What McCain/Palin Ticket Brings The Black Community

The answer to my title question is NOT A DAMN THING!!!  I thought I would give those who thought this post might be about something else a heads up.

This whole McCain, Palin ticket has been nothing short of hypocrisy, closed mindedness and outright lies. I look at both of them and I would love to know exactly what is it that this party ticket is going to bring to the black community or any minority community for that matter? I watched their convention which looked more like some sort of Klan rally minus the white robes than some sort of engine for change. What is different about the Republican Party being full of white faces all talking about how we all have those “small town values” or how we have “values like those in the 1950’s”? Both of which I heard from delegates as well as people on the convention floor.

McCain voted against a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. in Arizona and Palin has stated that ALL crimes are “hate crimes” so we don’t need to protect minorities with “special laws”. Now for Governor Palin’s benefit, I know that Martin Luther King Jr. was NOT a mayor in that big old whopping metropolis of Wasilla. But being a lowly COMMUNITY ACTIVIST he was able to rally a black population which is a heck of a lot larger than the metropolis of Wasilla and actually get the government to make changes that they should have in the first place. The government enacted laws to make racism etc. illegal but, like we all know there are laws against murder and stealing etc. and they are ALL broken time and time again. So it stands to reason that so are ones outlawing racism.

But this is what the Republicans think we need, a Vice President who has absolutely NO experience dealing with anything except white soccer moms up in a state that doesn’t have half the population of the city of Los Angeles. A person who embodies the same old crappy ideas of the old time Republicans which are more wars, less personal rights, including women’s rights and community somehow is bad. With her being so extremely exclusive, meaning that she talks about the “values” of people like her and McCain and how she will work for you. Well what about those who don’t share YOUR values? What about people who don’t LOOK like you and your predominantly white party, state or city of Wasilla? Will you work for us too?

And now they have the nerve to say that they will NOT let Palin be interviewed until they say and by whom they say. We already have an executive team in the White house that has zero TRANSPARENCY, and now the McCain Palin ticket is going down the same road. They have the audacity to try and block the people from getting the “straight talk” so to speak from this lady on her ideas, policies and issues. So it stands to reason that if these fools are elected we will have the same no access policy that we have now. Now more than ever it would seem that people should be looking for transparency. Not looking to get more losers hanging iron curtains in the White house.

Now we can see that she is totally unqualified or they wouldn’t hide her from the press and American people. In fact it would be just the opposite, because if she were qualified they would have her running everywhere for press coverage. And people are comparing her and Obama’s experience. That is the racism of this country. He is the presidential nominee and shouldn’t even be in the same rank as the VP. When was the last time the press or public compared McCain to Biden or any presidential nominee to some VP? Never! They never have and probably never will again unless we have another black nominee.

The fact remains that this lady is damaged goods who has no intention of helping minorities, not even the mentally disabled like her son. She will engage in acts that benefit her son, no doubt, but OUR family members who are in the same boat will be undoubtedly thrown overboard. Same thing goes for fixing schools, ending poverty, boosting the economy, strengthening communities or anything else the black community needs. She will be tossing all of us overboard since we don’t fit in to the Republican Party image they showed at their convention.  Nor do we fit into her “hockey mom”, white middle class, small town values, 1950’s loving people.



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11 responses to “What McCain/Palin Ticket Brings The Black Community

  1. Well what about those who don’t share YOUR values?

    Well, Palin stands for lower taxes, so by your question you must not.

    Palin stands for states rights as opposed to federal government interference so by your question you must not.

    Palin stands for less government so by your question you must stand for more.

    Palin stands for freedom…..guess where it looks like you stand?

  2. kendergarten’s comments are typical of the misinformation that has become the standard operating procedure with the Republican Party. If you’re against our candidate then you’re against baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and moms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Palin stand for freedom! The freedom to oppress others who don’t agree with her.


  3. Kender,

    If I am in the top tax bracket then I guess McCain and I guess Palin (since she must agree with him) is my pick. But since I am in middle class they don’t offer the type of cuts that Obama does.

    Palin may stand for state rights but how the hell do we know. She hasn’t come out of hiding and told anything about her views, issues or where she stands on anything.

    Sure she does. Is that why Alaska spends MORE per person of any state? That doesn’t sound like smaller government it sounds like the government is big daddy up there in good ole Alaska.

    Palin stands for freedom? While she tries to tell me how to handle my body? While she (has in the one speech she gives) stands for more war spending? While she touts that we should worship her way by wanting her brand of bible science in schools?

    Give me a break. I would rather take a chance on any other candidate than to put my future or the future of my children in the hands of a lady or a man for that matter who have already used their positions of power to wage personal vendetta’s on people.

    We already live in a police state and I want to continue it along with the black hole presidency we have in power now. If they won’t let any transparency in their candidacy then what makes me think they will have a transparent government.

    All she has done is lie so far in the one speech she gives over and over. She was for the bridge to nowhere before she wasn’t, widely reported on long before this VP run. She had a Jack Abramoff lobbyist bang out 27 million dollars in pork barrel earmarks before she became the champion earmark slasher.

    She came into a surplus in Wasilla and left with 22 million in deficits. So she was a wasn’t quite the maverick surplus grabber she touts. She also tried to ban books and slash funds for the museum.

    She didn’t sell her little plane on ebay and not for a profit so why lie. She didn’t fire the cook she just changed her title and the lady still cooked for her and her family. The cook has said that, is she a liar too?

    I mean what hasn’t she flubbed while doing so much up in Alaska? And don’t tell me about her surplus as governor. Since we all know that they could have had one of those Moose as governor and still had a surplus since they have all that oil money.

    That for some reason she feels that Alaska deserves to benefit from a windfall tax on oil companies but the lower 48 shouldn’t. I can just imagine Yoda now…Hmmm the hypocrisy is STRONG in this one.

    Thanks for the reply though.

  4. “kindergarten’s comments are typical of the misinformation”

    What else can you expect when they (the republican party) has been winning with this strategy. If I may, theblacksentinel, you barking up the wrong tree up in this piece. You’re dealing with people who actually think and can put one and one together (which does equal 2).

    Let me try one: If Obama is for change then Kender must be for…. uhmmm… let’s see here… I can’t think of the opposite of change….can someone remind me?

    Let me try one more see if I can get it right this time: If Obama wants everyone to have health insurance mandating children to have it… then Kander must be for…I got it… Not insuring children.

    Did I do it correctly.

    Get the hell outta here!!!!!!

  5. Damien,

    Right on target. I don’t know why I always try and talk logic to illogical people. Exactly like you said, if Obama is for ending wars then Kender is for lots of war!

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. Not that this specifically deals with the issue of candidates’ stand towards the black community, but some clarification on some viewpoints of Palin, from another blog I read often. (as you should know, I let you all do the research, I just read!)

    This is the link to a blog posting from my friend Renaissance Guy:


  7. Mike,

    Thanks for the link. But this guy told me absolutely nothing that can’t be shown another way. I have watched video of her saying something else when dealing with sex education. But hey, I have read this guy before and had a few dealings with him and he is not someone I would go to for truth on things.

    I do not know what her views are, that is the problem. And neither does he. Since she has NEVER come out of hiding and told us her views just yet. We can only go by the crap she has already said and those things contradict themselves. So this lady needs to start talking. I wouldn’t hire anyone who refuses to sit for the interview for the job.

    Thanks for the heads up on this info.

  8. pvdugas

    So Sarah “Smack my Lips often” Palin has now come out of hiding and given us her views. Not really sure what they are because they all sounded scripted to me. I’d go so far as saying the approval of the Charlie Gibson interview was predicated upon them having the questions first. She still faltered. This woman is so extreme it’s scary as hell to me. I personally am sick of the media pitting her against Barack Obama. Sarah Palin is not running for President. Black Sentinel you’re right on point here: Obama was nominated in – Palin was chosen, and it was a weak choice at that! McCain/Palin have not factored in blacks, hispanics or any other minority in their campaign.
    I’d love for either of them to answer the question: What do you plan on doing for minorities in this country?

  9. PVDugas,

    I would love that as well. I know that they would NEVER bother to do that. Because they don’t have a dog in that fight, not even a pitbull with or without lipstick. They could care less.

    She lives up in Elk Snout without ever seeing a black person, then turns around and tells the American people she knows how to help us ALL. You can’t pretend that you are so up on all things in this country when you haven’t even had to deal with the reality that make up this diverse country.

    She’s a joke and so is McCain. It is funny that McCain actually argued against Mitt Romney saying that “I guess you don’t understand that a person who has been a small town mayor, then the governor for a short time, is NOT qualified to be in office. And now he turns around and picks the very thing he chastised Mitt for earlier. Shame on him.

    Thanks for the reply.

  10. professor what if

    Great post! Love that image of Palin! Have you seen Sarh Benincasa’s spoof of Palin where she talks about ‘meeting a black person.’ Funny stuff.

    That hate crime claim of hers is too much — according to this logic the latest corporate crime scandal and the 7 billion proposed bailout is hate crime against Am taxpayers,no?…

  11. Professor what if,

    Very funny stuff. Yet, Palin gives up the funny all too easily.

    Thanks for the reply.

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