Sarah Palin Says: Respect My Right To Choose!

The closest post that I have done with regards to abortion was the one I did about the racist Margaret Sanger and her Negro Project. But having this new Republican VP who is so over the top with her views of abortion, I just feel the need to weigh in on the actual subject of Anti-Abortion or Pro-Life or whatever you call it. She is so hard right on the issue, she would like to not only make it illegal for everyone but she would also make it illegal for those who were raped and even instances of incest. How sick is that?

What brought me to this point is that after sharing her views on abortion she had the impudence to start talking about getting on a plane while in early labor. Now this is not a big deal, but with a lot of people questioning her decision to board an airplane while she claims her water was leaking and was in early labor in order to make it back to Alaska from Dallas Texas. Now to me, if I am carrying any baby but especially a special needs baby, I don’t think it is very prudent to be making such a long flight knowing that something could go terribly wrong while at 35,0000 feet and god forbid you lose the baby and or your life.

Now what made this important to me was the fact that she stated that people should mind their own business and to respect her right to choose what she wanted to with her body and if that meant boarding a plane while in early pregnancy then so be it. Now isn’t that a hypocritical view on ones own body? I mean she wants to tell me that she and those like her have the right to tell the majority of America what to do or what not to do with their bodies by outlawing abortion. Yet, she should have every freedom in the world to make bad decisions regarding her body AND the life of her unborn baby.

I personally don’t necessarily think that abortion is something that in my life right now I would choose to do. But I would be damned if I was raped, that she or anyone else in this world would stop me from doing whatever I felt was necessary for me and my family at that time. Not to mention she obviously felt the same way or she would have given in to the medical knowledge at the time which clearly states, at least in all the literature on pregnancy given out, that you shouldn’t be flying while you are beyond seven months pregnant for safety reasons.

But she obviously felt that it was important for her and or her family that she board that plane and make it back to Alaska with enough time to deliver the baby that next day. She had the RIGHT to make that decision. And she has the nerve to talk about wanting to have the right to make decisions regarding her body. I still can’t get over that. I want to deny you rights to do what YOU want with your body, but you better understand that I have the right to do what I want with my body. She proves to me each day I listen to her what a hypocrite she is. And we haven’t known her more than a week or two. That is a shame.

She wants to hold her daughter up as some sort of boost for right to life while ignoring the fact that she had underage unprotected premarital sex showing that her dumb stance on sex education DOESN’T WORK. At least it didn’t work for her family. Then you have all these people saying that this just shows that she is a real person and just like the rest of us. Yet when an inner city underage girl gets pregnant they scream about the decline of family values, or how the inner city girl who is probably black is a statistic. While her daughter just made a mistake that is now turning into a blessing from god since she decided to marry her baby daddy. How inner city children who make that “mistake” are being corrupted by the sex and violence of television or hip hop music. Doesn’t this just take the cake? I believe that they should drop the straight talk express and rename it the hypocrite express.



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15 responses to “Sarah Palin Says: Respect My Right To Choose!

  1. leftcoastlibrul

    The especially rich message that has me smiling is that all Republicans support the idea that this is a family matter, and their own private decision. In other words….CHOICE.

  2. Leftcoastlibrul,

    Definitely! When it is dealing with them then they have the RIGHT to choose. Yet they feel that they can tell everyone else how to run their family, lives and bodies. How Republican of them.

    thanks for the reply.

  3. Here’s my take on the whole Abortion issue. It seems, according to Roe v. Wade, it is about a woman’s right to choose, as the basic reasoning anyways.
    For me, and yes, I’m a guy, so my opinion here counts a little less than any woman’s, BUT:

    When you have consensual sex, I think your choice was made for you, and if you become pregnant from said sex act, then that is now the responsibility you bare for exercising your right to choice.
    Now, in the case of incest or rape, the choice, per se, was not made. Therefore, abortion is now your choice, as it is the first time you actually had a choice.

    In the larger realm of sex education, I think abstinence should be taught, and revered for that matter, but not at the expense of being educated on birth control methods. I also think youths, especially these days need to be taught about the necessity to face responsibility for the decisions you made by your very rights as a human. I don’t think abortion should be considered as another form of general birth control. I don’t have the statistics, so I can’t be entirely sure, but I would wager that an overwhelming majority of abortions are not due to health risks, rape or incest.
    I think way too many people view sex as just another casual expression of love, nevermind the whole “feels great” idea. They accept the hippie view of “free love” as this great right to have, forgoing the concept of permanence (in the form of STDs like Herpes, HIV, along with the curable but very irritating other STDs) for the concept of immediate gratification. And in the case of something happening, they can go to a doctor and get their shot to clear up the clap, the lotion to wash away the crabs, or they can go get an abortion in the event they end up pregnant.
    As I said, I’m okay with abortion in the case of rape, incest, or even medical complications that threaten the life (medically speaking, not socially or otherwise) of the mother. But outside of that, I just can’t agree with it. It’s not necessarily a republican view, as I am not one, nor a Christian view, as I held these beliefs before I became a christian….and I’m the offspring of very liberal hippie atheists.

  4. Mike,

    I agree that sex education should be all inclusive. I believe that when you have abstinence only being taught you have already taken those people’s right to choose away. Since they will get pregnant out of stupidity. That is the problem.

    I may NOT believe that abortion is right for me since I wish to have one last kid anyway. But I don’t feel that I have the right to make that choice for anyone else. Regardless how I feel personally about abortion. That is a decision that must be made between a woman, her man and her doctor.

    Not with me and all the people in the United States. They weren’t there when the man and woman made the choice to have sex. So it isn’t our business now. I am not speaking to the right or wrong of abortion. It doesn’t matter. It only matters that I don’t have the right to deny you access to something that has to do with you body.

    I don’t agree with Palin jumping on a plane while in early labor. She put her baby at risk. Do I now have the right to enact laws to stop her and others from ever doing this? Would she support that? Obviously not, since she said it was her CHOICE. That is the operative word, CHOICE.

    I don’t like a lot of things. I think that we should just END smoking it kills more people than abortion. Where is all the outrage? Another problem I have is that people hate abortion but could careless about the damn baby after it is born. No one wants to give the right of health care which will undoubtedly save a lot of babies from abortion.

    No one is out there doing anything about the already over crowded foster care system. Kids are dying and falling through the cracks in that system daily. What do we do with all these kids? We can’t handle the ones that are already out there. Not to mention Palin and McCain want to block gays from adopting, so that ends one avenue.

    It is just ridiculous that people want to continue bringing babies that are unwanted into the world and then wipe their hands as if it isn’t their problem now. I am concerned with the kids who are here, not ones that are not. We need to clean up the unwanted children living in group homes who then go on to live broken lives because they have no idea what it means to be an adult.

    We need to fix the problem not the symptoms.


  5. leftcoastlibrul

    Hi, Mike. You may be right, but can you explain to me how having an abortion is NOT taking a responsible position? If a woman knows she will not be able to raise a child, emotionally, physically or financially, how is having an abortion the irresponsible thing to do? As opposed to putting more of a tax burden on the citizenry, sponging off her parents, bringing a child into the world who will likely not get the care it needs, etc? Unless you can answer that with something other than “she made her bed,” ” she needs to accept her responsibility,” or something along those lines…. then what you REALLY want is to punish that woman for having sex. And no child should be a punishment. Abortion IS accepting responsibility for your actions. No one WANTS to have one. No one enjoys the experience. And it’s never an easy decision to make, before or afterward.

  6. Leftcoastlibrul,

    I would have to agree with you on that one. The only birth control that is 100% is abstinence. So if you don’t practice that, then there is a chance that you could get pregnant even when you ARE being responsible. I mean I got my first son while taking birth control pills religiously. I was being responsible.

    It just so happens that my husband and I felt that we could handle a baby. We had health care, a home, money and all the things that a child could need. If you don’t have these things, I hope people aren’t saying that you then HAVE to be celibate because you can’t be responsible if a baby happens along.

    I don’t think that very many people take abortion lightly. I think that people actually have to make the decision from a hard place in their lives. People act as if these people just say “oops I’m pregnant let me go to the abortion clinic.” I think they look at their lives and other criteria and ask “can I do this.”

    There is nothing wrong with that. It may not be for you and it may not be for me. But if it is the only option for someone then that is their CHOICE. I can’t help make that choice for them. They need to be sure and do what is right for them. I can’t even go on morals or ethics, since those are also personal. Mine aren’t yours and vice versa.


  7. The Engineer

    Well, it is good ol’ fashioned hypocrisy.

    In the well-to-do Caucasian neighborhood in which I was raised (and continue to live), this issue has presented itself a few times.

    In one case, the young lady friend of mine (No, I am not the father, as I never had relations with her; Yes, she did ask me to marry her anyway) was most concerned about the cover up. For her and her mother, there were two solutions: one, marry the biological father, who also had children with six or seven other women; two, have her mother claim the new born child as hers. In the end, they simply moved away to a far away neighborhood, and I simply lost tract of her. She did not marry the biological father. Many years later, she married some serviceman and came to my door (presumably to ask for a “wedding” gift). I never opened the door.

    In another case, I had a good lady friend whom I had known for many years. One day, I decided to get to know her a little better, so I did a little investigation of her. I combed through public records and did a little mathematics and came to the conclusion that with her first child, she was underaged and the biological father was EVEN MORE underaged. I have since learned that legally, her pregnancy would have been viewed by law enforcement as the result of child-on-child sexual abuse, and their respective parents would have been liable.

    When I casually confronted my lady friend with the results of my research, she confessed that she lied about everything including the information on the birth certificate in order to protect the biological father from possible prosecution.

    The point of my two anecdotal stories is that this controversy involving Sarah Palin and her daughter reminds me of some of my own experiences.

    Thank you for listening.

  8. The Engineer,

    You are right about the hypocrisy of these people. They want to label all black teens that have out of wedlock babies as some sort of “statistic” then turn around and hide, lie about or act as if it is a “blessing” as in the case of Palin.

    This blatant hypocrisy should have come out in the press. Yet, we all know that they will do nothing to embarrass these snake oil salesmen. Not to mention they are complacent in the lies of these people.

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. BlackSentinel-
    “I would have to agree with you on that one. The only birth control that is 100% is abstinence. So if you don’t practice that, then there is a chance that you could get pregnant even when you ARE being responsible. I mean I got my first son while taking birth control pills religiously. I was being responsible.”

    I know how you feel….our first son was conceived on the pill as well as a condom (so much for the great effectiveness, eh?)

    “We need to fix the problem not the symptoms.”
    I guess I would have to ask you where the problem lies????

    I guess I dont really know how to answer your questions on my viewpoint. No I dont want to punish someone with a baby per se….although that argument to me, says (in my own weird mind) “if you dont clean up your room right, we’re going to stick you with a baby. Now, are you gonna clean this pigsty up or what?”

    I understand the argument that we dont want unwanted children out in the world….Lord knows we have enough problems in society as it is, without the added weight of a new addition.

    To look at what theblacksentinel said…we need to fix the problem… how do we do that??? because somehow I dont think having sex (protected or otherwise) is just a symptom. I wasn’t rich, but we werent entirely poor either…..yet my economic situation never played into my decision to engage in sexual activities.

  10. Mike,

    I am guessing that the more we stop making sex and sexuality a taboo in this country we will be that much closer to fixing the problems.

    In some European countries (I watched a show, OK) they showed that they have a much lower rate of abortion as well as unwanted teen pregnancies. Why? Because they not only have a very open view of sex, that it isn’t a “bad” thing. That it is a part of life to get sex education in schools, at home and on television.

    They have these public service announcements that are like long commercials that gives information on birth control, disease and being safe in general. Not to mention they don’t break your pocket book to receive birth control.

    Right now in this country women have to pay full price for birth control which is NOT covered by health insurance. Yet, we will let viagra etc. be covered by insurance. Are our priorities skewed or what?

    So, education is key and so is access to birth control without breaking the bank.


  11. leftcoastlibrul

    Thanks for letting me participate. You make good points. 🙂

    I’ve been a Planned Parenthood nurse for the past year, and a huge proponent since….oh, since I was 16 or so. No, did not have an abortion. But I do believe that I have more to offer the world than being a baby factory (I have two, before you ask). The answer, which you will likely not enjoy (for that matter, neither do I) is this:

    There have always been and will always be unplanned pregnancies. There have always been and will always be terminations to some of those unplanned pregnancies. We can either keep those women safe by keeping abortion legal, or increase the risk to them by making them illegal once again. Regardless; we are not going to stop abortion.

    We CAN reduce that number by educating our kids and, as blacksentinel said, taking away the stigma of sex. As parents, we have to accept that our children WILL have sex. Their bodies mature much faster than their minds and emotions; it’s up to us to help them. We don’t help by scaring the crap out of them and traumatizing them. All that does is leave scars that follow them into adulthood, and adolescents get enough of those on their own. Keeping them safe involves telling them about condoms, about birth control, and about what constitutes safe sex. Just because we tell them what safe sex is, does not mean we are advocating it, and you can say that in your talk. “I am not telling you it’s okay to do this. But I want you safe.”

    Again: kids at 15 and up are basically hormones with feet. Even with best intentions, some are going to slip. “Knowing the consequences” isn’t always enough. Teens who are exposed to condom and sex education are 60% less likely to become or get someone pregnant than those who are exposed to no education at all or abstinence only education. That alone should tell you it works.

  12. Leftcoastlibrul,

    I knew you were good people (fellow nurse). I definitely agree with the teaching method you outlined.

    I definitely believe that the reason we have so many sexual hang ups now is because of the way we were introduced to sex education. The fear, finger pointing and disgust that went along with it.

    We have to do better for our future. Teaching does not make people go out and try it. I love the walking hormones. I can remember being one of those walking hormones. I didn’t go out and act on it but I believe that was due to my mothers approach to sex ed.

    She was open and honest and allowed any question no matter how embarrassing. Also, she made it seem like a normal part of growing up. She also made sure it was a part of our lives from early on. Knowing the actual names of sexual organs so as to not stigmatize them as bad parts etc.

    Thanks for the comments both of you.

  13. tbs and librul:

    Thanks for making really great points. Now, blacksentinel, as usual, I have a smart ass remark to make, if you’ll allow.

    “Knowing the actual names of sexual organs so as to not stigmatize them as bad parts etc.”

    You mean we dont just call them Mommy and Daddy parts?!?!?! LMAO…sorry, I had too!

  14. Mike,

    Hey smarty pants! Anyway, I meant that she discouraged saying privates or the you know parts.

    What a smarty pants. Thanks for the reply.

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