Idiot, His Eyes Wide Open

It is amazing to me that so many blacks in America continue to spew racism while condemning racism. What is the name of this publication again? Is there a “White Sentinel”? No way! That would be “racist”. Yes, I know, if it were not for the many decades of slavery then blacks in America would not need these forums and tools to become “equal”. Well, slavery didn’t start in America. Africans enslaved other Africans long before there was an America and sold them to Europeans. Blacks are freer in America today than you have been in your history. You have opportunities that those who chose to “escape” to Liberia could only dream about. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself and make America a better place. Be proud of your difficult heritage like the Jews are and so many other groups of former slaves have done. Also, don’t waste your time condemning white bigots and obvious racists. We all see them for what they are. I applauded when Imus was fired and in hot water for his rant. He deserves to lose everything he has ever worked for. He is an idiot. But, until we all can set racism aside and make it a non-issue and all see with the same eyes what is in front of us, we will never be a truely unified America.

Mark A. Humphreys

Another comment sent to me from the peanut gallery about the Jeremiah Wright post. I guess I will delve into it this rabbit hole and see where we come out. What really amazes me is that after all that whites have done and continue to do we will try and say that a black man (Jeremiah Wright) is spewing racism in the same vain that a white supremacy loving dude does. For one thing I don’t see one thing racist in saying that “You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” So now look whose chickens are coming home to roost!” Is it not a fact that if you are out hitting people that it would be just a matter of time before you GET hit yourself?

I truly get tired of asking people to explain what he said that was so extremely racist. Anyhow, this person is dumb enough to say that there is no White Sentinel without doing one shred of research. He could have looked at my Blog and found out that there is one. And yes he does like to spew racist propaganda and hate. It never amazes me that a person can still say something akin to “if a white person did this or that, it would be racist.” Yet, in each and every one of those circumstances you CAN find a white person who has done just that and no one did a damn thing. Don’t you just love the if white people had a white history month…blah blah blah. Yet, we all know that there is white history taught in schools every month that school is in session. Where is all the outrage?

If it were not for the many decades of slavery (he forgot the continued discrimination) blacks wouldn’t need these sorts of tools to become “equal.” IDIOT, HIS EYES ALMOST OPEN! He is right if it were NOT for the slavery we suffered then the years of blatant discrimination and now the institutionalized racism, we wouldn’t be complaining at all. We probably wouldn’t be sitting in a position where there is such blatant inequity and disparity between races.

Then of course the same old propaganda that probably came out of his white history teacher’s mouth. African’s were enslaving African’s long before whites did. Actually friend it was indentured servitude. You know just like white people had white indentured servants before blacks came along? Yet we know, at least those of us with a REAL education do, that the chattel slavery of America was a terribly different from anything they were doing in Africa before white people, actually Spanish people came along. This argument is getting really old and tiresome. Blacks are freer than any other time in our history. Are you freaking kidding me? That is ridiculous. That is like saying that Native Americans have more land now than they have ever had in their history. After the white man stole and swindled away the majority of that land.

Stop feeling sorry for ourselves and make America a better place is what he says. Because we know that by keeping quiet and letting it happen is the only way to get things accomplished, NOT. Where is the white responsibility in making America a better place? I guess we blacks need to do it ourselves but people like Mark have no responsibility in making America a better place. We should be proud of our difficult heritage like the Jews and then we could be happy too. Well I am sure that if we were given a gaggle of land of our choosing and given aid to the tune of a billion dollars a year. I am pretty damn sure that we would be doing as good and be as happy as the Jews.

And finishing on a funny note he felt that Don Imus deserved to be fired and was a dumb ass for his racist rants. This guy really doesn’t keep up with current events following these racist and what happens next. Because I guess white people were so upset that Don Imus not only got rehired he got a big fat raise on top of it. He is sitting in a better position than he was in before his racist rant. So what does that tell us? It is probably a career booster to become a controversial racist for a while. Until white people stop telling blacks how to react to, how to feel about, and what does or doesn’t constitute racism, then maybe we could all start a dialogue on race.



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18 responses to “Idiot, His Eyes Wide Open

  1. shabazz

    He (mark) should shut the fuck up. Who in the hell gave these crackers the right to engage in our discussions anyway. Why doesn’t he go somewhere with that fantasy propaganda bullshit about being free and equal. I apologize black sentinel for my choice of words, but they make me literally sick to my stomach. I can’t stand them, and I hope to god I live long enough to see them get their just desserts.

  2. shabazz

    P.S.- He’s probably the type of person that would say,” I’m not a racist, I have (insert # here) friends!

  3. Shabazz,

    I totally agree. This is what I don’t understand. What in the world gives these fools the idea that they have the right to try and tell black people how we should feel about racism. It is ludicrous that he should be telling me what I should do about how I am treated DAILY in this country.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. I agree with you guys wholeheartedly. And I completely understand your frustrations because I feel the same frustrations. But using words like cracker only incites the same frustrations in white people that their ignorant “Stop complaining, and be awesome like the Jews and Asians” attitude does in us. Then everyone is just pissed at everyone else and no one actually listens to what anyone is actually saying.

  5. Thisblackchickscognition,

    I don’t usually censor comments unless they just ramble on with racism. But I understand what you are saying.

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Proud white


    you only see things from your point of view and not ours.

    Black people are just as guilty at trying to get white people to feel certain ways about issues and until you realize that this will always be a standstill and never get anywhere.

  7. Proud White,

    Isn’t that the snow calling the cotton ball white. You only see things from your point of view not OURS. And just a little hint, I don’t have to see things from your point of view. Simply because the MAJORITY of people see things from your point of view. So, obviously it is those who are in the minority who need their points gotten out to the majority.

    And unfortunately for you, I FOR ONE don’t try and get white people to feel any kind of way. White people such as you continuously say that someone wants to act as if everything black people talk about is always to make YOU feel some way or another. What you fail to realize is that IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU OR WHITE PEOPLE IN GENERAL. Stop constantly thinking that you are the center of the black universe and you will do better in life. And please don’t begin to tell me whether or not I will or have gone anywhere because it is plainly obvious that I have gotten a lot farther than you.


  8. Blazer

    The shut the #$%@ up comment wasn’t condemned by anyone. Why? Foul language is what people say when they can’t think of anything intelligent to say. If you want people to listen to you and take you seriously, you shouldn’t start with such childish behaviour. The black community and the white community have such different dynamics that they will never be in perfect harmony, but we should learn to respect each others differences. I am a lilly white guy and I know a lot of black people that I just don’t like to be around. It’s not because they’re black… It’s because they don’t share the same values that I do. That’s okay though. I know just as many(or maybe more) white people that don’t share my values and I don’t care to be around them either. We should all try to be respectful of each other. That doesn’t mean that we have to be best friends. It doesn’t mean that we can’t be either. A person that is true to himself will not change his behavior depending on what ethnicity the people that surround him are. Take care and God bless.

  9. From the dictionary of Mike Lovell:

    #$%@ is spelled wrong. It’s proper spelling is as follows:

    #%&! As in she told me i was a bald-faced liar, so I told her to shut the #%&! up!!!!

    Thank you for your time and future compliance!

  10. Mike,

    I don’t know what to say. Well I think I do, shut the #%&! up, will ya!?! Ha Ha Ha! I love it. I think I spelled it right with your help.

  11. MKL

    Lol at shabazz’s cracker. I am no American, but ain’t that a racist slur as well?

  12. It may sound racist. But let’s look at this another way…

    A white man calls a black man a nigger, buys him off of another white man at auction, and makes the black man work for nothing without pay, the absolute minimum of food, or the absolute minimum of shelter. The black man will call the white man with the whip a cracker. Do you think these two are equal in their racial hostility? Do you honestly think that the black man working in the field is just as racist as the white man who sits on the porch, sipping tea?


  13. For clarification Brother P….
    While the slave in the field isn’t as racist as the slaveowner on the porch sipping tea (which reminds me, I do have to put some tea out so I can sip it on my stoop since bees in the brick mortar of the building near my deck dont please me), does this answer not technically spin the question??

    Whites use the n-word (used to define members of one race) and it is racist. Blacks call a guy a cracker (also used to define members of one race), but its not racist?

    I’m not trying to be dense here, I’m trying to understand. More racist, less racist….still seems racist to me, since I dont think you can have a guy/girl who is a percentage racist. And if it sounds racist, wouldn’t that pretty much get it tagged as such?

  14. Mike Lovell,

    If that’s the case aren’t terms like black and white racist because they are used to define members of one race? People want to focus on words instead of the actual deeds and actions. The subjugation of people isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that people use words that’s the real issue here. Because as long as we look simply at who is using what words we can avoid the real issue of racial disparity and subjugation. As long as the man in the field calls the white plantation owner anything that defines members of one race we can say that they are both at fault.

    So let’s take this view a little further. A hateful man rapes a little girl. The little girl learns to hate the man with all her heart and calls him names that only the devil himself can think of. Does this mean that they are both hateful? Is one hateful act more hateful than the other? Or is any and all hate equal? I would think that if the hateful man never did anything to the girl then the girl would have never had any hate for the man. His hate started her hate.


  15. Let’s be concrete with your example, Mike.

    It’s true that the word “cracker” is often used to convey hate, racial prejudice, or simply to differentiate people on the basis of race. These things are wrong.

    However, “cracker” has historically been used by members of an oppressed race to refer to their oppressors. It has been, among other things, one way of expressing frustration or hostility about injustice.

    As brotherpeacemaker has been suggesting through other examples, this just isn’t the same as the use of the n-word, which has historically been used by a privileged group as a tool to subjugate and to further the oppression of slaves and their descendants.

    We need to be careful in how we respond to individual uses of these words, but we shouldn’t pretend that the significance of the words, or their historical use, have been at all similar.

  16. Brother P-
    “If that’s the case aren’t terms like black and white racist because they are used to define members of one race?”

    I guess by my previously established wording in my question that would be fair game to ask. I should have included the n-word and cracker as pejorative terms, instead of broadly as I did. Beyond that, I get what you’re saying in the rest of your comment.

    “However, “cracker” has historically been used by members of an oppressed race to refer to their oppressors. It has been, among other things, one way of expressing frustration or hostility about injustice.”

    Out of curiosity, is the historical nature merely in reference to the American slave time period, or does it actualy go back before that? Also, how did the term cracker come to be…just random or more specific in its birth?

  17. Mike, the word “cracker” has old roots in the English language. In the U.S., it gradually came to be an insult to lower-class or uneducated or rural people, and that’s how it eventually was adopted as an insult specifically towards white people (originally, it referred to certain kinds of white people, and often still does, even when used as a racial insult).

  18. Mike,

    The word cracker was brought about by the slave master who would “crack” his whip and therefore garnered the name “cracker”. It has never been widely used as the n-word. Which was historically used to relegate a group to less than human status. The word cracker has never been used nor has it ever had enough significance to relegate anyone to a less than human status.


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