McCain: A Day Late And A Dollar Short, Again

People all over the news and the blogosphere are saying that McCain finally gets it and is trying to calm his hateful and equally pathetic supporters down. Those same pathetic losers he now calls his supporters then booed him for his troubles. Now my whole problem with this is that I won’t give him the benefit of the doubt that he actually “woke” up to the problem or “got it.”

I am personally going with the thought that he only decided to change his tune after seeing the polls drop further and the backlash he and Harpy started getting in the press. He didn’t just decide that these people went too far. If he felt that way, he would have corralled the crowd when they first started yelling that Obama should be killed, he’s a Muslim or Arab and he is a terrorist. I mean they the ones that told all those people that Obama indeed hangs or “palls” around with terrorists and that you don’t “really” know him. What in the world did McCain think was going to happen?

This seems to be a continuous mode of operation for McCain to be a day late and a dollar short. He thought the war in Iraq would be quick, and then had to admit that it obviously wasn’t going to be. He thought the economy was strong, and then had to admit that it wasn’t and we were in a crisis. He thought attempting to suspend the debate to go to Washington AFTER the negotiations were underway would fix the problem. And then had to admit it didn’t help but hindered the process so he took his butt to the debate after all. And now he thought that inciting an angry mob like ruckus with lies at his campaign rallies was a good idea and finally has to admit that it was a very, very bad idea.

It seems that he is constantly making stupid or bad decisions only to regret them all the while trying to act as if he is the candidate with impeccable decision making skills. When are all the people going to wake up and start asking if we are ALL going to have to pay for his incompetence if he is elected? He has yet to make a credible or decent decision while campaigning. Being so consistently wrong and backwards seems to be one of his new campaign promises, and one that he is keeping.

All I see in this man is an angry unhinged person who is willing to try to do any and everything to get to his goal. I think we saw months ago that Obama told us that McCain and company would start trying to make us afraid of him pointing out he was different and he was blasted as trying to play the race card at that time. And now that it has come to pass people need to wake up and realize that those people at the McSimple and Harpy rallies are just passengers on the Titanic and they ain’t on the upper decks. Can anyone say steerage?

McCain has come out with ads saying that Obama is dangerous and we “don’t really” know him, he doesn’t see America like “we” do, he palls around with terrorists, have people who introduce you call out Barack “HUSEIN” Obama which incites fears of Obama being Muslim, then act as if you don’t know why Ima Dingbat and Jack Stupid start saying that Obama is a terrorist, should be killed or he is an A-Rab.

He has surrounded himself with the most asinine out of touch incompetent people he could find and to me that speaks volumes of how he will run his administration. Not to mention that these so called advisors should not be able to do things that he doesn’t want them to do. So he can’t very well say that his advisors made all these decisions and he was just along for the ride. Wouldn’t that also show he has no leadership skills and is in fact a patsy for allowing his advisors to run his campaign ship into an iceberg? He has ruined what little bit of good reputation he had at one time.

Now we see that his desperation has gotten him into the worst of situations. Underestimating his opposition as he did with Iraq he is now making a last ditch effort in a fight he can’t seem to win. I guess he felt that the American people would welcome him as a liberator from the past eight horrible years and that he would easily have our hearts and minds. Plus his anger surge has failed as well. Unfortunately, he has been left clueless yet again by these failures and is trying to reorganize his campaign a day late and dollar short.



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3 responses to “McCain: A Day Late And A Dollar Short, Again

  1. Lusitana

    Or, as Barack said, a day late and 101 middle-class families short … McCain’s “decisions” these days are hardly recognizable as decisions. They’re more like random twitches governed by something … well, something other than an actual brain. And you’re so right, Black Sentinel, that if it’s him making the decisions, it looks bad, and if it’s the people he’s surrounded himself making them, it looks worse. I, for one, am so tired of this sideshow. Sometimes I take a break and console myself by picturing what’s going to be the coolest and classiest Inauguration celebration ever in January … this is one Democrat who’s daring to be just a little optimistic right now.

  2. Lusitana,

    I am also trying to be very optimistic. I have to have some sort of faith that people will realize that McCain/Palin are too really dense people hell bent on dividing and not on bringing this country together.

    I don’t expect everyone to get behind Barack since some people sincerely don’t think he’s ready. But, I am just hoping that people are being honest and discerning about what their positions are.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. pvdugas

    This was a wonderful piece as usual, but let me inject some humor here. Did you see the latest Chris Rock special pn HBO? He said, and I quote:

    “Bush messed up real bad when a white man can’t get elected as President.”

    I’ll leave you with that!

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