Would Blacks Vote For Obama If He Were White?

I am getting so tired and so fed up with these moronic idiots who constantly ask “would (insert name of black person here) be voting for Obama if he were white?” Now this is what I call a truly asinine question. Please white people; tell me a DEMOCRAT who didn’t get the majority of the black vote? There haven’t been any democrats in recent history who have NOT gotten the majority of the black vote.

In fact the black vote is pretty much consistently 90% FOR the democrats. So why would it be a surprise to anyone that this same number is supporting Obama now? The question is would (insert white person here) be voting for McCain if he were a black man? Now that is a question I would love to here the answer to. What if both candidates were black, who would people vote for? That is a fairer question since we already know that blacks would probably vote for a democrat even if he or she was a morlock. Due to the fact being that the Democrats “seem” to be the lesser of the two evils we are stuck with picking from.

Black people were more than prepared to vote for white lady Hillary Clinton if she had won the nomination. They wouldn’t have run to McCain and the Republican’s just because their candidate didn’t get the nomination. Blacks aren’t anything if they aren’t faithful and loyal. Yet, you can’t really say the same thing about the white Hillary supporters or a lot of the white democrats in general. But if this game continues these white Democrats who are being so flaky just might run the black vote off, hopefully to one of the independent parties.

Think about it blacks have had to vote for one white dude or another since being able to vote so if Obama was white it wouldn’t make one damn bit of difference, he is still a democrat. Now if let’s say Clarence Thomas were to run for president under the Republican ticket, I highly doubt that he would get more than ten to fifteen percent of the black vote. That would include the blacks who already vote Republican and then the idiots who would vote for him due to his race. But most blacks are just as wary about blacks who would do us harm politically as we are a white person who would do us wrong.

Now the question of whether whites would vote for a black McCain is pretty obvious. If McCain were black and Obama were white it would be a no brainer that Obama would be winning by a landslide right now. It is just pathetic that people won’t admit as much. The question is why white Democrats are so reluctant to support their beloved party all of a sudden. We all know that the majority of people vote along political lines NOT based solely on the person running. And yet Mr. McGoo is still hanging in tight with an opponent who is obviously better suited to the position than him.

These fools say that blacks are racist to vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat when they always have look at how we overwhelmingly supported Bill Clinton for two terms. It is a case of “look blacks are racist for supporting Obama the Democrat so we aren’t so bad for being racist in our supporting Mcfarce.” So what is the real motive behind trying to paint the black population as racists for supporting a group of people they would have supporting regardless who was the candidate? Is it to justify their backwards racism or is it out just out of their sheer stupidity? You be the judge.



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  1. Lizzie

    I am your typical middle aged white woman who was for Hillary. I have been called racist for the past 6 months by Obama supporters because I am not for him. I can not vote for Obama because of the way the Clintons have been treated in this election. The Obama voters expect the Hillary folk should fall in line to vote for him, yet even Michelle Obama said, that she would really have to think about it before she would vote for Hillary. Donna Brazille said the Obama campaign didn’t need the Hillary voters. So many of the pro Obama blogs have gone even further then the Republicans in thrashing the Clintons. So these are some of the reasons I will not vote for Obama and his followers. I worked my butt off for Harold Ford when he ran in Tennessee. I went door to door , day and night. I resent being called a racist because I have many other reasons to not vote Obama.

  2. Lizzie,

    This whole “I can’t vote for Obama due to the way Hillary was treated” is so lame and the biggest cop out I have ever heard. Why don’t you explain what Obama did personally to Hillary? If his treatment of Hillary was so bad why doesn’t she just do like Lieberman and jump ship?

    Also, would you be in favor of Obama supporters jumping ship if Hillary had won? What would be your statements then? Because the Clinton’s injected a lot of racism into that race. And up to then I was even with Hillary. But I can’t abide by that type of behavior.

    Even so, blacks would have backed Hillary even if she had beaten Obama using their racist strategy. “Obama can’t win the hard working American vote.” Because we all know that blacks aren’t hard working American’s right?

    Also, Harold Ford wasn’t trying to become president. I hear a lot of people support blacks for lesser office yet say they can’t quite see a black man in the White house. Please. What you said is just like the person who claims they can’t be racist because they have a so called black friend.

    That is not a good excuse. White people who are so called hard core Democrats have supported Democrats that were NOT the people they were supporting in the primaries. So I find it interesting that all of a sudden they just can’t bring themselves to support this Democrat due to some feigned wrong done to their candidate.

    Give me a break.

  3. Lizzie

    You just proved my point , in your response about Harold Ford. Obama has no experience, he was a Senator for 143 days before running for President.

    Obama told Hillary that he liked her enough during a debate. To me that was showing his ignorance. He flipped her the bird on TV. He brushed the trash off his shoulder.

    Axlerod and Brazille accused the Bill of racism.

    Why do you care about now about Hillary’s voters, since Ms. Brazille said the Obama camp doesn’t need them?

  4. Lizzie

    How do you know that blacks would have supported Hillary if she had won. I saw many on the net who just said the opposite. They are saying they won’t support her in the future if she and Bill don’t do exactly like they want. I would vote for Harold Ford for Pres. in a minute if her were running. He is not.

    I wish people like you could see the truth , that not all white people who do not agree with you are racist. I know that is too much for you to consider, but it is true.

    I don’t know of anything that Obama has done that makes him qualified to be our President.

    I also think that the Obama supporters have hurt him more than anything else. Rev. Wright & Rezko, were bad enough, but the people on the street for him ,on the blogs for him have offended so many voters of his party that they can not vote for him . He should have been smart enough to call these people out before it got so bad and unforgiving.

  5. Lizzie,

    Name one Democrat that blacks HAVEN’T supported? You can’t and that is my point. Blacks are the REAL LOYAL people to the Democrats. We have been their voting for every loser they put up in front of us. Shame on us for sure. But everyone has their loyalty to one party of another. And as I see it, Republicans vote for their own without too much exception and same for the Democrats. Except NOW.

    So give me a break.

    I also keep hearing this whole crap about Brazille said that Dems don’t need Hillary supporters so why are people worried about them. Well for one thing this post doesn’t have anything to do with Hillary supporters. It is your own inner misgivings that makes you feel this is a post about you all. I was actually talking about something I heard a Republican saying on another blog.

    But since you ask, I feel that your examples are pathetic. Are you saying that Obama flipped Hillary off by using his middle finger to do something? Or is that your excuse? Also, did Hillary say that he couldn’t win her base which was the HARD WORKING AMERICAN’S while speaking about middle class white’s? Was this racist?

    Also, you speak to experience, when was Hillary the president again? Oh yeah, NEVER! That is the ONLY way a person will have experience enough to do a job is to DO THE JOB. Give me a break again. I guess you will tell me that Sarah Palin is the MOST experienced VP in the history of VP’s.

    Please, not one person running for office has experience being the president. Each one has life experience and that is about it. Even being a senator or governor or a house wife isn’t going to give you the experience to be the president. But being in public office does give you a look at the ropes. Not to mention each one of these people will have to choose a cabinet who knows the position above all else.

    The thing that is most telling for the position is judgment. Hillary showed bad judgment when she decided to enter race into things and divide the party amongst the most loyal and the fly by nights. And with McCain picking Palin that shows that he has NO judgment either. Hillary would have won if she would have continued to do what was right.

    Since the majority of blacks were in her camp right up until she took them for granted and thought that she was going to be able to win the white vote playing the race card. And it back fired. So please she made her own bed and now has to sleep in it.

    And as far as all these so called supporters that are doing so terribly for Obama, you can name just as many for Hillary. Starting with Ferraro. Even if Hillary won, Ferraro would have been a serious problem for her later with the black community.


  6. This is a very interesting post, Black Sentinel.

    I think you’re exactly right in arguing that most blacks aren’t voting for Obama because he’s black, precisely because, as you say, blacks vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidate for president in each election.

    However, it’s always about how you ask the question. For instance, my aunt is a strong Obama supporter, and has been since he started campaigning. It’s largely about race for her, though. She doesn’t agree with many of Obama’s positions on the issues, or, ironically, with his views on race, which is a very important issue for her. Does that mean she’s voting for Obama because he’s black? No, because she’d vote for a white Democrat over McCain any day.

    However, here’s the interesting question: would my aunt be voting for, and even campaigning for, McCain, if he were black and Obama were white? Absolutely. This doesn’t mean that she, like roughly 90% of blacks, doesn’t vote Democratic in most elections. It simply means that she’d be excited to support a black Republican for president, if the GOP had nominated a black candidate and the Democrats a white one.

  7. James,

    I agree that like your Aunt a lot of people would cross the political affiliation line to support the race they want. But I think that it would be a hard struggle for a black Republican to get the majority of blacks to cross that line.

    Thanks for the comment

  8. Lizzie

    See what you mean about Ferraro, kinda like Clyburn, Rev. Wright, Jessie Jr..
    They and the Obama blogs are a serious problem for him.

    Surely if Obama wins the AA community will then stop the racist comments. I hope and pray.

  9. Lizzie,

    It is interesting that you say that if Obama wins the black community can stop the so called racist comments. Well if I am not mistaken, whites have been winning forever and that hasn’t seemed to stop the white community from making racist comments.

    I would love to hear these so called racist comments. Because it seems to me that any comment made by blacks is starting to be deemed as racist as some half witted attempt to paint blacks as the new racist.

    It didn’t stop anyone from making racist Obama waffles or hanging him in effigy or blaming the entire wall street failure on blacks somehow getting mortgages they couldn’t afford. Wow, I don’t know what it will take for whites to end their racist comments. I guess it is alright for them to make these comments as long as blacks don’t do it.


  10. Lizzie

    I give, The chip on your shoulder is too big to budge . Yes, I agree there are racist on both sides. But not everyone that is not for Obama is racist.

    Take care, and now I give you the break you ask for.

  11. Lizzie,

    Thanks for the break. Any way if you read the post you would have seen that I agree with you that there actually ARE racists on both sides. That is why your argument makes NO sense. Also, my chip is no bigger than yours. Not to mention I am sensing that you believe I am a hard core Obama supporter and I am wondering why when I have never said as much.

    Thanks again for the break.

  12. Carol

    I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he was white. I won’t vote for Obama because of his ideology. WHEN WILL PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT OBAMA IS THE ANSWER WAKE UP? Obama is a Marxist, a racist, a tax money thief, a cheater, a liar, and somebody who is trying to hide their past. This election has nothing to do with race, only libs and Dems bring up the race card. It is sad that the young in this country have been brainwashed in classrooms across this country to think that America is evil when it is America that has given them everything they have. Obama may be up in the polls but there is still time for some of them to wise up. The pessimist in me says Obama will win but all those that vote for him will wonder what they were thinking when they punched that card and America becomes one more thing of the past. GOD HELP US!

  13. Carol,

    When will McStupid’s wake up? McCain is for the rich and powerful, do you fit in either of those categories? I thought not!

    Obviously this race has a bunch to do with race when you have idiotic McShame followers making racist waffle mix, monkey Obama shirts, hanging Obama on campus and straight up calling him a nigger. So wake up, your candidate is advocating these things since he nor she actually says anything against it.

    Not to mention, when will Palin come clean on her abuse of power “troopergate”? When will she answer to what her pastor AND she was saying at her church? When will she answer as to why her husband was a member of an ANTI-American group that says they hate America and wish to do it harm? When will she answer to the claims of racism that was leveled against her by black constituents waaaaay before she was a VP pick?

    I guess that will be NEVER!!!

    When will McCain answer to why he was getting on the yacht of a now arrested fraudulent person? When will McCain answer as to why his wife Cindy and her Dad gave 350,000 dollars a piece to go into a business with criminal Keating? Why didn’t Cindy McCain have to go to jail for stealing and doing illegal drugs, like ALL other American’s do? Why doesn’t McCain explain to us why he actually went into 3 different meetings on behalf of Keating? Why did he try and block MLK Jr. day?

    Oh I can’t go on, there is just too much.

    Thanks, but NO THANKS!!!

  14. Fred D

    “””””Not to mention, when will Palin come clean on her abuse of power “troopergate”? When will she answer to what her pastor AND she was saying at her church?”””””

    what about what Obama’s Pastor said? And don’t give me that “Obama disowned Wright after the comments” crap, If you say you go to a guy’s church for as long as he did you are either…
    1. lying about going to church.
    2. Being so obtuse that you can’t comprehend what he is saying
    3. Agree with him.

  15. Fred,

    Give me a break. They only have ONE tape of Obama’s ex pastor saying something people didn’t like. What else did he say? What is so objectionable?

    He didn’t say half the things that the man in the Alaska Independence Party from whom Todd Palin was a member of until 2002. This man said god damn America and then some. But it is all about Reverend Wright.

    I don’t think that Obama sitting in the pews of a man who said god damn America is as troubling as sitting in the pews and standing ON stage next to a preacher who is saying things about witch hunting, praying the gay away, Jews deserve terrorism for not switching to Jesus, these views are just a little more radical.

    Palin has never even repudiated nor distanced herself from her radical buddies. Now if you think that being involved in a group who feels that a state should secede the US by any means necessary and a church who feels that witches are running amok, then by all means vote for McCain/Palin.

    So by all means continue crying over Reverend Wright because he is still on the scene. He is no longer a preacher and isn’t even around anymore. But, witch hunter is still laying hands on Palin. The AIP are still there saying it is good that “one of them” might make it to the White House. When are you going to talk about that?

    Thanks but no thanks, to that reply to nowhere.

  16. Mary

    I have 3 houses – and I worked hard for them. Would that make you vote for me? Am I black or white?

  17. Mary,

    I don’t care how many houses you have. And no that wouldn’t make ME vote for you. It isn’t about the number of houses and it shouldn’t be about black or white. What it is about is the issues.

    Thanks for the reply, I guess.

  18. Aaron

    Dear Black Sentinel,

    You say at one point that African-Americans have tended to vote 90% Democrat and wonder whether that is a shame.

    Yes, I think it a shame. By automatically voting Democrat, the Democrats come to count on the African-American vote to the point where they know they’ve got it locked up and don’t have to do anything to work for it.

    More broadly, I believe that *everyone* should vote based on the individual not the party.

    (But I’m an Independent, so I can say that!) 🙂

    Frankly, I’m disgusted with both candidates – with the way McCain has taken the low road and the name-calling, with Obama giving up public financing and depending on cash to swamp his rival.

    Here’s an idea – how about one cable channel that would be free for political advertising during the election season to all national candidates. That way people wouldn’t need to buy airtime and anyone who wanted to get the candidates’ message anywhere in the country could tune in any time.

    With 600 channels on cable surely it wouldn’t inconvenience the cable networks too much to give up one channel for politics.

    Anyway, I’m one of the last Undecideds. Honestly leaning toward a write-in vote — though it won’t matter much since my state (NY) is probably going for Obama by about 30%.

    It would be nice to vote for the first mixed race President in U.S. history and emotionally I applaud him and wish him well, but I can’t believe anything he says and thus can’t vote for him.

    I guess like any politician, you can tell he’s lying when his lips are moving 😛

    Oh and besides one TV channel free for all political advertising, the other thing this country needs is term limits for all offices. Power corrupts and too many politicians are way corrupt. Further down the ballot, I’m not undecided — I’m voting against every incumbent.

    – Aaron

  19. Aaron, you seem to assume that blacks are voting “automatically” for Democratic candidates, instead of voting based on individual decisions about particular candidates.

    Will you at least concede that it’s possible that blacks in this country tend to have a similar set of concerns, based on the experience of being black in our society, and that Democrats tend to have positions on those issues that are different than Republicans have? This would, after all, produce exactly the 90% voting record you’re concerned about.

    Of course, I’d like to see a day when we have enough racial equality and integration that black positions on major political issues are indistinguishable from white positions, so that their voting records are, too. Or a day when whites are as concerned about these issues as blacks, which would produce the same effect.

    But that day hasn’t yet arrived.

  20. GQ

    Interesting post… sadly I think it’s pretty pathetic that you are just defending the earth’s end of every comment left because you created this post after knowing this would be the reason. It’s not professional whatsoever since you won’t pull head out of wherever it is and accept the fact, Yes, a lot of this election was about race. You admitted above when saying likely a black Republican vs a white Democrat would probably win the race vote. The point is ignorance and how to accept it. I’m not one for racism, but fully acknowledge it’s existence. If the increase in voter turnout is due to race, well then i guess the statement ‘ignorance is bliss’ still stands. But I hope that’s not the case, because we just elected someone to lead our future and our nation. So I’ll look forward to your witty yet unthought and immediate response of defensism, but the bottom line is to see how the preseidency goes. I’m curious on comparing the Exit Polls for 04′ and 08′ to see the actual changes. I wasn’t too impressed with either candidate R or D, but someone has to lead us.

    But I do also want to say, the Youth Vote also increased, and due to good schools and education, parental guidance, and the way EVERY president to this date has retrieved the ball and continued running with it – there is less racism within youth than what used to be. Odds are, it wouldn’t surprise me it Exit Polls revealed white youth voting Obama for 08.’

    Time for Change is correct, I just hope ignorance isn’t what caused the change – and I hope both white & black voters “knew” what “CHANGE” they were voting for. Race or Political Stance???

    I stand behind Obama as a Republican as he being our new leader, but I don’t actually agree with your approach to defend the circumstances. So chill out.

    This is one Election for the History Books, that’s for sure.

  21. GQ,

    What is pathetic is that you either failed to read the post “carefully” or you just have poor reading comprehension which is rampant with students who attended public school and probably no college.

    I did not say that a black republican vs a white democrat would win. I said he WOULD NOT WIN based on race. Blacks do not vote as a single being. We all vote based on different reasons. Blacks just like Whites can vote based on race as well. I believe I said that.

    I don’t have to be professional since this is a PERSONAL BLOG. Also, I think you are too focused on believing that every black or white person voting for Obama was doing it because of race. People do vote based on issues, just in case you didn’t know.

    I don’t really need you to agree with my approach. I am NOT defending the circumstances of his election. I am under no illusion such as yourself that people don’t vote based on issues that are important to the party for which they align themselves.

    You yourself said that you were a republican. Which probably means that you agree with the issues championed by that party. So it is not surprising that most people vote based on party affiliation. Which was exactly what I was saying about the black vote. Not that it was race based.

    Blacks generally vote democratic party. So next time read the post carefully before you put your head where ever you have it. Thanks.

  22. It is an impossible question as you pointed out.

    Minorities (in general) typically agree with the Democratic party. If McCain and Obama were opposite race (but not party) there probably would have been some crossover due to race.

    The other thing is Obama did not win due to (or only because of black voters). No one can win without votes across all races (as Obama did). Whites lifted him to office just as much as blacks, etc, etc.

    In the end, we have work cut out for us. But it great to see such strides and the ceiling of opportunity raised for all races.

  23. Godfather,

    I agree there would be some cross over because people would vote based on race regardless if they are black or white.

    I agree that Obama did NOT win the presidency based on the AA vote. That is exactly what I was trying to say to the people who keep talking about the amount of blacks voting for Obama (the democrat).

    Yes you are so correct. We have plenty of work and this is just the start. It doesn’t end the reality of what we still need to accomplish.

    Thanks for the reply.

  24. Josh

    “Now the question of whether whites would vote for a black McCain is pretty obvious. If McCain were black and Obama were white it would be a no brainer that Obama would be winning by a landslide right now. ”
    – this is pure speculation, fueled by racist mindset, that somehow whites would flock to the candidate of their own color, dismissing their party affiliation. I find it humorous that you generalize blacks as being above this behaviour , while whites would be guilty of it. Consider that a large percentage of Obamas votes were of whites.

  25. Josh,

    What I find humorous is that you obviously DON’T READ or don’t comprehend what you’ve read. I never said that blacks were above this behavior.

    What I DID say was that blacks vote Democrat and that is that. It isn’t about who is the candidate it is more about what the issues the Democratic party makes a priority that attracts blacks. So stop trying to read things into a post that just aren’t there.

    Also, I said that if Obama was white he would be winning by a lot more because of a lot of the white people who actually said that they wouldn’t vote for the Democratic nominee for the first time in their lives only because he was black.

    Now think about that! Obama is NOT winning any more of the black vote than say Kerry or Clinton. So the point is that the majority of blacks are voting based on party not race. Blacks would probably NEVER cross over and vote Republican if they had run Alan Keyes or say Clarence Thomas.

    These guys don’t have the views and issues that blacks would find acceptable. So it would not matter that they are black. The issue would be that they are running with Republican values which don’t seem to mesh well with black Democrats.

    Also, if you noticed the beginning of the post I said that I was talking about something that others were saying. So, it doesn’t matter how many whites voted or were voting for Obama. Since the post wasn’t about whether or not whites were going to vote Obama.

    Thanks for the reply.

  26. this is pure speculation, fueled by racist mindset, that somehow whites would flock to the candidate of their own color, dismissing their party affiliation.

    No, actually, what Black Sentinel said can be demonstrated with sound research, based on carefully-constructed opinion surveys.

    That’s not to say that all, or even most, whites would cross party lines to vote for a white candidate. But, as Black Sentinel said, we know that enough would do so to have turned this convincing Obama victory into a landslide.

    As for black voters, virtually all black voters have to get used to voting for white candidates. Just like you won’t find many blacks who always refuse to be served by a white person in a restaurant or a bank; there often isn’t any choice. This doesn’t mean that blacks are saints and whites are sinners; just that blacks are forced to live with a situation that most whites can only try to imagine.

  27. Sean

    So you say the majority of Black Americans vote Democrat. Why is that? Are they just following each other and going along with the crowd? Or is it because they have been fed a line of bull for the all these years that Republicans don’t care about them, etc. ? I mean, the Democrat party makes promise after promise of how they will make things better but are they better? Are there less “ghettos”, less poverty? Less crime? And too, if you remember, before and during the civil war it was Democrats who WANTED to keep slavery alive. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and like them he wanted freedom for all.

    A Lot has changed, thankfully, since then on the Democrats side but unfortunately not enough. Theirs is the party that says “you can’t do it on your own, we have to help you”. While the Republican party encourages you to go for it, be whatever you want to be. It is achievable. It is possible. You can do it.

    I know many people are reading this and are furious for what I’m saying and it is pretty much pointless because you have your minds made up or in some cases made up for you but if what I write makes even one person think and question what party they support then that’s a big thing.

  28. Sean,

    The Democratic party may have changed but the Republican party hasn’t changed at all. They are still pumping out racist tactics that infuriate people that they claim they are trying to attract to their party.

    Why don’t you show me how any Republicans in office ended “ghettos”, poverty, crime or anything else? If my memory serves me correctly, I saw a rise in all those things under Reagan, Bush 1 and definitely the most under Bush 2. So exactly what is it that the Republican party has done so well that would force minorities to jump on their bandwagon?

    In fact the last time I checked the Republican party prides itself on helping those who already CAN help themselves. They pride themselves on furthering the financial divide by championing for the rich and big business. How exactly does that help those in this “ghetto” you speak of? How does furthering the agenda of the rich help the poor?

    See you can talk about how the Republicans want freedom for all but what I have seen is that they gave tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. That sure freed up a lot of their money. I guess that is what you mean by freedom. Because from what I see the policies implemented under the Republicans have hurt a lot of people. And NOT just minorities.

    Sure Democrats tell people that IF you are having a problem doing it yourself we will help you. Republicans tell them that if you are having a problem helping yourself screw you, that ain’t our problem. Until the no one can afford their mortgages, car notes and rent. Then all of a sudden its “what happened?” Why are we in a recession? Let’s blame it on the minorities who took out home loans they couldn’t afford.

    Instead of looking at the really BIG picture which is, if you give tax cuts to the rich while the poor are getting poorer, those who feed the machine i.e. the poor, no longer have money to feed the machine. Then what happens, the machine stops working. Remember the whole financial system is a give and take. If you constantly take while sending jobs overseas and underpaying people they can no longer give.

    So hopefully you DO make people think and ask questions. Questions such as if what you are saying is right then what the hell happened for the last 8 years? And don’t tell us that it was a Democratic congress since they have only been in for 2 years of the 8.

    Thanks for the reply.

  29. Stephen Conklin

    Dear Black Sentinel,

    What has obama achieved significantly, in his life, that makes you think he would have been a good president? The AP just corrected his lies about taxes on the “so called” rich. We all need to pay a fair tax, equal to one another. After all, wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr. about equality, not about what I can get more of, handouts, etc. There are completely too many people on welfare today and we need to ween them off, including social programs that the middle class and rich already pay for, typically for the lesser income families that really pay no taxes anyway.
    Remember what obama said, “redistribution of wealth”, and to whom may I presume? To the families that never worked for it? That’s not equality!
    Also, isn’t it funny that the black, community can have a ‘Black Sentinel’ but if I wanted a ‘White Sentinel’ I’m the one that’s racist. I still hear the black community complaining about slavery 200 plus years ago. The only thing I have to say about that is if you didn’;t come to this country you may not be alive today, in Africa. You know, with their great healthcare and all. So be happy you are here in the country, the Land of the Free. Oh, and one more last thing about slavery, did you know there is black on black slavery in Africa today? Why doesn’t the black communty raise awareness about that and try to stop it. It is making a few in the black community sound selfish when there are others suffering in this world.
    Good Day and God Bless all

  30. Stephen Conklin

    From The Black Sentinel,
    “The Democratic party may have changed but the Republican party hasn’t changed at all. They are still pumping out racist tactics that infuriate people that they claim they are trying to attract to their party.”

    Prove it! What? Maybe one little instance of a single person? How about the black mobs across the country beating yup white store clerks and other wite people? I bet I can pull up way more racism on the left. How about the beatings of whites and a black man from democrats at a peaceful Tea Party rally (just one for instance) I can go on for a week with this one! And, don’t go on about the Tae Party being racist, that’s a bunch of bologna. The democrats have always played the race card and people are sick of the lies.

  31. Dear Stephen Conklin,

    Where did I say that Obama would have been a good president? I know he would and has been better than I believe McCain would or could have and that is all that matters for me in voting. You see I don’t vote according to party. I vote according to best candidate who matches the most closely with my views. And what I was talking about since it seems to have escaped you, is that the black demographic predominantly vote democrat not black. As there haven’t been any black people running for president who had made it as far as Obama had at that time. So, the point of this post was to show that blacks would have voted for a white Obama if that was how it turned out. People should stop making idiotic assumptions that blacks ONLY voted for Obama because he was black. They voted for him predominantly because he was a democrat as they did, with Clinton, Carter, Kerry and whomever other democratic presidential candidate you can think of. So get over it.

    Also, you are sooooo mistaken that there can’t be a White Sentinel, as someone has already beaten you to it. You know it only takes a few minutes of research in order to negate a lifetime of stupidity. Good luck with that.

    Again with the whole blacks should just be happy to be in the land of the free. HA HA HA! You are a riot. If you were living in a posh lavish multi million dollar house, BUT you had to be anally raped every time the owner of the house felt like it. Would you be OK with someone telling you that you should be happy living in this big posh ritzy glitzy house. Get a clue. Are you running around telling the complaining Tea Party members that they should shut up and just be happy to live in America the land of the free? And if not, why not? Because they are majority white and thus have the right to feel unhappy and irritated with their surroundings? Well, I guess you again need to go back to the drawing board because you have a few big ass FAILS on your report card.

    You take care, and be blessed and any other nicety you would like to throw in with your stupidity.

  32. Prove it! Then you agree that there have been small incidents here and there or maybe one person etc. You already proved it with you ascension that these things were done even if in a small amount. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT IS DONE ONCE TWICE OR THREE HUNDRED TIMES!!! That is one time too many. So, why don’t YOU prove to me that they wish to include blacks, minorities or any of us “others” in the Republican party with their rhetoric. In fact why don’t you do me a favor and explain why it is that they are working so hard right now to thwart the black vote by enacting laws that predominantly affect blacks and their chances at voting? That doesn’t quite sound like they wish to include black folks more so that exclude. But of course you need more proof right?

    I bet you can pull up racism on the left too, but will it be more, I highly doubt it. I never once said the left wasn’t or doesn’t have racists. But I and a lot of other critical thinking people see the OVERT racism that is oozing like noxious sludge from the republican party mouths. Yes, of course, a peaceful Tea Party rally, what an oxymoron. But, of course we can’t find any beating of blacks whites or anyone else by right wingers, right? You gotta do better than this. You aren’t getting anywhere but showing the same old I can show one thing see how it outweighs all the things that are being done constantly by the republicans.

    And you know that the Tea Party isn’t racist….HOW? Because YOU say? Or because you wouldn’t be in a racist organization? Or somehow the signs they hold up which are overtly blatantly racist don’t count, because they were too stupid to realize that what was on the sign had racist viewpoints? Give me a freaking break. I believe the Tea Party is racist and you can call baloney, rigatoni or macaroni, I don’t give a rats ass. And there isn’t much you can do about it. I have two eyes and I watch, read and listen to these idiots who come out of the Tea Party and what I see, hear and read are blatant racist.

    Everyone in America plays the race card! Again, get a clue. You and your Tea Party morons are no less racist than those in the republican, independent, democratic or socialist party. Trust me when I say that practicing racism is an equal opportunity participation by all in America, not just some, or them, or the lefties, or the righties or the tea parties or anyone.

    So please refrain from trying to fill me with you rhetoric. I have heard better from lesser.

  33. Stephen Conklin

    First of all, what do black people not have in this country that white people do? You are showing your racism right there.
    Also, where do you see that black people are not allowed in the republican party or Tea Party, etc.
    You keep referring to ‘whites’ as racists, just about everything they do to you is racist, as it seems in your past posts.
    You still never proved to me that this is happening:
    “The Democratic party may have changed but the Republican party hasn’t changed at all. They are still pumping out racist tactics that infuriate people that they claim they are trying to attract to their party.”
    If you start backing your claims up with facts, then maybe a smart person would take your claims as true. You should also stop your rhetoric, name calling (moron, etc.) that you’ve used on me. You seem to claim alot of racism from the Tea Party (right) but have not backed it up.
    What is it that “whites” are supposed to do for you personally? Leave this country, give you all of our money, because nothing is good enuogh. There are plenty of black people I speak with in the Tea Party. They have only been treated with respect. They work hard to put themselves through college, have good jobs, some make alot more than I do.
    You have not given any specific proof of racism from the Tea Party, I can fill you in with websites videos, etc., from the democrats, even obama in the beginning of his career. Progressives, which is where your party tows the line now.
    I believe in old Republican values, not the ones of today. The Democrat Party used to stand for something over 70 years ago.
    Do you really think that obama and the Democrats are thinking highly of ‘blacks’ right now? They don’t think highly of ‘whites’ either. They are elitists, thinking of only themselves and taking as much money as they can
    from middle and upper class earners as they want everyone to be poor and lower class. The CBC is not happy about obama and his “job performance”, There are more unemployed black people now than there ever have been.
    Lastly, you complain there is racism in every group. Not always, it just depends if there is A person in that group. I don’t believe that most groups are racist, except the black panthers, kkk, and others that DO NOT INCLUDE other races in their groups, calling themselves ‘black only, or white only.’
    Like I said before, there is nothing more racist than a ‘black’ group or a ‘white’ group which seperates themselves from others.
    Keep calling people names and spewing talking points without proof will just continuously discredit and disgrace yourself as a professional who wants to make things better between the races. By calling me a moron does not help your cause, myself, or anyone think of the black community any. That would be the same thing as what some democrats did, call white people racists because they don’t like obama. How should I not view that as racist?

    I just want to let you know, the MAJORITY of the Tea Partiers are NOT racists. The group is not about racism, at all. It’s about lower and equal taxes for all. Less frivilous spending by the govt. Less govt. overall.
    I have a family to take care of so, God Bless all

  34. I will be answering this tripe with posts as this is too much to handle in a comment. See posts to follow.

    But in the meantime check out this post by Brotherpeacemaker http://brotherpeacemaker.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/signs-of-racism-in-the-tea-party/ And you will see all the racism in your Tea Party that you say doesn’t exist. I know, I know, these are the few. But, even one means that its there, right?

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