemonade, Mr. Lemonade stand owner has less demand for his product. What does he do, he slashes jobs to save HIS money because he has bills to pay as well. So it is a vicious cycle where nobody prospers.  The business man has less money from lack of demand and the consumer has less money to demand anything.

Now if we go Obama’s route and cut taxes for the middle class by getting rid of those overzealous tax cuts for the wealthy or those making over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars we will make new jobs. Because those middle class lemonade drinkers will have more money in their pockets with lower taxes.  They now feel that they can afford to buy that lemonade. This will create a DEMAND for lemonade.  Thus the lemonade stand owner will need to get new employees in order to make sure he can fill all the orders for lemonade. Now we not only have more people employed we have more people out buying more goods and services.

So if John McCain and Sarah Palin would just put their tax strategy in the lemonade stand scenario they would also see that you can NOT grow jobs from the top to the bottom. Everything grows from the bottom up and that is the problem with how our government works now. They cater to those at the top when it is those at the bottom who are the key. People at the bottom drive the machine. Those at the top are hanging on for the ride.  When you have a LOT of people with money more goods and services are purchased.  Meaning more people will need to be employed and more money will be spent.  A GOOD vicious cycle.

So, I guess we should all think about what is important. To have more money in the hands of those who will drive the market by demanding more product which will in turn give more money to the business owners, making more jobs. Or give more money to those at the top to make more products even though there is no one who has extra money in order to demand those products.

UH DUH! I think we can all see where that leads. Just go and ask McCain’s economic buddy Carly Fiorina who ran Lucent pretty much into the ground right before trying to do the same to HP. Or let’s ask his other economic buddy who he would like to see replace Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Meg Whitman who saw her last two quarters at Ebay in a significant decline forcing the lay off of a bunch of people.

I guess we only need to look at who each candidate has as his advisors. And right now I can see why the McCain camp wants to continue a losing philosophy. And that doesn’t impress me right now. I am just amazed at the fact that you have so many people who are in the middle class who feel that they don’t deserve a tax cut, only those at the top do. Because they like it when the rich gets richer while we working class and poor get poorer.  And still Obama wants to give tax cuts and create jobs for dummies who would rather see themselves lose even more to those who aren’t hurting one bit.



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4 responses to “Obama Gives Tax Cuts To Dummies

  1. theblacksentinel,

    I have this same converstions with some of my republican “friends”. I use my job as an example… we creat construction documents for commercial properties. I tell them if you give money to the people they buy more hamburgers therefor Wendy’s has to build more Wendy’s so they have to EMPLOY us to do the civil plans therefore my job is safe the engineers job is safe my boss make more money and everyone is happy and I can afford to go to Wendy’s at lunch time.
    You can only give so much to rich people one day the not rich will be squeezed so tight that the people aren’t spending and they’re pockets aren’t as full but as long as they have the majority of the money they don’t give a flying crap about YOU ME or anyone that isn’t towing their line.

    Great post… I’ve been waiting for someone to make the freak’n analogy for those of us who can’t add 1+1 together and like to slob on massa knob!!

  2. Damien,

    I just like you got tired of people saying the most asinine things. Such as Obama will raise taxes. He will repeal the Bush tax cuts which will then take taxes on the rich back to a reasonable level.

    But people are so stupid that they will vote against something that will help them. It was the same as with Bush. The same idiots voted that “Joe Six Pack” into office and then had the nerve to cry about how tough they got it.

    Well maybe they should have thought about that crap before they voted for the dummy. And now they are doing the same thing. Then will cry if he (McCain) makes it into office and ruins our lives even more. And will do Obama just like Clinton even if he does a great job. But god forbid he screws up, they will probably throw a giant party.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. Lusitana

    Black Sentinel,
    You’ve hit the nail on the head once again. That’s one of the clearest descriptions I’ve seen of why the old trickle-down theory doesn’t work and never did work. Every time the Wall Streeters say, “Consumer spending is down” in a disappointed way, the only reaction I’ve had for years is, “Duh!” I guess the trickle-down folks thought it was good for us to go into debt while they speculated with the money that we should’ve been getting as wages and tax breaks ourselves, and … sigh.
    For what it’s worth, I have a recommendation for all who are trying to understand the hoopleheads who are McCain-Palin fans: Read “Huckleberry Finn.” If you can steel yourself to hear/read the n-word casually used (and though I’m not black, it still makes me cringe), the character portraits of illiterate, racist, dumb-as-bricks white folks, like Huck’s father, really give you a picture of where they all came from. I guess I’m saying they’re an old, toxic strain of humanity. I hope after the election they’ll all scrabble back under their rocks where they came from.
    Thanks for doing your bit to keep us all sane, Black Sentinel.

  4. thirtyyearplan

    Supply side economics can work only if the people with the money actually spend it. Since the rich haven’t spent any of this money that was supposed to trickle down, it hasn’t. Instead they’ve just grown richer.

    Keynesian economics work with printed (not borrowed) money works better in our current scenario. Think of it this way: necessity is the mother of all invention. Not the other way around.


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