Bigots Or Just Bitter

As I watch a bunch of Hillary supporters on CNN talk about how they are definitely going to vote for McCain over Obama I start to wonder how much of their attitude is due to racism vs. the feminism that they were claiming. I can understand being a feminist and wanting Hillary over Obama. And I can even understand the thinking that Obama in some way used sexism in his campaign which would upset us all. The thing I can’t understand is how you make a leap from Hillary to McCain.

See here is my thinking. Hillary and Obama are pretty dead on in their policies they both are pro-choice the feminists stance on abortion. Now we look at McCain and Hillary and we see that they are at dead opposites on almost everything. Not to mention McCain doesn’t think that women are smart enough to be able to make decisions regarding their bodies. So how does one make the leap to McCain if Hillary was their choice? I keep hearing that it is based on experience. And that in itself is laughable and a bit contrived.

Is someone going to tell me that they are going hire someone who has experience yet brings nothing that we agree with to the table over someone who has less experience but has all the qualities we need in an employee? Now if someone is saying yes then they are a person who will cut off their nose to spite their face, because that makes no sense whatsoever. Which brings me to the only other thing that McCain has in common with Hillary and that is being white.

I already know that one of the biggest Hillary supporters who happen to now be trying to stump for McCain is a lady who worked her hardest to keep the black descendants of Thomas Jefferson out of the family tree club. And if that isn’t based on race then I don’t know what it is. So it isn’t a big jump to see that she is definitely basing her support on whoever is the white candidate. Yet, so many people are trying to make every excuse in the world for these people. I have heard news and pundits chalk this up to nothing more than anger and payback for Hillary not making the cut.

So these people couldn’t be that incensed with the Bush policies since they seem to be asking for more. Not to mention that as soon as McCain were to get into office and screw us for four more years with his Bush quality policies these will be the same complainers who will act as if they don’t know why this is happening. This is nothing more than blatant racism. We should stop trying to beat around the bush and sugar coat what these bigots are doing. They say that there is nothing that he can do to win their vote. How can that be, since even their former candidate is supporting the man. I guess she wasn’t all that influential with them after all.

So, my question to all of you is, are these people bigots or bitter?



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7 responses to “Bigots Or Just Bitter

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  2. Actually I agree with you for the most part. McCain is quite a bit of a stretch for someone who professed allegience to Clinton.

    Here are my humble disagreements. While McCain is vastly different from both Clinton and Obama he is by no means conservative. He is liberal on immigration, campain finance, energy, environment, health programs, and more.

    Number 2, and I don’t want to get into the abortion debate that is not what this post is about. I don’t care what a woman does with her body. She can do what ever she sees fit. I don’t believe she has the right to injure anyone elses body. Including the one living inside her. Again, I will concede that this is not a debate about abortion, but since you mentioned it, I thought I’d give the opposing view.

  3. MacDaddy

    Sentinel: These white women are pathetic. It makes no sense for them to support McCain and call themselves supporters of women. McCain votes against equity in pay for women, has stated that he will appoint another conservative on the Supreme Court (7 of 9 them are conservative already) and has cursed out his own wife in front of reporters.
    Jay: You’re talking about the McCain of 2000. Today’s McCain has backtracked on those issues and now kowtows to the hard right like a southern belle at a ball in pre-civil war Tennessee.

  4. 7 out of 9 are conservative???? I beg to differ, if I may.
    It’s actually pretty even
    4 liberals: Justices Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg and Breyer
    4 conservatives: Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito
    1 swinging moderate: Justice Kennedy; generally considered conservative, but leans pretty much to the center, often being the deciding voice in close cases.

  5. I can see why you would say that is the McCain of 2000 as he has firmed up his position on immigration somewhat and has reluctantly agreed that the Bush tax cuts were good for the economy, but the rest still holds true. In addition conservatives just don’t believe him. He’ll say what he needs to in order to get elected, just like Obama will, but under it all he is still the same old liberal republican.

  6. sherian

    Ok….vote for whomever you will. Obama will win and his address will be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    All you so-called 8 million Hillary die hards need to send her $3.25 each to get her out of debt!

    Why don’t you do THAT!

  7. Anne Seattle

    Obama did exactly what Frederick Douglas did to the Women’s movement, he put women in the back seat once again. Although I will not be voting for McCain- to do so would be in violation of everything I stand for- I shall not cast another vote for another man so long as I shall live.

    I am tired of men ruining/running my country!

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