There Is Nothing Like White People Scorned

I have been perusing the Blogs and the news world looking for the outcry from people who feel that Michael Savage is being thrown to the wolves or being unfairly portrayed as a monster because of some little comments he made about autism. Don’t get me wrong I actually think he is an idiotic monster who totally misunderstands anything dealing with the horribly traumatic account of a child having autism. Having been in the medical field for years I have had my dealings with a lot of different autism sufferers. And this man was totally wrong for his statements.

Now with that said, I want to know why there aren’t a bunch of white people out in full support of this man. Is it because of the fact that he insulted a group of people that includes tons of fellow white people? Or that they themselves might be dealing with or know someone personally dealing with autism. My point of asking is the fact that right after Don Imus, Michael Richards and Dog the Bounty Hunter came out with their statements against blacks and the black community, there was a super large outcry from white people for blacks to stop whining and being so sensitive.

Aren’t the autistic community and their families behaving in exactly the same way as the black community did? Are they not calling for boycotts of Savage’s sponsors who already took the hint and dropped his ass like a hot potato? So how is this any different from making hurtful false statements against blacks? Why did the horrible things said by those bigots I mentioned earlier any less horrible than the ones spewed by this bigot? The words spoken hurt people, their families and friends but, somehow people were quick to judge the black community as overly sensitive. Now that the ball has bounced into their backyard all of a sudden people are truly insulted and not one person has had the audacity to speak out against the autistic community or their families in an attempt to justify the idiot’s statements.

This is just another hypocritical moment from white America. Black people are too sensitive. Don Imus was only being his edgy self and trying to entertain people. Michael Richards was just angry and lost his head for a moment. Dog the Bounty Hunter did not say the N word in a bad way and anyway he said it in his home so shouldn’t be held accountable for it. These fools were given every excuse in the world all the way down to Imus only said what he said because rappers are saying that too, as if he ever listened to rap. Anyhow, I was not surprised to not see a dissenting opinion of Savage nor was I surprised to see that his sponsors would drop him this fast and without one complaining peep from the dominant community.

Maybe in a few days a bunch of people will come to his rescue and he too will have a new and improved show like Don Imus and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Unless of course being that he angered a bunch of white people he will be washed up. Since we know for sure that there is nothing like a group of white people scorned. I guess if they weren’t dead you ask some of those poor black men who scorned white mobs by being black and were lynched for their offenses. But Savage is a white man himself and just might be able to finagle out some sort of an apology that they might accept enough to allow him to resurrect whatever will be left of his shattered career. But it will in no way be the boost that the bigoted gang of idiots who spew racial hate will have gotten after their indiscretions.



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3 responses to “There Is Nothing Like White People Scorned

  1. aj

    This is an excellent point. It amazes me how folks have double standards and not even realize it.

  2. Dan

    Long time reader, first time commentor. Just for some background, I’m a 33 year old white male married to a 31 year old black female. And no, my interest in African-American affairs didn’t arise as a result of my relationship with my wife; I was seeking truth far before I knew she existed.

    I have to say, at first I felt muscles tightening in the preparation to go on the defensive as I read oft-repeated phrases ‘white America’, ‘white people’, ‘group of white people’, ‘bunch of white people’. I wondered if perhaps you were generalizing and suggesting that ALL white people were under scrutiny and felt the way you were lamenting. I began feeling that way because I though by using those generalistic terms, I was being lumped in with the dolts who would apologize for or excuse the actions of Imus, Richards, and Savage.

    Then I realized that perhaps my insistence of not being lumped in with white people in general was a characteristic of my white privilege. Much of white America is so quick to use the image of one black man seen on the evening news committing a crime as indicative of ALL black men’s behavior, but when Dahmer eats a bunch of young men, when McVeigh bombs a government building, when any number of white businessmen throughout history rape employee pensions to line their own pockets, we INSIST that those are individuals acting out and are not representative of white people in general.

    At any rate, I can only speculate about my fellow whites. My mentality is certainly in the minority but being raised in typical white suburbia, I think maybe I understand the impulsive reaction by many whites to jump to the defense of people who spew racist venom. I have a few thoughts:

    1) By excusing the words of say, Imus or Dog, perhaps white apologists are hoping they will receive the same leniency because they know they are prone to spouting the same racist vitriol.

    2) Much like I almost made the same mistake above, many whites feel that when one white person is accused of racism, specifically against an African-American, ALL whites are indicted. White Guilt, White Victimization, call it what you want. It’s not an easy instinct to deconstruct and, as you saw above, is one that I constantly have to evaluate as I encounter it. I call the behavior an instinct because it is quite involuntary. If one doesn’t learn to identify it and analyze it, the instant reaction is to jump to the defense.

    Years ago, when I learned to apply logic to that behavior, I began to understand how completely absurd it was. When using it in this situation you come up with questions like: Why are white people jumping to the defense of someone they don’t even know? Is Dog or Imus paying their heating bills? What is warranting this blind defense? What kind of dumbshit apologizes for someone they don’t even know who used one of the worst racial epithets one can think of?

    I think this is a behavior whites need to learn because it will foster in a more analytical examination of racist behavior on the part of other whites, instead of the knee-jerk reaction of feeling white guilt and jumping to the defense of another random, unknown white person.

    3) There exists blatant racism in the heart of many white Americans. We all know this. However there exists just as many, if not more, whites who are just plain ignorant. Combine the shitty public education we receive which teaches American History is synonymous with white history, with predominantly white tv programming and commercials, and add in the simple fact that white people can drive across this country, and if planning their route, can succeed in never driving through a non-white town (meaning most whites have no exposure to non-whites), and the result you get is that many white Americans simply haven’t the faintest clue about anything non-white nor is their ignorance challenged with minority news, programming, or literature. Because the channel can always be changed, or the magazine put back on the shelf, or the book left unsold.

    People who aren’t racist but have not been taught the specifics of our nation; the racist laws and policies passed by our government such as the Naturalization Act of 1890, the racially-restricive FHA/VA housing loans (and the GI Bill) in the 50’s/60’s which created over $14 billion in wealth and created the white middle class – wealth that has been passed down and which explains why white families have a higher net worth than black families with the same household incomes, University points policies that favor whites, etc. Many whites who genuinely do not feel racial prejudice, simply do not know these things and it explains why many might not understand the need for policies like Affirmative Action or flat out contest them.

    At any rate, I fear I have a bit of a shortcoming in that I tend to ramble and forget the point I was trying to make and lose the conversation entirely so I’ll wrap it up.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I am not apologizing for whites. Even those who are simply ignorant, because it is entirely within their power to research these facts on their own. 10 minutes spent searching on Google can yield more information on policies in the U.S. related to African-Americans than 4 years of high school offers. Unfortunately, most white people aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to read literature and articles which deconstruct and devalue the very system that we benefit from, whether we know it or not.

    All I can say is that I look forward to the day when these men pass from this Earth and take their bigoted mentalities with them.

  3. Dan,

    I have always loved the “long time reader, first time commenter.” Anyhow, I thought your comments were thoughtful and insightful. I actually had no intention on lumping any group as one big collection. I really hope that it doesn’t come off that way.

    I really found your information on why some white people might feel the need to protect or make excuses for others who use racially charged language. I can use that information when dealing with the people who chose to do this.

    You sound like you have really kept your eyes opened and actually looked at the disparity around you. And to do so without the reason being that you are attached to a minority which usually opens some folks eyes, is commendable. I don’t mean to sound condescending but the amount of people with blinders on that comment to me with negative racist comments is out of control. So it is always refreshing to hear a person who actually gets it.

    I also agree that if people and I mean ALL people were to do a bit of research we would could probably cut the racial problem in half. There are a lot of minorities out there who don’t educate themselves as to what is going on in their own race let alone some from the white race. I constantly try and get people to think past what they hear on the news or see on the internet. Research any and all statistics. Don’t just believe it because a news person says it. The amount of things these people spew that isn’t correct is astronomical.

    Don’t worry about rambling here as I ramble constantly. So thanks for the reply and I am glad to hear you are a long time reader.

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