The Fiasco That Is Sarah Palin

It is no surprise that a gaggle of wordpress bloggers are out in force talking up the racism and Barack diversions from Palin. This VP pick is the worst in history, at least to me. She even makes Quayle look like he had half a brain. I am just wondering why they think that if a freaking hurricane hitting a not yet healed New Orleans, couldn’t divert everyone’s attention that somehow the same old racism and Barack will do the trick. It is just ridiculous to think that anything short of a new terrorist attack could stop the Palin express derailment from being the big news of the day.

Is this lady serious? She champions the fact that we shouldn’t allow sex education in school and that they should just tell the kids to say no to sex via abstinence training. Then her seventeen year old underage daughter pops up pregnant, and five months to boot. Where is everyone to talk about how irresponsible her daughter is? Where the hell is the baby daddy in this situation? Maybe he will marry her, then again maybe he won’t. I mean he didn’t marry her before he knocked her up. Maybe if they both had some sort of sex education they would have understood what they were doing could possibly make a baby. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this is what family values are about.

Not only does she have a fiasco brewing from her “trooper gate”, “unwed teenage daughter pregnant gate”, but now we find out that she belonged to a group of folks who feel that Alaska should secede the USA. Now that just takes the cake. She actually spoke to this group saying that Alaska could be a great independent state. And I am supposed to believe that this woman loves America and has its best interest at heart.

I mean SHE is the one talking about separating from the USA and people are crying about Obama’s preacher talking trash about the USA. Where is this outcry of how she isn’t a patriot? I mean isn’t this beyond Michelle Obama saying that she was only just now proud of her nation after her husbands getting the nomination? But of course people will somehow try and justify this by saying that this shows her maverick style. “Trooper gate” shows that she knows how to wield her sword of power; “pregnant unwed underage teenage daughter gate” shows that she knows how to deal with teenage pregnancy or unwed mothers and now “Alaska should succeed the USA gate” shows that she knows how to be an independent thinker.

This all just shows how hypocritical and extremely pandering the Republican Party is. Not only that, this goes to show exactly what kind of president we could expect out of John McCain. One that does very little to use actual thought and care as to the decisions he makes. He will obviously jump the gun and use poor judgment when making decisions just like he has done in his VP choice. McCain has people up in Alaska investigating her right now.  Shouldn’t he have done this BEFORE he picked her?

It is clear he never vetted this lady at all.  I guess he thought “whatever will win votes” and now he is in a pickle.  He is obviously more concerned with doing whatever it takes to try and win this election that he would potentially put this country in the hands of a lady who not only abuses her position of power, has a bit of trouble even controlling her child, but also would rather live in a state that ISN’T part of the United States of America.  That doesn’t do much to make me believe in his judgement, her readiness or the responsibility of the Republican Party.



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10 responses to “The Fiasco That Is Sarah Palin

  1. We got to see a snapshot of McCain’s “vetting process” at the introduction event in Dayton: “Woman: check!”

  2. mgjesq,

    Thanks for the link. That is pretty funny. I loved the comments.

    Thanks for the reply.

  3. I’ve been paying close attention to the reaction to the selection of Sarah Palin on NPR and through the rest of the news. I have to admit that I too find it surprising with the anniversary of Katrina and Gustav heading for New Orleans and the Republican National Convention up in Minnesota, the focus of people’s attention remained squarely on Mr. McCain and his less than prudent pick of Ms. Palin. And if the news of Mary-Ann for VP isn’t enough, all the political baggage that comes with her should any idea of the Republican Party being a serious threat to regain the white house for another four years. The key word is should. There are so many people who are ignoring this baggage with the single minded focus of supporting this woman no matter what. And then when there’s a huge disaster and we see Ms. Palin’s incompetence for what it truly is, somebody will stand at the podium and say something stupid like, “Heck of a job Palie!” And even then people will still support her and Mr. McCain.


  4. BrotherP,

    You are so right. This should raise some eyebrows. And McCain should even say that he made a rash choice and a mistake. But we all know that they would rather sweep as much as they can under the rug and turn the rest into character bumps than to actually admit this lady is a waste of the countries time.

    I am just floored that they would actually let this fiasco continue. On CNN just a few minutes ago, Glen Beck basically called her white trash. Saying that “I am white trash” and those of us who are need someone in this race we can relate too. If he thought that was helping her, he was so sadly mistaken.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. This Palin drama is ridiculous. There’s also suspicion about her newborn actually being her grandchild.

    Even with all of this Palin drama unfolding and McCain showing his poor leadership skills, Obama and him are still neck and neck in the polls. That doesn’t even make sense. But when you consider this racist climate, it actually does.

  6. Anonymiss,

    I heard that grandchild stuff as well. But if it isn’t the oldest sons child then I can’t believe this. Due to the fact that the baby is four months and the daughter is five months pregnant. Not enough time for the pregnancy to occur.

    I am like you that I can’t understand how in the hell McCain showing all this lack of leadership, poor judgment and rushing to make choices, that people would actually still be gung ho to vote for him. Either there are more racists out there than we first thought or there are a lot more idiots in this country.

    I guess I give too many people the benefit of the doubt as to having half a brain. But obviously I was wrong. And I am not ashamed to admit it.

    Thanks for the reply.

  7. shabazz

    Actually, there’s more racists out there than you think. I refuse to put up with another 4-8 years of this bullshit. If and when the rethuglicans jimmy the election their way, my black ass is outta here, and I’ll be on my way to Canada. I actually started making relocation preparations

  8. Shabazz,

    I can understand that. My family moved back from Toronto and I still don’t know exactly why. It was for an employment opportunity. I do miss Toronto. I can definitely live without Edmonton where we lived right before moving back to the states. There was more blatant racism there than I have seen in a long time.

    Anyway, if and or when you move to Canada, Toronto is the place to be. You can live in really nice areas full of minorities or at the most very, very diverse. I loved our neighborhood. It was so diverse with cultures and races that it was like a world festival constantly without any of the stupidity you have to hear in the states.

    Thanks for the reply.

  9. The racist are alive and well!!!
    Even the ones that don’t know they are, or in some very serious denial. I see it everyday!! Some try not to be… others just avoid me all together… some are overly nice… some are even voting for Obama in hopes that we will shut out mouths about racism… yeahhhh, i know that’s why you’re voting Obama. ( sorry for the rant, some people think we’re really that stupid to think that just because Obama may be the president, or becomes the president, that all the race problems will be solved, I’m serious)
    Anyway, these republicans are doing whatever it takes to get these people to come out. No matter who McCain picked they were gonna get “excited”. actually try’n to mimic the power and energy in the Obama campaign. Cuz, if you notice all the things they were so against Obama for they are now for with this lady.

  10. gang zhou, esq.

    The world should stop taling about the Palin fiasco. Ms. Palin’s only mistake is her imprudence in accepting Mr. McCain’s invitation to join his campain as running mate. Mr. McCain will come away from his losing (and lost) 2008 presidential bid with one regret to dwell on for the rest of his life — his bad judgment in picking Ms. Palin despite her apparent lack of qualifications. That bad judgment alone disqualifies Mr. McCain for the White House at these turbulent times. America knows better than picking another Republican for the president who essentially touts the same desatrous policies enforced by the Bush administration over the eight years.

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