What Is Wrong With Blacks?

“The main problem a lot of blacks face in this country is that they must change their personal behaviors and stop expecting the government to solve everything for them. In other words, they need to discard their victimhood mentality. Perhaps the biggest problem in black communities stems from the fact that more than less black males have abandoned their responsibilities toward their significant others and children. Too many black males are creating babies indiscriminately and not taking care of them but expecting the government to take care of them. It seems that too many blacks are taking the easy way out and committing crimes, filling our jails because instead of going to school and working they are in fact demanding reparations (welfare, handouts) for slavery, which again, was abolished in this country over 150 years ago. Much of their reckless behaviors have even contributed to rising AIDS infections in the inner cities. (Read – http://www.Truthout.com)”


Where to begin because this rant is completely full of stereotypes and the same old if blacks would just fix themselves they wouldn’t have any problems in America. Yes, maybe the slaves should have just found a way to become white they wouldn’t have had to endure slavery too. But in the real world most, and I use that lightly, understand that you don’t point out the minority of a group as to be representative of the whole group. That can really be dangerous if we were to apply the same illogic to the whole white community. Those such as ladyrm2 love to think of the white race as a group of individuals while thinking of the black race as one type of person. As if there are NO individuals in our race.

She wants to talk about blacks changing their personal behavior. When are white people going to change their personal behavior? Blacks should stop expecting the government to solve everything for us. Why is the government involved in trying to fix the debacle of the home mortgage problems? It isn’t the fact that blacks are losing their home which has been going on long before this problem started. Everyday you see a new white person on the news crying about how they are being or have been foreclosed on, and how the government needs to step in and help them. Maybe they should have changed their personal behavior and took responsibility instead of looking for the government for a handout.

How about the bail out of Bear Stearns or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Are these companies CEO’s taking person responsibility for the obvious lack of changed behavior which got them into a financial fiasco? But, wham there is the government to bail them and their irresponsible asses out of a jam again. And it is interesting that the CEO’s and majority of employees at these places are white, not black. But according to ladyrm2, with the lack of responsibility taken and the lack in changes in their personal behavior you would think these companies were black owned and operated.

Black males shuck their responsibility as fathers she claims. Well isn’t it interesting that Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study showed that black men are MORE likely than any other race to have relationships with the children that they do not live with. Yet, white people have a higher rate of divorce according to divorce statistics. And since we see that black men are more likely than ANY other group including whites to have a relationship with their kids once out of the home it sounds like maybe white people have a problem with dads not doing their jobs. We can point the finger at black men all we want, but there are still white dads NOT paying child support, not seeing their children and not raising their children. But she has the nerve to say that black fathers are the ones who don’t care for their children. Save the propaganda for CNN my dear.

Sure we all know that crime is the easy way out because blacks just love to go to jail. Is she serious? If we are all one big ole America like these nuts want to say before they start singling blacks out then white people commit more crimes than blacks in our country. No that is NOT per capita but, if you want to do per capita there are plenty of crimes that white people are committing than blacks. I will gladly send you to Brotherpeacemaker’s blog so that you can “read them and weep”. Not to mention all the disparity that IS the justice system. Yet we all know that this is true but ladyrm2 will surely deny that any disparity exists just like she denies that racism exists. You can’t argue with idiocy.

Oh my blacks want a handout in the form of welfare. Well it is quite interesting that THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE THAN BLACKS!! How about this little tidbit for you, 12,162,000 Blacks are on welfare, and 26,319,000 Whites are on welfare. But somehow blacks are the lazy ones with their hands in the cookie jar constantly begging for a handout. According to the National Urban League, Turning welfare reform into a “Black issue” makes racial scapegoating easy and allows stereotypes, like the Reaganera “welfare queen,” to go unchallenged, public aid supporters say. Rightwing reformers cast Whites as “deserving” clients who are legitimately unable to pay their own way through no fault of their own. Blacks are labeled “undeserving” recipients who are looking for the feds to subsidize their slothfulness.

But somehow good ole ladyrm2 found a way to turn welfare into the BLACK program the same way she does with affirmative action even though in that instance it also is dominated by white women. The National Urban League also showed that “racism is at the heart of the standard-of-living gap between Blacks and Whites, welfare advocates argue. Unlawful race-based hiring practices, they contend, keep Blacks from getting jobs that pay enough to lift them out of poverty. Until more blue-collar jobs open up to Black workers, Blacks will continue to battle poverty and the freeloader misconception.”

And of course we finish it off with black people having reckless behavior and again let’s turn this into a black issue since white people don’t ever act recklessly. I guess the Gloucester teens popping babies like Pez candies are acting ever so vigilantly or cautiously. Shame how we have such hypocrisy for white behavior versus black behavior. Isn’t it reckless behavior to run a country into the ground all the while lining the pockets of your cronies? Or is that just the morality of a black person feeling that this behavior is reckless? Isn’t it reckless to throw out unfounded statistics when the real deal is out there with just a click of your mouse? Isn’t it reckless to continue to push racist agendas even though others are trying hard to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shake in this country? Maybe it’s just me but there is a lot of reckless behavior coming out of the white community that I see. I see reckless behavior in ALL communities in this country. But of course leave it to ladyrm2 to ONLY see something negative coming from the black community.



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11 responses to “What Is Wrong With Blacks?

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  2. it’s a long uphill struggle as long as there are people who find it acceptable to think and post what ladyrm2 said.

    demonize, blame, denigrate, castigate, condescend.

    sad how people use such tactics to try to lift themselves up while putting others down. very sad.

    as always the message is to focus on the negative things black folks do, while pretending white folks are superior and flawless.

    it’s only a more sophisticated way to burn a cross on someone’s lawn. it takes no gasoline and no match.

  3. Micah Pyre,

    Exactly! It is nothing more than a new form of terrorizing black people. People like her should be shamed but unfortunately they aren’t. They feel more than justified in their stupid way of thinking.

    Thanks for the reply.

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  5. dalton17

    If blacks accepted responsibility for their own actions, it would go a long way towards solving the ills that they suffer Say, if black men quit getting black women pregnant with kids they have no intention of supporting. Black women could stop spreading their legs for every pretty, smooth talking thug that they come across. If blacks held themselves accountable for the wildly disproportionate amount of crimes they commit for the percentage of population they represent, instead of screaming “Whites get lesser sentences!”
    That may be true, but it doesn’t mean blacks were sentenced too harshly, it only means whites were treated lightly. Think about that before you respond. On a side note, every single person I know that has been robbed/attacked, blacks and whites, have been attacked by blacks. 40 people in the last year easily. The more you cry victim, the more your funding dries up. Good riddance. Go back to Africa you dirty pigs.

  6. “That may be true, but it doesn’t mean blacks were sentenced too harshly, it only means whites were treated lightly.”

    Now that’s rich! This person is actually trying to say that white criminals are simply treated better and there’s nothing wrong with that. Disparity is disparity whether the perspective is that white people are treated better or black people are treated worse. Somebody is being treated differently than somebody else based on nothing but the color of their skin.

    The way this person tells the story, white women never open their legs for a man that has no intention of hanging around. White women never get pregnant out of wedlock and if they did, a white man would never get white women pregnant. It’s truly amazing that so many people have this mentality that white people don’t do any wrongs and that black people do all the wrong. It is the mentality that there is nothing wrong and that black people just have to stop being criminals that is the root of the problem. White people are absolved of all the racial discrimination and prejudice that manifest right before our eyes. Black people commit more crime per capita and so they deserve their lot, even though it’s mostly white people who decide when we send somebody to jail and when we look the other way.

    And then there’s always that bullshit about the only people who are attacking anybody on the street is black people. “I’ve got 40 friends who were robbed by black people and so black people are dirty pigs that need to go back to Africa! Good riddance!” It’s probably because white people are getting a pass as usual. Instead of calling white people’s crime what it is we’ll call it involuntary charity and therefore it’s not a crime. And when we find that rare white person that isn’t absolved of their crimes, why don’t people say that we need to send that white trash back to Kosovo or the Ukraine? Oh, that’s right, white people are simply treated better. We’d never tell them to leave. And we wonder why racism still exist.

    And for the record, anybody who says that they know 40 people who have been robbed and/or mugged in the past year really needs to rethink their circle of acquaintances. The people they hang out with obviously don’t know jack about keeping themselves safe from crime. And on top of that, they all say that they have been mugged by a black person. That sounds suspiciously like the person who claims that they know somebody who knows somebody who took a test for a promotion, had the highest score, but then lost the job to the black guy who didn’t even take the test.

    We all can say shit. I can say that I know sixty people who were mugged just last month and they were all mugged by white people. Doesn’t mean it’s true. And I would think that people would hear such a claim and know that I was pulling shit out my ass.


  7. Dalton17,

    Of course everyone but blacks accept responsibility for their own actions, that is why there is such a history of blacks being lynched by white people who lied and said “the black man did it!” Oh my, those crazy blacks. *Sigh* And even though single white mothers far out number blacks, black women really need to start closing their legs while white women fling theirs open to anyone who walks by. Good idea. Now why hadn’t blacks thought of that?

    And yes we understand what you mean that blacks weren’t sentenced too harshly and white were just sentenced less harshly. It is just like saying the door isn’t open, it’s just not closed. Gee, you sure are full of smart and fresh new information that no one would ever think of. How do you do it?

    And you know what? I can say the same thing but opposite. I haven’t met ONE person who was mugged by a black person. In fact the only time I have ever been actually robbed, it was by a white man. Check my old blog posts and you might find that one. I have lived around blacks my entire life and never once was mugged by one. But of course if your friends are as stupid as you then of course they probably hang out in dark high crime areas with money in their hands and then wonder how they were robbed.

    And when your funding, white privilege and crying victim dries up, back to Europe with you, you fucking dirty pig!

    Good luck with “YOUR” whining and crying about how poor me and my friends are constantly the victims of crimes by blacks. I guess It is quite alright for YOU to cry victim but any black who cries foul is just crying victim. Right? Or better yet, can we say that its not YOU that IS crying victim, YOU are just a victim who cries? *SIGH* When will the idiocy stop with these people.

  8. Funny, I’m white (as in the sun melts my skin I’m so pasty), hung out in the high crime areas of my little metro area, in both day and night time, (even went to church there for awhile) and I havent even gotten mugged or beaten up!

    Some people really are dumb

  9. Mike,

    Exactly!! It was just more of his rhetoric in order to have such venom and anger to tell blacks to go home. I would love to go home, I miss the great Northwest. *SIGH*


  10. I was going to sit back and let you all handle the troll, but I can’t resist: I’m gonna add a few things:


    Dalton, whether you believe it or not black people DO take responsibility. Some of us do it when we aren’t guilty of ANY DAMN THING. Most white people have a hard ass time taking responsibility for anything, and it’s not because they’re not guilty of anything. Whites are not perfect saints in the real world, kid. No one is. Not even you, bucky boy.

    Plus, that old “I know people who were robbed by blacks” is so lame. That doesn’t prove anything. That may not even be true. For all we know, you’ve pulled this out of your ass.

    Last, you’ve proven you’re nothing more than a brainless, racist troll with nothing to do but find a reason to hate because it’s all you know how to do. Furthermore, like a typical troll, you’ve humiliated yourself with your lack of intelligence. And finally, you can continue to point the finger at us “dirty pigs” all you want. That STILL DOESN’T REMOVE THE FACT THAT WHITE PEOPLE IN RECENT HISTORY HAS COMMITTED THE MOST AND WORST ATROCITIES AGAINST PEOPLE OF COLOR. Deny it all you want, and I have a feeling you will, but you need to wake up to the truth if you’re human enough.


  11. *inhales*

    That was one really long breath man!


    (I’m a smoker…that little bit on one breath winded me! LMAO)

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