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The Rubbish About Racism

“Don’t you think it’s time to drop the victim mentality so many blacks seem to still be carrying? The mere fact that Obama is the first black candidate running for president and is even slightly ahead in the polls should cast aside all this rubbish about racism in America today.”


What can you really say to this magnitude of illogic? This is one of the dumbest comments I have ever had the displeasure of reading. And the fact that it seems to be a “there is no more racism” believers new talking point goes that much further in cluing us all into how ridiculous a statement it is.

Now since Obama has risen to the ranks of the first black person who actually stands a chance of being president of the United States, we are to believe that this all but puts to rest that the supposed rubbish about racism in America today. So what I am hearing and anyone can set me straight if I am not quite understanding this illogic, is that because I can show you one example of a black person who is doing well means that not one other black person in America is experiencing the crippling affects of racism in America? Hmm, let me see if I can garner a few examples to parallel this.

With so many white Americans losing their jobs and homes I would surmise that poverty is on the rise in the white community. But using a bit of ladyr2m’s logic we can see that Bill Gates a man who did not finish college has made over a billion dollars so far. So according to that, all the rubbish talk of poverty, money woes and homes being lost in America by white people should be cast aside.

Because it is obvious that since this one man has risen above all the poverty and failed attempts at college and created a billion dollars in wealth somehow means that each and every white person out there who claims of being poor or about to be foreclosed on or being food insecure are nothing more than losers looking for a handout. Maybe they should stop blaming all of their problems on the failing economy and do like Bill Gates and earn their billion dollars.

Of course you and I know that this is a stupid argument that because Bill Gates does not have a problem with the economy that other white people who are claiming that they do should cast that rubbish aside. Yet, constantly blacks are told that because there is an Oprah to look at blacks can’t possibly be discriminated against. How badly is your need to cling to ignorance or disbelief in racism that you would actually work hard to have this type of argument fly. And can’t we dispel everything that happens in the world with this type of logic. I mean we can say that since Laura Bush has never been raped that all those ladies claiming that there is rape in America today are just spewing rubbish.

What is rubbish is that you actually have people in this world today that will not only deny racism when the disparities are staring them right in the face. But turn it around to blame the victim of racism. Racism is as American as apple pie. We live in an environment of systemic racism and this fool wants to pretend that racism is some sort of made up myth in order to frame the racist whites who practice it. When did racism cease to exist, after laws were passed? That is like saying laws were passed to end murder so now murder doesn’t exist even though people are killing one another.

The problem which exists is that white privilege and ignorance allows people to experience life without ever having to experience any aspects of racism. It is the same old adage of I don’t see it so it doesn’t exist. I for one am getting tired of some white people trying to tell me the person of whom racism is directed whether or not racism exists. That is like a man who rapes a woman telling her that rape doesn’t exist. That would be totally unacceptable to most people but somehow racist telling the victims of racism that racism doesn’t exist is not only acceptable but it is constantly happening.



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