How Stupid Can One Person Be?

This is in response to an idiotic reply to the post “Resistance Is Futile” by an idiot named S.C. Amos.

It is funny that you are so obviously in over your head that you have to resort to silly name calling and silly scenarios. It is interesting that you call attention to the Jewish holocaust and WWII. No one said that the Black slavery holocaust was the only time in history when someone was maligned or enslaved. That was not the intent of the Blog. It seems to be talking about something specific. Do you go to Jewish Blogs on the holocaust and then tout how they shouldn’t speak of it since there were blacks in slavery and others maligned? Of course you don’t!

You obviously seem to think that Brotherpeacemaker is failing in life and doing poorly, but why? Is it because he chooses to speak freely and openly about the maligning of the black community TODAY! Or is this because it is in yours and everyone else’s experience that when blacks start doing well, they no longer talk of the disparity between blacks and whites. But start singing the praises of “whitey”.

The problem is that you suffer from the same bigotry that is being employed that keeps blacks from having a piece of the American dream. You feel that blacks are whining and doing poorly not because there are people who see them as inferior but because they ARE inferior. That is the thinking that makes white privilege even more Machiavellian than slavery. Subjugation of blacks didn’t just up and end after the passing of the civil rights initiative. Just as racism didn’t end because according to you “Lincoln must’ve been hung over that morning” he freed the slaves.

Why don’t you address what is happening to blacks today, not yesterday? Blacks are doing soooo well that we can see corporate America is sorely lacking in black representation. But then I guess according to you they are too happy living in their run down shacks entertaining little white boys or girls to care about making a better life. No blacks are too busy waiting for a hand out not applying for jobs only to be turned away by “whitey” or whatever you deem to call your race of people.

Isn’t it interesting that you have NO job, NO health care, are sick practically to the point of disability but you still hire a lawyer to beg for that handout that obviously you DON’T deserve. Where are you getting the money for that lawyer? Anyway, is the reason why you are leveling all the nappy headed insults and comments towards blacks because YOU are the one who is a failure. With all that white privilege you were to lame to make something of yourself. You flubbed to many of those free handouts that were no doubt thrown your way in the form of employment opportunities when you were probably NOT the best candidate.

I guess white people who run this country and others never went into black inhabited and Middle Eastern countries and played their own form of monopoly. Carving up the country in ways that it was never meant to be. Making countries where none existed before. They were ruling over these places subjugating the people all the while sucking out the natural resources then leaving them in a shambles. And now you want to point the finger at generations of people who were damaged and say “why don’t you run your country better?” As if all it takes is to one day say, go free! And BAM! Those people are able to catch up and do right the moment they are in charge. Give me a break.

Maybe you should rethink NO, JUST THINK, period!! How come they didn’t go into these countries and rebuild, where is their rebuilding like what happened in Europe after WWII? You are a serious joke! No one cared enough to even ensure that those people had a fighting chance. You and people like you are so quick to point the finger but hate to have that same waiving appendage pointing at you. You my friend belong to a race of people that has fucked over almost each and every nation on earth. And now you want to sit and say things such as “why doesn’t the Native American stop crying foul and get a job, why don’t blacks stop whining and get an education, why doesn’t the African stop acting foolish and learn to run their countries.”

Yet, the Native American was practically decimated by who, the black man is discriminated against TO THIS DAY by who, the African learned their methods of ruling and were placed in power by who? Who are these phantoms that run amok and then act like the innocent bystander with their hands in the air crying “hey stop blaming whitey?” Why don’t YOU stop telling us blacks that we need to take responsibility for our culture, which we ARE and start taking responsibility for YOUR OWN! Which from what I can see you never have! Someone says slavery and white people like you say, “Hey look at the holocaust or African’s had slaves too.” What happened to “yes what white people did was a horrible thing and there is NO excuse for it.”

Someone says discrimination, white people like you say, “discrimination is over, hey look over there isn’t that Oprah and her millions? See there is no discrimination because there are some black millionaires.” In fact the disparity between blacks and whites monetarily has not been greater since slavery. Discrimination isn’t waning it seems to be growing and people are trying to delude themselves into believing that it isn’t. Maybe we should look at idiots like you S.C. and say, “look over there, white people have jobs and health care. So you S.C. Amos couldn’t be suffering without health care or employment.

Get a clue!



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3 responses to “How Stupid Can One Person Be?

  1. The Engineer

    I call it “white rage” or “white blowing up.” Throughout my entire life, I have witnessed it firsthand from mostly Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and General Construction-type Caucasian men, but any Caucasian man can exhibit “White rage.” “White rage” occurs when a Minority is having a seemingly benign conversation about something non-racial, such as the finer points of a particular computer programming language and its use in solving a particular mathematical problem. The Caucasian may have something enlightening to say (which is to his credit), but when the conversation takes a deeper turn in understanding, the Caucasian “blows up.” The Caucasian will make mean faces, will yell accusations (“Who the hell are you to say …?”), will become belligerent, and may even become physically combative.

    “White rage” more often occurs when a Caucasian listens to a conversation in which a Non-Caucasian is speaking. The Caucasian in question may even be a stranger and not a part of the conversation. The Caucasian merely overhears a conversation, and if the subject matter is disagreeable (and Caucasians have a very broad definition of what is disagreeable when a Minority talks but a narrow definition when a Caucasian talks), the Caucasian will “blow up.” Once, I was explaining how one can derive the conversion formula between Fahrenheit and Celsius based upon empirical data of water. This was at an upscale supermarket. A young Caucasian man (in his 20s), also a customer of the supermarket, decided to deride me for even discussing such a thing in public. Considering how young he was compared to myself , I thought his outburst was particularly shocking.

    The commentary by S.C. Amos is also particularly shocking.

    S.C. Amos starts off with a story about himself and makes the usual statement about undeserved entitlement — a classic strategy, I believe all of us have seen. Brotherpeacemaker and The Black Sentinel cogently respond, and in his final response, S.C. Amos “blows up.”

    S.C. Amos is very much inaccurate about making his generalizations concerning entitlement. The following is a weblink to a report by the Social Security Administration
    regarding Supplemental Security Income (SSI); the report is called “SSI Annual Statistical Report, 2003, Noninstitutionalized Recipients: Survey of Income and Program Participation”
    This report should be of particular interest to S.C. Amos because S.C. Amos has complained that he cannot get SSI benefits. (I think it is rather interesting and telling that S.C. Amos completely refrained from using the term, SSI)
    This report is the usual cut-and-dry, boring kind that our government produces, but it must be observed that Caucasians top the list in every category of data in this report.

    Here is a 1992 article entitled,
    “Who gets welfare? Despite prevailing stereotype, whites, not blacks, collect greatest share of public aid dollars.” The article is little bit dated, but it certainly is not ancient:
    Here are few excerpts:

    Social Security is the nation’s largest welfare program, although many Whites prefer to call it a retirement plan. The government writes retirement and disability benefit checks to 35.4 million recipients of whom 88.7 percent are White and 9.6 percent are Black. The reason behind this shocking disparity is perhaps the most lamentable of all: The life expectancy rate for Blacks is six years shorter than that of Whites, meaning Black workers spend years paying into a retirement system only to have White retirees reap the benefits for a longer time.

    Welfare critics rarely search the Social Security rolls for “welfare cheats,” but train their sights on people getting Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), Medicaid and food stamps, the relief programs with the most Black clients. Yet government figures show that Whites not Blacks make up the bulk of clients on these public aid programs; a fact that dispels the notion that Blacks are scheming for a free lunch courtesy of the American taxpayer.

    Among the poorest of the poor–single mothers, living below the poverty line with minor children to support 39.7 percent of AFDC clients are Black single mothers and 38.1 percent are White women with children. Food stamp recipients are 37.2 percent Black and 46.2 percent White. Medicaid benefits are paid to 27.5 percent Black recipients compared to 48.5 percent White clients.

    We may need to make some allowance for S.C.Amos. If he is on medication, we cannot completely hold him responsible for his diatribe.

    Thank you for listening.

  2. I suffer from a chronic illness, but I don’t look for handouts — I work. I know a retiree who gets $140 a month in social security. That barely pays for cable and phone.

  3. Friend

    i believe that this struggle should be broken apart a little, as in scraping the problems apart to deal with them seperatly. i personally think that we should try to help those people under the delusion that we are not one people “Am i not a man and a brother” this phrase still echoes today, and we ought to try to treat each other as such, im not trying to be rude, yet it seems that this retort is unnecicry. perhaps many of those who have differences can try to help each others faults, as surly we all have some.

    i still agree that S.C. Amos missed the point a tad.

    I am personally recovering from a 3 month coma, yet i see no reason to be rude.

    i believe that injury can help the mind florish greatly, but you must try not to stumble into any places of mind where you may become a bit grouchy.

    and above all remember this…

    “Enjoy life….It might be your last”
    Gotama buddah.

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