Bristol Palin Causing Baby Mama Drama

Well is it any surprise that everywhere you look people are talking about Bristol Palin’s baby daddy? Not only are they talking about it but they are doing the same old hypocritical bull crap that comes with the territory. You know the territory of when a black teen mother turns up pregnant and unwed not only is she an irresponsible lout but so is the baby daddy that did the deed with her. Not only that but then the parents are irresponsible, the community is irresponsible and then the whole damn black race is irresponsible for not somehow not making teen pregnancy or single motherhood a crime and then chastising each and every one of them for it.

Now you have people coming out of the woodwork to talk about how this was a blessing from god. Is it a blessing from god when it is some high profile white Republicans kid getting knocked up while not married? I even read on ABC online that we shouldn’t be down on these kids since Alaska has all those “long cold dark winters with nothing to do.” Well maybe we shouldn’t be so down on black kids since they have all those long cold dark lives with nothing to do. It is just hypocrisy at its best.

ABC online even interviewed a lot of social workers, teen fathers and other advocates to help teen dads step up to the plate and they all had nothing but the best advice for this irresponsible baby daddy. Letting him know what he can do in order to get all the support he needs in order to actually take the steps and become a stand up guy in his child’s life. Where are all these so called helpful do-gooders when the black teens are getting all knocked up? That’s right; they are too busy pulling out their soap boxes to stand on in order to tell the story of how irresponsible black people are for not stopping out of wedlock pregnancies.

And as far as I am concerned Obama should be stepping up to the plate to lecture her, her boyfriend and her family on the importance of taking responsibility for their actions or lack there of in the case of the family. He didn’t hesitate to call black people out on unwed pregnancies or baby daddies running all around. It seems to be just fine to lecture blacks on irresponsible behavior but somehow when white kids show irresponsibility they are above reproach. We will make every excuse or take steps to change the laws to protect their insanely irresponsible behavior, such as the underage college drinking problem.

Then you have idiot Palin talking about how she is going to make sure to extend the abstinence only program. I guess because it worked so well for her family she wants to make sure that all of our kids are too stupid to realize that sex leads to babies. Anyhow, I am wondering what her policy is on underage drinking since her daughter and her friends seem to be so fond of doing just that. Well I guess that couldn’t be any worse than the drunken Bush twins. So she does have a “what about them” defense. A study ordered by the Bush administration showed that the abstinence only education not only did NOTHING to reduce the amount of teenage sex, unprotected sex but that a majority of the teens actually believed that condoms did nothing for protecting them against STD’s. Maybe that is why Alaska has the highest STD rate in the country amongst teens.

And all of a sudden you have all these white mothers on television saying things such as “you can’t blame Sarah, because all you can do is tell your child, they are going to make their own decisions.” Yet, the whole freaking entire black community is responsible for any out of wedlock birth that happens in our community. How screwed up is the hypocrisy in this country? I am not surprised though, it seems that this is the way of people and things here. There is a rash of high profile white teens getting pregnant and everyone seems to be fawning over these irresponsible pregnant teens. Let’s start calling it what it is, a bunch of irresponsible teenagers having babies. And I am talking about the boys and girls, black and white. We need to stop with the hypocrisy. Maybe if we come together as a nation and give ALL the teens the same help in order to get them to take responsibility we wouldn’t be focusing our negative attention on one group while smiling and talking fondly of the others.



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4 responses to “Bristol Palin Causing Baby Mama Drama

  1. Well personally I think God allowing us to have children is a blessing, but yes, I have to agree with you that the double standard being applied is (blanking) ridiculous.

  2. mary

    I am one of the white, middle-aged women who has (and continue to do so) strongly supported Obama from the first time I heard him speak at the Democratic Convention BEFORE Bush’s second term. I agree with you – the double standard is outrageous. It seems that Ms. Palin doesn’t understand the term abstinence herself – she was pregnant with her first child before marriage. Maybe that’s how they do it in her family…apparently, her “high horse” morals/ethics/whatever the hell you want to call them, DON’T pertain to her family. She’s a very dangerous woman – for all of us.

  3. Mary,

    I totally agree with you. I started adding the numbers around her marriage and birth of first son as well and saw that she was definitely preggo before marriage. Now she wants to place “HER” values on the rest of us.

    She is a shame and a danger.

    Thanks for the reply.

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