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McCain The Cowardly Candidate

Am I the only one who doesn’t quite care that McCain referred to Obama as “that one?” Yes it was incredibly condescending and stupid. But right now I guess I am too focused on the fact that McCain is obviously a transparent coward. He has been attacking Obama all week long, calling him a terrorist not to mention allowing that harpy he calls a VP pick to do it for him. McCain had plenty of time during the back and forth that was going on to get in a little quip about how “none of us ‘really’ know Obama.”

Yet he totally squandered the chance to point to Obama’s face and call him out as that mysterious other. But alas the only thing that could come out of his impotent mouth was “that one.” Where the hell was that nonconformist, that rebel, that one of a kind Washington maverick that he has been trying so hard to sell to us voters or what he and Palin endearingly call us, poor suckers.

So instead of confronting the person he feels is an ill vetted terrorist or pal of terrorists himself, he does it behind Obama’s back along with his idiotic harpy. With her small mind values, oops small town values saying to the country, “I’ll fool you up real good like.” But what else could you possibly expect from a bunch of desperate clowns. I mean he did say that he “I intend to wage this campaign and to govern this country in a way that they would be proud of me,” … McCain also said that if elected, he would attempt to govern in the same spirit…

He claimed that “negative ads were like pornography, you know them when you see them.” He also said, “I just have to rely on the good judgment of the voters not to buy into these negative attack ads. Sooner or later they are going to figure out that if all you ever run are negative attack ads, you don’t have very much vision for the future or you don’t know how to articulate it.” Now either Clueless or his harpy, are really, really into pornography or they don’t have very much vision for the future AND don’t know how to articulate it.

Remember way back in 2000 when Bush clandestinely made the claims that he was a “Manchurian Candidate” traitor or mentally unstable from his North Vietnam POW days? McCain claims that he was disgusted and sickened by these attacks. Now he has employed the EXACT SAME attackers to attack for him. I guess when Cindy said that “John would rather lose an election rather than go negative” she was obviously still on the Percocet or she doesn’t understand that her husband would rather sell out the country in order to gain the power of the presidency.

How far will this coward and his harpies (this now includes Cindy) go in order to secure the White house? Covertly getting shills to pull a serious Rove tactic and say that Obama is going to get a rapper to paint the White house black, or how Obama will name Al Sharpton as the secretary of state? But people who are making fun of his hunched shoulders and stooped look should be ashamed. I mean can’t they see that this is the crooked walk of shame?

He is not only a coward but he is totally unfit to serve as our president. McCain agreed with President Bush 90% of the time, but he agrees with his negative strategies for running a campaign 100%. What kind of self respecting person votes for such a back handed, flip flopping, hatred inciting liar?



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