The Rubbish About Racism

“Don’t you think it’s time to drop the victim mentality so many blacks seem to still be carrying? The mere fact that Obama is the first black candidate running for president and is even slightly ahead in the polls should cast aside all this rubbish about racism in America today.”


What can you really say to this magnitude of illogic? This is one of the dumbest comments I have ever had the displeasure of reading. And the fact that it seems to be a “there is no more racism” believers new talking point goes that much further in cluing us all into how ridiculous a statement it is.

Now since Obama has risen to the ranks of the first black person who actually stands a chance of being president of the United States, we are to believe that this all but puts to rest that the supposed rubbish about racism in America today. So what I am hearing and anyone can set me straight if I am not quite understanding this illogic, is that because I can show you one example of a black person who is doing well means that not one other black person in America is experiencing the crippling affects of racism in America? Hmm, let me see if I can garner a few examples to parallel this.

With so many white Americans losing their jobs and homes I would surmise that poverty is on the rise in the white community. But using a bit of ladyr2m’s logic we can see that Bill Gates a man who did not finish college has made over a billion dollars so far. So according to that, all the rubbish talk of poverty, money woes and homes being lost in America by white people should be cast aside.

Because it is obvious that since this one man has risen above all the poverty and failed attempts at college and created a billion dollars in wealth somehow means that each and every white person out there who claims of being poor or about to be foreclosed on or being food insecure are nothing more than losers looking for a handout. Maybe they should stop blaming all of their problems on the failing economy and do like Bill Gates and earn their billion dollars.

Of course you and I know that this is a stupid argument that because Bill Gates does not have a problem with the economy that other white people who are claiming that they do should cast that rubbish aside. Yet, constantly blacks are told that because there is an Oprah to look at blacks can’t possibly be discriminated against. How badly is your need to cling to ignorance or disbelief in racism that you would actually work hard to have this type of argument fly. And can’t we dispel everything that happens in the world with this type of logic. I mean we can say that since Laura Bush has never been raped that all those ladies claiming that there is rape in America today are just spewing rubbish.

What is rubbish is that you actually have people in this world today that will not only deny racism when the disparities are staring them right in the face. But turn it around to blame the victim of racism. Racism is as American as apple pie. We live in an environment of systemic racism and this fool wants to pretend that racism is some sort of made up myth in order to frame the racist whites who practice it. When did racism cease to exist, after laws were passed? That is like saying laws were passed to end murder so now murder doesn’t exist even though people are killing one another.

The problem which exists is that white privilege and ignorance allows people to experience life without ever having to experience any aspects of racism. It is the same old adage of I don’t see it so it doesn’t exist. I for one am getting tired of some white people trying to tell me the person of whom racism is directed whether or not racism exists. That is like a man who rapes a woman telling her that rape doesn’t exist. That would be totally unacceptable to most people but somehow racist telling the victims of racism that racism doesn’t exist is not only acceptable but it is constantly happening.



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13 responses to “The Rubbish About Racism

  1. Brother Sentinel… well said, also many Blacks that were allowed to enter and operate in the mainstream feel the same. The entertainers and atheletes that garner love sometime operate under the same/similar mindset. Think of the thought of a man with a women of another race.. his feeling of race may not be the same . He has arrived in heaven on earth.

  2. Using this type of logic, black people were never subjugated or enslaved by white people. Why? Because some black person some where was not enslaved. Black people could not possibly suffer from poverty because some where some black person was not in poverty. Using this type of logic no black person ever has anything to complain about. It is this blatant insistence to not see black people as individuals but as some collective where what happens to one impacts all black people that is a major root of the problem for the black community.


  3. Well said. Obama being in the spotlight certainly helps move things forward but it does not erase the issues that apply on a daily basis.

    I love Brotherpeacemaker’s response. “Black people could not possibly suffer from poverty…”

    So all whites are rich? – Not

    So all blacks having nothing to worry about and racism no longer exists? – Not

    I do believe that “time” is our greatest alley but also the greatest liability. Equality will happen but it is introduced by “new generations,” not time.

    A generation ago Obama never would have been considered (not to mention the host of other black people in politics today).

    Again, step in the right direction? No doubt.

    Racism solved? Not in a long shot.

  4. Dan

    Rather than educate ladyr2m, I’ll let Tim Wise.

    Lady, if you’re out there, please read this.

  5. The Engineer

    Excellent article, and the commentary is right on point.

    Here is a weblink to an interview and book review entitled “The Myth of the Model Minority”
    An excerpt:
    “A new book — The Myth of the Model Minority: Asian Americans Facing Racism (Paradigm Publishers) — challenges the idea that most Asian Americans are relatively untouched by racism or focused on issues related to equity. Based on field interviews nationwide, the book describes the Asian American experience in schools, colleges, the workplace and public discourse. In the section on college, examples include students who have been the victim of ethnic profiling (as Muslims) and the barrage of allegedly harmless jokes (such as UCLA as the acronym for “University of Caucasians Lost among Asians”) that students experience. The authors of the book are Rosalind S. Chou, a doctoral student in sociology at Texas A&M University, and Joe R. Feagin, a professor of sociology at Texas A&M. Chou recently responded to e-mail questions about the book’s findings about college students.”

    Caucasians, including poor ones, are viewed (by the Majority) as individuals in the United States of America and the rest of the Western World.

    As for the rest of us, we are viewed as a collective class. One does wrong, then all have done wrong. One does right, then all have not suffered, AND all deserve to be targets by the Majority.

    Thank you for listening.

  6. The Engineer,

    So true. I discounted their experiences for expediency. Thank you for the information. We all saw that when the Asian student killed all those students at Virginia Tech. a lot of people commented on Asians as if they ALL shot the people at Virginia Tech. It is the same as with blacks, one does it and they’ve all done it.

    Thanks again for the great reply.

  7. The Engineer

    You are welcome.

    You may have heard on the news during the past two days. There was a Chinese man in Canada, taking a Greyhound bus on his way to Winipeg. He stabbed, decapitated, and then proceeded to eat the body of the man sitting next to him on the bus.

    I hope the public maintains some kind of balance and remembers the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Well, I wish neither incident ever occurred. Now, we must prepare for the public backlash.

    Thank you for listening.

  8. The Engineer,

    I agree that the backlash from this is going to get ugly. Now the dominant community will counter any “well look at Dahmer” with “hey what about that Asian man in Canada.” As if these two incidents are anywhere near being comparable.

    Thanks again.

  9. I am curious about the line of reasoning “if one did it, they all did it.” Does that not occur to every race or is it limited (as mentioned) to minorities?

    Are whites not also subject to the same criticism when one of them does something destructive or disrespectful to another race? It seems whites get lumped together like everyone else – often to the lowest common denominator.

  10. Godfather,

    I do NOT think this line of reasoning happens enough to the white community. The white community is the majority and the one which defines how themselves and others are viewed.

    According to the DOJ the white community has the most instances of infanticide and are more likely to commit infanticide. When was the last time you heard those statistics on mainstream news? Or when was the last time someone said that the white race could fix all their problems if they just stopped killing their children? Never.

    Because no one looked at Susan Smith and said that killing kids and blaming fictional black men was somehow a white trait or a white phenomenon that only happens in the white community. Where were the cries to stop the white on white violence? People looked at her and said that is terrible, what SHE did.

    Yet, when some black person kills another the first thing the news does is give you the statistics on black on black crime. Did you ever hear the stats on white infanticide when the Susan Smith case was going on? These are just some of the manifestations of a large problem. That is really in need of ending really soon.

    Also, I don’t believe that you or any other white person is asked to be the spokesperson for your race. If a black person is the only black around you will be bombarded with questions. Why do blacks… Or do Blacks… This is something that happens all the time. I will look into some links that might speak to this subject.


  11. Couple points and/or questions.

    1. I assume when you say, “I don’t think this line of reasoning happens enough to the white community” you mean it should be viewed equally? What I mean is the act of condoning and entire race for one-person’s behavior is not a scenario I wish on any race. Is it that you wish for it to happen more to whites or less across the board?

    2. Given the population breakdown I would assume, and correct me if I am wrong, that the larger numbers of whites would equal a greater amount of tragedy.

    3. I agree on the statistics point. If for some reason a reporter is inclined to quote statistics (demographically) than it should be done regardless of race.

    4. I don’t think it is a question of anyone believing that an individual committing a crime is a spokesperson for his or her race (unless they were already looking for that connection).

    As a side bar (and I would love your interpretation), I found it interesting that when I changed my Avatar how perceptions and reactions immediately changed.

    I had long established an equal rights position among several blogs. Once my Avatar was changed (to a photo) so did the reactions. This was because I was white. I was the same person, same opinions.

    I thought of changing it back (thereby “hiding”) but then I thought that was not the solution either. But there is no question (in come circles) I am sized up not by my comments first, but by the obvious color of my skin – or is that not suppose to happen to whites?

    P.S. I really enjoy this blog and the direct conversation. More people (black, white, whatever) should be involved to this degree. Keep it up!

  12. Godfather,

    1. No I do NOT wish this behavior on anyone. In fact I didn’t want to be presumptive and say that it NEVER happens to white people. But if the dominant race is the one making the assertions of “if one person did it, they all did it” then I would think that it was NOT being done to themselves. At least I have never seen it done successfully to whites.

    2. So NO the white population is NOT being subjected to this type of problem.

    3. But isn’t and why is that? It only applies to blacks unless it is something positive THEN it applies to whites.

    4. I think that is false. People do it all the time even when they are probably NOT racist. The problem is stereotyping. Blacks are subjected to being thought of as all kinds of negative black stereotypes from all types of people. And who knows if they were looking for a connection anyway. When Clinton referred to white people as hard working, she inadvertently referred to blacks as not hard working. That is exactly what is being discussed.

    Precisely why I did NOT want to say that it doesn’t happen to whites. I said it doesn’t happen quite as much. And I mean on a national scale such as what happens on the news all the time. This gives credence to stereotypes which what leads to this type of judging.

    I think that you are correct in what you are saying about stupid people looking at your picture and making a stupid assumption. I have had that myself. Just because I have a black fist and the name people assume that I am an Obama supporter. Why? It is exactly the same for you. I might have to rethink my position on this a bit more. You have made me think twice and that to me is a good thing. Thanks.

    I so agree. And you are welcome to join in any conversation here. Thanks again for giving me pause for thought. We can all get too involved in what is going on within our own to notice that others have the same deal happening.

  13. Dan

    Godfather, I think what was meant in regards to #1, was that if it happened more to whites; if whites were constantly greeted on the street say, by people begging for them not to kill them and eat their organs, or for people constantly begging white folks not to raid their pension plans or injure them on the job due to unsafe working environments, maybe whites would be a little more sensitive and introspective before subscribing to the irrational stereotypes they hold about non-whites.

    I’ll go ahead and second the truth that white people have luxury of being looked at individually when committing crimes.

    About the only stereotype that we have, in regards to crime, is that we’re serial killers. Oh yeah, we have the market cornered on that one.

    To wit, if a white guy goes completely apeshit: robs a store, buys drugs with the money, shoots up the drugs, steals a car, takes the car to rob a bank, anally rapes the security guard, and then dies in a shootout with cops, people will watch him on the news and think, ‘That’s one crazy Sonofabitch!’.

    If that man were black, or latino, or any other minority, the media and most of America will attempt to portray the actions of this person as indicative of that person’s race. As if the incident is not surprising because it’s to be expected of minorities. And even if the media does not blatantly insinuate it, the average white viewer will regard that behavior as indicative of the criminals’ race whether they speak it aloud or just think it internally.

    Again, I find myself referencing an article from Tim Wise:

    Sorry if I seem like I’m pimping him out constantly, it’s just that he has written an extraordinary amount of articles over the years (more than 1 per month) addressing just about any topic related to racism you can think of. And he certainly addresses them much better than I ever could. As someone who never took a formal class about racism, African American history, or any related topics, I’ve adopted folks like Tim Wise, Michael Eric Dyson, Cornell West, Marimba Ani, and James Baldwin as my own personal professors by courtesy of their books and articles.

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