McCain/Palin Looking More Like Klooless And The Klown

Can the McCain/Palin Bullshit Express spin any faster? Today on the CBS news it was as if they were on a marry go round which was spinning out of control,  while trying to spin their way out of her newest gaffe. She, unfortunately for McCain, told a voter that we should absolutely be launching cross border attacks into Pakistan in order to stop more terrorist attacks.

Now if I am not mistaken this was exactly what Obama was saying which McCain chastised him for at the debate. Now they are doing their interviews together, I guess this is because he thinks he can keep her foot out of her mouth.  He tried to explain that what she said wasn’t what she meant. Huh? He claims that she could barely hear the guy and that her answer was due to something called “gotcha journalism.” Again huh?

Isn’t she running for one of the highest offices in this country? So, shouldn’t she be prepared to answer any question that any constituent has for her? Or is she on the ticket just to attract more voters who wish to drink or whatever else with their candidate? Or maybe she is one of those to be seen and NOT heard ladies. The lies they were using in order to explain this were even more stupid than the statements that she kept making during the few interviews she has actually done. Is anyone else just giddy to see this Vice Presidential debate?

Now it seems that according to McCain she shouldn’t be asked questions while out in public. Soon when she is out and about and gets a question and she will need to run back and get her answer sheet before talking. But, this is what McCain wants us to believe that a person who is supposedly ready on day one looks like. Anyone out there who feels that this clueless fool is ready to be anything more than a moose hunting drama queen, then I have a bridge to nowhere for sale on Ebay no doubt. She makes the poor girl answering questions about maps in the Miss Teen America pageant look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Hey Sarah: what about Waziristan, it’s blowing up? Sarah’s Answer: Yeah, and their economy is blowing up too! Really Sarah, is that what is going on in the place where six people were killed after we recently bombed a house there with unmanned drones while trying to strike supposed Taliban operatives? Funny, I didn’t know that their economy was blowing up, silly me I just thought it was houses that supposedly held Taliban fighters. But if Palin says their economy is “blowing up” then I guess its blowing up. Maybe their economy could use some “fixin” the way she says ours could.

Well I just can’t watch these two fools without either laughing or screaming at the television and scaring the bejeezus out of my baby. McCain has totally showed exactly what kind of judgment he has, NONE. These two haven’t done much more than lie, embellish, lie some more and then become incoherent. When I look at them I see a flaming train wreck in process. You know it’s gory, bloody and horrible but you just can’t help but stop and look. You just have to hope that someone will be able to escape the wreckage.



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2 responses to “McCain/Palin Looking More Like Klooless And The Klown

  1. The Engineer

    If one were to Google the search string — “is sarah palin clueless? — one would find a lot of essays and commentaries on those essays.

    It is quite clear to me that most of the Internet public feels that Mrs. Palin is clueless and, at times, incoherent. These are not the best qualities for a possible Vice President.

    So why did Mr. McCain pick Mrs. Palin?
    I believe Mr. McCain and his advisors chose Mrs. Palin because of her potential to have the widest public relations appeal.

    In the most general terms, Mrs. Palin has
    – a spotty educational history.
    – a troubled and controversial marriage with possible extra-marital affairs.
    – children with very questionable behavior.
    – a questionable political history regarding the handling of government’s finances.
    – a familial reputation for being racist.
    – a familial history of drug addiction.
    – a history of being petty and vindictive.

    The vast majority of America (which is not Internet savvy) can identify with the above attributes (Dare I say the word, “qualities?”), and it is for that reason that Mrs. Palin has very wide appeal to the American public.

    In short, Majority America loves a redneck, bitchy, Caucasian woman.

    (To The Black Sentinel: please excuse my language. I wanted to phrase it in such a way that would be most receptive from the Majority point of view.)

    I would like The Black Sentinel and its readership to know that I will say the following with much trepidation:

    McCain is going to win.

    The 2000 Presidential Election was essentially determined when the Supreme Court ruled against a vote recount in the State of Florida, whose vote tabulation was troubled by the “hanging chad” controversy.

    The 2004 Presidential Election was conceded by Sen. John Kerry because he felt that a vote recount in the State of Ohio would only lead to protracted litigation over the veracity of the computerized voting machines.

    I have no reason to believe that the 2008 Presidential Election will be any different.

    If my supposition is correct, and the 2008 Presidential Election shall be rigged liked the previous two elections, then why use Mrs. Palin?

    Entertainment. Mrs. Palin makes a good side show, like a clown.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. The Engineer,

    Now it is anyone’s guess who is clueless and who is the clown. Actually for me they are interchangeable. And it greatly depresses me to have to agree with your assertion about the rigged election.

    We are so quick to judge some struggling countries election as bogus all the while we are holding bogus elections ourselves. We the American people are the clueless and the clown as well.

    Thanks for the reply.

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