Sex, Lies And Newsreel

When I watch a McCain or Palin speech I can’t hear the crowd yelling what I hear is them singing the Fleetwood Mac song, tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. It is a shame that these people have no interest in knowing the truth, not even a small bit of it. But have no problems believing lies. Not only lies about McCain and Palin but lies about Obama such as he’s a Muslim (oogie, boogie, boo). It is to me almost criminal that a person would vote based on how funny a person is while they are telling their lies, or if this or that person reminds me of my life. What ever happened to voting on whether the person can properly run this government? Where did this popularity contest come from?

I mean I was disgusted by the whole Obamaniac business and the trumping up the guy as a celebrity. It isn’t about how popular they are. As a matter of fact, why is Obama popular? Is it his supposed good looks? Is it his great speech giving? Or is it his policies that don’t mimic the ones that we are living out right now thanks to the incompetence of a ridiculous idiot who was also voted in on popularity vs. actually being the smartest and most capable person. “Hey he has a great swagger, right?” Is this what we want for the next 4 or 8 years? Do we want an idiot who has been in the senate for the past 26 years and exclaims that he has voted with Bush 90% of the time as if that were some sort of accomplishment?

Or maybe we want a proven liar who so far has lied about each and every accomplishment so far. She did NOT end the bridge to nowhere. She supported it before she decided it wasn’t going to work out, with plenty of newsreels to back that up. She took the money and she did say thanks…just NOT the “no thanks” she touts. She claims that she is totally against earmarks while she hired a lobbyist (one of Ted Stevens’s guys with ties to Abramoff no doubt) and got a town of 6000 twenty seven million dollars worth of them. Yep, that sounds like she is against earmarks.

I guess I am just getting so fed up with the press as they sit back and allow these two bullshitters to go on this nationwide tour of lies. The press went ballistic over the Reverend White Gate and the perceived Muslim Gate, yet with Palin they act like “ah she is just being colorful.” Nope she is a flat out liar. And it makes me wonder what types of people are in America that seems to have so much in common with a blatant liar. I just have to go back to the fact that most people don’t do one iota of research to find out what is really going on with the people they plan to support. I think that going in to vote after only watching broadcast news is like going in to dismantle a bomb after only watching the movie Speed.

Everyone would think that you’d be making a big mistake and they would be exactly right. But in this country it is constantly done. Half the people that go in to vote see legislation on the ballots that they have never even heard of and probably end up doing an eenie meenie minee moe trick to figure out if they will answer yes or no. Then as the numbers start rolling in and the news caster says something like the proposition 4425 seems to be passing 2 to 1 and then say it is a bill to raise taxes to give prosthetic wings to the obscure blow fly, they start yelling about how these idiots could possibly have voted yes for that. Knowing damn well they were probably one of them since they didn’t know what Yes or No on proposition 4425 would mean either.

I would be damned if I go into a voting booth and NOT know what is on that ballot and what it means to me. Yet, why blame me for having more than those small town values, whatever those are. I am just guessing that it is something to the contrary of Obama’s city values which are getting an education among other things. So I guess If you don’t care about the truth, don’t want to do any more work than watching FOX news these are the presidential folks for you. But if you care about some inkling of honesty and wish to know who will be ready on day one without a sequestering to ensure it and who ACTUALLY plans to make your life the tiniest bit better in this volatile economy, then I suggest you actually look past all the sex, lies and newsreels.



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11 responses to “Sex, Lies And Newsreel

  1. I think the problem comes from the fact that we feel that we don’t have the time to do real research and leave it to the news media to tell us exactly what’s going on. I mean, we trust them to tell us what’s happening in Hollywood and we all know how accurate entertainment reporting is. When they say Kelly Rowland wore a blue dress you can take it to the bank that she wore a blue dress.

    However, the nuances of politics are a lot more complicated and people just don’t feel like taking the time to find out people’s position on the issues that matter most to our lives. I saw a video of people voting for George Bush because it was a family tradition. But when they were told that Mr. Bush was against universal healthcare coverage they were flabbergasted. They were so ignorant that they thought the Democrats were still in charge of the white house and that’s why things were so bad. But five will get you ten that when they went to vote, they still voted Republican. One thing about humanity, humans are creatures of habit.

    The other night I saw the news and a street reporter was talking to a woman who said she was a life long Democrat but was excited about the pick of Sarah Palin. Did the woman know what Ms. Palin’s stance was on the issues? No. She hopes to find out as the campaign carries on. Instead of actually doing something to find out what’s going on she hopes it will fall into her lap before the voting happens. This is how we select our leadership in the best country in the whole world.


  2. Brotherpeacemaker,

    This is the biggest problem facing our nation to me. It isn’t the economy nor the war. The problems could be fixed, but due to the problems with the people who like I heard on the Young Turks feels that uneducated people are somehow MORE real than those of us who are educated.

    I am disgusted to hear that type of talk. The fact is they would like to think that the popularizing of stupidity is a racial thing. When it sounds to me like it is an American thing.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. theliberalvegan

    I could not agree with you more and it scares me that so many women have “switched” sides because Palin is on the ticket. I just can’t wrap my mind around that. These must be women who aren’t seriously voting for the issues. The only reason Palin “beat the good ol’ boys” is because she as close to being one of the good ol’ boys as a woman can get. She couldn’t be farther from what Obama believes or represents for America and for women. If I hear one more woman come up to me and talk about how great it is to not only have a woman on the ticket, but a mother, I think I’ll vomit.

  4. Theliberalvegan,

    I totally agree that if one more lady expresses her love and adoration for this lady…. I won’t say more as I won’t be held responsible for my actions.

    It is as if these ladies don’t even care to know anything about her. She is a woman and that is all that matters. Brotherpeacemaker did a post about a lady friend at work who once she heard Palin at the convention was now on board no questions asked. Here is the link:

    We as a supposedly smart and educated country should be able to look beyond the pretty exterior and find out what is under the hood of this lemon on wheels.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. That is the problem theblacksentinel. We are not smart and educated. The republican and democrats too. The powers that be rely on the ignorant masses. They rely on people being lazy Americans, cuz that we are (but let them tell it, it’s us) but it is American. Like Obama said, we get in our cars to go around the corner and trust me it’s everyone.
    So, if a politician isn’t talking about education, I ain’t got no time!!!!

    If Obama is for education then McCain must be against it. I did it!!!

  6. TBS,

    I believe we see these continued problems of “popularity contest” politics because we’re all human beings who have tribalist origins in our socializing.

    Think back to the way jr and sr high school student life was dominated by cliques and groups, and how “popularity” was considered important — you know, how people would for some reason admire “popular” people, as if the ability to get followers means you’re a better person.

    I’ve never been keen on the Svengali side of “popularity” as a cultural token. I’ve never found many people who were “popular” and as a result of that cultural label/status, were people I felt I must get to know well, or must admire. In fact my experiences have been to the opposite — the most sincere and worth-knowing people are those who are ignored and shunned. I see popularity as a lowest-common-denominator thing. “Popular” people always strike me as trying to be all things to all people, as trying to please everyone. Such people are hollow, they are given shape and form only by the people they seek to impress.

    Barack Obama may have begun his young adult life as a man of integrity. My guess, however, is that the moment he saw what his expensive Ivy League education could do for him in the big business and big federal political arenas, he gave up on integrity and instead began chasing fame and fortune.

    This isn’t unusual for those who seek and obtain political offices at the state or federal levels. It’s more common than unique, in my view.

    From where I sit it is very clear that the current US political system is impossibly broken, and that we gain nothing by supporting the Democrats or Republicans, because both of them will seek only to empower themselves, at the expense of and on the backs of the less fortunate, the people who aren’t rich enough to be among the top contributors to a Barack Obama or a John McCain.

    The hope lies in 3d parties and their candidates — folks like Cynthia McKinney.

    That’s how I see it.

    Thanks very much for this provocative essay!

  7. Micah,

    You are so right! We HAVE to do something in order to get these people to realize that this is serious. We can’t keep going along as if this is OK. I am sick to death of this whole thing. And wish that people would wake up.


  8. The Engineer

    Here is a weblink to a commentary on a recent National Enquirer article regarding Mrs. Palin’s children’s drug habits:
    Yes, I know it is a little embarrassing to make a reference to the National Enquirer, but it is so fun to read it while waiting at the supermarket.

    And if the drug accusations are true, then I would have to question seriously the fitness of Mrs. Palin as a mother and potential leader of our country.

    Yes, I do understand that there are many single mothers who have a very troubling time keeping their children away from illegal drugs. I happen to know some, and I do sympathize with their plight; however, that is not the picture painted by the National Enquirer article.

    According to the National Enquirer, Mrs. Palin’s son, Tract, was like a small time organized crime figure in the small town of Wasilla, and, in my opinion, Tract joined the Armed Forces just to avoid prosecution.

    Her daughter is not so sweet too.

    Thank you for listening.

  9. The Engineer,

    This is also what I hear. That he only joined the military to avoid jail time. I have known people who got the same ultimatum. Funny how they don’t usually give those options to blacks who go straight to jail.

    Thanks for the link.

  10. The Engineer

    Here is some more stuff from the National Enquirer:

    The following weblink has a synopsis of the most recent article:

    According to the National Enquirer, an intoxicated James Palin (Sarah Palin’s brother-in-law) ran over a woman and left her for dead, along the side of the road.

    Furthermore, here is an excerpt from the National Enquirer:
    “Bristol smiles at the camera, puts her lips around the pipe and inhales deeply. She holds the smoke in for a while, exhales, coughs a few times and then laughs uncontrollably. It was just another regular night of partying for Bristol and the other wild kids in Wasilla.”

    So far, the public has been informed that Todd Palin, James Palin, Tract Palin, Bristol Palin, and friends are drug addicts (which includes alcoholism).

    So is it possible that Sarah Palin is completely clean even though most around her are not?

    This is getting more interesting with the passing of every week.

    Thank you for listening.

  11. The Engineer,

    Thanks for the link. I have been monitoring some of the stories. I was interested in the story that Track Palin is only going to the army because of his criminal record. Trying to sabotage the tires on the school buses is very insidious to me. But those are my values.

    So I don’t doubt for one minute that their family is dysfunctional in more ways than most of ours. I am keeping an eye on these developments. And am hoping they come with some seriously definitive proof of the criminal record and her affair.

    Thanks again.

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